Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Video Girls

I usually don't blog about VH1's Love & Hip Hop, because I don't watch it regularly. But I have seen many episodes from this season and last season. Last night's episode was so crazy, I really do need to address it.

There was a fight that may rival all other VH1 reality show fights - which is really saying something. It really wasn't the physicality of the fight that made it so major, but the pure unadulterated hate that set it off.

Video girl Kimbella, who hasn't made too many friends with her slutty-esque past, and video girl Erica, who isn't making any new friends with her shitty attitude, got into it in a big way. Yandy and Teairra were also there, but only as spectators. There has to be some unfinished business between Kimbella and Erica. The only explanation Erica can give for why she hates Kimbella so much is that Erica is paid to be a video ho and Kimbella does it for free. So Kimbella essentially makes Erica's job obsolete. I see the logic, Erica, but I don't understand where throwing drinks, pulling hair, and scratching each other's face comes into the picture.

It was so ugly, Kimbella, Yandy, and Teairra fled the scene and Erica called the cops. Now that's a first! The person who started the drama actually called the cops - for what reason, exactly, I have no idea.

This Erica girl needs to watch it. Her first scene in the restaurant with Yandy was actually fun. She's cute, funny, and can throw shade, but this fight was too much. I think she may be trying to be the Tami Roman of Love & Hip Hop, but this stunt just made her super unlikable, and made Kimbella look a lot better to the general viewing public. Can we say, "backfire"?!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seeing White

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been serving up some GOOD drama lately, and last night's episode was no exception. I'm going with the advice column format again, so please let me know how you like it.

Kyle: Your White Party was stunningly beautiful, that goes without saying. I really saw you break down last night when faced with the idea of turning away Taylor, who seems to be falling apart herself. I can only imagine that you didn't want to hurt her more by telling her she couldn't come into the party, and thereby possibly breaking an already fragile woman in the process. However, you came at the situation in the wrong way. Like Chris Colfer said on Watch What Happens Live, you could have given Taylor a heads up about Camille being there and asked them both to steer clear of each other to avoid drama. I think you were pressured, not only by Adrienne and Lisa, but by Mauricio and Paul, to not allow Russell and Taylor into the party. As you feared, it didn't end well, and you were probably the one most hurt of them all. Kyle's grade for the week: B.

Adrienne: You were visibly and audibly terrified that you would be next to receive a threatening email from Russell, and I can understand why you would be. You have businesses and assets to protect, not to mention the ugliness of a situation like that. You were so adamant that Taylor knew about Russell's email, I have to assume that you have also tired of Taylor's inconsistent stories and unpredictable behavior. You got your way, Taylor was sent home, and you seemed beyond relieved. Usually, you're the peacemaker, but last night, you and Paul took a stand and didn't back down. I just wonder if you regret the way it came across in hindsight. Adrienne's grade for the week: C.

Lisa: I'd give you extra points just for letting us spend more time with Kevin Lee (still my boyfriend), but that wouldn't be fair. But I did enjoy your wedding-band-tryout scene. That was fun. At the White Party, you were pro-sending-Taylor-and-Russell-home, but you weren't as pushy about it, in my opinion. You did bring up the fact that Russell had sent you an email threatening to sue you first, a couple of times, actually, but no one quite reacted to that. I loved your reaction to Kim coughing in your face, which was quite disgusting. I would have tolerated you smacking her in the face, but we all know you're too classy for that. Lisa's grade for the week: B.

Camille: The drama was centered around you, but you couldn't have looked more calm. I really don't think you would have started anything with Russell or Taylor at the White Party, but you were the perfect card for Adrienne to play so that she could get Kyle to disinvite Taylor to the party. You seemed to be just fine, almost unaware that three of your castmates were in a tizzy over your email from Russell. I think if Kyle would have spoken to you, you would have told her to let Taylor and Russell in, and you would have kept your distance. And I think you would have made your friend Dedra keep her nose out of your business this time. Camille's grade for the week: A.

Kim: Oh, Kim. You're just out of control, aren't you? I don't think you took Paul's advice about reconsidering your prescriptions. In fact, you seem even more hopped up, if that's possible. Your talk with your daughters about keeping the drama to themselves really would have been useful for you at the White Party. I don't even mind you bringing your new man to the party, even though he was kind of awkward and didn't stop you from making a complete ass out of yourself. You seemed hell-bent on confronting Brandi, and you did just that. I gotta say, that scene made me laugh but not because it was funny, but because it was so cringey. Instead of quitting while you were ahead (somewhat), you just kept going and going and going. You became a 7th grade bully, and it wasn't pretty on you. I'm glad you checked yourself into rehab, because you seem like a good person - this just wasn't your night. Kim's grade for the week: F.

Brandi: Kyle didn't uninvite you, even though you two had a slap-a-thon at "your" house in Malibu on the last episode. I kind of admire your ability to bounce back after altercations with these women. The only nut you haven't cracked yet is Kim, and I gotta tell ya, you probably never will. I agree that your language is unnecessarily vulgar at times, and you get a little messy when you drink, but you have won me over to a certain extent. You handled Kim better than you have in the past, you let her vent, but you didn't take too much abuse from her. You said your piece and you thought she'd say hers and move on. But you have to remember who you're dealing with. You were wrong to say she was on meth at the game night, but you were right tonight in saying she has substance abuse issues. And thank you for bringing Jennifer Gimenez to the White Party because I love to just watch her face while all this craziness unfolds in front of her. Brandi's grade for the week: A.

Dana: I actually remembered you were in this episode, so that's a plus. However, your constant pandering and butt-kissing is insufferable. Oh, and you show off more than I did when I was 7 years old when my mom's friends would come over. Which is A LOT. I think you could be fun to hang out with, but your desperation is a major turn off. Calm the eff down, lady. Dana's grade for the week: D.

Taylor: I saved you for last for a reason. You were surprisingly subdued this week, which I suspect has something to do with being in your husband's presence the entire show. I understand you were still trying to keep a lid on the pot that was boiling over, as you put it on Watch What Happens Live. Your response to being kicked out of a party you hadn't even entered yet was heart-breakingly calm, but there was a sadness and anger just below the surface that I saw when you smiled and told Kyle to enjoy her party. I think you had to play the part of the adoring wife just back from a lovely Vegas holiday with her husband, and to get such a negative reception at the party (that your closest friend was throwing) had to be slap in the face. No pun intended. When you and your husband got in the limo, and Kyle was pleading her case, I feel you were still playing the part you felt you had to play. I've been tough with you this whole season, but I'm giving you some slack this week, because I can't even imagine how angry I'd be if I were in your shoes in this episode. Oh, and Jennifer from Basketball Wives called, she's pissed off that you stole her peacock earrings. Come on, you know I had to say it. Taylor's grade this week: B.

Watch What Happens Live was a Glee-ful spectacular, with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer. The show was a lot of fun, and both guests are obviously Housewives fans. In fact, Nene is going to make an appearance on Glee! Bloop bloop! Lea revealed on the After Show that she wants to marry Albie from the Jersey franchise, which I totally cosign on. Check out the After Show here. This was the last WWHL of the season. and starting January 8th, we'll get to hang out with Andy Cohen five nights a week! I can't wait!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Definition of "Gold Digger"

I'm gonna do things a little differently for this week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, so let me know how you like it. It's going to be an advice column/Dear Abby/critique type of situation.

Kandi: Country music is definitely a fun departure for you. I am also glad you're doing the Kandi Factory!!! This is going to put you above and beyond!! I do want to see you do more of your own music, because your album was FIRE! But, there's a time and a place for that, maybe later on. I suggest doing some dance tracks and getting your disco diva game on and popping. Also, you handled that Marlo mess with grace and sophistication. Her simple ass couldn't understand the fact that she blew up her own spot on your show by saying she got her money from God, when she really meant that she got it from sleeping with wealthy men. You should have asked her about all her mugshots. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Cynthia: You have got to get yourself together, honey. I like you a lot, but you need to let your sister go and hire a real assistant, who's not related to you. Get someone straight out of college, some young'en who's detail oriented, and who won't try to hassle you about your marriage. I really don't like it when people call you dumb (Wendy Williams, I'm looking at you), but when you let things get out of hand (and say "peeper" instead of "people"), you don't help your case. As far as your problems with Peter, you've already confirmed that y'all are still together, so obviously you two are sticking together, which I love. I don't know why, but I love me some Peter! He's real, he's messy, and he's passionate. I wish he were more considerate of you, but I do see the love between you two, and I am rooting for you as a couple. Cynthia's grade for the week: C.

Nene: Is it just me, or do we just see you arriving at parties the last couple of episodes? Not that I don't LOVE your grand entrances, because I do! And I love love loved when you were laughing about Marlo talking about Big Papa in front of Kim. I also love that you're not intimidated or affected by anyone. Some may see that in a negative light, but I see it as standing on your own. So get it, girl, because you have nothing to be ashamed of. I would love to see you hosting tv shows and events, and I would also love an accessories line from you. Maybe shoes, too? Whatever you do, stay positive, stay true to yourself, and keep good people around you. Team Nene all the way! Nene's grade for the week: A.

Phaedra: Your breakup with Sheree was mature and kind. I'm proud of both of you. I think it takes a lot for women to agree to disagree, especially on a reality show, but I give both of you a lot of credit for doing that. You behaved yourself at the fashion school party, so that makes a couple weeks in a row that you didn't annoy the hell out of me. Keep it light and fun, and you'll be a fan favorite in no time. Phaedra's grade for the week: B.

Sheree: Like I said to Phaedra, congrats on the successful breakup. It was really encouraging. I don't really begrudge you going after the child support, I just think you need to be honest with yourself about how you got your money, and how you spend your money going forward. Just tone down the label dropping (Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino) or else I'm gonna have to start calling you Dana. Sheree's grade for the week: B.

Kim: I think your new house is stunning. Your baby is adorable. You're lucky to have such an amazing circle of family and friends around you. But your language around your kids is absolutely disgusting, and come on, pumping your breasts while driving??? Please tell me you did that for the cameras. Oh and going in on Marlo being a gold digger? What's your little phrase at the top of the show, again? "People call me a gold digger". Yes, because you are. You know exactly what that is, because you lived it. Don't you dare put someone else down for doing the exact same thing as you. Kim's grade for the week: D.

Watch What Happens Live was a lot of fun with Sheree and Lawrence. I was really impressed with Sheree's answers to viewer questions, and she clarified why she's fighting for child support. I did like her answer, and it makes me a little more sympathetic to her cause. Lawrence was AMAZING on the show. Especially the after show. He READ Ms. Phaedra the HOUSE DOWN!!!! Check it out here.

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The Sole Survivor

Survivor ended on Sunday, and I have to say, I was very disappointed with this season's contestants.

Here's why. Ever since the season started, I was rooting for the newbies. I like the idea of an All Star Survivor, but when veterans come back to play with first-timers, it's not a true Survivor game. It should be an all newbie season or an All Star season, not both.

The season turned out so predictably, it was ridiculous. Ozzy continued to dominate Redemption Island, and got back in the game. He won the first immunity challenge, and Sophie broke down at Tribal when she heard some not so nice things said about her courtesy of Ozzy. I have always liked Sophie - she's smart and sharp, but she can be a bit of a brat at times. However, she's been a lot more tolerable than say, Brandon, Coach, or even Ozzy at times. Does anyone else remember when Ozzy was being a total douchebag?

Anyway, Sophie wins the next immunity challenge, so it's Ozzy's turn to leave and become a part of the jury. Coach had previously told Ozzy that he would take him to the final three, but truthfully, Coach told everyone that. So he stabbed Ozzy in the back and sent him packing, leaving Coach, Sophie, and Albert in the top three.

I noticed that Survivor doesn't do the whole "remember the entire cast" journey thing they used to make the top three do on past finales. I'm not complaining, though.

My favorite part of the finale is always the jury's questions for the finalists. It always makes me laugh how bitter some of them are, and others just say what we're all thinking. But this time, no one really gave us good snark, I have to say.

Albert was really never in the race, the jury just did not care for him. He was actually referred to as "sneaky". It was really between Coach and Sophie. Coach really was the mastermind/puppetmaster this season, but when he was confronted about being deceitful, he apologized and said he was playing to win and lost his spirituality along the way. Sophie made no apologies and took credit for many of the decisions that kept Upolu strong till the end. She really did make the more compelling argument, and it paid off, because the jury decided to give her the million instead of Coach.

Now here's my take on it. Coach certainly was the leader of Upolu, and he convinced his tribe to treat him like some kind of deity. Well, most of them. But, Coach messed up when he didn't own his game. In front of the jury, he should have stood up for himself and said, "Yes, I deceived all of you. You all fell for it. And I deserve to win." And the whole praying/honor/integrity bullshit was just too much. Coach, you need to leave God out of your sorry Survivor game. You didn't win because people can tell you're not sincere.

Sophie, like I said, owned her game, even the social part, which she wasn't so great at, and the jury ultimately respected that.

I wish this season would have gone a different way. In my opinion, Christine had the best strategy of them all, GET RID OF THE VETERANS ASAP! WHY would the tribe keep a veteran around, follow him like a bunch of idiots, and let them get to the final tribal??? You're essentially giving them the million dollars! Just because they can help the tribe initially? Seriously? Just keep them around for the first few challenges, let them build the shelter for you, and then get them OUT. That's just my take on it.

The reunion was kinda lame, they kept talking about Brandon's family being ashamed of his performance, blah blah blah. His uncle Russell turned up to put him down in front of millions of people as well ... nice.

I hate that the reunion only hits on the favorites, and doesn't address the other story points. They should have spent more time talking to Christine, Mikayla, and Stacey. Oh and they just glossed over the whole Whitney/Keith situation, and didn't even MENTION that Whitney was MARRIED when she started her AFFAIR with Keith. Whatever. At least Cochran was entertaining, as usual. I really like him.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Prepare Yourselves!

Mob Wives is coming back for season 2, and these ladies are NOT JOKING!

Drita's taken up boxing, which is perfect for her, and divorcing Lee.

Renee is doing a full body makeover.

Karen is almost done with her book, causing trouble, and bringing her friend Ramona along for the ride.

Carla's husband is home, and she's still Team Drita.

You have to stop what you're doing and watch the trailer here!

I am so excited about this season!!!

Winter Wonderland on FOX

Tuesday night, FOX gave us their Glee and New Girl Christmas episodes. I'll blog about them together, since they were a perfect pairing for us viewers. 

On Glee, Artie embraced his director side and put on an old school holiday television spectacular, in black and white, and bubbling with 50s era kitsch. Rachel and Finn discovered the true meaning of Christmas (spoiler: it's not jewelry), and Sue Sylvester's heart grew a little. We also saw Sam and Rory's friendship blossom, I think we're witnessing a bonafide bromance, here. 

New Girl was super cute, complete with Schmidt in a sexy Santa costume. Jess has trouble with her boyfriend after he declares his love for her, and as always, Nick is there to make Jess smile in the end. I love the back and forth with Jess and Nick, don't you? Oh and Winston might be the perfect babysitter. 

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I Went to Stanford and Other Defense Tactics

On a special Tuesday night episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the big story is Sheree's child support battle with her ex husband, former NFL player Bob Whitfield. I'm going to go on a tangent here, so stay with me.

First, Sheree has been talking about not getting child support since SEASON ONE. For someone who is so no-nonsense, who-gon-check-me-boo, and get-yo-muh-f*ckin-teef-fixed, she's REALLY gun shy about getting this child support that's supposedly owed to her. There may be a very simple reason behind this: reports are out that Sheree defrauded Mr. Whitfield when it came to splitting up their assets at the time of their divorce. If this is the case, it would explain why Bob is so intent on not giving her a red cent. See the story here. (Thanks to http://stoopidhousewives.com.)

Now, if Sheree did take more than her fair share when the divorce happened, she had to have known that this would piss off her ex. That's the normal reaction in a bitter divorce: "You take my money in the divorce, guess what, you don't get anything else." I don't condone it, I'm just saying I understand it. Sheree isn't the most honest person, and she has had money issues in the past. Remember when her former lawyers took her brand new sports car as payment when she refused to pay? I'm sorry, that just speaks volumes to her character. Whether or not you win your case, pay your attorneys' fees, come on.

Bob is definitely immature. I mean, he actually stuck his tongue out at Sheree then skipped away outside the courthouse. But, as we heard 5 times, he went to Stanford. He does seem like a smart enough guy, although he's got one argument, and he's sticking to it: "She has money, so I'm not going to give her more. Done." Like I said, he's not incredibly mature or even well-mannered. But he knows Sheree's weak points, and he's going to exploit them as much as he can. Maybe that's what he majored in at Stanford?

Sheree has also painted herself into a corner. The mansion she's having built, the designer clothes, shoes, and bags, not to mention the brand new Porsche - all of these things suggest she's more than capable of providing for herself and her kids. This is definitely going to be a factor in court. Especially if some of her resources came directly from her ex, which she allegedly took without any legal right to do so.

It's almost as if she wants to have her cake and eat it, too. I couldn't agree with Kandi more when she said she had to just tell Riley's father to keep his money - and she started focusing on her own success and stopped trying to get him to do the right thing. In Kandi's situation, Riley's father isn't in her life at all. Kandi says that the court system in Atlanta is rigged against women, so she vindicated HERSELF, which is exactly what Sheree should be doing. Sheree's kids see their father, and I truly don't think he wants to deprive them of anything. I think he's making his point that Sheree already got her cut, essentially. I do think it's cowardly of him to intentionally not work and make less money on purpose. He shouldn't be content to downgrade just to teach Sheree a lesson. We're really just talking about two immature people who are both too stubborn to come to an agreement on such a serious issue.

I also understand why Sheree wants the child support - it's the law. Bob is required to pay child support. But if she wants him to do the right thing, she needs to do the right thing and either prove she took the assets legally or admit that she took them despite the divorce agreement. That way, at least, they could both come from an honest place and move forward on the same page. But Sheree has shown time and time again, she will not admit her wrongdoings.

I do feel for her in the courtroom - she's shaken and emotional, but I find it very difficult to believe that she didn't know what Bob was talking about and why he was bringing it up. Phaedra obviously didn't know, and should have grilled Sheree for not divulging this information sooner. And then, Sheree has the nerve to be upset with Phaedra for not having a comeback for Bob's motion??? Come on, Sheree, Phaedra is doing you a FAVOR representing you. You know your track record with lawyers. Phaedra, I'm glad you like that Porsche - you may be driving it soon. Oh, and I loved that Sheree was giving Phaedra's office the runaround with her check. That's the Sheree we know.

Phaedra is a lot more likable in this episode, partly because she's actually talking about something she knows. I take her a lot more seriously when she's in her element. And I'm not mad at her for giving Sheree a deal on her lawyers' fees. But Sheree better show a little more appreciation - that's all I'm saying.

And can someone PLEASE tell me what Sheree's JOB is? What does she do for a living? Where does she get her money from? Please, if someone knows, please tell me. Because that's also not helping her case - as far as I can tell all she does is work out, shop, and go to lunch. Nice work if you can get it.

Let's move on to Kim and the arrival of her new baby. I really don't even want to write about Kim because my opinion may upset some of you ... but I have to say it. She's the most crass, obnoxious, trashy woman on this show. I know, you're saying, "what about Nene?" Well, I've never seen Nene go on and on about her son's penis and curse like a sailor in front of her kids, parents, and baby's daddy. Kim is quite possibly the most annoying person on all the Housewives shows, and I'm putting her in the same category as Kelly Bensimon so that should tell you how I feel about her. I think it's the constant cussing and inappropriate language she uses. It's not even cute anymore. Then she has the nerve to tell her oldest daughter to help out more, as she's watching her assistant wash her wigs. Seriously? And those wigs are still hideous, by the way.

My major problem with Kim is her attitude - entitled, spoiled, and ungrateful. I can see Kroy slowly waking up in each episode. Yes, she really is like this all the time. No, she's not going to change. Yes, she really does talk like that with her parents in the room. Oh, and her dad is a little too talkative about breast feeding. Just saying.

I do feel bad for Brielle, Kim's oldest. She's clearly not happy with this whole new family situation. I can only hope she looks at it for what it is, her mom is dependent on a man for her happiness, and that's how she's always been. If not Kroy, then Big Papa, or someone else. Please learn from your mom's mistakes, Brielle, and don't turn into her. I'm begging you.

Sorry if that sounded mean, but Kim literally makes me sick to my stomach. I've never seen a woman so up her own ass. Oy.

We saw some more of Charles Grant and Marlo Hampton, and I'm not impressed by either one of them. I am glad Charles clarified that he and Nene did not have a relationship. So, that's settled. Next week, more Phaedra/Sheree drama and Cynthia has a bash for her modeling agency opening.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Heart NY

So, as most of you already know, I went to New York last week, which is one of the reasons why I'm so behind on all my shows. I've been to New York about 4 or 5 times before, but the last time I was there was October of 2002. Needless to say, it had been way too long.

I must explain that my love of New York is inherited. My mother was born in the Bronx, and raised in the projects on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She is a true New Yorker, and she passed the New Yorkiness on to me in several forms, including colorful language and extreme pickiness with pizza. Every time we'd go to New York, my mom would slip back into her accent and I'd just listen to her in awe because I just want to talk like that so much.

My New York accent is getting better, by the way.

This time around, I went with my sister and some friends. We did some tourist-y stuff like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (where I met boxer Antonio Margarito's trainer, Robert Garcia).

But my personal highlight was being a part of the audience at Wendy Williams.

I requested tickets for the Wendy Williams show on her website, and waited for an email back confirming that my request had been granted. Exactly one week before the date I requested, I got a call and an email - I was so excited!! There were some instructions, I had to email them back with some information, and there is a dress code. We showed up before 8 am and there was already a line, and we checked in with a very nice lady who gave us blue cards. We then waited in line for about an hour outside. Good thing it wasn't raining yet!

When we finally got inside, the audience holding room was packed. I mean, shoulder to shoulder. Everyone was super nice, and we all had to fill out "Ask Wendy" question forms. I couldn't think of a single question to ask her! Go figure!

Then they lined us up to go into the studio, and the producers seat you where they want you to sit. We got lucky and got seated in the center section, second row from the front.

The warm up guy, Kevin Thompson, was SO much fun! He sang, danced, flirted, and cracked jokes with the audience. We had an especially rowdy crowd, which just made the whole experience even more fun.
One of the producers came out and gave us instructions on what to do - when to applaud, don't look at the mounted monitors, smile a lot, etc. And we practiced our cheering a couple of times. I was so excited to just be there. Everyone around us was just as excited, so we just fed off each other's energy.

Wendy came out the double doors and the rest was a blur, really. You can watch a clip of the show I was on here. I'm in the second row from the bottom, center section, dark red hair, glasses, a fur vest with a black top underneath and a black belt. We won an iPod Boombox, a Roku, and a Carlos Mencia DVD. Wendy did say that she was feeling down because of the rain, but she still gave us a great show. It was so much fun, and during the commercials, the DJ played dance music and we danced and had a blast. I got on camera a bunch!! My DVR didn't record the show for some reason, so that clip is all I got. (Sad face.)

When the show was done taping, Wendy said thank you to the audience and posed for pictures. She is so beautiful - inside and out. 

Then, Wendy taped some promos for the next show and we taped some audience stuff. Oh and they kept shooting this snow stuff that made your hair and skin all sticky! I didn't care, though. I was on cloud nine ...

Another really special moment was when we visited the 9/11 Memorial. It was really emotional. There's still construction going on, but what they've done so far is so amazing. There are reflecting pools where the Twin Towers once stood and the pools are surrounded by the names of the victims.

The surrounding buildings are supposed to be for business, but they're not ready to be occupied yet, according to a guide at the memorial.

There is a preview site, which I really liked. There's a model of what the area will look like once the construction is done, merchandise such as t shirts and books, displays of items left at Ground Zero, and a timeline of the events of 9/11. 

It was such an emotional experience.

The rest of the trip was basically running around trying to fit 50 different things to do and places to see in a short amount of time. We ate at Tom's Restaurant, of Seinfeld fame:

We walked around Times Square, Tiffany's, Macy's, FAO Schwarz, and what seems like a million other places.

I think what I love the most about New York is exactly what other people hate about it: the pace. I love that you're expected to get where you're going, and get out of everyone else's way while you're getting there. I love feeling like everyone is so busy, you're just part of this big buzzing city that's so alive with energy. I also love the fact that New York is the place where dreams come true. SNL, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center, and countless other landmarks are iconic and thousands of dreams have come true in those very places. I like to think that New York will be where my dreams come true as well.

I hope so.

On Demand, Yeah Right

I'm a little sad, I can't seem to get last week's New Girl on my On Demand. So I'll just talk about the episode from November 28th - the one with the bells.

This episode was so funny. I loved the kids from Jess' school, I loved Winston's obsession with the bells, and I loved the fight between Schmidt and Nick.

I really want to see last week's episode, since Justin Long comes back as Jess' love interest. Come on, Comcast! Where is this episode???

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And the Winner is ...

The last two episodes of Glee were so great!! And I'm not talking about tonight's episode - that blog will be up tomorrow.

Overall, I'm loving the direction the show is going in. I feel like it's giving us a lot of options for plotlines in the future, and possibly spinoffs, which would be awesome as well.

Rachel got caught trying to rig the election for class president in Kurt's favor, and as a result, is banned from performing at Sectionals. Brittany wins the election after all, by the way.

Santana comes out to her parents, who accept it, but she doesn't get such a good reaction from her Abuela - who I'm still convinced is modeled after George Lopez's grandmother. Santana is still a mean girl, but since coming out, she's not completely evil. Now she just throws out clever insults and then laughs about it and holds hands with Brittany.

Quinn tries to seduce Puck, but he tells her he slept with Shelby instead. And can I just say, Puck and Shelby do make a cute couple. Quinn takes this information and plans to get Shelby fired with it. There's an awesome confrontation scene between them, and Rachel even gets into the mix.

Sectionals are here, and the Trouble Tones are the favorites to win. But I have to point out, New Directions sang three songs! Three! I won't ruin the ending for you, but I'm sure you can guess who won.

I can't wait for tonight's episode!! What do you think of Glee? Tweet me!

Tears Dry On Their Own

Last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was full of tears - some of sorrow, and some from laughter. We pretty much ran the gamut of emotions, which in my opinion, makes for an exceptional episode.

I want to start with the most unlikely friendship of the season. Taylor and Lisa. WTF?! 5 minutes ago, Taylor was accusing Lisa of selling stories about her marriage to the press and now they're besties? I really don't understand this. But they seem to be having fun together, so I guess it's not all bad. I do like seeing Taylor calm and not sobbing. And I think Lisa's really being a good friend to her, I mean, I don't know how I'd treat someone who had been so shitty to me. But that's why Lisa's the first lady of Beverly Hills, and I'm not.

Kyle's book cover photo shoot was awesome. I loved all of the clothes, the hair, and the makeup. Kyle is so stunningly beautiful. She's just lovely. I really want to check out her book. The scene with her and Kim was so tough to watch. I hate seeing Kim suffer. It's like she can't catch a break. But now I agree with Kyle's concern that Kim rushed into living with Ken. And Kyle's smart to not say "I told you so" - Kim is figuring it out on her own. What Kim really needs is some therapy and some self-esteem. Not some controlling jackhole.

The dual Vegas weekends were so ridiculous, each in their own way. Pandora's (aka Pandy) bachelorette party was too much - what the hell were those "Chipmunks" doing??? Lisa's lapdance was a little stiff, but she was into it, so I give her an A for effort. I did cringe a little when Taylor did her lapdance - all I can think about is how she was being abused at the time by her husband. It's just so uncomfortable. Speaking of Russell, I can't help but wonder how he felt about Taylor's rekindled friendship with Lisa? Adrienne takes Brandi, Dana, and Camille, among others bowling at the Palms. I love bowling, but I've never done it in heels. And I've definitely never done it in a cast/heel combo. Then, they go to da club, and Camille and Brandi grind each other. Ew. Seriously, no one needed to see that.

Next week, Kyle's white party looks like it's going to be a disaster. Kim and Brandi get into it, and Kyle is caught in the middle when Russell threatens to sue Camille.

Watch What Happens Live was really good. Dot Marie Jones, who plays Coach Bieste on Glee, and Vanessa Williams were a lot of fun. And Andy and Dot have an arm wrestling match. I'm not joking. It was hilarious.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Anatomy of a Meltdown

Last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was so disturbing, I almost don't even want to blog about it. Who am I kidding?

Let's start with Brandi's party. I'm glad she decided on belly dancing instead of the other theme she was considering. Bravo probably told her they wouldn't be able to show it on cable tv at 9 pm, so a change was definitely necessary. The party was going along fairly well, with awkward hellos and lots of drinks. Did you catch Jennifer Gimenez from VH1's Sober House? I'm so glad she wasn't involved in any of the drama.

Kyle pulled out her splits again (which she says will be the last time we see them this season), and Brandi says Kyle always has to have the attention on her. And you're surprised by this, Brandi? You're all on a reality show. All of you want attention to some degree. But I can admit, although I am a Kyle fan, she does seem to be trying very hard to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. So if Brandi is annoyed by it, so be it.

Taylor is a mess - from the moment she walks into the party, she's just not well. Unfortunately, they serve her alcohol, which has been a catalyst for her meltdowns in the past. Camille's friend Dedra decides to play Dr. Phil and mend the relationship between Camille and Taylor. Taylor flips out. I really don't understand why Dedra would even bother in that kind of a setting. The only explanation I can come up with is that she was tipsy and the words just tumbled out of her mouth. Remember, this all happened after the belly dancing and drinking. No good can come of this. And it quickly devolves into utter chaos. Taylor screams and sobs and curses everyone out and it all seemed to come out of nowhere. Again, the alcohol was the major factor here.

I think the funniest moment of all is when a clearly drunk Brandi asks Taylor to leave "my house". It's not Brandi's house! But nice try! LOL! A mini slap (hand) fight ensues, and any progress these women have made quickly goes out the window. I also loved how Adrienne was covering up Taylor's mouth so she wouldn't say anything she'd later regret. I'm pretty sure Taylor regrets saying a lot this season. It's so sad that she's so unlikable, because if it were any other housewife, we'd all be rooting for her instead of being exasperated with her. Not that I don't feel bad for what she was going through at the time, but she chose to present herself and do things in such a way that while I'm watching the show, makes me not like her very much. I apologize if that seems mean. I hope Taylor's in a much better place emotionally and mentally now.

And can we talk about the cigarette action at the end? TOO MUCH.

My boyfriend, Kevin Lee was on the show again and he definitely made me laugh. We needed that on this episode. Lisa didn't attend the belly dancing party, thank goodness, and I loved her and Ken's scenes in this episode. They are too cute.

On the After Show, Taylor was on as the sole guest, hawking her book. I just think it's too soon and in poor taste. How long did it take her to write the book? Or had she been writing it while pretending her marriage was improving? Do you see what I mean? Just not likable. But let me know if you agree or disagree. Are you going to read her book? Andy was a little tough on Taylor, especially when she lied about what her original opinion of the night's poll was. That's what I love about Andy. He's fair, at least in my opinion.

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Not Much to Say

I'm back! I had an awesome time in The Big Apple, and I'm so glad to be blogging again. I'll be posting an in-depth blog about my experience in the next couple of days.

For now, though, I want to talk about the Real Housewives of Atlanta, since I haven't blogged about the last two episodes yet. Really, there's not much to say, but I'll address a few highlights.

First, Sheree's child support issues. I feel like we've covered this before. I understand that she doesn't want the scrutiny and embarrassment of taking her children's father to court - but come on! This guy really just doesn't want to pay you, Sheree. When he brought up her designer shoes and bags, I thought Sheree was going to do a lot more than throw water at him - which was SO Evelyn of you, Sheree, I'm disappointed in you. Anyway, I understand that Sheree is more upset that Mr. Whitfield isn't stepping up for his kids, and the principle of the thing that she's fighting for, not necessarily the money. But I have often wondered where Sheree gets her money from. Unless I'm missing something, we don't hear her talk about WORK at all. Enlighten me, please, if you know what Sheree does for a living. I feel for her, don't get me wrong. But I think she should at least quit building her mansion while she's crying about child support money. Was that wrong of me to say? I'm sorry, it just seems odd to me. You let me know.

I was really impressed that Peter said he wouldn't take Cynthia's money to get Bar One off the ground. I just thought that was a great moment. I actually like Peter and Cynthia's relationship, and I think Cynthia's sister needs to calm down and mind her own business. Believe me, I get the sister thing, but she's taking it way too far. I'm also super proud of Cynthia's modeling agency. I know some people write Cynthia off as being a dumb model (and her MC skills didn't exactly help her case), but I think she's a smart, loving, and kind-hearted woman who sees the good in people. You can't say that about some of her co-stars.

Kim and Kroy had their baby finally - and all I can say is: Kroy, I don't know what you see in her, but you seem to be a very nice man, and I'm sure you're a great father. I hope Kim doesn't stomp all over your heart someday, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

Nene is being wooed by her potential business partner, and it was CREEPY MCCREEPERTON. Seriously, this guy needs to simmer down now. I thought it was odd that she was accepting all of the gifts and behaving like it was a first date, when it was supposed to be a business meeting, but what do I know? I love me some Nene, but I was a little put off by her in this episode. She did make me laugh, though. That's for sure.

Phaedra never ceases to amaze me. I can't wait to see how she messes up Sheree's child custody case on Tuesday night's episode.

Kandi and her mom have patched things up after the whole Ridiculous incident, and I love Mama Joyce. She  is so cute.

On Watch What Happens Live last Sunday, Sandra Bernhard turned it out - calling Nene "ashy" and talking all kinds of shadiness - and Chef Roble Ali - who was quite inebriated on the After Show. It was hilarious. Last night's Watch What Happens Live was really great, thanks to Tracee Ellis Ross - of "Girlfriends" and her new show "Reed Between the Lines". She is Diana Ross' super talented daughter and if you don't know, do some research. Phaedra was there and was semi entertaining thanks to her ever present donkey booty. The After Show was a hoot!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Make Room for Gaga

I know Thanksgiving is officially over and done with, but I finally watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, and so I must share some thoughts with you ...

The look of the special was really classic and beautiful. I love it when Gaga goes glam. She performed The Lady is a Tramp with Tony Bennett, complete with scatting and jazzy flair. I love them performing together. Such an odd couple on paper, but once the music starts, it works.

Gaga doing arts and crafts with the kids is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

She performed Born This Way and You and I - the latter was really intense at one point, which was a little weird, but that's what I love about Gaga. No matter what she's going to look like, or how uncomfortable it may make some people feel, she's going to perform the hell out of her song, and more than likely, you'll end up loving it.

Her performance of The Edge of Glory was very poignant, given that it was dedicated to her late grandfather. The love story between her grandparents is sweet and innocent, the kind of love story we just don't have enough of anymore. Gaga has a cooking segment, which is just an amusing concept in and of itself. Apparently, she loves to cook. One of the many personal details we didn't know about her before this special.

In all white, Gaga performs a jazz rendition of White Christmas, and adds her own second verse. Her makeup is flawless, and this look may just be my favorite of the entire show. The next song is Orange Colored Sky, another jazzy tune, and her voice is mesmerizing. I love that she gets to show her range - hopefully kids will see it's cool to be multitalented.

For her performance of Hair, Gaga sits at a piano in what looks like an empty parlor surrounded by candles. It's all very Beethoven-ish. Gaga shouts out her fans, and thanks them for making her brave, urging them to remember that when they feel bullied, she's fighting for them. The song is so beautiful and reminds me of how I used to feel in high school. "I just want to be me" ...

Gaga turns it out for the Bad Romance number, and this for me was the highlight of the special - performance-wise. The dancing along with her killer vocals - while eating! - just made it super satisfying. I love that there are people eating their dinners while Gaga is doin' the damn thing.

Now, for the interview with Katie Couric. I have to say, there wasn't much in this interview that I didn't know before, except that Gaga's dad is opening a restaurant. I did love it when Gaga talked about keeping her love life private and then immediately jumped up to say hi to Sister Bayo, a former teacher of hers. I also enjoyed when she talked about where Marry the Night came from - the moment when she decided to be totally devoted to her musical career. We got a sneak peek of the video, and although the full video premiered tonight on E!, I still haven't seen it. I'm sure it's wonderful, though.

Gaga is an inspiration to me - and for that, I'm thankful.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are the exact opposite of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I couldn't be more grateful. While I love both shows, they balance each other out perfectly. Where Beverly Hills can get a little too Shi Shi Shi, Atlanta brings the realness.

And when I say realness, I mean ridiculous situations that make you glad you live a normal, boring life without cameras taping every dumb thing you say and do along with 4 or 5 other crazy ladies. For example, Phaedra apologizes to Kim for the baby shower disaster between her husband Apollo and Cynthia's husband Peter. Kim doesn't seem to really want to accept the apology, but since she rarely ever gets one, she kind of has to. Sheree's dream home is not coming along so well, and Phaedra decides the contractor needs a glimpse at her self-proclaimed "donkey booty" to get the job done. If only it were that easy.

Cynthia brings her husband and her sister together to resolve their issues with each other - after all, her sister did suggest hiding the marriage license ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. But, who's keeping score? Obviously, that wasn't going to go well. Peter is not a sensitive, new age, touchy-feely, kumbaya type of man. He's the kind of man who will hold a grudge and not apologize for it. And let's be real, what man wouldn't be offended about that?

Kandi celebrates her 35th birthday at a very nice party with all of her friends - even the ones who don't speak to each other - and all goes well. Until Phaedra brings out her present for Kandi, "the infamous Ridiculous"! Now, I have to admit, this whole scene was hilarious to me. The variety of reactions from the party guests just tickled me. But had I been there, I probably would have left the party, too. Phaedra should have introduced Mr. Ridiculous and then invited those who were obliged to see his performance to another room or another location all together. Then, the ones who didn't want to participate would have at least had a choice. And Mama Joyce was not amused at all. I don't blame her, even though she and Kandi are open about strippers and other taboo topics, this was just too much for her. But she shouldn't have taken it out on Kandi, when the culprit, Ms. Phaedra, was right there!

And what was up with Mr. Ridiculous' face? Was that makeup around his eye or a Tyson-esque tattoo?

Nene and Greg had relations, which surprised me. I thought Nene had moved on. I don't know how I feel about her taking Greg back. After all, he did that horrible interview about her - it's a tough situation to read at this point.

Rebecca Romijn and her goofy husband were on Watch What Happens Live, and I enjoyed their enthusiasm, even though I don't totally agree with everything they say. 

Two for the Price of One

I am so sorry this blog is so late. Life has been exponentially more stressful the last few weeks, and that's in no way an excuse, but merely an explanation, so please forgive me.

Last week, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, some major drama unfolded. My thoughts about the end of the tea party are simple, Camille finally laid everyone's cards out on the table and stormed out, which infuriated Taylor because that was supposed to be her shtick. Taylor continued her childish behavior at her daughter's country-fair-inspired birthday party, by harassing the party rental guys and flirting with an American Idol reject. Seriously, what the hell was up with Ace? How could he have gotten creepier over the last few years? Because he definitely has. Adrienne got caught up in the tantrum epidemic by being offended that Pandora's engagement party in Vegas will not take place at her hotel. Since when does Adrienne have dibs on every event in Vegas? Even if Lisa wanted the party to be at the Palms, it's ultimately Pandora's decision. Maybe there was a reason she'd rather do it at Planet Hollywood?

Ellen Barkin and Andrew Rannells were absolutely charming on Watch What Happens Live that night. Ellen is one cool lady.

So let's jump into this week. My boyfriend, Kevin Lee, is front and center with some over the top wedding preparations. Did I mention that I love him? Because I do. Adrienne is organizing a charity event along with her show line and I really couldn't follow how those two things are related, but apparently they are. The scenes with Taylor, Russell, and their therapist were just unsettling. I think I've used that word (unsettling) every single time I reference a scene with Russell in it, so please forgive the repetition. It's just so sad. They seem to make progress at their session, but it's a very shallow progress. Like they're just barely understanding how to speak to each other, and not even close to resolving the real issues. I must say, Lisa's impersonations are so hilarious and accurate, she may need to take the act on the road. The cotton candy scene was priceless.

Adrienne's fashion show was pretty, but definitely uncomfortable. It seemed that at every turn, someone had beef with someone else. Ce la vie in Beverly Hills?

One of my all time favorite funny ladies, Kristen Johnston was on Watch What Happens Live with Brad Goreski, formerly of the Rachel Zoe Project. Both of them have new shows coming out soon. Kristen is one of the most hilarious WWHL guests of all time, and my only gripe is that she isn't on the show more. Please, Andy, more Kristen, please.