Friday, September 30, 2011

Most "Stuck In My Head" Theme Song Ever

The second episode of the FOX comedy, New Girl, was really funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jess is on a quest to get her stuff back from her magically-coiffed ex, and it doesn't go quite as planned. By the end of the episode, you'll be cheering for her.

New character alert, too, by the way. Seems that Coach, played by Damon Wayans, Jr., has been written off the show so that he can continue on with the ABC show Happy Endings. Taking his place is Lamorne Morris, who may actually be a better fit for this show.

I am a big fan of this show and I hope it does well. Plus the theme song is stuck in my head all the time. That's not a bad thing. Have you heard it? Heeey giiirl, what ya doin'?

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The Emancipation of Snooki

Well, what an eventful Jersey Shore we had this week!

I won't go over all the gory details, but I will give my opinions on what happened - and not in any particular order.

First, let's talk about Deena's pregnancy scare. I really wish the producers would have some kind of calendar or something on the show so we can see how far into the season certain things happen. This week's episode would have been perfect for this. I need to know how far into the trip Deena was when she thought she might be pregnant. A couple weeks? The first couple of days? It's not unheard of for the producers/editors to put certain events out of chronological order to make the episodes somewhat cohesive. So I'm wondering why we've seen Deena down gallons of alcohol and she's never once mentioned worrying about possibly being pregnant. And I don't think she's the type to keep this kind of information to herself for too long. I like the friendship between her and Jenni, by the way.

Speaking of Jenni, she gets the "Best Friend Ever" award. Jenni has changed so much. Don't get me wrong, I've always been a JWOWW fan. But now she seems very mature and nurturing as opposed to the girl in Miami that couldn't wait to punch Sammi in the face. (But seriously, how funny was that fight? Good times.) I totally understand why Jenni didn't want to necessarily wake up and spend time with Snooki after the night they all had. According to the After Show, they had been up till 7 am with all the drama. Not fun. So when Snooki decided she needed to get out of the house, Jenni just wasn't in the mood. I don't blame her. Snooki probably didn't remember all of the details - she was tipsy - and who knows if she remembered screaming in Jenni's face. I commend Jenni for apologizing for not being there for Snooks later, though. That was big of her and just shows how much their friendship means to both of them. True friends do have arguments sometimes, but they always find a way to get through it and move on, and it usually brings them even closer.

Do I have to talk about Mike? I guess so. In a word: creepy. Ok, another word: disgusting. Alright, I'll just vent here. Mike is a total douche for bringing up the whole alleged Snooki hookup again. Especially using the language he did. It was uncalled for and gross. Dude, grow up. Nobody cares. This guy is so desperate for attention, it's sad. In a way, I hope the next season is the last so he can finally fade into obscurity.

Now, for the main event. Miss Snooki herself. I said it last week, and I'll say it again. This is how you remain relevant on a reality show. Snooki freed herself from Jionni's grasp only after humiliating herself by begging him to stay and learning that his family already booked him a flight home. This guy seems nice and all, but he's got issues. First of all, he should have stayed and dealt with the problem himself, not called up mommy and daddy to rescue him. Secondly, he knew what he was getting into when he became exclusive with Nicole/Snooki. Third, and lastly, he should give respect to get respect - and storming off like a child throwing a tantrum is no way to earn someone's respect. Be a real man, and your girl will always respect you. BOOM! Now, back to Snooks. I think once the haze of Jionni was gone, she could see herself clearly for the first time, and she didn't like what she had become. Too often, young women depend on the man in their life to define them and assign them value - so when the man is angry at them or leaves them, they feel as if they have no value at all. Which is total bullshit. No matter what you think of Snooki, she's a person with feelings and she was devastated by what happened. Watching her cry made me sad. But when she finally snapped out of it and decided to let him go, I felt good for her. I don't doubt these two love each other, like I said last week, but they are just not compatible at this time (these particular episodes). A lot must have changed since Italy, because they look very happy now. Let's hope they've worked on their trust and control issues and have learned to love each other as they are. No one wants to be with someone who wants to change them. Love the person for exactly who they are and your relationship will only benefit from it. Unless you can't stand who they really are, and in that case, you need to break up immediately.

Next week is the aftermath of Snooki and Vinny's hookup, which I can't say surprised me at all. These two will always have a connection. Doesn't mean they should act on it. Oh well, live and learn!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jump, Jive, and Wail

Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars is over and I have to say, I'm happy with the outcome. Before I talk about who went home, let's discuss some of the performances.

First, the nip slip, I mean Nancy Grace. I did feel bad for her. That was total nipple. You can't tell me that was a pasty. Come on. Anyway, her performance was actually pretty good and she looked like she was having fun. But the costume designers need to fit her properly next time for sure.

Kristin Cavallari did a great job. And I think those rumors of her and Mark Ballas being romantic might be true. He has a tendency to get chummy with his partners (Sabrina Bryan, anyone?).

I loved Ricki Lake's performance! It was so much fun! I really love seeing her smile and have a great time. And some of that choreography looked brutal. Awesome job, Ricki!

Chaz was struggling with some physical pain, and I felt for him. It must be extremely difficult to want to dance your heart out, but your body just can't take it. I hope he feels better and dances with less pain next week.

David Arquette is one to watch. I think when he focuses, he does a wonderful job. I can tell this competition means a lot to him, and I don't blame him for wanting to knock it out of the park.

J.R. Martinez is so inspiring. The guy has incredible energy and an unbreakable spirit. I love watching this guy dance. His attitude makes him even more endearing. I think he's going to make it to the top 5 easily.

Now, for the latest celeb to go home (SPOILER) ... I am actually very happy that Elisabetta went home. She seems like a nice enough person, but gurl had no rhythm and just looked awkward. She's definitely more suited for modeling and being famous for dating someone famous. Good luck to you!

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I Feel Pretty

Gleeks! I loved this week's episode of Glee, probably because I used to watch "West Side Story" every day when I was little. No joke.

Quinn is still in bad girl mode and gets sucked into helping Sue with her campaign by confronting Will about how the arts failed her. Will delivers an amazing "GROW UP" speech and makes Quinn cry a little bit. But not enough to snap out of her funk.

Brittany approaches Kurt about running for class president and offers to help with the campaign. But after seeing the posters she's created for him, Kurt worries they're too in-your-face-gay. There are enough rainbows and unicorns on these things to make you vomit glitter. Brittany explains that Kurt is special and should embrace who he is - a particularly fabulous flamboyant gay man.

Rachel is startled by her biological mother Shelby, played by Idina Menzel,  showing up at McKinley again. Turns out, Sugar - who failed miserably in her glee club audition - has a wealthy daddy who has demanded a second glee club be created to feature his baby girl. And he's hired Shelby to coach said glee club. Shelby assures Will that she won't steal any of his students, and Will amicably replies that he's ok with it since it means more of the arts in the school. Shelby and Rachel have a wonderful moment preparing for the West Side Story auditions, as per usual for the amazingly talented Idina and Lea Michele, remember "Poker Face"?

Speaking of the auditions, Will has delegated that role to Emma, Coach Bieste, and Artie. I think it's an inspired choice, and I like their judging styles. They're fair and honest, but not mean, at least not yet. Will is busy teaching "Booty Camp" with Mike Chang for those who aren't as dance-friendly in the performances. And if they're going to win Nationals this year, they all need to be at the top of their game, not only with their singing, but dancing as well.

Kurt auditions for the role of Tony, but sings a Barbra tune (don't worry, he asked Rachel's permission), "I'm the Greatest Star." It was an amazing performance, but unfortunately, didn't give the judges much insight as to how he would play the leading man role. Kurt overhears the judges expressing their doubts, so he recruits Rachel to help him audition again. This time, a dramatic audition of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Kurt's attempts at masculinity are met with laughter and he bolts out of the audition. At that very moment, Brittany is hanging up the pink/rainbow/glitter posters emblazoned with Kurt's face on them sporting a unicorn horn, and he's horrified.

To make matters worse for our friend Kurt, Blaine auditions for the play, too. He makes it clear he doesn't want the role of Tony, so that Kurt can have it. But after a jaw dropping performance of "Who Knows", the judges ask him to read for Tony anyway. Kurt sees it all from the balcony and walks away in despair. Kurt speaks to his amazing dad about not ever being the leading man due to his over the top personality, and his dad gives him the best advice ever. Create your own roles. Don't wait for someone to accept you and put you in their picture of whatever story they're telling. Paint your own picture.

Puck makes Quinn speak to Shelby, who adopted their baby. Shelby tells Quinn that she wants her in the baby's life, but only if she cleans up her act. Quinn can't handle the second reality check she's gotten this episode, and hatches a plan to pretend to change so that she can fight for custody of her baby. Things just got REAL, people!

Brittany talks to Santana about Kurt not loving her campaign ideas. Santana suggests Brittany run for president herself, since she's so passionate about it. So Brittany does just that. It's gonna be an interesting race!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rumors, Gossip, and Crutches, Oh My!

We pick up right where we left off with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Adrienne and Paul are still waiting for Kim to show up so they can attend the last Kings game in Sacramento. I can't say for sure what's wrong with Kim, but it looks like she made some kind of alcohol and painkiller smoothie and downed it before she finally dragged herself onto the Maloof/Nassif private plane. She talked the whole time, and although she was kind of funny, the whole scene was just sad. Kim needs to realize that people can see through her thin facade and get some real help. I hope she has made some progress with her sobriety.

Lisa got sort of beat down in this episode again. What's up with that? First Kim made fun of her fur skiing hat, which, let's be real, was fabulous, so whatever. Then, Taylor shows up at Kyle's house and proceeds to complain that details about her marriage and her weight ended up in a gossip magazine. She says only a few people (presumably her cast mates) knew these certain details. In her interview, Taylor hints - ok she flat out says - that she thinks Lisa is the rat. Um, really, Taylor? Here's a reality check. Everyone and their grandma knows about your marital problems because you're on a reality show. People you don't even know are now aware of your personal life, so don't be surprised that people are coming out of the woodwork to sell stories about you. And about your weight, honey, you're thin. Scary thin. Like skeletal status. Anyone with half a brain can see that. So, for you to jump to the conclusion that it had to be Lisa is preposterous. I'm sure that there are tons of people who would love to talk crap about you. Even if it was Lisa, which I really don't believe, she probably wasn't the only one. And then at the charity event, Taylor practically broke down when Lisa was showing genuine concern for Taylor's well-being. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.

Now let's talk about Brandi. First - the interview shirt. It was like her boobs were a ventriloquist dummy. I couldn't look away. What was that thing? Suspenders? I don't even know. But here's what I do know: Brandi is giving Taylor a run for her money in every way imaginable. The hair, the reconstructed face, the blubber lips, and the attitude. I smell competition. And turns out Brandi is besties with Lisa's arch enemy Cedric. I'm not fooled by Brandi's whole "we used to model together" defense. If you're letting the paparazzi take photos of you together laughing and holding hands, y'all are friends. And I'm with Lisa on this one. Keep an eye on her! Plus you can smell the crazy a mile away.

It's not that I enjoyed the cattiness coming from Kyle and the other girls towards Brandi, because I didn't. It was juvenile and not cute. But I understood it. I mean, crutches, people, really? Crutches. Frankly, if I was at that party, I probably would have thrown some shade as well. Just being honest.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Watch What Happens Live rebounded nicely after the Stanger fiasco Sunday night with the help of perky twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, stars of the Style Network's "Tia and Tamera". These girls were bubbly, friendly, positive - basically the polar opposite of Patti Stanger. Andy Cohen looked relieved and happy to have some genuinely nice people on the show.

I unfortunately have never seen Tia and Tamera's show, but after seeing the clip and watching them interact with Andy, I'm going to make an effort to catch it! The girls were so cute and adorable. They actually laugh in perfect unison. You just can't get any cuter than that! And I loved that they disagreed on some Beverly Housewives issues. They're definitely not clones of each other. Each one has a great personality, and they're each absolutely their own person. I'm sure this is what is making their reality show such a hit. Jeez, where have I been?!

One of the highlights was Jackee Harry calling in. I love her! She played the girls' adoptive mother on the 90s sitcom "Sister Sister". That theme song brings back so many memories. Ah, 90s sitcoms were the best. Anywhoo, Jackee called in and reminisced briefly with the girls and it was hilarious. Tia and Tamera obviously have great respect for Jackee, and there was a lot of love there. It was great.

Speaking of Jackee, when is she going to be back on Watch What Happens Live in person?! Get on that, Andy!!

Oh, and kudos (or as Ramona would say, kadooz) to Andy for listening to us and making Patti Stanger the Jackhole of the Day. Ya hear that, Patti? Jackhole!

The After Show was just as fun as the tv broadcast. Check it out here.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Million Insults

Well, Watch What Happens Live returned with its 5th season premiere last night and you know I have a lot to say about it.

Ms. Patti Stanger of the show Millionaire Matchmaker was the only guest for the one hour show. Oy. Don't get me wrong, I used to like Patti and her show. But something happened last season or maybe the one before it, where I could not take her insulting, abrasive personality anymore. She's rude, crass, and mean, and not in a good way. I usually like brassy, tell-it-like-it-is women. But on more than one occasion, I cringed through entire episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker. So, I stopped watching.

Apparently, many viewers agree with me about Patti as there were numerous tweets and trending topics begging Andy Cohen to cancel Ms. Stanger's appearance on his season premiere. Alas, he didn't listen to us. But I think he learned his lesson.

Patti was actually pretty well-behaved during the beginning of the show, but quickly reverted back to her less-than-charming self. First, she stated that all gays are in open relationships and none are truly monogamous. Andy tried to make the case that he is all for monogamy, but Patti wouldn't hear it. Andy was visibly perturbed by that. Then, Patti asserted that all Jewish men lie. Andy, again, attempted to argue that he, being Jewish, doesn't believe that statement to be true. Patti laughed it off. Andy did not look pleased, and even made comments about both statements throughout the show. Oh, and let's not forget her particularly vulgar language and not so funny jokes. Wow. Maybe the wine was getting to her?

To be fair, Patti did issue an apology for her remark about the gay community, but I haven't seen anything from her camp about her comment about Jewish men. You can read her apology here.

On the After Show (Part 1 and Part 2), Patti seemed to be pretty ripped. At one point she admits not being able to speak ... to which I screamed at the tv: "Give her another cocktail, Andy, please!" Long story short, Patti did what she does best: alienate people, insult people, and shill her products. I wouldn't trust Patti to find me a good pizza place, much less a soul mate/life partner/spouse, so she can suck it.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Almost Must See TV

NBC on Thursday nights used to be Must See TV. It's been a long time since NBC has had that magic. However, Thursdays are definitely getting better for NBC.

I've already expressed my love for Parks and Recreation in a previous blog. But please, do yourself a favor and give this show a chance. The characters are funny, the storylines are interesting, and Amy Poehler is the perfect leading lady. The premiere centers around Amy's character, Leslie, deciding whether to run for office and dump her achingly cute boyfriend (who happens to be her indirect superior), or stay with her boyfriend and try to hide it and run for office. Her struggle to let go of this man is totally emotional, but still hilarious. Aziz Ansari plays Tom, who is promoting his new business venture to his coworkers with mouse pads and bikini tops (a must see moment with funny lady Retta). The office quirky couple, April and Andy, have some really great moments in this episode. Amy's direct supervisor, Ron, is in hiding due to some personal issues with his first wife, who we find out, is very, very scary, indeed.

I am a big fan of The Office. I was sad to see Steve Carrell leave the show at the end of last season, but I was eager to see how the show would go on without him. It was not bad, actually. Pam is pregnant again, and so is Angela. Don't worry, those aren't spoilers. There is a bit of a shakeup as far as the manager position, but I won't ruin it for you. I will say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed out loud during the episode. Oh and there's a whole planking segment I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

I tried to give Whitney a chance. I really did. The canned laughter and bad acting did it for me. I think I got 3 minutes in and had to stop. I knew this would happen. Whitney Cummings comedy is not suited for a traditional situation comedy. She should have gone the route of Louie (Louis C.K.) or even a 30 Rock type of show about being on the road as a successful female comedian. Anything but canned laughter every 5 seconds and corny jokes about being cold at a wedding in Mexico. Really, Whitney? Really?

Speaking of 30 Rock, I can't find it on my tv schedule! Did it not premiere yet?

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Hours

Snooki continues to be the main attraction on Jersey Shore. She single-handedly dominates this week's episode with such ease, the rest of the cast should take note. This is how you remain relevant on a reality show.

First, the accident, which turns out to be nothing more than a fender bender. Snooks and Deena are carted off to the police station only because the boys take too long to get to the scene. After all the hubbubb, Snooks is prohibited from driving in Italy and has to pay a fine and just like that, Team Meatballs is free to roam Florence again.

Snooki can now focus her attention on Jionni's upcoming visit. She tells us that she can't wait to ... spend time with him ... in the biblical sense. We get it, Snooks, you want to jump his bones, got it. Unfortunately, Jenni's boyfriend Roger can't come to Italy with Jionni as planned because he has to work. Now, Roger is older than most of the roommates, I believe Mike is the only one in the house in his age bracket, so I chalk it up to him just being a mature, hardworking guy. Jenni is crushed, but she understands that if Roger could be there, he would, but he can't. Bravo on being mature about it, Jenni!

Jionni finally arrives, and Nicole greets him at the front door in tears. It's so touching to see them actually getting along. They immediately go upstairs and argue because Jionni wants to take a shower before going to the smush room. Calm down, gurl, you have, like, 7 more hours with the kid.

In a deleted scene on, we see that Nicole and Jionni have a wonderful dinner together before they hit da club.

Now, things get interesting. Mike is paranoid and inexplicably talks about kicking Jionni in the face for no reason. Apparently, Mike is hallucinating an unspoken, totally invisible fight happening between he and Nicole's beloved. Deena gets a point for calling him "kung fu panda", good one Dee! Anywhoo, at the club Mike tells Nicole that he's ready to fight Jionni, in so many words, and she tells him to relax. Yes, Mike. Chill. Nobody cares about you anymore.

Snooki then takes Jionni onto the dancefloor and starts to dance for him. At least she thought that's what she was doing. According to him, she's just embarrassing him. She did pull her dress up and show off her underwears, as Deena would say. Jionni takes off, rather dramatically, I must say. Everyone including Snooki runs after him. I gotta say, Snooki is nothing if not determined. She was not going to take his tantrum lying down, well, except for her falling in the street.

Snooki is obviously drunk, so I really can't say I'm surprised she got crazy in da club. Jionni shouldn't be surprised either. On the hookup on mtv, the roommates make a great point: Jionni needs to understand that when he gets into a relationship with Nicole (sweet, sober, and sane), he's also getting into a relationship with Snooki (crazy, drunk, and crazy). I feel sorry for both of them, honestly. Hear me out.

Snooki is perfectly consistent. Since day one of season one, she's been the same girl. Yes, the clothes and the hair have changed, but the craziness and silliness has always remained. This is why we love her. Now, maybe we haven't seen the fighting side as much as we do this season, but it's not surprising. Snooki has always stood up for herself, and maybe she's under more pressure or stress this time around because she actually loves this kid and there's a lot of chips stacked against this relationship right now. Back to the episode at hand.

Snooki is not in her right mind, and she's lashing out at everyone because she can't lash out at Jionni since he won't stop running away from her. She's been waiting for this visit for weeks, and in a matter of hours, it's ruined. I think she knows exactly what went wrong, and maybe she feels guilty for it, but she can't express that right now. All she can do is cry, scream, sob, and teeter down the cobblestone streets and hit taxis with her purse. She even yells at Jenni, who is stepping up big time and searching for Jionni with Snooks and Ronnie. Ron actually catches up to Jionni, who basically says he's done and he's ok with it.

I honestly thought Jenni handled Snooki the best way she could. It has to be frustrating dealing with someone who is so intoxicated. Sammi and Deena finally get Snooki into a cab to go home. Jionni is hanging out by some random fountain, presumably thinking, "My passport is at my now-ex-girlfriend's house." He comes to the house and walks right by Snooki, which infuriates her. They have a somewhat brief exchange consisting of her asking him why he's doing this to her and him recounting her less than lady-like acts at da club. Snooki denies the whole thing, even though Jionni was right there and saw her flash everyone her undies. But let's be fair, at least she was wearing undies.

Jionni tells Snooki they're done and to leave him alone. She goes to bed, crying. This is so sad. Unlike Sam and Ron's fights, I actually feel sympathetic towards these two. Again, let me explain. Jionni seems like a pretty nice guy, until he's made to feel embarrassed or exposed in any way. He projects that onto Snooki and constantly berates her for embarrassing him. I have no doubt that they love each other, but they may not be compatible, at least not right now. He needs to get over his insecurities and quit worrying about what other people think if he's going to be with Nicole/Snooki. If he can't, then he's with the wrong girl(s).

One of the best scenes is when Jionni and Snooki are fighting and Sammi finally gets how uncomfortable it is to have a fighting couple in the house, and apologizes. Lightbulb moment!

While Nicole is in bed crying, Jionni gets his bag and leaves. Snooki runs after him but she's too late, the taxi is long gone. Next week, we'll see the aftermath of the Snooki/Jionni breakup, including Mike's latest attempt at professing his love (?) for Snooks.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Directions, Indeed

The third season premiere of Glee was quite interesting, with some unexpected twists, and some expected ones.

First, Sue Sylvester is back on the warpath against the glee club, well, against all of the arts in school, actually. But it's more of a political tactic to gain a congressional seat, so at least her motives aren't all directed at Will Shuster's hair anymore.

Speaking of Will, he and Emma are officially together! Her issues are becoming their issues, and I'm sure we'll see how that plays out throughout the season.

As for the New Directions kids, a lot has changed. Starting with Quinn. She's now one of "The Sluts", a kind of punk/mean girl crew, as opposed to just being a hussy on her own. She's all rocker-chick'ed out and has given up the glee club for good. Her former Cheerios cohorts, Santana and Brittany are saddened by this, as they are sticking with the glee club. Well, at least Santana thought she was staying. After pledging allegiance to Sue Sylvester and carrying out some Cheerio meanness, Will kicks her out of New Directions forever. Only one Cheerio in glee club? Say it ain't so!

Let's move on to my two favorites, Rachel and Kurt. They're very excited about applying to Juliard in New York, until Emma points out to them that Juliard has no musical theatre department. What?! I had no idea! However, there is another school that is number one in the nation in musical theatre also located in New York. So, Rachel and Kurt plan to take the school's mixer for prospective students by storm, but the competition is a lot more fierce than they had anticipated.

Finn is lost and doesn't know where he's headed after high school, but he and Rachel seem to be going strong. Sam has moved away, since his father got a job out of state, which I was happy to hear after the extremely sad storyline he had last season. Mercedes is dating a football player and has a confident spring in her step, which I love. Klaine is still together, and Blaine actually moved to McKinley and joined New Directions, which not everyone is happy about.

I can't wait for the next episode where Ms. Idina Menzel returns!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Bye/Good Riddance!

Well, it's official. Alex, Jill, Kelly, and Cindy are no longer Real Housewives of New York City.

So I say Good Bye to:

Alex: You were a little annoying on seasons 1 and 2, but by season 3, I was Team Alex all the way. You proved yourself to be smart, reasonable, and logical. Of course, you had your irrational moments, but for the most part, you were the true voice of reason on this show. When someone hurt you, you called them on it without whining or playing the victim. You could dish it out and you could take it, too. I enjoyed getting to know you and your family and I know you will continue to be successful. Hopefully we will see you and Simon on tv again soon. And thank you again for your over the top facial expressions this past season, and for saying out loud what we were all thinking.

Cindy: I like you as a person, but not as a tv personality. Please don't take that the wrong way. You seem like a very nice lady. But tv - reality tv especially - is not for you. I wish you continued success and hope that you enjoy every moment you have away from Jill, Luann, and Kelly. They were a bad influence on you.

And I say Good Riddance to:

Jill: This is going to be tough. I really liked you on seasons 1 and 2. I was Team Jill. And then something changed. I don't know what it was, but you became another person on season 3, and I didn't enjoy it. I'm not going to get into the whole Bethenny fiasco, but that was a big part of why I'm no longer a fan of yours. I hate to say it, but I feel your true colors came out during season 3 and it was not pretty. Please take this opportunity to reflect on who you really are, and why you felt the need to change in the first place. You came off this past season as vindictive and childish. But I have a feeling that the Jill we used to love is still there. Please don't take this as cyber-bullying. I am merely stating my opinion.

Kelly: Where to I begin? Sometimes you acted like a nice cherry jelly bean - very sweet and harmless. Other times you acted like a nasty popcorn jelly bean - gross and unattractive. I hope you get the help you so obviously need and I also hope you take the time away from Jill to form opinions of your own. I'm sure you're a very nice person when you're not on camera. But on camera you appeared to be batshit crazy.

Thanks for the memories, ladies!

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Just A Joke?

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen was last night and the biggest controversy coming out of the show has nothing to do with the man of the hour.

Amy Schumer delivered a pretty brutal joke to Steve-O (who was on the dais) regarding the death of his friend and Jackass co-star, Ryan Dunn. Basically she said people wished it was Steve-O and not Ryan who died. Granted, it's not funny when you say it like that, and it's definitely not funny outside the context of a roast, in which the sole purpose is to insult, slam, and verbally gut everyone in the room. Some people are saying Amy should apologize. I say no. Hear me out.

This was a roast. Seth McFarlane started the show with an Amy Winehouse joke that went over quite well with the crowd. The crowd seemed to be up for almost any joke, the cruder the better. Was it because the joke was told by a woman in a pretty dress? Or was it because Steve-O is so beloved? Or was it because the crowd just didn't get it?

I've had complaints about many of the recent Comedy Central Roasts. Trump, Hasselhoff, even Joan Rivers' roast left something to be desired. They're just not the same anymore. I think it's the change in the dais, to be honest. If you want to see an amazing roast, find Denis Leary's. And Flava Flav's. Both harsh, biting, brutal, and hilarious. It's almost as if Comedy Central has watered down the roasts to appeal to a bigger audience. And with that, the jokes are watered down as well. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and this is a roast. The ones they don't televise are even worse from what I hear. If you're going to participate in a roast (on tv or otherwise), you better be prepared to take whatever is coming at you, even if it's painful or hurtful. You signed up for it!!! Do your research and quit whining!!! And no, I don't think Amy should apologize. A male comedian is hardly ever asked to apologize - off the top of my head I can only think of Gilbert Gottfried for his tweets about the earthquake in Japan. Can you think of any others?

Let's talk about the roast itself, which was pretty tame overall, if you ask me.

We can always count on Jeff Ross, though. He always delivers. He was dressed as a warlord (since Charlie called himself a warlock), and flung insults at Charlie and the dais like no other. Anthony Jeselnick was funny, too. I enjoy his calculated delivery and the fact that he's not afraid to be different. And on this dais he was definitely one of a kind. Mike Tyson was there, and actually had a decent set. He was loud and obnoxious during everyone else's set, but it's Iron Mike, what are you gonna do? Kate Walsh was very funny and classy - she was the lady of the roast. Not sure what the connection is to Charlie but whatever. Steve-O's set ended with him running into Tyson's fist. Literally. He got some good jokes in before that, though. Patrice O'Neal whined about being made fun of. At a roast. Usually this guy is hilarious, but for some reason he was just annoying. Maybe he couldn't take some of the jokes thrown his way? Still, he's been on plenty of roasts, he shouldn't have been surprised. William Shatner - I honestly tuned him out. Is that bad? And last but not least, Charlie Sheen's rebuttal was amusing but not over the top. Remember, he wants us to believe he's clean, sober, and not crazy.

Again, they just don't make roasts like they used to. What did you think of the roast? Do you think Amy's joke went too far? Tweet me at my twitter page.

History Was Made

Dancing With The Stars last night was pretty incredible. Besides all of the great dancing and humorous clips of the celebs learning to dance, there was another element that made it even more exciting.

History was made last night as Chaz Bono danced, as a transgendered man on national tv with a woman. I don't know how all of you feel about it, and I'm not going to get political here, but you can't deny that we witnessed a huge step forward for the transgender community.

Now, I have just as many questions as the next person about transgendered people and how they deal with every day life before, during, and after their transition. And I don't presume to know what it's like at all, because I'm not a part of that community. But I can certainly see how Chaz is opening the doors for transgendered people in this country by telling his story and being on such a popular show as Dancing With The Stars.

Chaz did a great job on his first dance, as did most of the contestants. I loved Carson Kressley's routine! He was hilarious and bubbly, and definitely won over the crowd. I felt a little bad for Elisabetta Canalis, she isn't the most graceful person on the show, and I think she'll follow the trend of most models on DWTS and leave soon. Ricki Lake did fantastic, as did Chyna Philips, two of my favorite 90s era ladies! Rob Kardashian did a pretty good job, and his sisters were there to cheer him on. Khloe was a little too vocal in my opinion, but hey, that's her. Mr. Ron Artest (aka Metta World Peace) impressed no one, I'm afraid, but I was looking for Kimsha in the audience. Where is Kimsha?! Nancy Grace tried her best, but she'll be gone soon, too. I know I'm forgetting some so I'll stop here.

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Too Much

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a downer this week!

We got to see Taylor's "breakdown", which looked to me more like a drunken temper tantrum, but whatever. Taylor drank herself silly then didn't eat anything and went from sad to mad to feeling sorry for herself to feeling sorry for others to just plain tired. Gurl needed a sandwich! And of course all of the ladies had to deal with Taylor in their own way. I loved Adrienne whispering to her, "get it together!" and "drink some water!". If only Taylor had listened. Lisa stated that Taylor always manages to look like the victim and I agree. Knowing what we know now, that Taylor's husband Russell (who committed suicide just before the season aired) was physically abusive with her, it all makes sense. But at the time, I'm sure the ladies were scared because Taylor looked terrible and her behavior was strange at best.

Adrienne and Lisa are becoming my favorites this season. I still love Kyle, but I feel like she's Taylor's cheerleader and not in a good way. But maybe she's just doing what she thinks is best for her friend. If anyone needs a friend right now, it is Taylor.

I'm still worried about Kim. Although she showed a lot of patience and kindness towards Taylor during her fit, when Adrienne and Paul called her from the airport at the end of the episode, she sounded odd. Paul thought she was drunk, but we'll have to wait till next week to find out.

Kyle's daughter Portia is the cutest thing on tv right now!! I just had to shoutout Portia!

Next week should be interesting, as Adrienne heads to what might be a dangerous situation in Sacramento, and Brandi Glanville joins the cast ... I don't think the ladies like her!

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It's Gonna Be Great!

I wanted to take some time and talk about the new fall season of scripted shows, there are some that I'm really excited about!

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX, Thursdays, 10 pm): This show is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. You need a dark sense of humor to really enjoy this show. The 7th season started with a bang last week. Literally! If you liked the movie Horrible Bosses, you will like this show, which also stars Charlie Day. Charlie is hilarious on this show and in the movie.

Up All Night (NBC, Wednesdays, 8 pm): I really liked the commercials for this show, and I'm a huge Maya Rudolph fan. The first episode was really funny. Christina Applegate and Will Arnett play a couple who are used to being the partying kind until their beautiful baby girl comes along and they have to change their world completely. Will's character is unemployed and stays home with the baby, while Christina's character works for Maya, who plays an Oprah-esque talk show host.

New Girl (FOX, Tuesdays, 9 pm): Again, the first episode had me laughing out loud. This series is centered around the adorable Zooey Deschanel as a young woman freshly dumped and looking for a place to live. She finds an ad on craigslist and ends up moving in with three single dudes (don't try this at home, girls!). The result is a really funny, sweet show, mostly due to Zooey's awesome character. She's quirky and funny and a little weird, but always self-aware and sincere. Check this one out after Glee.

Glee (FOX, Tuesdays, 8 pm): Speaking of Glee!!! I am so excited!! I am a total Gleek and I cannot wait for the season premiere tonight. This season better be amazing - I'm sure it will be.

Two Broke Girls (CBS, Mondays, 8:30 pm): I am looking forward to checking out this new show. I really like Kat Dennings, and Michael Patrick King - creator and writer of Sex and the City - is writing this show along with Whitney Cummings, so I'm excited to see what this show has to offer. Basic premise is Kat plays a waitress in a tough neighborhood and a trust fund heiress whose family has lost all of their money comes to work with her and they become friends and move in together. I can see where it might get a little cheesy, but let's hope they avoid that.

Whitney (NBC, Thursdays, 9:30 pm): I have some reservations about this show. First, I'm not a big fan of Whitney Cummings' stand up comedy, although she is funny. I just have to take her in small doses. Also, the commercials seemed really corny and not funny to me at all. But I'm willing to give this show a chance.

SNL (NBC, Saturdays, 11:30 pm): The first show of the season airs Saturday, September 24th, with Alec Baldwin as the host and Radiohead as the musical guest. I have been a fan of this show since I was 15, and no matter what, I will always watch, I don't care what anyone says. I don't have to love every single sketch, or every single show for that matter, but I am a die hard SNL fan. So I'm definitely excited for a new season.

What shows are you excited for this fall season? Tweet me at my twitter page.

Round 142 ...

Real Housewives of New Jersey finally goes to the Dominican Republic this episode, and I couldn't be happier!

Let's talk about the bikini fashion show we got thanks to Mrs. Giudice and Mrs. Gorga, shall we? Teresa's stripper chic bikinis were definitely colorful and dramatized (thank you, Gemini's twin), but Melissa's were a little more trendy and up to date. Just my opinion.

Can I just say that the Manzo kids - Greg included - were hilarious on this episode? Last week they skewered Teresa's books and this week they roasted her on everything else. From her clothes to her vocabulary, nothing was off limits. Even Caroline couldn't help but throw some shade. Some people are upset about this - calling the Manzos mean. Here's what. If you had to travel and live in close quarters with Teresa - with her squealing and whining and yelling, you'd be making fun of her, too. She's ridiculous! Not only does she not listen to anyone, she's completely oblivious as to anyone else's feelings or emotions. I'm talking about DENSE, ok?

Caroline has a Teresa-induced migraine and I can understand why. She's a nightmare! Believe me, I've traveled with a lot of different types of people, and Teresa is the worst kind. Needy, attention seeking, uncooperative, and negative. Everything out of her mouth was negative in one way or another. Like when Melissa and Kathy mentioned how close Albie and Chris are, she couldn't help herself. She said "just wait till one of em gets married." Ok, Teresa, you've made your point. For the millionth time.

It's not bad enough Teresa's being a brat on land, so she makes sure to be a brat at sea as well. The group goes on a boat and everyone starts drinking and dancing and having fun. Then, the Manzo kids - and Greg - start saying the the Gorgas are attractive. Teresa's ears perked right up. Then the kids say that they all should have a dance off. Teresa immediately starts dancing more provocatively, which is not a pretty sight, by the way.

Back on land, the conversation turns to Joe Giudice's new business venture, which we learn is one of many short term business ventures he has had/will have (money laundering, anyone?). Richie explains that the restaurant business isn't for him and Kathy right now so they're sticking to catering, based on what Albert Manzo, Caroline's husband has told them about running the Brownstone. Joe gets all puffed up and starts saying a restaurant is totally different than a banquet hall. Al then shuts Joe down in classic quiet-but-tough-guy style and Joe is left looking like a moron, which is nothing new.

Then Kathy walks up and asks what they were talking about, and joins in. She basically says what Richie said. It's not the right time for them, they wouldn't be able to handle the hours, and she wouldn't want to be away from her kids for so many hours a day. Teresa immediately takes offense to this and snaps. She accuses Kathy of saying that they're going to neglect their children because of the restaurant, which anyone with half a brain who heard that conversation can tell you that's not what she said. Remember, I said half a brain.

This is Kathy's time to shine. She finally confronts Teresa and puts her in her place! I was SO happy for her. She finally let it out with Teresa and in her own classy way, let her know she wasn't backing down. Guess who walks away? Teresa. That's what happens when you pick a fight but you don't have any real reason for doing so. You end up looking stupid. Again, nothing new.

And Kathy finally did the "KOO KOO!" I loved it!!!

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Biggest Brat of Brighton Beach

So I caught up on Russian Dolls a little, and while I still have a couple of episodes to go, I wanted to comment on the one I saw.

The episode is called "Calendar Girls" and it revolves around this pageant/contest to be in a Brighton Beach calendar. I know. Well, Diana and Anastasia are taking it very seriously and want to be in the calendar together. I mean, they both want to be in the calendar, not be in the same photo for the same month or anything. Anna, on the other hand is too busy with her modeling school to compete, plus she's already a model. So she helps Diana and Anastasia prepare. Which I thought was nice.

First, the girls all do a photo shoot. There are 16 girls at the photo shoot and only 12 will be picked. So the photo shoot is really important. The girls are all getting their hair and make up done at the same salon - and this salon is sponsoring the contest. Anastasia got upset because she didn't like the way the stylist curled her hair. She flipped out and cried and yelled and screamed. It was an ugly display. The salon owner was not happy. 

The rest of the contest takes place at a lounge/restaurant where the girls do a bit of runway and then the winners are announced. Diana and Anastasia and the other girls all do their best runway while Renata hosts - this lady is hosting everything! Finally, Diana is picked and Anastasia is not. Which is no surprise to anyone, since everyone agrees that people talk in Brighton Beach, and her little tantrum didn't go over so well. In fact, Renata tells Anastasia that her tirade is the reason she wasn't picked. And then Anastasia threw another fit. Smart girl! Give the people what they want, right?

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Just Not For Me

Recently I've been hearing a lot about "Dance Moms" on Lifetime, and a lot of people were raving about it. So, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, it's just not for me.

Here's what I liked about it: I love the kids and the dancing. Here's what I didn't like: everything else. Seriously, it was awkward and uncomfortable and it just seemed ... strange to me. Maybe it's because I don't have any point of reference with this. I was never in a dance class as a child and my mother is not a stage mom. Clearly, or I'd be famous by now.

I could handle the tough dance instructor and even some of the high-strung mothers. But when it came down to the Candy Apples' coach bashing the Abby Lee dancers and vice versa, I was out. Honestly, it scared me a bit. These kids are talented, most definitely. But all the drama with the coaches and the moms and the other coaches just puts a damper on the whole experience.

What I'm trying to say is that this show is a major downer. And it really shouldn't be. It should be a fun, upbeat, happy show about these talented kids. Instead, it focuses on these ridiculous adults. Like I said, maybe I'm missing something.

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Bullets Over South Pacific

Survivor is back! And I, for one, am so happy they have a decent cast, well, with a few exceptions.

Please forgive me for not knowing all of the tribe members names just yet but believe me, we'll have plenty of time for that.

Let's talk about the returning players: Coach and Ozzy. Am I the only one who saw the total disappointment on the faces of the Upolu tribe when Coach was assigned to them? Sorry, Coach. They're not buying your whole dragon-slayer-turned-nice-guy routine. On the other hand, the Savaii tribe was elated to have Ozzy, and let's be honest, who wouldn't be? They guy was made for this game.

Now, if Ozzy doesn't win (which he should), here's who I want to win: Cochran. Yes, John Cochran, the 24 year old Harvard Law student, with almost iridescent white skin, who, to me is like the Woody Allen of Survivor. Love it! He's a super fan of the show, hasn't missed an episode, and definitely wants to win. Although he's in awe of the whole situation, and being on the same team as Ozzy, he fought to stay in the game at tribal council and won.

Little Miss Push Up Bra (Semhar) went to Redemption Island instead - seriously, who wears a push up bra with a barely there tank top and short shorts in the jungle? Oh yeah, every single young woman on this show. Seriously, ladies?! You're on Survivor, not the Real World. Every season these girls are wearing less and less, and every season they have some physical challenge where a boob pops out or crack is exposed. Come on, girls! Enough already!

Also on the cast is Russell's nephew who's not telling anyone who his uncle is. But he has his last name tattooed on his shoulder and back. Good luck hiding those ridiculous tattoos, buddy. Oh yeah, and he doesn't like one of the girls on his tribe because she flaunts herself too much. Hmm. Yeah right.

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Hello, friends! This is the first of many blogs I'll be posting today. So many shows, so little time!

Let's get into Jersey Shore. Not the most exciting episode, I'll admit, but entertaining nonetheless. The gang heads to Riccioni, a nearby tourist area/beach. It is beautiful. Honestly, this season is making me want to visit Italy so badly! The girls split from the guys and do some eating, drinking, shopping, drinking, and more drinking. However, Jenni and Sam quickly realize it may be too early in the day to be so intoxicated and slow their roll. Snooki and Deena, not so much. Jenni and Sam try to get Team Meatballs to follow them back to the hotel, but the adorable duo quickly detour to a bar and grill with a DJ. Perfect.

Team Meatballs are having a blast - dancing and drinking and drinking and drinking. These girls are drunk. Not having a blast drunk - running into the bushes drunk. The boys have shown up in time to see the show. Deena dances so hard her bikini bottom unties itself and makes an appearance. Now, Deena says she shimmied it back up again, but I'm not so sure. The boys try to tell the girls that it's time to leave so they can make it to dinner by 9:30. Team Meatballs isn't hearing it. They're on Meatball time I guess.

Cut to everyone waiting for Snooki and Deena at dinner. They show up late and still intoxicated. Deena and Snooks know that everyone is judging them for drinking so much, but their defense is that they're having a good time and not hurting anyone. With tension in the air, the group heads to la discoteca (da club).

At the club, the level of drunkenness goes off the charts. Big surprise! Deena decides to dirty dance with a railing and ends up showing her kooka to the whole place. Her explanation: I forgot to put underwears on! Now, to be fair, I believe her. When Snooki and Deena finally went back to the hotel to change for dinner, they were both hammered. And Deena explained on The Hookup that she just took her bikini off and put her dress on - not thought process about "underwears" in between. So I actually believe her. Back to da club. Jenni screams at Deena that she has no panties on (so stop flashing everyone), and Sammi concurs. Deena's a little annoyed and thinks everyone is making a big deal out of nothing.

Then, the awkward part (if this episode wasn't awkward enough for you already). Deena and Snooki start making out. Not just kissing, but drunk, sloppy, disgusting making out. If you haven't seen it, I'm not sure I want you to. Just take my word for it, it wasn't a pretty sight. In fact Vin and Pauly both express their extreme disdain for that particular scene.

Finally, it's time to go home (to the hotel), and after each falling down on the way out of the club and into the cab, the meatballs are still going at it. Jenni and Sammi look like they're about to vomit ... it's just so not cute. However, here's my take on it. Deena has been feeling out of place in Italy this whole time - the double robbery she pulled with dim wit twin Erica and the fight with Pauly afterwards - and Snooki has not been a happy camper lately given her issues with Jionni. All four girls started the day drinking, and then Jenni and Sammi left the meatballs to their own devices (not entirely on purpose, and totally understandable since they were being annoying). So the meatballs are already feeling down, alienated, and probably a little embarrassed. So they turned to each other for comfort and, let's just say, gratification (?).

The shenanigans continue into the night and in the harsh light of day, Team Meatballs is forced to try to remember what actually happened. They agree that nothing but kissing took place, although others have their suspicions. Of course, everyone is buzzing about Deena and Snooki but they stop gossiping long enough to pack their bags - it's time to go home. Back to Florence!

Once Snooki gets home, she immediately calls Jionni, who everyone thinks will break up with her when she tells him about her kiss-fest with Deena. To everyone's shock, he says "ok". We learned on The Hookup (see link above), that Jionni has witnessed such make out sessions between the meatballs and is essentially immune at this point. Snooki gives the roommates a triumphant thumbs up - although I think she really wanted to raise a different finger to them all.

The Jersey Shore Aftershow was pretty heated, since Jenni was confronted by Team Meatballs about being a buzzkill and mothering them. I can see where Jenni's coming from though. She doesn't want anything to happen to them, and with them being so drunk, the odds of someone seriously hurting them increases exponentially. Team Meatballs doesn't want to hear it, even months later. (I'm assuming these aftershows are taped fairly recently.) I'm worried about Snooki and Jenni's friendship. It'd be a shame for them to not be friends anymore. I get a bad feeling that they're not as close as they once were. Especially in next week's episode, where Jionni comes to visit and Jenni gives Snooks a "reality check". Hopefully the girls will all get through this and stay friends. It's actually nice to see them all getting along.

Oh and no Sam/Ron drama this episode! Nice!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Better Late than Never

My apologies, readers! I watched Real Housewives of New Jersey on Monday and then completely forgot to blog about it! Again, my apologies.

I'm so happy the Dominican Republic episodes start next week. My beloved Kathy will do the now famous "KOO KOO!" and I cannot wait. It's gonna be great.

Honestly this episode was pretty hilarious. I loved the entire charity run segment. Everyone was having a good time (except Joe Giudice, big surprise). And I love that the Manzo kids had fun with it. Even if some of them did cheat. Oh and their riff on Teresa's future books was so funny. I think my favorite was Greg's "Stupid Italian" - in the best Randall voice ever. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to right now.

On to Milania's birthday party. I gotta give the Giudice's credit for scaling things down and not being so over the top with their parties. Although they just recently renewed their vows in a huge elaborate ceremony, allegedly. I think the Teresa and Joe suffer from financial schizophrenia. Anyway, back to Milania's pizza party, which was really cute and appropriate. The kids all seemed to be having fun, and the adults were behaving themselves. Gia then performed a song for her sister Milania and it was one of the cutest things ever. Then she followed that up with the saddest song ever, about her mom and brother's situation, obviously.

Teresa's reaction kind of irked me. She was being so fake, saying "We're fine! We're fine! See?", grabbing her brother and squealing. Gia saw right through it. When Teresa says, "We love each other" or something to that effect, Gia sobs, "Then why don't you ACT like it?!" Good point, Gia. You hit it on the head with that one. Teresa? Response?

I love that Teresa got mad at Caroline for saying in her interview that Gia was screaming for the fight between the Gorgas and the Giudices to end. Read Teresa's blog here and let me know if someone's not totally delusional and incapable of accepting responsibility.

I wasn't too moved by the whole Vito/Lauren/mozarella scene. I love Lauren, and I think she's an amazing girl. But I think her whole self-esteem issue is ridiculous. All she needs is a couple days on RuPaul's Drag U, and she'll be fine. Stop putting yourself down, Lauren, you're beautiful!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mean Girls (and Boys)

Alright, guys, let's get into some reality tv goodness (and some not-so-goodness)!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I loved the whole Colorado trip scenario, I think it's a fun departure and a great way to see the ladies outside of their comfort zone. Lisa is getting a lot of static, not just from Taylor, but from everyone else. I relate to her in this episode, because it seems everyone is kind of nit-picking and provoking her a little. I thought the girls were being somewhat annoying on the plane playing pranks and being loud, Kyle was wrong to bring up the Ken mess in the limo (especially when it was such a long ride, there was nowhere to escape), and maybe the girls could have been a little nicer about Lisa's skiing outfit. I thought that hat was fabulous. Maybe it's the age difference, but hopefully Lisa isn't the odd woman out for long. That would be a shame. We got to see some Kyle/Kim interaction, and while I'm glad Kyle has gotten over their issues, I can't help but wonder what Kim's problem is? Maybe she can't get over Kyle calling her out on national tv? Hmmm ... more to come on that, I'm sure. We also got to watch Adrienne and her hubby bicker. I actually like their relationship, maybe because I know couples like that and they're perfectly happy. Or maybe because I also need to just say what I feel in the moment and not let it fester or get bottled up. It's so much better to just get it out. Even if it is uncomfortable in the moment. Kyle and Taylor's talk in the hot tub was really emotional and sets up Taylor's breakdown in the next episode.

Basketball Wives LA: I think I'm done with this show. A lot of it doesn't make sense to me. Such as: why is Draya such a threat? Why is Imani so worried about Draya? Why were the girls offended by Draya's behavior at her party? Why is Gloria suddenly absent from every episode? WHERE IS KIMSHA?! That is actually my main question. Kimsha makes the show for me, and if she's not on, I'm just annoyed. I don't understand why the ladies are making Draya the star of the show. Quit talking about her and keep it moving. If she is a bad mom, a terrible person, and a man-stealing ho, then it'll all come out. I just don't get why VH1 is editing these shows to be so repetitive. We get it, VH1! You can have more than 2 plots going on at the same time! We're smart viewers! Ok, I've said my piece. I'll just stop watching for now and maybe go back to it later.

Flipping Out: Well, Mr. Lewis was in a MOOD! I was a little scared, actually. I'm not sure why Jeff was so on edge for this reunion. I think it might have been even more tense in some segments than the reunion where Jeff and Ryan confronted each other. Man, maybe this show is taking it's toll on Jeff. Let's hope not. I loved that Jeff put Trace and Sarah in their places, though. I can't imagine being so ungrateful and purposefully violating the agreement they signed with Jeff to not contact his clients. So unprofessional! And I can totally see Sarah and Trace gossiping behind Jeff's back. I think Jeff's smart to keep the office small and just keep moving forward. By the way, where was Jett? Hope he wasn't fired! Zoila was awesome as usual, and Jenni is the perfect balance to Jeff's ... quirks. And Gage is growing on me. I don't think he's Lady Macbeth at all. I think he just did the job Jeff asked him to do. He got to be the bad guy, and nobody likes the bad guy. Oh well. Till next season!

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Body and Soul - Remembering Amy

Hello, friends.

Please go to iTunes and buy the "Body and Soul" song and video, which is Amy's last recording - a duet with the legendary Tony Bennett. It's a beautiful song and video. The proceeds go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. The song and video were released today, which would have been Amy's 28th birthday. So please, support this cause and remember Amy today.

I loved the video, although it's short, it's so moving. Amy looks happy, playful, and I must say a little reserved. Maybe self-conscious, even. She's wearing a pink, gray, and black argyle sweater-dress, and her hair and makeup are on point. She looks healthy. And she's doing what she does best - sing an amazing song.

I wish she was still here with us. I hope we all appreciate the days we have with our loved ones, because we just never know when the unthinkable may happen.

Before I go, I just want to mention the great show Anderson Cooper did with Amy's family and loved ones this week. If you haven't seen it, there are clips on his website:

We miss you, Amy, and we will always love you.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catching Up!

I'm back, buddies!! Sorry for the delay, I've been busier than a honey badger fighting off bees and cobras.

So I'll be doing this blog a little bit differently since I have so much to catch up on.

Basketball Wives LA: What can I say? These ladies are BRINGING IT! I have to say I'm still not digging Gloria. She's petty and fake. Her sister seems like a bit of a basket case. I felt bad for Tanya, although she did ask for it by being a little holier-than-thou. I still love Kimsha! I'm definitely Team Kimsha. I'm not exactly sure about Malaysia. She has a bit of an attitude, but I did like how she was nice to Draya. Imani is such a bizzle! I cannot believe how mean she is! I don't care how much you hate strippers, calling someone worthless is just wrong. Speaking of Draya, I just want to know what she knows and what she's done that makes her so "dangerous". Because as of right now, she seems pretty harmless. I could be wrong.

Flipping Out Finale: I'm so sad! No Jeffey till next year?? Ugh, I hate that this season is over. It was so good. The finale was a little bittersweet. I love the fact that Jeff and Gage bought that beautiful house. I love Jenni's rap career. I love that Jeff is talking about having a family. And I love that Zoila is still as funny as ever. Can't wait till the reunion!! Trace and Sarah are coming back and from the previews it looks like Jeff freaks out at one (or both) of them. Let's hope!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I was so happy that Bravo debuted the show on schedule. I thought the beginning of the show was very appropriate. I liked how everyone came together to grieve and mourn and basically talk about Russell Armstrong's shocking suicide. Taylor wasn't there, but all of the ladies expressed deep concern for her and her daughter. Then there was a disclaimer of sorts, saying the show was taped before the suicide. The ladies seemed to all be getting along, except for some tension between Lisa and Taylor. Also, Kyle and Kim are still working through their issues. I'm actually not a Taylor fan, so I can see why Lisa isn't so keen on her. But we'll see what the season brings.

Jersey Shore: Wah! Jionni's being an idiot! I hate that Snooki's boyfriend tells her she's being stupid when she makes harmless jokes on the phone with him. Did this guy know who he was dating? This is why we love Snooks! She makes fun of herself and everything else, she's silly and fun, and she has a heart of gold. This guy needs to loosen up and calm down. Can't wait to see why they fight at the club in the next episode. Oh and Jenni and Snooki get into it, too! Sam and Ron are back together and that's just a terrible idea, but they say they've changed. I doubt it. Vin begs them to keep their fighting away from the rest of the roommates and they agree, which surprised me. I thought Ron would fly into roid rage over that, but he was very accommodating, actually. I have to say Vin and Pauly doing their FPC routine was funny (fist pumps, push ups, chapstick). And the priest yelling at Snooki to cover up was hilarious, too. I still don't feel sorry for Mike - don't judge me.

That's all I got for now, kids! I'll be back soon with more reality tv ranting!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Hello, friends! So, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Let me just tell you, I feel that I was very productive this weekend because I discovered and caught up on a new show, "Russian Dolls". How did I not know about this show before? It may just be my new favorite. At least until Real Housewives of Atlanta comes back.

Now, the first thing I like about the show is the mix of ladies in the cast. Some are in their 20s, and some are ... not. But I love that! The more mature ladies are just as interesting (if not more so) than their younger counterparts.

Speaking of the young'ens, they are super young. Well, maybe just young to me. They're all 21 or 22. One of them, Diana, looks just like Scarlet Johannsen. She's feisty and sassy, and seems to have a good sense of humor. Anastasia is a little bratty, but seems like a fun girl. Ana comes off as snobby and a bit egotistical. Of course, these girls have drama with each other and their two buddies Eddie and Albert.

The older ladies are absolutely fascinating to me. There's Renata, the radio talk show host, who's full of positivity. Marina owns a very famous restaurant with her husband and has a mother in law who participates in Grandma Pageants (OMG!), and is very funny. Sveta is a businesswoman and has a little beef with Marina.

I may be forgetting someone, but the point is - this show is great. It's on Lifetime (and available On Demand on Comcast). So catch it and let me know what you think!

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