Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

I apologize for the lack of blogs lately, I actually went to Las Vegas with my family on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a lot of fun, but it's made for a very hectic couple of days back in reality. That being said, I have a lot of thoughts on Vegas as an experience.

First, I have to tell you I didn't have the whole party-Vegas experience. I went with my parents and my sister and we visited my dad's buddy from back in the day. So it was chill to say the least. But not bad, mind you. Just not the typical Vegas weekend. We walked the strip on Thursday night and it was surprisingly packed - on Thanksgiving! I loved the Venetian, but I noticed it was super warm in there and all the high end stores were so beautifully out of my league, it was ridiculous. 

The Bellagio fountains were everything I thought they would be, the song that night was "Proud to be an American". Indeed. I think my favorite was Paris. It blew me away. I don't know if it was the fake cobblestone streets, the bakeries, or the Cabaret stage, but I fell in love. It makes me almost not want to see the real thing. Almost. 

New York New York was super fun, too. I do prefer the real thing, though, that I know for sure. But I really enjoyed the ambiance, and I definitely would love to stay there next time. We ate like kings the whole weekend, including a champagne brunch - minus the champagne. It was crazy how good the food is. Granted, we ate at mostly local spots, and nothing fancy, but still really tasty. I love getting to see the real town where locals shop and eat and play, in addition to the tourist spots. 

Speaking of tourist spots, we went to Fremont Street, and I hate to say it, but I wasn't impressed. I was very disappointed. I was expecting an old school classy vibe, and what I got was a raunchy, uncomfortable, and sad. I'll just leave it at that. 

What I really learned from Vegas is that anything can happen. There's such a mixture of every socioeconomic group - which is refreshing, but also kind of sad in a way. You see the young party-ers (although there weren't many on Thanksgiving weekend) with money to burn, the older semi-high rollers (the real high rollers aren't going to let you see them, I learned), and then you have the ones struggling to make it - handing out flyers to strip clubs and escort services on the street, dressed up as cartoon characters in raggedy costumes performing for cash, panhandlers, and drifters. It's like that ride at the fair that takes you to the very top of the tower very, very slowly, and then drops you down to the bottom in half a second. You get off the ride dizzy, wondering what happened, and with your heart in your throat. 

I'm not a gambler, but I can see the temptation. One big win, that's all you need. But that's rarely what happens. At least from what an outsider like me can tell. I guess Vegas is the ultimate symbol of freedom, like an oasis in the desert, where everything you can imagine can be conjured up if you have the money and the guts. 

Leaving Las Vegas was a challenge, not because I didn't want to go, but because we made the mistake of leaving too late and we were on the road in stop and go traffic for eleven hours. Yeah. For real. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am so excited for JR and Karina! What a great victory, and so deserved. This was a great grand finale. Karina and JR pulled out all the stops, not only last night, but also tonight with their jive and samba. I'm just so proud of them, they really deserved this win, in my opinion. I called it, too! Check my blog from earlier today!

I am a little sad that Ricki was 3rd, but I totally understand it, and her reaction was classy. She's a great performer, and this will definitely catapult her back into the public eye in a big way. I hear she's getting a new talk show? If so, that's awesome.

Rob did a great job, and I loved his attitude at the finale. So humble, so down to earth, and you can tell he had a good time. And Cheryl did an amazing job with all of the dances, so kudos to them.

I loved seeing the rest of the cast dance, especially Carson Kressley!! SO GOOD!! And Chaz and Lacey's dance with Lacey's dad was super cute. I really enjoyed that.

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My Predictions

The DWTS Finals were last night, and you know I have my opinions. So let's jump right in.

Ricki performed a cha cha - and something was a little conservative about this performance for me. I wish she would have just busted out and blew our minds. No such luck, though. The judges liked it, but pointed out a few mistakes. Her score: 27.

Rob did the waltz and it was very pretty. Cheryl is an awesome choreographer and he definitely played the role of the leading man. Good job. The judges loved it, but let him know he missed a step here and there. His score: 27.

JR also did the cha cha, and it was chock full of fancy footwork. I liked it, but the judges mentioned his arms were a bit off and he lost his timing in the beginning of the dance. His score: 24.

Freestyle time!!!

Ricki's freestyle in a word, was disappointing. Very disappointing. It was a combo of salsa and quickstep, and although technically, it was perfect, it wasn't exciting. It was just nice. And that's not what freestyle is about. I did like the lifts and such, but it wasn't enough to win, in my opinion. The judges liked it, and mentioned it was a very demanding routine. Her score: 27.

Rob went next, and his routine was very 20's-inspired. I wasn't impressed with this one either! The tempo of the song was all over the place, and it was just clumsy at times. I did like Rob's pachuco outfit, though. The judges, inexplicably, loved it. His score: 30.

JR's freestyle was AMAZING!! THIS IS A FREESTYLE!! It was exciting, animated, and FUN! The lifts were awesome and the choreography made me wanna get up and dance. I think Karina nailed it on this one. This freestyle was the best one I've seen in a long time. The judges loved this one, as well they should. His score: 30.

JR won it last night for me. Unless Ricki pulls out all the stops tonight, I think she'll be number two. I really hope JR wins, though. Rob did a nice job, and I'm wondering if the powers that be will intervene and throw the number one spot his way. I really hope not. JR totally deserves the win.

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Congratulations, Or Not

The tension is bubbling over on Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it's not just the ladies who are at each other's throats, the husbands get in on the action this week.

Sheree is demolishing a house in order to build a new one, because you know, old houses are yucky. Didn't Teresa from Jersey Housewives say the same thing? Hmmm. Anyway, Sheree says this house will only have the essentials - like a skating rink, lounge with DJ booth, and spa area. Who does this girl think she is, Adrienne Maloof? Whatever, Sheree. Stop trying to act like you're rich. You know you ain't got Nene money, so sit down. 

Phaedra and Apollo discuss his recent run in with the police. She says it was a case of mistaken identity, but everyone is talking smack about the ex-con being pulled out of his car by officers. Whatever the case may be, I feel for Apollo, because he seems like a nice man with a rocky past who's trying to do right by his family. 

Cynthia and Peter have Noel's father, the sexy as hell Leon, over and they talk about some of the issues with Cynthia's sister and mother after the wedding day bruhaha with the marriage license. There's so much unresolved pain there, and it doesn't help that Peter seems to be so stubborn. He definitely won't be the one to initiate a resolution. 

Kim and Sheree meet for lunch and I'm shocked that they don't immediately start trashing Nene. They talk about Sheree's new house, and Kim's upcoming baby shower. Instead of capping on Nene, they talk smack about Cynthia and Peter, because Peter gave an unfavorable interview to a magazine about them. Oh well! How many times have they been quoted saying something not so nice about their cast mates? Grow up!

Nene and her youngest son wait for Gregg to pick him up, and they discuss the separation. It's obviously hard on him, and Nene tries to be as diplomatic as possible about the subject. I thought it was nice when she said she still "likes" Gregg, and they seem to get along pretty well when he shows up. 

Phaedra and Kandi go shopping for Kim's baby shower gift, and Phaedra reveals that she was hurt by what Peter said in the magazine article as well. I swear, Phaedra should be the last one concerned with what Peter says. Who cares? But she does, and apparently, it's affecting her friendship with Cynthia. But she must not be too worried about it, because it doesn't stop Phaedra from calling Peter "Papa Smurf" and "Uncle Ben".

Nene, Kandi, and Mama Joyce get together and talk about men in a hilarious mini-scene. Love it when Kandi and Nene get along.

Kim's baby shower is quite the affair, and everyone is dressed to the nines. Kandi, Mama Joyce, Phaedra, and Apollo, arrive first, and Lawrence and Sheree show up shortly after. Kim's father gives Phaedra his business card in probably the sleaziest self-promoting speech ever. Gross. Phaedra can't help but notice the shower is just as extravagant as hers, if not more. Kim had no problem criticizing Phaedra's baby shower last season, saying it was over the top. I'm sorry, having those portraits all over the place was pretty over the top. And kind of tacky, if you ask me. Sheree says she no longer talks to Cynthia because she's too far up Nene's ass. They talk about the magazine article and Sheree decides to question Peter's manhood by asking "what straight man" would gossip in a magazine article. I don't know, Sheree, but you talk enough for everyone, so maybe you're not the best person to complain about such things. 

Oh, and Nene wasn't invited to the shower but she's not sweating it - check out this exclusive bonus scene

Cynthia and Peter show up late because she was out of town working. Kim notes that they didn't bring a present, and showed up 20 minutes before the party was over, so "what's the point?". Well, Kim, they wanted to come and celebrate with you despite your shitty attitude, but since all you care about is presents, you probably don't understand that. Sheree makes some stupid quip about Cynthia being off Nene's leash and coming to the party. Bitter is not your best color, Sheree. It's really ugly on you. 

Brielle gives a pretty hilarious speech - and in the process kind of throws Kim under the bus. I love Brielle! 

Kandi asks Peter what's new and he chats about his new bar, Bar One. Phaedra makes some passive aggressive dig about not being invited because Peter doesn't like her. And so begins the Baby Shower Brawl. Peter isn't the one, I'm just saying. Phaedra obviously thought she was going to guilt him into apologizing, um, no such luck. Sheree jumps in saying she knows she's cute, so she doesn't care what Peter says - I'm guessing he said she wasn't attractive. Apollo gets involved and the two men pretty much just start puffing up their chests. Seriously, this whole thing could have been resolved if Apollo would have said, let's just talk about it later. And Peter should have controlled himself a lot better. But the person who started the ball rolling was Phaedra. So what, he doesn't like you? Do you really care that much? And of course Apollo is going to back his wife up. It was just a bad situation. The security staff get ready to break it up, and Apollo and Phaedra walk away. 

Kroy looks really annoyed with this, and calls them "stupid people". It is really stupid to fight at a baby shower, and these guys should have known better. Just because you want to prove a point doesn't mean you should make an ass out of yourself. Cynthia is totally embarrassed, and thank the Lord for Lawrence, who knows how to make fun of any tense situation. Kim says if this were last year, she would have thrown a fit over this, but she's much calmer now, thanks to Kroy. Now if only Kroy could find a way to get Kim to shut up, I'd be happy.

Next week, Nene tells Cynthia about her sex life, Kim talks circumcision, Kandi gets Ridiculous for her birthday and fights with her mom, and Peter confronts Cynthia's sister. 

On Watch What Happens Live!, Cynthia and Keisha Knight Pulliam were the guests. You know Keisha as Rudy from the Cosby Show. She's a lovely young woman with a spot on Tyler Perry's sitcom on TBS. She was a really fun guest. Cynthia explained her and Peter's actions in this episode, including why she didn't bring a baby shower gift - Kim didn't bring them a wedding gift, brought her own wine, and gave their marriage less than a year - which I thought was pretty fair. Don't dish it out if you can't take it, Kim! Cynthia defended Peter, but I didn't expect anything less. They seem to be really happy, and I'm happy for Cynthia. Peter seems like a handful, but he also seems like a genuine guy. I'm not mad at him. The after show was a lot of fun - you can check it all out here

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Just Go For It!

If you're still not watching Parks and Recreation on Thursdays on NBC, you should be ashamed of yourself. Now, do the right thing and go to this site and get caught up.

This week, Ben is still bummed out and tells Leslie he's made arrangements to no longer spend time at the Parks and Recreation department. NO! Ben and Leslie belong together!! Tom and Jerry are assigned to work on a new logo and overall makeover for the Parks and Rec image. Andy is thinking of going to college, and he has April and Ron by his side giving him their respective takes on what his college career should consist of. Leslie is panicking over the prospect of not seeing Ben anymore and Ann tries to talk some sense into her, which of course, doesn't work. Leslie decides to drag out the last project she and Ben will be working on so that she can continue to spend time with him. Oh, honey, this is not the way to go.

Leslie finally gets herself together and talks to Ben. You gotta see this episode. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Love Letter to Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens Live!

OMG! I am so excited about the news that Watch What Happens Live! will be airing 5 nights a week, starting Sunday, January 8, 2012!

This means 5 nights of Andy Cohen in the clubhouse, and I, for one, am really super happy about this. I actually want Watch What Happens Live! to be an hour long, but if it's still 30 minutes, I'm ok with that. For those of you who aren't up on this particular show, first of all, where have you been? And second of all, it's going to be ok. Set your DVRs and prepare to be entertained!

Andy is an amazing host, charming and funny, and the guests are USUALLY a lot of fun. Not always, but 99% of the time. Guests are encouraged to relax and let their hair down, and that makes for a lot of really hilarious moments. Also, the audience tweets, facebooks, and calls in, not to mention there's a poll every show where the audience makes their voices heard on a subject of Andy's choosing.

Watch What Happens Live! is becoming a cultural phenomenon in its own right, and Andy and the clubhouse staff totally deserves all the success and recognition they have coming.

Sincerely, a fan for life,

Amanda (@humorandspice)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

AMA Awards

The American Music Awards started off with a David Guetta/Nicki Minaj performance that was marred by a slight delay in the video vs. the sound. We heard Nicki's rapping before we saw her mouth move. I have no doubt she was performing live, it seemed to be an issue with the sound/video not being sync'd up properly. Her hair was a cute mop of pink curls and her makeup was also on point. Her costume, however, was lacking. It looked like a homemade version of the Svedka robot. It was essentially dark grey bodysuit with mirrors and metal speakers sewn onto it in convenient places. Her costume people definitely should have done a complete metal bodysuit or just gone with a different concept all together. It just looked unfinished.

Maroon 5 won best group - no complaints here. I'm a fan.

The sound continues to be an issue as there's all kinds of background noise and it's really distracting. Taylor Swift wins best country female for the 4th year in a row, and looks completely shocked like she always does when she rakes in the awards. Annoying.

Justin Bieber performs his ridiculous Christmas song even though it's the week before Thanksgiving, which only confirms my theory that this kid hasn't even released enough songs to still be considered relevant, and yet he is. I hate show business. Oh and his voice is seriously changing and not in a good way. The sound/video was also off on this performance. Get it together, editing bay!

The Band Perry sounds great and the sound/video problem is fixed shortly after their performance begins. I can definitely understand why people love this song. It's really a good tune. Now, I wish I could rave about the lead singer's look, but it's just bad. Her hair is crimped and she's wearing a Scarlet O'Hara type ballgown. If she was going to go for the Gone With The Wind look, she should have gone all out and had her hair and makeup tight and right. But awesome performance nonetheless.

Chris Brown did a combo of some ballad and a dance song and I'll be honest I can't really watch him for more than a couple seconds so I tuned him out. Sorry. I will admit he has a great voice still.

Jennifer Hudson presents the award for rap/hip-hop artist, and she looks amazing. I was worried she'd get too skinny, but she looks great. I am so happy for her. Nicki Minaj wins and has to have security escort her out due to sky high platform shoes. She actually slips and almost falls, but is caught by her beefy companion. She's wearing the same curly pink wig, and a cute ballgown - the bodice is nude with black lace and a bright green skirt. Nicki thanked Taylor Swift for making Super Bass so popular with her fans after she covered it with Selena Gomez.

Jane Levy and Cheryl Hines from my new favorite show Suburgatory introduced Kelly Clarkson's performance, which was a big band stylizing of her song Mr. Know It All. I actually love this arrangement much more than the radio version. The radio version sounds too much like her other songs for me. Kelly looks stunning in a red sequined Jessica-Rabbit-esque gown and retro waves in her hair to match. Her voice is just as fantastic as ever, and she really gave us a great performance. Thumbs up!

Rihanna wins for best soul/r&b album, but isn't there so she accepts via video message, she's so beautiful, and Loud really is an awesome album!

Enrique Iglesias and the Crenshaw Elite High School perform a ballad and then we got Tonight I'm Loving You, which is a song that I really do love. And Ludacris makes an appearance which is always a good time! Love him! He makes the most danceable music with the most inappropriate lyrics, and I love it.

Jennifer Lopez starts her performance off with a ballad and I'm instantly yelling at the TV. NO! This is not what you're meant to do! As if she hears me, she rips off her angel robe to reveal a sequined showgirl mini dress to sing Papi, which is actually a really fun song. The sound/video is off again and it's super annoying. She gets into a Fiat onstage, which is a little weird, but let's go with it. Make fun of it all you want, gurl is making money. More power to her. I aint mad. She's running around the stage, and all I can think is: if I look this good at 42, I won't complain. The sound is finally back on track, and I can tell she's singing live even as she's running around and dancing. Her vocals are a lot better than before, and in my opinion she's definitely improving in that area. She'll never be a vocal powerhouse, but she's does her thing, and I'm a fan. She strips again to just a bodysuit with rhinestones on her private parts, and Pitbull makes a brief appearance for On the Floor. I still love this song. She's got dancers on stilts, and they're picking her up and swinging her around. She then gives us some very sexy moves, and there are sexy acrobats in the background. Jennifer's been wearing a lot of bodysuits lately for her performances, and I wonder if it's a happy medium so she gets to show her body without actually showing real skin. Could this have been one of Marc's ideas during their marriage? Britney and Xtina WISH they had this body. With this performance, JLo proves she's still a superstar.

Lady Antebellum wins best country group and now I can go back to not paying attention to them.

Adam Lambert (looking HOT) introduces One Republic, a band that makes the most boring songs that you can't get out of your head. The lead singer is having trouble with the high notes.

Taylor Swift presents the award for best rap/hip-hop album and Nicki Minaj wins again. She's crying, saying she can't believe it. She thanks Lil Wayne and I notice a huge diamond band on her wedding finger on her left hand. What's up with this? Or am I late to some news? She tells her fans to chase their dreams and shouts out female rappers, "past, present, and future", and specifically names Queen Latifah since she's in the house tonight.

Cutie Benjamin Bratt introduces Pitbull's performance, which starts with Lil Jon dj'ing a bunch of clips of Pitbull's many hits. Lil Jon is a great hype man. Pitbull makes more stellar dance songs than anyone out there right now. Marc Anthony comes out and starts singing Rain Over Me and I get up to dance my ass off for the entire performance. Oh and Pit's red/black combo was scrumptious. LOVE me some Pitbull!

Let me take this opportunity to say how much I love these clips from past AMAs. I'm not ashamed to admit that I actually remember some of these moments because we (meaning my mother and I) used to tape (yes, VHS tape) record the AMAs and I would watch them over and over. Don't judge me.

Heidi Klum is super irritating. Sorry, I just can't help saying that every time I see her on tv. They run a video package showing Katy's #1 hits from her album Teenage Dream: California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, ET, and Last Friday Night. Katy performs The One That Got Away, and she's playing guitar. I like this a lot more than cupcake bras, but that's just me. She's rocking a retro Joan Crawford hair style (still pink), and her voice sounds better than some of the more recent live performances I've seen on tv. Heidi presents her with a special award for being the first woman with 5 #1 singles from one album. This is a great honor and I think it's well deserved. She seems genuinely grateful, and thanks her fans for letting her be a chameleon this year.

The band Hot Chelle Rae wins the fan vote award. I've never heard their songs. Meh.

Jennifer Lopez wins best latin music artist, and she really looks shocked. I thought Pitbull had this one in the bag. She looks gorgeous, in a nude gown with black embroidered beading and her hair in a classic bun. She looks amazing. If I'm not mistaken, it's been a long time since she's won something like this, right? She says it's been an amazing year, full of ups and downs, and adds that it's been exciting and overwhelming. she says she's grateful for her blessings. She thanks her family, her babies, and her manager Benny Medina, who she referred to as "my everything." She also thanked producer Red One and her latin fans in a brief speech in Spanish.

In what I think is the best surprise appearance of the night, Alanis Morrisette introduces Mary J. Blige. She looks absolutely stunning. Great white pantsuit with her signature blond locks pulled into a side parted low ponytail. She's singing a song from her new album, and it sounds really good. Her voice is still so tough and raw, I love it! At the end of her performance she briefly spoke about her recently departed friend, rapper Heavy D. Rest in peace.

Beyonce wins best soul/r&b female artist, and of course, she's not in the house. She accepts her award with a taped acceptance speech and thanks her fans and the AMAs.

Maroon 5 starts Moves Like Jagger, and I have to say, Adam Levine is the perfect frontman. He's sexy, he can sing, and he's got charisma to spare. Christina comes out, and I'm very disappointed in her stylist. When she came out, the first thing I thought of was Anna Nicole Smith. And not in a good way. Her bleached blonde hair was out of control, her makeup was way too severe, and that dress. That dress. It was tight, white, and short. No, no, and no. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Christina with some curves, so I'm not even going to call her fat. I love women with curves. The styling has to be right, though. She should have been in something dark and flattering, because that white dress gave her major baby bump, when all she really has is a belly bump. So unfortunate. Also, her vocals were weak. So disappointing. I want Christina to put down the vodka and get back to making good music and giving decent performances. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a huge Christina fan, but I know she can do better than this. And she needs to fire her stylist immediately. Adam Levine goes from Moves Like Jagger straight into a performance with Gym Class Heroes. This guys is a true pro and he makes it look so effortless.

Drake gave his usual Drake performance, nothing new here.

Bruno Mars won best pop/rock male artist. But I had to laugh at looney tune Julie Bowen opening the envelope early, she is such a hot mess.

And then Daughtry performed a song that sounds just like all their other songs.

Taylor Swift won best country album, no surprise there. This is her 9th AMA.

Jenny McCarthy is goofy as ever, and I love her in glasses, by the way! She introduces's performance. I guess this is a new song featuring Jennifer Lopez - and she's rocking a side pony and a white geometric dress. It lights up with the black light effects, and it's very reminiscent of past Black Eyed Peas performance visuals.'s face is on several video screens, and it's not as impressive as I'm sure he thought it would be. I love JLo as the backup hip hop girl. This suits her. This song is a club banger for sure. There's video screens with Mick Jagger performing now, and it makes me think Mick's having a hell of a year. The video is not synced up correctly again and Mick's mouth is moving with no sound coming out. Annoying!

Adele won for best pop/rock album for 21, which is totally well deserved. She's not there due to her vocal chord surgery. Jenny jokes that Adele told her she could sing the song for her. I thought that was cute.

Lionel Richie and Vanessa Lachey are presenting the award for artist of the year, and Taylor Swift wins. She's totally shocked. I can't take her reaction to winning again - she wins all the time, how could she still be surprised at this point?!

For the grand finale, LMFAO explodes onto the stage with Party Rock. These guys know how to make fun music. The audience has 3d glasses on but I'm not sure why. Shouldn't we at home have been informed about a 3d performance? I love the dancers in glittery jumpsuits. And of course Bieber has to make a totally unnecessary appearance. Barf. The guys go into Sexy And I Know It, and their performance is so hilarious. Not to mention the cameos from David Hasselhoff and Youtube sensation Keenan Cahill. Nice job, guys!

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How Mac Got Fat

The latest episode of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was one of the best this season. This show really deserves the cult following it has, and if you don't know, now you know!

Mac takes us on a journey back through the past to find out why he got fat, and all I'll say is it's a classic "Sunny" story. This episode was silly, funny, and as always, a little outrageous.

Watch clips and more here.

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Two Peas In A Pod

This week's episode of "New Girl", possibly the best new show of the season, centered around the roomies doing Thanksgiving - Jess style.

Justin Long plays Paul Gunslinger, a fellow teacher at Jess' school. As Juno would say, he's the cheese to her macaroni. These two were made for each other - quirky, cute, and charming as all get out. Jess invites Paul to Thanksgiving that she (meaning Schmidt) will cook. Who knew Schmidt was such a chef-nista?

Well, maybe not, at one point the turkey was in the clothes dryer, but that's neither here nor there. Schmidt and Cece get flirty in the kitchen, and I think this could be the beginning of a very tumultuous relationship.

Winston and Paul bond over their relationship with their grandparents, and Nick wants nothing to do with Paul at all. Do I smell a little jealousy?

After a little turkey-in-the-clothes-dryer incident, the gang goes next door to use the neighbor's apartment for their festivities. She's not home, or so they think.

This episode was a lot of fun, and I love seeing Jess swoon over someone as cute as Paul. You can't watch the episode online because FOX is annoying like that, but you can see it on Comcast/Xfinity OnDemand. Check it out!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

So Close

Survivor has been getting really good lately. And the only reason I haven't blogged about it is because I watch it with my family and then I forget to take notes on it.

A lot has gone down. Cochran has flipped over to the old Upolu and has alienated his old Savaii tribe, well, maybe not Dawn, so much, but everyone else from Savaii hates him. But I don't blame Cochran for turning his back on Savaii. Here's how it was going to go - he would have made it a couple more weeks, maybe if he was lucky, sticking with Savaii. They couldn't wait to get rid of him because he wasn't in their alliance to begin with, and neither was Dawn. So he did what he had to do. I don't begrudge him that, and no one else should either. It's really easy to be part of an alliance where you can sit back and be protected while the rest of the tribe gets picked off one by one. But if you're one of the outsiders, when you see an opportunity, you go for it, and that's what Cochran did - and it was a game changer. And Whitney can shut her face because she's just pissed that she's not protected anymore. She actually had the balls to tell Cochran he disgusts her. Well, Whitney, women who cheat on their husbands on game shows disgust me, so suck it. Read this and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Besides, Ozzy needed to get kicked off his high horse anyway. And although I was rooting for Jim, he made a huge mistake not flipping over with Cochran. It's really sad, because Jim is smart, but he's still playing in Ozzy's shadow. He had plenty of chances to get Ozzy out and become the leader, and he never did it. So, in my opinion, he needs to sit down and get out of the way. Anyone who thinks they can win by riding coattails anymore is delusional, at least in my opinion. Those days are over. Or at least they should be.

So, long story short, Keith, Ozzy, and Jim are all at Redemption Island, while Cochran, Whitney, and Dawn are still in it with the former Upolu crew. Coach warns his tribe that Jim was dangerous. Not really, if he was that dangerous he would have ousted Ozzy a long time ago. Cochran jokes that he has to play along with Coach's foolishness so he can stay a few more weeks. I think Cochran needs to keep making major power plays, which may mean getting Albert and Sophie to turn against Coach. That's what I would do.

At the duel, Jim, Ozzy, and Keith compete to stay in the game by holding up poles with the backs of their hands. The two losers are the first two members of the jury. We know none of these three will not be voting for Cochran to win. Jim's the first one out, and the first jury member. Keith is the next one out. Ozzy proclaims that Redemption is the best place for him, since he can sit back, away from all the drama and beat everyone who comes through Redemption. It's a great plan, and I think this will be the only way for Ozzy to win the game. If he does come back in the game, I'd send him right back to Redemption anyway. Better for him to be out of the tribe dynamic and make it clear that he's not the leader anymore. He's better as the outcast anyway. Power does not agree with Ozzy.

Cochran is willing to play with Dawn and Whitney again and try to get them further in the game, but he could choose to let them get picked off by former Upolu, who's now protecting him. In the Immunity challenge, Sophie wins, and I realized, I've underestimated her. I've always enjoyed her on the show, but I would be so happy if she won. That would be awesome. Cochran never had a chance with this challenge, and I wish there were more puzzles or cerebral challenges so he could really shine. It's pretty much decided that Dawn is next to go, and Whitney after her. Dawn says Coach has this loyal following, but I think they're only loyal because they're safe. Once the situation is right, Upolu is going to tear each other to shreds. To hell with that loyalty BS.

Albert wants to secure Savaii jury votes by getting Edna out, which I totally agree with. Albert needs to really step up his game, and he'll become my hero if he's able to blindside Coach. I want to see that happen. Coach sees Albert talking to former Savaii members, and this does not sit well with him. Albert hints to Cochran that he will be taken out in 7th place, which makes Cochran furious. Not only because that's the exact opposite of what Coach said, but because that would mean Edna would make it further in the game, when she hasn't done anything but kiss Coach's ass. Albert takes Cochran to talk to Sophie and she seems to be up for it. Sophie wants to make it to the end, and I think she deserves to. Coach is getting suspicious about Albert, and says that anyone who goes against the tribe will be "dead".

At Tribal Council, Dawn urges the bottom-of-the-totem-pole dwellers on Upolu to join them and shake up the game. Cochran says he's confident that he can do some maneuvering to stay in the game past 7th place. He says he's planning ahead for when there are fractures in the Upolu tribe and says it's the best time to make a big move, a statement which I think is directed to Sophie and Albert. Coach tries to say he's not the leader, and Whitney says he most definitely is. Albert says Coach isn't the leader for him, but maybe he is a figure head for some people who need someone to look up to. Dawn is voted out first, so she goes to Redemption. Wouldn't it be great if Dawn beat Ozzy at Redemption Island? OMG!! Awesome!!

Jeff announces there's another Immunity challenge happening right then and there, which is a series of questions regarding life on the island. Cochran should have won this one, but he was eliminated way too soon. Come on, Cochran! This one should have been yours! Sophie wins again, and I hope she keeps this momentum going. Whitney is voted out and goes to Redemption. Sorry, Whitney, but at least you have Keith to cheat on your husband with!!!

Upolu now has to figure out how they're going to start voting, and I suggest they start with Edna. Coach has it out for Brandon, though.

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Someone Like You

Emma Stone has made my list of favorite SNL hosts. This season is just getting better and better. This Saturday Jason Segel is hosting with Florence + The Machine as the musical guest. I'm psyched!

But back to last Saturday. You can watch this episode and others you may have missed here.

The opener was another dig at the Republican Debates. I still find them funny, especially Bill Hader's take on Rick Perry. Still makes me laugh.

Emma's monologue was pretty good, and her gorgeous boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, making a cameo just made it even better.

Secret Word with Kristin Wiig was hilarious! I wish game shows were still like this.

Bill Hader killed again as Herb the Newsman. Or should I say he "died" again, LOL!

The digital short this week wasn't that great. And I'm not a fan of Coldplay's new stuff so I didn't pay attention to their performance.

Weekend Update was fun, as usual. I really love Seth Myer's delivery. Jason Sudeikis made an appearance as the devil, who is apparently not as informed on recent bad guys as we'd expect. This bit is always amusing. Kat and Garth, the musical team who just can't seem to prepare stopped by as well with their new backup singer (Coldplay frontman Chris Martin). This was really fun, I love watching Fred try to lose Kristin while they're ad-libbing but she keeps right up with him. So talented.

The French Kids sketch was cute, I don't know why I love it so much but I do. Don't judge me.

The Bridal Shower sketch was probably the funniest of the night for me. Emma was so hilarious in this one.

Another Coldplay performance - fast forwarded, sorry.

Happy Hour sketch was good too, and yes, everyone sings Adele's "Someone Like You" while crying when they're sad. This one was awesome.

The last sketch was "We're Going to Make Technology Hump", pretty self explanatory. And funny.

Can't wait till Saturday!! Love me some SNL ... what did you think of this episode? Tweet me!

Rumor Has It

Glee has been bringing the DRAMA lately, right? I love it!

Puck is still in love with Shelby and rocks out with the boys to "Hot for Teacher". Cute.

Sue's still going forward with her dirty campaign aids implying Burt Hummell has a baboon heart. Kurt is livid (and looking fierce in his wrap/sweater/braided skull cap combo), and storms into Sue's office demanding an explanation. In her best Sue Sylvester sneer, she tells Kurt that politics is dirty, and that's why Kurt's losing the class president race.

Shelby and Will decide to motivate their respective glee clubs with a Mash-Up Mash-Off, and perform a mash-up of Lady Gaga's "You and I" with Eddie Rabbitt's song of the same name. It's not the best mash-up, in my opinion, because I have never heard the Eddie Rabbitt song, and if I have, it was evidently forgettable. The best mash-ups are comprised of two equally popular/recognizable songs. It could be a generational thing, too, so don't hate me too much for not loving it. I did love Idina singing the hell out of Gaga's song! You and I is one of my favorite songs from Born This Way.

Puck tells Shelby he wants her, and it's a lot awkward, since apparently they kissed! I must have looked down to write my notes at that very moment because I honestly don't remember that from last week's episode. (Must watch show first, then take notes.) Shelby insists their kiss was a mistake, but Puck isn't going to give up that easily. Plus, he's 18, so it's not illegal, just super creepy.

Finn volunteers Irish foreign exchange student, Rory, for a solo at sectionals, which is totally unnecessary in my opinion. The kid is likable, but damn, don't these kids want to win? Blaine for the solo! Quinn is still hellbent on getting her kid back in the shadiest plan ever. This girl is not only evil, but just plain sad. I can't even hate her because she's so tragic. Kind of like Taylor on Housewives of Beverly Hills. Quinn asks Shelby if she can join the Troubletones, and she says she'll think about it. Finn and Rory run into Santana and Brittany in the hallway and Santana doesn't ever pass up a chance to call Finn fat, so that's exactly what she does. When Finn and Rory try to insult her back, she gives them the business, referencing her inherited smack talking abilities (is it just me or did they just give her the same grandma as George Lopez? "Garbage face?" Anyone?). They settle on settling this with a game of dodgeball - New Directions vs. Troubletones.

Rachel asks Shelby to sign a pre-written letter of recommendation for her dream college, and Shelby praises Rachel and says she's proud of her. Shelby says she'll be cheering her on because she's a star. Rachel decides it's ok if Shelby actually writes her own letter of recommendation - I mean, if she's going to say all that, she better, right?

It's dodgeball time, and the mash-up for this scene is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar and "One Way or Another" by Blondie. See, this one is more to my liking. The Troubletones, with their brutal acrobatic feats, destroy New Directions. After the match is over, Santana pelts Rory a couple more times mercilessly. Kurt comes to his rescue and condemns Santana for her actions.

Mercedes establishes herself as the leader of the Troubletones, to the dismay of Santana, and demands that Santana cool it with the cruelty from now on. Santana agrees, but only because Brittany bats her eyelashes at her - this girl is in LOVE! Santana somewhat apologizes to Finn, and it's totally insincere. Finn has had it and tells Santana to come out of the closet. This crushes Santana. Mind you, this happens in a crowded hallway within earshot of a bunch of students.

Burt's had enough of Sue's smear campaign and urges Will to fight fire with fire as his campaign manager. Puck goes to Shelby's house and tells her about Quinn's evil plan. Puck says he should be in Beth's life and he wants to be her dad for real. Shelby's understandably shaken by all this new information about Quinn.

New Directions performs their mash-up for the Mash-Off, "You Make My Dreams Come True" and "I Can't Go For That", both by Hall and Oates. Don't judge me, but I love me some Hall and Oates. They decided to pay homage to these 80s superstars for their ability to stay together for so long, just like New Directions. It was a fun performance, complete with costumes, dancing, and light-hearted fun.

The debate for class president is underway, and Brittany promises to make tornadoes illegal and to go topless on Tuesdays. Really? Is she just a high school prostitute now? Kurt takes the mic and explains that he was never about dirty politics and he's not going to start now. He wants to ban dodgeball as it is a tool to bully and there's no place for that at McKinley High anymore. Rachel tells the crowd that she is withdrawing from the race and her vote will go to Kurt. I am so glad she's realized she can't turn her back on her bestie anymore. Kurt asks Rachel why she decided to do this, and she says she wants him to be class president so he can get into their dream college together. She can't imagine going without him. And a friendship is reborn.

Quinn goes to Shelby's and gets a pretty harsh verbal beat down from Shelby. This girl seriously needed a wake up call. Let's hope she listened. But I doubt it. Santana is called into Sue's office, and Will and Burt are there. Sue explains that in politics, things get dirty, and they show her a campaign ad from another candidate running against Burt and Sue. It "outs" her and condemns Sue for having a lesbian lead the Cheerios. This ad will be running in a matter of hours. Turns out one of the kids in the hallway during Finn's outburst is the niece of the other candidate. Santana breaks down, crying because she hasn't come out to her family yet.

The Troubletones' mash-up is "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You" by Adele. They knock it out of the park, with Santana and Mercedes as the lead singers. They have a great group behind them, and their outfits and hair were awesome. (Sorry, I notice that stuff.) At the end of the performance, Santana screams at Finn for outing her in the hallway, blaming him for the campaign ad. She slaps him, which shocks everyone. This girl is falling apart, and no matter how mean she is, I feel for her.

The next episode will air on December 1st, and for some reason, Bieste's boo is on a date with Sue (?), and there's more Puck/Shelby/Quinn drama, plus we'll see what happens with Santana.

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My New Favorite Show

I've been meaning to catch up on "Suburgatory" ever since Ana Gasteyer was on Wendy Williams' show talking about it.

I finally watched all 5 episodes of this incredibly charming show, and I'm in love. And it's not just because Jeremy Sisto is still a super hot foxy man. This show is funny, sweet, and straight up entertaining. If you haven't seen it, take a couple hours and watch all the episodes here. It's totally worth it.

The premise is a father and daughter, played by Sisto and the awesome Jane Levy, who move to a suburban neighborhood from big, bad New York City. To say it's a culture clash is an understatement. Cheryl Hines, who we know from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Gasteyer, who was amazing on SNL, are just a couple of the overbearing suburbia moms who horn into Sisto and Levy's lives now that they're part of their community.

I really love the dialogue and the acting on this show. This definitely my new favorite show!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Impromptu Intervention

So much went down on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, it's ridiculous! But I will try to focus on the most juiciest tidbits for you.

Kim practically forces Kyle to meet her boyfriend of a year, Ken. That's a lotta K's, no? Are they pulling a Kardashian on us? Anyway, Ken seems perfectly nice until Kyle spots the wedding band on his wedding finger. He says it's a sort of promise ring from Kim. Interesting. Especially considering he's still on according to recent reports, and it's also been reported that he got a DUI in 2009. This guy just keeps the hits coming. Kim says this is the first time she's doing what she wants to do, which I kind of believe. Really, I just feel sorry for the lady and want her to be happy. But that seems to be quite a challenge for Kim, which makes me sad. Kyle is concerned, and rightfully so. I don't know of anyone who wouldn't be a little upset if they were in Kyle's spot with Kim. Kyle has her suspicions, and she makes no secret about the fact that she is a little overbearing when it comes to Kim, so let's let this one play out and we'll see who's right and who's wrong. All I have to say is, Ken better be on his best behavior. I wouldn't want the Pointer Sisters to come back out to play (Kyle and Kim a la Game Night).

Adrienne and Paul go out for a swanky dinner for Paul's birthday. Paul is kind of annoying, especially when he repeats that Adrienne should order the crab 15 times in a row. OMG! No wonder Adrienne was shooting daggers. I think Paul and Adrienne love each other but they push each other's buttons. They have a discussion about Taylor, and Adrienne says she's concerned for her, although she's never actually seen Russell physically abuse Taylor. All she knows is what Taylor says. The waiter brings out a birthday cake-lette with a sparkler (just like the one on Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday) and Adrienne immediately protects her hair (just like the Housewives of Atlanta). See? We're all the same at the end of the day.

Kyle and Mauricio talk about Kim's boyfriend at length, and I think what Kyle is really upset about is the fact that Kim isn't doing EXACTLY what Kyle wants her to do. Kyle has a very specific idea in her head about what Kim should be doing and Kim is essentially doing the opposite. Mauricio hits it on the head when he tells Kyle that it's Kim's life - so true. Oh and I am still in love with Mauricio.

Taylor is nominated for a Women in Business Award, and Russell is at the event. It's still so unsettling to see him on the show. It's unsettling to hear everyone talk about him, but even more so to see him interact with Taylor and others on the show. Camille, Adrienne, and Dana are there to support Taylor. Kyle is on her way, and gets a call from Lisa. Obviously rushing to get to the event, Kyle blurts out that she's at the hotel and looking for the girls - thinking Lisa is with them. Lisa is not. It finally dawns on Kyle that Lisa wasn't invited, so the conversation is now officially awkward. Lisa invites Kyle to a tea party at her house the next day, and ends the phone call like nothing is wrong. I love Lisa for taking the high road on this one. I know I would have gone off and probably taken it out on the person on the phone. But Lisa knows this isn't Kyle's fault. Kyle finds the rest of the ladies and sheepishly tells them about the phone call with Lisa. Dana pipes up, "Taylor's gonna kill you." Um, seriously, Dana, nobody cares what you have to say. Just be happy you were invited this time around and sit down. Kyle makes sure to let Taylor know that she basically spilled the beans without meaning to, and I'm surprised at how Taylor reacts. She says she would've found out anyway, and the fact is, Taylor doesn't even like Lisa. So she's not worried about hurting her feelings at this point. Taylor ends up not winning the award after all, but she's happy just to be nominated. Lisa tells Ken about her conversation with Kyle, and the fact that she wasn't invited. She says it's weird because everyone is usually included in these type of events. She feels singled out and hurt, and I understand that, but I have to say I would be kind of relieved to not have to be around Taylor once in a while. That's just me. Taylor keeps saying it was her day and Lisa would have ruined it, since you know, Lisa is so judgmental. Dana tells Taylor she did the right thing. Again, Dana, just don't. I loved it when Lisa held up Giggy and said, "We can play games, too!" That's right! It's tit for tat, honey, and I'll put my money on Lisa any day.

The next day, Lisa's tea party is about to start. Lisa says in her interview that she invited Taylor because she's not into petty bullshit. At least one of these ladies isn't! Can I just say how much I love Giggy's bedazzled stroller? It's what I wish I was pushed around in as a child. Camille, Adrienne, and Kyle arrive at Lisa's and they chat about Camille's situation with Kelsey for a moment. Camille is so much easier to watch this season - like I said in a previous blog - getting away from Frasier was the best thing she's ever done. She's pretty much great now. Lisa tells the girls she got another email from Russell, and it turns out it must have been a mass email, because the rest of them got it too. It looks like an ad for diet pills with Taylor as the spokesperson. Wow, can we say "in poor taste"? This girl is walking around looking like Geoff from the Craig Ferguson show, and she's hawking diet pills? Oy. Taylor comes in and Kyle changes the subject to Kim, who's not there. Lisa calls Kim to see if she's coming, and of course, she's not. But I'm glad, because we get to hear Lisa's dead-on impression of Kim again. I can't get enough!! Lisa wastes no time confronting Taylor for not inviting her to the award event, and Taylor flips the eff out. I mean, crying, accusing, the whole nine. Taylor can't let go of the whole "friends" thing and asks Lisa why she told people she doesn't have friends. I feel like I'm back in high school at this point. Taylor whines that she kissed Lisa's ass to make her like her and it didn't work. Lisa just looks at Taylor blankly and says, "I don't know what you're talking about." Of course you don't, Lisa, because she's not making any bloody sense - and the diet pills probably aren't helping. Taylor then utters the now famous words, "If you can't be my friend, please don't be my enemy", then says she'll never be good enough for Lisa, and storms out. This is now officially all Taylor's problem. Who knew she was fabricating this whole inferiority complex in her head?

The girls stop Taylor from leaving, and Round 2 begins. Taylor spouts off how she can't live like this, she's imperfect, and has all this anxiety because Lisa is judging her. I'm sorry, but Lisa's been the only one who's told Taylor like it is and hasn't sugar coated it for her. Is that judging? Or being real? Lisa tells Taylor she just wanted to help her but she may have been wrong for her choice of words - saying that they've never been best friends - and she apologizes, which I think was the best move she could have made. Taylor seems to not have heard the apology because she just keeps hammering Lisa, saying her comments are hurtful and that she's struggling with her self esteem issues. Taylor then says, "I don't know who I am." This is just painful to watch. Taylor turns it on Lisa again saying, "You make me feel bad about myself." This is just ridiculous. Even if Lisa's words were taken out of context, all she said was that she wasn't PRETENDING that they were the best of friends, but she would be there for her anyway. How is that judging? Even if you factor in Lisa telling Taylor to eat - that's not a terrible thing either! But in Taylor's mind, I think Lisa represents everyone that isn't falling for her bullshit and that's what's pissing her off. Taylor then calls on the rest of the group to back her up and tell Lisa what they really think of her - and in the process, throws Kyle under the bus regarding her comment about Lisa's ego. Kyle steps up and admits she did say that Lisa has a big ego. Lisa looks like someone just punched her in the stomach. Taylor almost joyfully brings up the fact that Lisa's screensaver is a picture of herself and Giggy, like she's the only person who has herself as her screensaver. Hey, Taylor, my screensaver is my picture of me and Kathy Griffin, so suck it. Taylor calls Lisa obnoxious and self involved, and at that point Lisa is done - this is just "too bitchy" for her, she maintains that she's never said anything negative about anyone but Taylor. Taylor gets up and leaves again, saying she's the only one being honest and none of the girls will back her up. She goes outside and Paul is at the gate so she tells him the story - from her point of view of course - and makes herself the victim once again.

Back inside the house, Kyle tells Lisa she's in the middle because she wants to be there for both Lisa and Taylor. Lisa makes the point that they've been focusing on all this "friend" stuff when Taylor's real issue is her marriage. Exactly! Camille points out that Taylor will complain about her marriage, make it sound like she's leaving him, and then a couple of hours later, say everything is fine. So there are definitely mixed messages coming directly from Taylor. Kyle says she can't judge because she hasn't seen it happen, but maybe Taylor has exaggerated things. Adrienne thinks Taylor doesn't have the willpower to actually leave Russell. Taylor is still outside bitching to Paul, who looks terribly bewildered. Taylor says "the Giggy is up" about Lisa's mean-girl ways. Then, inexplicably, they start talking about Taylor's fillers??? I'm not kidding!

Taylor comes back into the house and Camille stages an impromptu intervention. Taylor is confused and asks Kyle why she's bringing her marriage up. Did anyone else notice how thin Taylor's hair looks? Ay ay ay. Taylor starts to get defensive and Kyle has had enough. "Don't f*** with me like that", Kyle says, and that sends Taylor into another tailspin about how the girls won't back her up against Lisa. Taylor asks Lisa to be honest and to not talk about her to other people. Lisa calmly asks that Taylor do the same. Camille then jumps in and gives Taylor a reality check: all of the girls have protected her because they DON'T say that her husband hits her and allegedly broke her jaw, but now they're saying it.

Next week, Taylor reacts (poorly) to the intervention, and there's a ho-down with a bunch of hateration flying around.

For some reason, my DVR didn't record Watch What Happens Live, but I watched clips and the After Show (here), and it looks like it was a fun show with Adrienne Maloof and China Chow from Work of Art. I don't watch that show, but China is very charming! I loved her Black Swan-ish ensemble. Oh and Marilyn Manson called in and mumbled some nonsense. It was kind of uncomfortable, but who says the clubhouse is always comfortable? Adrienne really doesn't like to say anything negative so she was put on the spot quite a bit, which is pretty hilarious.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JR for the Win!

Dancing With The Stars is getting down to the wire, and yes, thank the Lord, Hope was voted off last night.

She has the WORST attitude. Instead of recognizing that she is the worst dancer left on the show, and the least famous person on the show, she has this stupid entitled attitude that's just infuriating. On last night's recap, they revealed that she and Maks were saying "F*** them" about the judges, and basically ignoring everything they said. Even Len was confused, saying "We were being nice." No matter what the judges did, Hope was going to act like a spoiled brat. I'm so glad she's gone. And Maks too, actually. He needs to go. I'm all for getting new judges if it means getting rid of some of these ego-maniacal pros as well.

JR had a tough week, with an injury that just wouldn't stay in check. I really felt for him. Let's hope he's in better shape for the finals! Come on, JR, I picked you as the winner! Don't let me down!

Ricki is back in her groove, and she really turned it out this week. I'm so proud of her!! I'm just glad she gets to go to the finals. I think she'd make a great runner up - unless she runs away with the win after all.

Rob has momentum on his side, along with the judges love, so I'm not at all surprised he's in the finals. I don't see him winning, but stranger things have happened. I can't wait to see his freestyle dance. Cheryl does have some luck with those.

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Welcome to Haterville

The second episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta did not disappoint in the drama department! I am confident that this season will be amazing. I'm already totally invested, and we're only two episodes in.

The show opens with Nene, Kandi, and Cynthia having a girls weekend in Miami. They arrive at the hotel, which is gorgeous and they jump right into some girl talk - with the bellboy still in the room. Oops! It's nice to see Kandi and Nene getting along, they seem to be on much better terms now.

Over at Casa de Kim, Kroy and Sweetie plan Kim's birthday surprise party. I really do like Kroy - I just keep asking myself what he sees in Kim? Sweetie is still kind of annoying, in my opinion.

Phaedra goes to the funeral home to speak to the Funeral Guru himself, Willie, and gets some great advice on starting her own funeral home. Although I still can't stand Phaedra's over the top southern belle routine, she is a lot more likable so far this season. I do admire her business sense, even if she does lay it on a little thick sometimes. I think Willie actually saw dollar signs in Phaedra's eyes and put her in check at one point.

Back in Miami, over a lovely lunch, Kandi makes the mistake of bringing up Nene's fight with Sheree ("I am very rich" as it's now infamously known). Nene gets very defensive and proclaims again, "I am rich". Nene claims that Sheree and Kim are conspiring against her. I don't know about that one. I do think it's funny that Sheree and Kim are besties now, when a couple of seasons ago, Sheree was "shifting" Kim's wig, but that's par for the course with these ladies. Kim, Sheree, and Nene all do the frenemy thing - they're friends, they're best friends, then they fight, they hate each other, and then they make peace, then they're friends again. I will say Nene is right to be irritated with both Kim and Sheree. I wouldn't trust either of them as far as I could throw them. Let's get back to the lunch now. The ladies notice there are a lot of other ladies in town, and comment on how weird it is that there are no guys around. A lesbian couple approach them and let them know it's Pride week, so that explains it. Was it me, or were the ladies a little stank about Pride week? I understand they like men and they're not into swimming in the lady pond, but did they have to act so irritated that Gay Pride was happening while they were in Miami? Also, it's Miami! It's Gay Pride every single day! Get over it! Am I wrong?

Sheree takes her son, who is so adorable by the way, shoe shopping. Sheree tells us her son is shy, just like she was (key word: "was"), and that she wishes his father was in his life more. She also uses this opportunity to ask her son, on camera, if there are any girls after him. Because, you see, he's an athlete and girls will inevitably pursue him. I had to laugh at this. Newflash, Sheree, you were one of those girls. You bagged an athlete and had kids with him. Just because he doesn't pay his child support doesn't mean you didn't know what you were doing when you got with Mr. Whitfield in the first place. Oh, and you were also the one bragging about your seven-figure divorce settlement since season one. Get real. The best karma in the world would be if someone just like you got with your son. Just saying.

Nene takes the girls to see a $9 million home in Miami, since she's seriously considering relocating out of Atlanta, which she now calls "Haterville". Although I doubt she will really move, it's a fun excuse to see a fabulous modern home. Nene says, "When you set limits you limit yourself." Makes sense. I really don't think this is the home for Nene, even though she says she made good money on Celebrity Apprentice. I doubt she made $9 million on Apprentice, but maybe the exposure from the show, along with Housewives, drove up her appearance fees. That, I can understand. Kandi says she doesn't count other people's money, but she doesn't believe Nene has the type of money she's claiming to have. My opinion is, Nene is without a doubt the most popular of the Atlanta Housewives. Kandi made her money before Housewives, but Nene pulled a Bethenny and turned Housewives into a vehicle for her own brand. I commend her for that. Hi, haters! LOL!

Kandi, Cynthia, and Nene are hanging out on the beach in Miami, talking about Kandi's "playground". I think Kandi looks great, especially with the long hair. Sure, she has big hips and thighs, but that's a beautiful thing. Kandi shares that she's trying to lose 15 pounds, and laments the fact that she has to be on a beach with Cynthia, the super model. We understand, Kandi, but just know that you are beautiful, and don't let anyone tell you any different. The conversation turns to Kandi's celibacy, which lasted 10 months. There's some adult toy talk, and some adult activity talk, as well. These ladies aren't holding back. Well, maybe Cynthia is. There are finally some guys on the beach and the girls ask to play frisbee with them. They're almost too eager to let the girls play, and this is the first time I've seen Nene truly flustered. Nene confesses in her interview that she's not ready to date after all, and that she still has Greg on her mind.

Sheree and Kim meet up for dinner and of course, they talk about Kim's boyfriend and the baby. Kim paints a beautiful picture, that everything is so perfect and so wonderful. I have a feeling it's a little less fairytale-ish than what she's saying, but I'm sure we'll see it for ourselves this season. The new BFFs inevitably begin to trash Nene, saying she doesn't have a friend for over a month, that Celebrity Apprentice changed her, that she needs to humble herself. Seriously, these ladies need to take their own advice. Like I said, all three of them go through friends like Kleenex! Come on, it's all about convenience, anyway. Right now, it's convenient for Kim and Sheree to be friends because they have a common enemy. And let's think about it for a second. Why is Nene their enemy? Because according to them, her ego has gotten out of control. Could be. But I'm thinking it's more of a jealousy thing. They basically tore a page out of the Jill and Luann "Let's Pull This Girl Back Down to Our Level" book. Now, I'm not saying Nene is totally innocent, but at least she's doing her own thing and making her own money, and that's driving Kim and Sheree nuts.

Phaedra and Apollo take their gorgeous son out for a stroll and Phaedra excitedly tells Apollo about her funeral home business venture idea. He is less than thrilled. About as thrilled as I would be, to be honest. It's an uncomfortable idea for some of us! Phaedra says it'll be like the Saks Fifth Avenue of funeral homes, and that she needs her husband and brothers to help her out with it. Apollo says it's just not in his career path. When Phaedra tries to explain exactly what his career is, she runs out of steam halfway through and admits she doesn't really know. Well, isn't that special? Do I sense trouble in paradise?

I loved the scene in Miami when the girls are in the bar and they bring them the cake with the sparkler on it! Yes, it was beautiful, but very flammable. These girls are worried about their weaves, people! LOL

Kim's birthday arrives, and Kroy takes her to a nice dinner. Kim explains that this birthday is different because there's no partying or booze. Jeez, Kim, way to make yourself even less likable. Kroy is pretty much the nicest guy on tv right now - again, what the hell? You know what I've noticed? The worst women end up getting the nicest guys. It's true! I have no idea what he sees in her, but maybe she's different away from the cameras. Let's hope. Kim goes on and on about how she can't wait till the baby's born so she can drink and get botox. Oy. I can't take this right now. Kroy changes the subject and tells Kim he's going to teach their son to shoot and hunt and do outdoorsy type stuff. Kim says this isn't her thing because she's "booksmart". Um, ok. Let's just let that one go. Kroy gives Kim a stunning chocolate diamond bracelet, and my point is proven even more. They go back to the house and the surprise party commences. Kandi is there with her lovely daughter Riley, despite the weirdness between them about the whole song drama. Kandi fills the girls in on the Miami trip, and Kim and Sheree waste no time making fun of Nene. To be fair, Kandi opened the door, and they walked right through it. Although Kandi's joke about Nene was pretty tame compared to the really mean things Kim and Sheree were saying. Kandi admits in her interview, "If it's funny, I'll laugh", so I guess she is participating in the hateration. Kim and Sheree went after Nene's teeth, her finances, and her friends, including Cynthia. It was pretty brutal. They finally stop talking about Nene, and talk about their other favorite subject, sex. Apparently, Kim isn't getting any and neither is Phaedra (trouble in paradise, I tell you). Kroy tells the girls he wants to start his own business when he's done with football, probably something outdoorsy, and all of them fall in love with him. He really is a nice guy. Kandi tells him he's proof that good guys do exist. Kim brags that she found a good one. Again, what does he see in her???

I laughed out loud when Riley and Kim's daughter were talking about boyfriends. Hilarious!

Next week, Nene and Greg talk, Apollo breaks down, and Kim's baby shower is full of drama, including a fight between Peter and Apollo. DVR set!

On Watch What Happens Live, Nene and Tatyana Ali were the guests. Tatyana is SO sweet! Seriously, I really like this girl. You know her as Ashley from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Well, she's all grown up now, and has a hit show on TVOne called "Love That Girl". Evidently it's a huge hit. I gotta catch it! Tatyana is definitely a housewives superfan, she knew all the clubhouse lingo, and she even sang a little. What a fun girl. Nene was a little defensive, especially when asked about her "haters", but I didn't expect anything different from her, to be honest. She has her walls up. Nene called out Kandi for playing both sides, and I can't help but agree a little bit. I know Kandi doesn't mean any harm, but Kim and Sheree are out for blood, so anything she gives up to them about Nene is gonna end up getting twisted up and thrown back in Nene's face. Nene addressed Kim and Sheree's hater-fest at Kim's birthday and asked why they were busy talking about her instead of opening gifts, LOL! Good point. Also, one of my favorite Twitter buddies, Mike (@OhHellYes) got his question read by Andy! And it cracked Nene up! You can watch it here. The Aftershow was more fun and loose, as always. Nene seemed a lot more relaxed. I liked that Tatyana and Nene seemed to be having a nice time together. It's a lot better when the guests get along, you know? Check out all the WWHL happenings here.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Friends

I have to say it again, I love me some Parks and Recreation. If you're not watching this show, do yourself a favor and click here.

This week's episode centered around Leslie and Ben leading a bunch of kids in a model UN. The fact that they're no longer dating doesn't make this task any easier. Oh, they start out just fine, but as they day progresses, things start to sour. Leslie thinks they can remain friends even though they can't date due to her political aspirations, but Ben is just not emotionally ready to be friends since he still has feelings for her. Leslie still has feelings for him, too, which is why she's hanging onto whatever relationship she can salvage with him, even if it is an awkward, painful friendship.

Ron is busy trying to get Tom to come back to work after the tremendous failure that was Entertainment 720. It's a much more difficult task than you'd think.

Chris asks Ann for some advice with his relationship with Jerry's daughter, which is all kinds of wrong. And I absolutely love Donna's enthusiasm for hearing about Chris' love life.

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Model Problems

This week's episode of "New Girl" was underwhelming for me. I just didn't laugh out loud as much as I normally do with this show. However, it was still a decent episode.

After a fight with her DJ boyfriend, Jess's model friend Cece crashes at Jess's house with the boys. Schmidt and Winston go through some ridiculous attempts to win her favor, all of which are unsuccessful. Cece also makes Jess crazy by insinuating that Nick has feelings for her.

There were some funny moments, especially when Nick and Jess go to the store together and she sees every move he makes as proof that he's into her. Zooey Deschanel's performance really makes this show something more than just a fun show, she makes it a really good time.

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This week's episode of Glee was pretty intense, on several levels.

Artie is thriving as director of the school musical, West Side Story, and all seems right with the world. Rachel and Blaine are in rehearsals, singing "Tonight", which is easily one of the best Broadway tunes ever. Artie decides their lack of sexual experience is hindering their performance. How can they sing about passion and lust if neither of them knows what that really feels like? I actually think their inexperience is valuable to their performance - all that tension right underneath the surface could be quite useful.

Finn is super excited about an upcoming visit from an Ohio State recruiter, which also happens to be the object of Coach Bieste's affection. Only she hasn't confessed her feelings for him. Oh, and turns out, Bieste is a virgin as well.

The Warblers turn in a rousing version of "Uptown Girl" while Blaine watches. He's there to invite the guys to West Side Story. There's a new Warbler in town, and he's dangerous. His name is Sebastian, and he is a shameless flirt. He's a home wrecker! And I am anti-home wrecker!

Santana and Rachel rehearse "A Boy Like That", and give us serious drama. These girls are talented, no doubt about it. Although, I can't not think about Rita Moreno's iconic performance in the movie. Rent "West Side Story" and prepare to be blown away.

Blaine meets Sebastian for coffee, and tells him that he has a boyfriend. Sebastian says that doesn't bother him. See? I told you! Home-wrecker! Thankfully, Kurt shows up and makes it more than obvious that Blaine is his and he's not going anywhere. Sebastian invites them to a gay bar. To Blaine's surprise, Kurt accepts the invitation. Kurt wants to start to take chances, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Finn and Rachel have a romantic dinner at Finn's house (all alone). They're celebrating 4 months of bliss, and Rachel initiates a makeout session. She wants to take it further, but lets it slip that she wants to "get this done by opening night", so that her performance can be as truthful as possible. Finn gets offended and leaves. Rachel totally screwed herself on this one, no pun intended.

Mike Chang's father confronts him about being in the school play after he explicitly told him to quit dancing. Mike stands up to his father and refuses to quit. Mr. Chang threatens to disown him, to which Mike says, "I don't have a dad anymore."

Artie learns that the Ohio State recruiter has feelings for Coach Bieste, and urges him to ask her out. He does, but Bieste can't quite believe the recruiter is sincere. She explains that she's not the pretty girl, and the recruiter tells her that she's beautiful. She finally accepts, and I'm really happy they're giving Bieste a love interest. Finally!

Rachel calls a girls meeting about her disastrous night with Finn and they all agree she should wait to have sex. Santana takes the opportunity to slam Finn's lovemaking skills, while Quinn reminds everyone of how having sex ruined her perfect life. Tina pipes up and shares how her first time was amazing, and says she doesn't regret it at all. Rachel now looks even more confused than usual.

Kurt and Blaine show up at the gay bar ("Scandals" - LOVE that name!) with fake IDs in hand. The scene is a little less than fabulous, but the guys give it a chance. Sebastian welcomes the boys and wastes no time getting Blaine on the dancefloor with him. To my personal surprise, Karovsky shows up and chats it up with Kurt! OMG! At least he's not being violent. Karovsky reveals that he's much happier now that he's going to a different high school, and he's apparently a bearcub. Kurt encourages him to be whatever he wants to be at his own speed. Good advice. Kurt then runs to the dancefloor and cuts in to dance with Blaine, who's intoxicated. As they're leaving, Blaine makes moves on Kurt, but Kurt refuses since it's neither the right time or place - and Blaine's drunk. Blaine doesn't take the rejection well and walks home, but not before throwing a dig at Kurt about trying to be spontaneous and fun.

It's opening night, and Rachel and Blaine are still virgins. They're both freaking out, but it's more about the musical than anything else. Artie is in a panic as well, after all these weeks of pretending he knows what he's doing, he's worried that everything is wrong. The cast gives him a bouquet of flowers and says thank you for putting the show together. We see the cast perform the showstopper "America", and they really did do a great job. I loved the fact that they had the Jets jump into the performance for a bit. All things considered, the show is a success.

Blaine apologizes to Kurt after the show and they have a really touching conversation. Who else is bummed we haven't seen Kurt's Officer Krupke?! I wanna see that!! The boys pass on the afterparty, and opt to go to Blaine's house instead. Finn is devastated because the recruiter passed on him, so he's spinning out of control with disappointment in himself. Rachel reassures him that he'll find a new dream, and that they'll figure it out together. The wedding scene plays while scenes of Blaine and Kurt and Rachel and Finn come and go, leading us to believe that each of these couples have taken their relationships to the next level.

Next week, Santana and Rachel go for eachother's jugular and there's a crazy dodgeball fight. Oh, and Puck and Shelby may or may not get it on.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost Done!

We're getting down to the final episodes of Dancing With The Stars, and I, for one, couldn't be happier. Is it sad that I just want this season to end already?

Hope and Maks danced to "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse, and I was so happy to hear that song on tv. People really should remember Amy's music - and I know they will forever. Hope danced a jive for her instant dance, and did a decent job. I still don't love her, though.

Rob is still the judges' sweetheart, and I have to admit that he is a pretty good dancer. He's definitely made progress. He'll make it to the finals for sure.

Ricki is showing signs of fatigue and her footwork isn't as sharp as it could be. She needs focus up if she wants to be in the top 3. I really hope she does!

JR is another judges' pet but he has the dancing chops to back it up, so I believe he will make it to the finals easily. I think he'll win the whole thing, actually.

Nancy is still dreadful, and finally got the boot this week. I was happy that she thanked her partner Tristan, since she gave him so much grief throughout the season.

Who do you think will win?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Botox and Boyfriends

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were quite busy in this week's episode. These ladies just bounce from one awkward group activity to another, don't they?

First up, Paul Nassif's Night of Beauty. Why do I feel like there should be some kind of step and repeat in the lobby? Oh well. Kyle goes in and asks for help with her love handles. Um, what love handles? These ladies. Seriously, they have it all, and still find things to gripe about. Or maybe that's just a woman thing. Paul suggests some type of laser thingamajig that's supposed to get the fat out of your cells and then shrink the fat, which causes you to lose inches. Sign me up! Taylor gets her requisite fillers, and has a run in with Lisa in the process. Lisa tells Taylor that she needs to eat. Taylor takes offense to this, again, and explains that she does eat but she has a "genetically thin face". Yeah. And the rest of you looks like a living skeleton because you just happen to have thin genes. Whatever.

Lisa is not getting anything done because she can't risk having to stay home to recuperate since she has business to run and people to see. I love it! Camille cannot come and partake in the botox buffet because she's having trouble with her ex husband, Kelsey Grammer. He really shot himself in the foot putting this one on reality tv, am I right? Everyone pretty much hates him now, and she's actually likeable. I think HE'S the reason she was so koo-koo bananas last season. Lisa and Kyle lend an ear to Camille, for which I'm sure she's grateful. Lisa then gets an email from Taylor's husband (who is now deceased), Russell, explaining in some detail that their marriage is fine and the tabloid stories are untrue. Lisa is understandably confused by this. In her interview, Taylor explains that since Russel suspects Lisa of leaking stories about their marriage to the press, he sent her an update to see if that would make it into the tabloids as well. Makes absolutely no sense. Kyle says she's staying out of it, which is the smartest thing she's said all season so far.

Kim shows up late, as usual.There's definite tension between her and Kyle, especially when the subject of her upcoming move is mentioned. Kyle asks if Kim will be going to the seance Kyle is having, and Kim says no because it's against her religion. Can I just say that I don't agree with the whole seance thing - I think it's scary and just not a good idea. Kyle balks at Kim's excuse, and retorts that Kim's seen the same psychic for years, and never mentioned the religion thing before. I say, let it go. Some people just aren't into it, whether they've dabbled in that kind of stuff before or not. But, I have to tell you, Lisa's impression of Kim gave me EVERYTHING!!! Another reason why I love Lisa. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Lisa then confronts Taylor about Russell's email - AWKWARD! Taylor brushes it off, tells Lisa to talk to Russell about it, and leaves.

Kim goes into the exam room with Paul and he asks her the question we've all been dying to ask - what is she ON?! She says Trazodone (used to treat depression), Topomax (used to treat seizures), and Lexopro (used to treat depression and anxiety). Paul reveals that this particular cocktail is what's making Kim act so loopy. Kim says she's not drinking alcohol at all, and Paul tells her she needs to go back to the Doctor and figure out a new prescription medication combination. He is so right. I'm actually relieved she's not drinking, and that her behavior is really just a result of the medications. Not that that's any better than alcohol abuse, but at least a doctor can fix her prescriptions so she's not so Paula Abdul-esque anymore. Let's hope she takes his advice.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Adrienne are talking about the email from Russell with Kyle. The conversation gets a little bit snippy when Lisa asserts that Taylor and Camille aren't really friends. Kyle defends Taylor and says that Taylor and Camille talk all the time. I don't even know why this is a topic of discussion, but ok, ladies, you've all made your points.

Kyle goes in to check on Kim, but they end up being kind of mean and catty to one another over nothing (again), so Kyle leaves. Kim experiments with lip injections and instantly learns about karma when her lips start to resemble Taylor's (she insulted Taylor's lip injections last season).

Kyle then calls Brandi to invite her to the seance and they have a nice chat, surprisingly. Taylor then comes over, irate that Lisa is apparently telling everyone that Taylor has no friends. According to Taylor, Camille confirmed this. Taylor admits that Lisa intimidates her, and for some reason, Kyle responds that Lisa preys on the weak and doesn't take criticism well. Um, what, now? I'm sorry, but this is a bunch of crap. I'm sure what happened is, Lisa talked to Camille about the conversation at Paul's office and mentioned that she didn't think Camille and Taylor were close friends. Pretty innocent, in my opinion. But of course, Taylor has to turn everything into an attack on her and runs to Kyle for back up. Kyle is stuck in an odd position, since she is friends with both Taylor and Lisa - I just wasn't expecting Kyle to throw Lisa under the bus like that. I really don't think Lisa preys on anyone. I think she says what she means and means what she says. Which is more than you can say for Taylor, am I right?

I did not watch the seance scene because that kind of stuff is just not my cup of tea. Moving on ...

Kyle goes to see Kim and Kim finally confesses that she's had a boyfriend for the last year or so, and that her upcoming move actually entails that she and her boyfriend will be living together. Kyle immediately knows who it is, because Kim took him to an event recently. So, maybe it wasn't such a secret after all? Kyle is not happy about this and thinks Kim is doing this out of convenience and loneliness, not because it's really what she wants. Ok, I have to interject here. Kim is a grown woman who can make her own choices. Granted, her behavior is a little out there, but if she wasn't in her right mind, then the family should take over and care for her and make all of her decisions for her. However, she's not in that particular situation, so I say - date whomever you want. Kim seems lucid in her conversation with Kyle in this scene, and in fact, has appeared to be calm and clear headed multiple times this season. I really believe that with some adjustments in her prescription medication regimen, she'll be fine. I think Kyle should back off at this point, because the more she pushes her opinion down Kim's throat, the worse their relationship will become.

Next week, Kyle meets Kim's boyfriend and the ladies have an intervention for Taylor about her marriage.

On Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Vanderpump and Matthew Broderick visit the clubhouse. This episode was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed Lisa tremendously. I couldn't get through the phone lines to ask a question - I think Bravo is screening my calls - but I did tweet Andy to ask Lisa if she would adopt me. Lisa addressed Russell's accusations in this episode and denied them quite logically - why would she want to make herself and her friend that works at one of the magazines look stupid by leaking stories? She wouldn't. She's way too classy for that. Lisa also said that Kyle has changed and that she was hurt by Kyle's comments about her in this episode, but they are still friends. Andy showed off Lisa's book and I made sure to put it on my Amazon Wishlist! Dana sent in a video of her son speaking Thai, which was kind of cute, but made Dana look desperate for some kind of validation. Sorry, Dana, we don't care about you. But you're kid is adorable. In the poll question of the night, "Is Lisa a troublemaker?", 56% said No, while 44% voted Yes. Andy's Mazel was a Twitter friend who saw Taylor's face in her Slurpee and the Jackhole was Andy himself for saying "Lacalif" instead of "L.A., California". The Aftershow was cute, and Matthew Broderick was a little more entertaining than usual, so if you want to check it out, click here.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Always Sunny on SNL

Charlie Day was the host on SNL on Saturday and it was one of the best shows this season! Maroon 5 was the musical guest.


Kim's Fairytale Divorce: This one is an instant classic. Kristin Wiig nails Kris Jenner perfectly. In fact, all the players are so good in this. You have to see it. It's truly hilarious.

Kings of Catchphrase Comedy: See if you can spot the digs towards Dane Cook and Sarah Silverman.

Weekend Update: Bill Hader absolutely skewers Rick Perry, and Kristin Wiig outdoes herself on the latest Judy Grimes bit.

Crime Scene: I loved this because Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are so much fun to watch together.

You can catch all of the awesome moments here

What were your favorite moments?

I Am Very Rich

Well, kids, Real Housewives of Atlanta is back with a vengeance, and I, for one, couldn't be happier! I missed these ladies SO much. This show is the real fun one of the bunch, in my opinion.

Let's get started with Kim and Kroy at the storage unit. First of all, is she still rocking the same old wig? I think so. We get to see Kim's new mansion and it is super duper huge. I'm thinking that house is being paid for with Kroy's money since I still don't know what Kim does for a living. She's not working as a nurse, I can tell you that. They seem to be in love. But I really can't get over how old Kim looks. He looks his age (25), but she easily looks 15 years older than what she claims to be. I think what ages her is the makeup and all those years of smoking. Oh, and I couldn't stop laughing when Kim asked if Kroy had one of her songs as his ringtone. Um, why the hell would he do that?! Kim's delusion knows no bounds.

Nene goes car shopping with her oldest son, Bryson. Now, I'm a little disappointed that Bryson is still at home, especially after all of the ultimatums Nene gave him last season. Nene is looking cute, I have to say, and she knows it, apparently. She's trying to get a better price on the car using some flirtation. It cracks me up that Nene used to date the owner of the dealership, and she doesn't let him forget it. I got kind of sad that Nene's youngest son wasn't allowed to go along on the test drive. Bummer. Nene's comment that her discount quest was inspired by Donald Trump's negotiation advice was a little ridiculous, but I'll forgive it because she makes me laugh. Especially her emphasizing that she'll pay "cash money" for the car ... "Hi, Haters!" LOL! I love it! And Nene is loving her money right now. All those hosting gigs have been good to her, apparently. Not to mention Celebrity Apprentice.

Sheree visits Lawrence as he records his new song, which is FIRE! I love Lawrence, I want him to take me shopping for makeup. Just saying. And to top it off, he's friggin' talented. Anyway, back to Ms. Sheree. Right out the gate, she trashes Nene for allegedly trying to take money from a deal they were supposed to share. I'm not 100% convinced that Nene actually did this. I'm going to need more proof. Sheree said Celebrity Apprentice only wanted Nene because she's an irate, crazy bitch, and the show made her ego bigger. Um, isn't that kind of hypocritical? Isn't Sheree the one who had a stadium sized self portrait made for her independence party? Isn't Sheree the one who wouldn't admit her clothing line was a failure? Yeah - you have no room to talk, Sheree. Come on.

Cynthia meets up with Ms. Jay from America's Next Top Model to give him the skinny on her new modeling school. I think this is a great idea. Cynthia is so beautiful - inside and out, and I think she'd be an amazing mentor for young models. I also like the fact that her agency will accept models of almost all ages. That's so cool. They'll offer placement, scouting, and one on one training. Mr. Jay tells Cynthia to remember "quality over quantity". I think this modeling agency will be very successful, but maybe I'm biased because I am a Cynthia fan.

Phaedra's family is dealing with the death of her great aunt, and being an attorney, she's taking care of the paperwork and arrangements. Please tell me Phaedra got her on camera persona on point this season. I don't want to have to hate her for another season. She seems to be a lot calmer this season. Or maybe it's the whole funeral thing. That's always an eye opener. Phaedra's family members peruse the funeral options, including carriages, doves, musical numbers, and top hats. We get another pearl of wisdom from Phaedra, "Everybody knows I'm known for the most fabulous things in life." And death, apparently.

Back at the modeling agency, Ms. Jay tells the students to keep their runway walk simple and clean. The first model's walk is anything but. Jay's reactions are EVERYTHING! I want to see a lot more of him on the show. He and Cynthia are good together.

Sheree and Phaedra are at the Liberator store waiting for Kandi to show up. They browse the various items and discuss their collective lack of knowledge about what a lot of them are and what they're used for. I was a little uncomfortable watching this scene. I don't want to have to see my housewives in an adult superstore talking about adult activities. Yuck. Kandi finally arrives and she explains her new business venture, which I really hope isn't her only storyline this season. We need more than this to stay invested in Kandi. Although I cannot WAIT for Kandi Factory to start - her new show where she takes normal people and turns them into pop stars. That show is going to be amazing!

Over at Kim's house, she's laying in bed wailing for "SWEEETIEEE", and I immediately want to blow my brains out. If I never have to hear Kim yell that again, it'll be too soon. Kim says she's eating healthy during her pregnancy and I can't help but wonder if she's trying to imitate a certain more likable former Real Housewives of New York cast member who had a very public and very healthy pregnancy. Am I right? Kim says all this with a straight face in the interview, then we see her in the scene asking for not so healthy snacks. Whatever. Kim is so annoying, I'm just over her in general. At least her kids are cute.

Nene is on the phone with Cynthia and tells her about Sheree's accusations against her. She also tells Cynthia that she wouldn't take money from Sheree, but she could give her some. Although I doubt Nene actually would. Let's be real. Cynthia says it's probably just a misunderstanding. It's never that simple, though.

Phaedra is busy creating mock funeral programs - for fun - and Kandi comes to visit. Phaedra gets pretty morbid, talking about how she can't wait to handle dead bodies. I'm sorry. That's just not for me. Mama no like. I think Kandi agrees with me on that one. Phaedra directs her great aunt's funeral and everything goes according to plan. It does seem like a very nice ceremony and the family is very appreciative of all of her hard work. I must say, Phaedra is great in front of a crowd. Her public speaking is on point, but I'm not surprised, she is a lawyer after all. Phaedra says she loves formalities, and I think we can all agree that she does seem to respond well to pomp and circumstance.

Nene and Sheree each prepare for their confrontation. Nene is confident that Sheree is just jealous of her. Her attitude is, "Either we're going to be cool, or we're not going to be cool." When they finally do meet, it's very tense from the start. Sheree explains that the promoter of the event in question stated that Nene called him and said he should have paid Sheree less. It's kind of hard to follow Sheree's story, but we don't get enough information to really know who's side to be on. It quickly dissolves into a shouting match, with both ladies calling their sources to prove their case. But nothing gets resolved. Sheree's argument is that Nene shouldn't have messed with her money, and that black women should want each other to succeed. (Side note: I love that Nene referenced Star Jones in her interview - she did use the exact same complaint against Nene on Celebrity Apprentice, almost verbatim.) Nene maintains that she never talked about money with the promoter or anyone else, that her assistant Diana was the one who spoke to the promoter. Thereby indicating that the promoter is lying, since he's saying he spoke directly to Nene. Nene is hurt that Sheree would take someone's side that she hardly knows, instead of Nene, who she's known for years. But Nene doesn't show she's hurt, she just reinforces that wall between them, saying, "while you were running your mouth, I was running to the bank." Plonk! Can't really argue with that. Instantly, both ladies are screaming, and Nene bellows, "I am VERY RICH, BITCH!" To which Sheree responds, "You need to get your mother f*cking teeth fixed!" The screaming continues. Nene interviews that she needed to leave before she knocked Sheree to the floor. Sheree keeps hurling insults at Nene, talking about her first car being repo'd, her teeth being rotten, and pretty much any other hurtful memory she can throw in her face. Nene turns around and smiles and brags about her $50,000 veneers and walks out. We'll definitely be seeing this scene reenacted over and over again. My only question is, why is Sheree bringing up old stuff? She's presumably mad about a CURRENT situation, so keep it CURRENT. Nene has made no secret of her financial problems in the past, and she's been very forthcoming about her turbulent life. I just don't think it was necessary for Sheree to bring all of that up, and it made her look petty and mean. And I have to say, Nene does seem to be making a lot more money than Sheree - just look at how much exposure Nene has compared to Sheree. There's no contest.

Cynthia goes to Nene's house, and Nene is able to break down. Her point is that Sheree took someone else's side without even asking her or giving her the benefit of the doubt. I can see why that would be painful, especially coming from someone you've known for a lot of years. But I can't help but remember that last season, Nene essentially did the same thing to Dwight about the whole Greg/money situation. Cynthia calls Sheree jealous, mean spirited, and evil. I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. I think jealous suffices. Cynthia encourages Nene to not let this bring her down, and I couldn't agree more. Nene says she's going to chase her dreams no matter what, and makes it known, "I'm not going to stab you in the back, I'm going to stab you in the chest." Meaning, she will come for you and you will know it. Nene's not hiding.

I have to say I'm Team Nene, not just because I'm a Nene fan, but because Sheree really lost her mind. If she would have kept her cool and asked Nene what happened, maybe they would have been able to work it out. But Sheree hit below the belt, and it didn't help her case at all. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of this battle.

Watch What Happens Live featured one of my favorite people of all time, Wendy Williams. She was looking amazing, with her furry shoes. They were amazing. Wendy had a lot to say about Nene, including that she's not a bitch, Bryson seems to have cleaned up his act, and Nene is mean, but a fan favorite. Wendy's makeup and jewelry were on point, too, by the way. Wendy gave good Kardashian conversation, and had a lot of awesome answers to the callers' questions.

On the After Show, the Nene conversation continued, with Wendy saying Nene is vulnerable and is battling the fact that she's a bully who's totally alone. I don't necessarily agree, but I understand where she's coming from. Wendy said Nene and Sheree have a lot of dirt on each other, which I do agree with. That's kind of what makes their fights so intriguing. I loved that a caller asked about Jackee Harry and Regina King coming back to Watch What Happens Live! I can't wait for that to happen! They were amazing - if you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. Wendy had some not so nice things to say about Peter, Cynthia's husband, saying he is "snake-ish". Again, I have to disagree. I like Peter, and I think he's just a different type of guy than what we're used to seeing on these shows. If you want to check out the After Show, click here.

What did you think of the season premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Who's side are you on? Tweet me!