Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Claws are Out!

This week's Celebrity Apprentice was especially catty, thanks to Aubrey O'Day. She really brought the shade this week and she was not afraid to use it. Although I don't agree with everything she said, it was pretty damn funny.

The challenge was to make a viral video for a glorified Swiffer, except it wasn't a Swiffer. These tasks are getting more and more annoying as the show goes on. Let's have some fun ones, like serving lunch at a crowded diner or cleaning hotel rooms! Just kidding. Sort of.

The men's project manager was Lou Ferrigno, and he had to prove himself this week. After complaining about not being used to his full potential, all eyes were on him to hit this one out of the park. Lucky for him, the men won. Penn Jillette was a little hesitant to back up Lou on all of his ideas, but it's just a difference of opinion. I really didn't see him sabotaging or screwing up the task in any way. Clay and Penn had a heart to heart which really went nowhere, but Clay made his point that Penn wasn't being a team player in some instances. But none of that matters because they won.

The ladies were a total mess as usual. This sucks so bad. I hate that these women are self destructing. Here's what went down. Tia volunteered to be project manager, but really didn't make any decisions or come up with any ideas on her own. She had the "group" decide everything together, which really just means one person does all the work and everyone else agrees with it. Lisa took the lion's share of the work on the video and although Tia did a lot with the production, she had no control over the group. Dayana was complaining that she wasn't in the presentation enough, and that set Lisa off on a rant about egos. Lisa's right, but the girls set Dayana up to think she was always going to be the face of all the presentations. She doesn't come up with good ideas, so there's really no other use for her. She can't even order flowers without help. Come on. So they lose the challenge because their concept is just not right for the product, and Tia and Aubrey get into it. Aubrey states Tia can't handle it because she's so much younger than her and is so much better than her. Really?! Wow! Hilarious ... Tia is a graceful swan and tells Trump she wants to take responsibility for the loss as long as he won't fire anyone else. He doesn't and fires Tia. She couldn't be more relieved. All of the people coming off of this show are so happy to be sent home I'm starting to wonder if it could possibly be more of a nightmare than it appears to be on tv.

I really want Lisa to put Aubrey in her place (lovingly, since they're buddies) and tell her to calm down. That would be great.

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