Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion Forward

RuPaul's Drag Race was all about Pride this week, with the gurls turning out their best Gay Pride floats based on the colors from the original rainbow flag. But first, the mini challenge was a wet t-shirt contest complete with breast plates. OMG the boobage was out of control! Especially for Phi Phi, whose plate completely came off at one point. Willam used her ho-tastic skills to her advantage and won the wet t-shirt contest hands down. When it came time to construct the floats (which were personal sized boats with suspender straps) and come up with fashion forward looks for the runway (in the assigned color), it was almost too much for some of the gurls to handle.


Chad Michaels: Your color was pink and your runway look was Showgirl meets Cougar. I thought you looked amazing, but the outfit wasn't exactly fashion forward. You are always stunning, and I loved that you imparted your knowledge about gay pride and the struggle the community has endured. These young queens need to know why they're able to have the freedom they have now and who is responsible for that. Next week, I want to see you let loose. The judges need to see more than just the polished professional we all know and love. Chad's grade for the week: B.

Dida: Your color was red, and I thought you did an okay job with your float and outfit. The t-shirt did say "casual", but you were clear about your look. Dida is a girlie girl and not necessarily a costume queen. That's ok. I love that you have a definite picture of what Dida is and is not. I think you could have worn a nice halter top or maybe even a flashy blazer which would have set the stage on fire! You took the judges advice about the hair, and it looked great. Now it's time to listen to them about your clothes. Only good things can come out of taking constructive criticism! Dida's grade for the week: B.

Jiggly: Your color was orange, which you promptly whined about. Then you wasted your time on the float instead of managing your time wisely. Your runway look was cute, but you should have lost the cape, like the judges said. My biggest problem with you is your attitude. You have to quit with the whining. You are a strong person. There's no need for you to be so defeated just because you got a color you don't love. Ru said orange is her favorite color! That's awesome! You could have made it an homage to her. Instead, you slapped together a mess of a float and lipsynched for your life. Get it together and quit with the theatrics from now on. Jiggly's grade for the week: D.

Latrice: You were an under the sea queen in your turquoise runway look. That hair was flawless, the blinged out lips were everything, but I agree with Michelle, those boots gotta go. I loved your float, though. I hope you win another main challenge soon! And I can't wait for you to tell someone they're a bald bitch. I keep seeing it on the opening of Untucked! Who is the bald bitch??? Latrice's grade for the week: B.

Milan: You were assigned yellow, and instead of making your float a ray of sunshine, it was a bumblebee nightmare. Besides the fact that you literally put your name on it (bad move), your explanation of your concept was confusing. I liked the wigs in the back though. You had to lipsych for your life again, and again, you ripped off your wig and clothes. It's worked before, but it didn't work this time. You have to bring something different. And when you've done the same lipsynch three times, it gets old. I love your passion and intensity, but you should have shown what else Milan is about. Milan's grade for the week: F.

Phi Phi: You were the purple princess this week, and it suited you like no other. Honestly, your runway look was great. I love you in purple and the makeup was definitely better this week. You took direction, you worked hard, and it paid off. Keep this up and you'll be winning main challenges! Your comments about Willam were correct, but she's obviously doing something right because she won. I would love to see you win a challenge and get the recognition you deserve. Phi Phi's grade for the week: A.

Sharon: Your green look was so awesome. I loved the snake/poison ivy vibe I was getting from you. I love your use of color - red hair and red accents to set off the green. It was perfect. You didn't win the main challenge, but I think you were right up there in the top three performers this week. Your attitude has improved, you seem like you're having fun, and you're not screaming across the workroom anymore. All good things. I love it. Sharon's grade for the week: A.

Willam: I will say you're funny, but you are one conceited queen. I get that you have to believe in yourself and love yourself, but you kind of take it to a level where it's just annoying. I totally believe that you were affected by Ru's quote in her book that she treated herself like a star when she was starting out and the world had to catch up. But that doesn't mean you put other people down or brag about yourself constantly. You won the mini challenge and the main challenge because of your personality, no question about it. You charmed the crowd in the wet t-shirt contest, and you charmed the judges on the runway. You deserved that  win, for sure. But, a little humility will go a long way. Just keep that in mind next time you want to drop names or talk about how you're going to win or mention a show you were on. Newsflash, you weren't a household name before Drag Race, so keep it all in perspective. Willam's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: I know you're not in the competition anymore, but you were on the show in a big way in this week's Untucked, via your letter to the gurls. All I can say is, you definitely communicate better in written form! Wow! Don't hold back, hunty!! Tell us how you REALLY feel! LOL! Seriously, though, you were on point with a lot of what you said, but I have to remind you that when it was your time to shine, you didn't come through. Maybe some of that fire could have been used to get you further in the competition? Kenya's grade for the week: A (for the quality of that letter's shade)

Kelly Osbourne was so fun on the show and on Untucked! She has a real appreciation for the drag world and it shows. Michelle's look was so beautiful and edgy - I loved it. Of course, Billy B was completely blunt which is why I love him. Ru looked amazing with the gold gown and caramel tresses on the runway. Sashay, shontay!

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