Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Broke the Rules

WTF!! That is the only thing I can say after watching this week's RuPaul's Drag Race. Ok, I can say a lot more. The girls were paired up with their frenemies after a terrifying polygraph test. The pairs had to perform a live club number about how they don't like each other. Meow! It was a throwback to all those fun duets from yesteryear, like Anything You Can Do from Annie Get Your Gun. Youtube it!

The guest judges were Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Tilly, and RuPaul's music producer Lucian Piane. Lucian is a genius (call me!). Michelle Visage looked amazing, as always, and gave some really good advice to the girls about their performances. And her "Diva" necklace was so good. Pamela joined the gurls in the Gold Bar during Untucked! Such a great show. 

Now, let the music play!

Chad: Your performance with Dida this week was a little subdued, which is not unusual for you. I wish you had kicked up the energy a couple of notches, but you did a great job. I actually loved the combination of you and Dida - you two seemed to have fun together. The outfits were fun, too. I'm so glad you made the Top 5!! Go, mama!! Chad's grade this week: B.

Dida: The energy was working for me, but it didn't quite mesh with Chad's performance. You two should have coordinated a little bit better. Your look was gorgeous, though. I'm so glad you're still here. Dida's grade for the week: B.

Latrice: When you were paired with Willam, at first, I was scared you would be in the bottom 2, but you won! Both of you won, to be fair, but you turned that performance OUT! Willam's antics only worked because you were the perfect counterpart. Everything he did, you did the opposite, and it worked. The energy was there and the performance was great. And I loved seeing you in a corset! WERK! I'm so happy that you made it to the Top 5 - the finale is so close. I want you in the Top 3, hunty! Latrice's grade for the week: A.

Phi Phi: Every time I think you're making progress, you gotta bring me back to reality. You're kind of a mean girl! At least on the show, I know how editing can be. But seriously, you had absolutely nothing positive to say. Some of it, I agree with - like how Willam should have been kicked off sooner for breaking the rules, whatever that means. Some of it, I don't - like your digs at Sharon. You won last week because you were focused. This week, you were all over the damn place. Get your sh*t together, or you may end up in 5th place. Phi Phi's grade for the week: C.

Sharon: I loved you this week. You cried and you were hurt by the judges comments, but you know you're a star. This week didn't go your way, but that lipsynch was EVERYTHING. You kept your shoes ON and your face GOING! I actually got a little emotional watching you go for it. I can't tell you how much I want you in the Top 3. I'm a Sharon Needles fan for life. Sharon's grade for the week: A.

Willam: Whatever you did, you apparently owned up to it, so I give you credit for that. I've been trying to figure out what you did all day. Date a Drag Race staffer? Go out clubbing? Steal some Iron Fist shoes? Hit on Santino? I cannot wait to find out what it is. Until then, I hope you learned your lesson. You gotta follow the rules if you wanna win the game. Your performance this week was great, so it was even more shocking that you were ultimately sent home. Cute corset, too. See ya later, Willam. Willam's grade for the week: D.

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