Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Torn

This week's Celebrity Apprentice was a real doozy for me. On one hand, I was proud of Aubrey for standing up for herself and saving her ass from getting fired. But on the other, I can see why she's alienated some of her team mates. First of all, I have probably made the same mistakes Aubrey has, which any woman in her 20s makes when she's in a professional environment with people who are all older than her. We pop off, we shoot out a million ideas without being asked, we take it upon ourselves to be ambassador to all things modern and new. But with that, comes a lot of criticism. We are emotional most of the time. We're not seasoned in our field yet. We have passion, but not enough life experience to back that passion up. So, sometimes we make mistakes, but our intentions are always to succeed.

Having said that, Aubrey did a great job as project manager. She didn't sweat the small stuff, she delegated, and she played to each team member's strengths. Unfortunately, the issue with the branding was too big for the sponsors to ignore. Aubrey made sure to make it clear the sponsors' only issue was with the signage, which was Patricia's task and it was clear on the show, she didn't come through with what Aubrey had requested. Now, I've been to the Adam Carolla school of reality tv, so I was skeptical that some of that footage may have been edited out of sequence for the sake of the storyline. But, it all looked legit to me. So I agree with Patricia going home.

Dayana is contributing more to the tasks, but she needs to be project manager next to prove herself, just like Lou did last week.

Now, for the touchiest subject of them all for me: Lisa and Aubrey's alliance. Clique. Friendship. Whatever you want to call it. I like that two strong ladies are working together and getting things done. That's great. However, I've been on both sides of this. I've been part of the railroaders and I've been a railroadee. Being part of the railroaders, you think you're just getting things done and those who aren't on board must be the ones who have the problem, since you're clearly on the right track. When you're the one being railroaded, it's one of the worst experiences ever. The good thing is, Lisa isn't mean, even when she could be. She saves all the mean for her interviews, which aren't mean at all, but they're funny in her insult comic way. Her imitation of Patricia was priceless. I don't even think Patricia should be mad about it because she was hiding her work - or at least it appeared that way. Anyway, I'm on the fence about Lisa and Aubrey because they're not really mean about what they do. They're up front, and Lisa is honest with everyone and super candid in the boardroom. So, Lisa saves it from being a Mean Girls situation for me.

Clay was an awesome project manager too, and I love his quips about the girls - Aubrey in particular. I think those two queens need to go at it immediately. Werk!!

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