Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Take the Helicopter!

This week was a nice break from the screaming and yelling on Real Housewives of Orange County. We got to meet some of Heather's friends, who own helicopters! Tamra wants less boobs and Alexis gets less nose. Briana has her surgery with some mixed results. I loved the emotional aspect of this episode because after all, these ladies are human and have feelings just like the rest of us. Now, let's get into it!

Heather: I love that you and your friends want a project and a place to meet and socialize. I actually think it's a pretty good idea. Just make sure you have people working with you that will bring your vision to life and not just take money from you and your friends. Speaking of your friends, they seem very nice and very sweet. And very rich. All good things! I have no doubt the restaurant will be a success, if only for the simple fact that you all will go there and bring more fabulous people there to spend their money. It's kind of a perfect plan. Like I said, though, make sure everything is done to perfection, which I know you will. I like that you have normal-ish friends who aren't all bitchy and catty. Good for you. I also like that you admit that you're not a cook. Too many women pretend like they're master chefs when they aren't. Thanks for owning it. Heather's grade this week: A.

Tamra: Your reactions to Heather's friends was hilarious. On one hand, you were impressed, and on the other, you weren't buying what they were selling at all. LOL! I just think it's funny how you were so turned off by the one who owned the helicopter. So funny. I totally agree with you about taking out the implants. I cannot believe your boobs grow even after a boob job! Who knew?! Simon was an ass to tell you not to take them out. If you want them out, go for it. Tamra's grade for the week: B.

Vicki: I can't even imagine what it was like to see Briana go through that horrible surgery and then not even know if she'll be ok after it's all over. I hope she's ok now. I'm giving you a pass this week because this whole Briana thing is heart breaking. However, I will say this: STOP SAYING LOVE TANK. It's annoying. Vicki's grade for the week: Pass.

Gretchen: Performing with an established act like the Pussycat Dolls would make anyone nervous, so I don't blame you for semi-freaking out while checking out the show. I think you'll do great, by the way. But, I can't get over you setting your hair on fire! Really?! LOL! That was so hilarious. Gretchen's grade for the week: B.

Alexis: The crap they pulled out of your nose is proof enough that your sinuses were legitimately jacked up. Case closed on that. But all that gore and bruising makes me never have a nose job ever ever ever. It looks like it hurts, so I'll be kind and not give you any grief for being a baby about it. I can't handle pain, so I'm no one to judge. Alexis' grade for the week: B.

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