Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sorry this blog is so late ... please forgive me! This'll be a short blog so I can get caught up!

Jersey Shore is still going strong, with only a handful of episodes left until we say goodbye forever, and it's still a  mix of fun, raunch, drama, and more drama. I have to say I'm looking forward to the spinoffs (both Pauly's and Snooki/JWOWW's). This week, Mike is still creepy even though he buys everyone breakfast, Roger and JWOWW celebrate their one year anniversary, Snooki and Jionni spend some quality time together, and Vinny introduces us to his favorite plaid/denim shirt combo.

JWOWW: Your anniversary celebration was ... interesting. I'm just glad you and Roger are happy and in love. You both look so happy together, and that's all that matters. JWOWW's grade for the week: A.

Snooki: I'm so interested in how Jionni will take Mike's "news". Of course, they had to save it for the very end of the episode. Your reaction in the previews is priceless though. You actually call Mike Popeye! Love it! Snooki's grade for the week: A.

Deena: I know it sucks to be single in a house full of couples, but you were definitely right to confront Joey about his behavior. And look what happened! He had another girl the whole time! Like the saying goes, better alone than with bad company. It sounds better in Spanish. Deena's grade for the week: A.

Sammi: I know I told you to just keep having fun and being nice and you did that so, good job! Sammi's grade for the week: A.

Vinny: I still would love to know how you came to the decision not to drink. And where you got the jert. The best part was you giving the guys a minute to make fun of it. Loved that. Vinny's grade for the week: A.

Pauly: Taking the bed out of the smush room was a little bit lame, especially since the girls you've been bringing home haven't been smush worthy much less smush room worthy. Why are you being such a hater? Pauly's grade for the week: C.

Ronnie: Love that you're still being fun and cool. Also, I love that you were nice to Angelina in da club. Sure, you were plastered, but at least you were being a happy drunk. Ronnie's grade for the week: A.

Mike: You know, sometimes, when things aren't meant to be, they're just not meant to be. Like your plan to ruin Snooki's relationship. Give it up, already. You just look ridiculous at this point. Mike's grade for the week: F.

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