Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You're a Hustler

This week on Bethenny Ever After, just like every week, we got some laughs and some tension, some joy and some pain.

I loved the scene with Bethenny and Brynn playing in the sprinklers. I love the joy on both of their faces when they're together. It's just too good.

The tension between Bethenny and Jason is not so good. It's actually terrible. I know couples like this. One is always perceived as the bad guy but in reality that's the one that's getting the most sh*t behind closed doors. Not that Jason is a bad guy, but the constant comments about how he's not involved or not making the decisions is coming across as super passive aggressive (which I can't stand). Bethenny is the one who makes the business decisions because she IS the business. The apartment decisions obviously should be made by both Jason and Bethenny, and I think the design of the apartment reflects that. It's not like Bethenny nixed the man cave in favor of more closet space. It's apparent to me that she does consider Jason, but he may be a little resentful of other things or other decisions and has chosen to throw out little comments instead of really dealing with what he's really upset about. That's what it looks like to me.

The conversation about the boat trip was awful. I know this couple. It's so frustrating when you have the same argument over and over and both parties are spent. I really hope they work it out. They are still together, so that's a good sign, but their communication needs some major work.

Dwayne the chauffeur is hilarious. He's just too funny. I love that he has no filter and Bethenny can't help but "go there" with him because he's so damn funny. I like this guy.

The next episode will center around Jason and Bethenny fighting about his birthday (which I'm assuming we don't see) and some major turmoil before the now infamous boat trip. I can't say I'm excited to see them fight, because I hate to watch them fight. It's like watching friends argue. But, I will say I definitely want to see how they resolve it.

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