Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Love You Like Un Hermano

It was another roller coaster ride on Bethenny Ever After this week. Again, this is NOT a recap blog, this is an OPINION-based blog. Meaning, I give you MY opinions based on this episode and also take into consideration the entire season. I stand by my opinions, so if you're not cool with that, you might as well stop reading right now. If you are cool with this, you're awesome, so keep reading.

Bethenny, Jason, Brynn, and the Skinnygirl crew goes to Mexico. The trip had its ups and downs, to say the least, so let's discuss.

Brynn. She's a doll, a dream, and a darling little baby girl. So cute.

Hilarious couples massage. The motorboat at the end made everyone's day!

Hermano on the beach trying to scam Bethenny, and her not falling for it at all.

Skinnygirl's gift to Bethenny. That book was so sweet.

Jason's gift to Bethenny. That necklace is EVERYTHING!!!

Jason and Bethenny having quiet, sweet moments together. These are the moments where we see that their love is still strong. Gives us hope that their gonna be ok.

Mariachi birthday dinner. I want that for my birthday every year from now on.

Fighting in front of your glammy. Never a good look.

Fighting over lunch. Then fighting over dinner. Really, all the fighting all over the place.

Sidebar: I don't know what it is that's keeping these two from moving forward, but it's really starting to bother me. Bethenny and Jason really need to get on the same page. And fast.

I'm worried sick about next week. The fighting is not over! What did you think of this episode? Tweet me!

After the Slap

Basketball Wives picked up back at the racetrack, right after the infamous slap in the face (from Nia to Jennifer). Again, this is NOT a recap. If you're looking for a recap, click here. This is an OPINION-based blog, meaning, I will give my opinions about each of the ladies based on this episode and also take into consideration the rest of the current season. These are MY opinions, and I stand by them.

Shaunie: You should have been a lot harder on Nia for getting physical with Jennifer. Use your authority, lady! Shaunie's grade for the week: D (because I think she could have made it clear that Nia was wrong).

Tami: You cracked me up this week. I know you got physical with people in the past, but you have a way of re-enacting these fights that just tickles me. And I thought it was funny that you said you needed to hang with Kesha to make sure you're not in the line of fire next time. Tami's grade for the week: A (because, you guessed it, she made me laugh!).

Evelyn: Well, last week, we saw you get overcome with emotion because Jennifer put Nia down for not having enough money. And people read you for talking smack about Royce's clothes back in the day. I'm thinking maybe you realized how wrong that was? Or maybe it was just an excuse to be mad because you needed one so you could be in on the fight. I will say, it is wrong to put people down for not having what you have, so if you're sincere, I think that's a noble stance to take. But, jumping over the table was definitely a bad move, Moving on, your birthday was hilarious. The dress code was apparently high-end hooker-chic, complete with stripper pole. And the car. That's a sweet birthday gift, I must say. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (I can't quite tell if she's sincere or just needed one more reason to be upset at Jennifer).

Jennifer: I can't say I blame you for pressing charges, and truthfully, it's not a surprise, because you served the ladies with papers saying that you would do that if they got physical with you. So, really, you're just following through on your threat/promise. I don't feel sorry for you because you sat there and told this angry woman "I wish you would", and she did. And you just sat there. Did you think security was going to stop her? Also, just FYI, they keep bringing up your new friends because they think that's why you've changed so much. Duh! Anyway, she hit you and you're pressing charges. Fine. Then, there was some contrived scene with you and Kenya taking a self defense class. That seemed so fake to me. Jennifer's grade for the week: D (because she should have stood up or at least walked away!)

Suzie: You behaved yourself this week!! Proud of you, gurl! Suzie's grade for the week: A (because I want her to keep it up).

Royce: I thought the commercial - I mean date night - at Dave & Buster's was a lot of fun. You do look extremely happy with Dezmon. I just can't stop thinking about the preview of next week of you fighting with your dad. What the hell is going on? Royce's grade for the week: A (for being so happy with her new man).

Kesha: You were brave to tell Evelyn to calm down. I just hope you're not the next one to suffer her wrath! Kesha's grade for the week: B (for speaking her mind, but don't get popped!).

Kenya: Your scenes with Jennifer were kind of boring because you're just agreeing with everything she says. I don't blame you for wanting to be on someone's good side. You need friends right now. And nice punches in the self defense class, by the way. Kenya's grade for the week: B (for playing the part of Jennifer's new BFF beautifully).

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Acting Like Ladies

We got to party a little bit with the Mob Wives this week, in between snippets of drama, of course. Remember, this is NOT a recap, just my opinions and thoughts about the episode this week. I'm giving MY point of view, MY way. If you need a recap, please go to VH1.com. If you're cool with me doing my thing, please continue reading.

Karen: Congrats on the book. I think if you're going to write a book, you pretty much have to make it as interesting as possible, so it really doesn't surprise me that you included Lee and Drita. In fact, I expected it. Hey, you gotta sell books, and this controversy between you and Drita is a big deal. I think the book party looked like a lot of fun, and I'm glad you had a good time. I'm happy for you, hun. Karen's grade for the week: A (because she accomplished what she set out to do, and I respect that).

Drita: You were being a great friend to Carla and to Renee on this episode, and you managed to side-step the drama throughout the episode. You let Carla vent and you let Renee vent, but you didn't make it worse, you just listened and told them both to talk to each other, which ended up being the right thing to do. I love that you're so excited about getting the puppy for your girls. That's awesome. I also loved that you don't care if you're in Karen's book or not. I think that's the best way to deal with it. Either you read it or you don't. And let the record show, Carla decided not to go to the book party before talking to you. You just agreed with her decision. Drita's grade for the week: A (for being a good friend, as always).

Carla: I commend you for talking to Renee and straightening out that whole rumor nonsense. The two of you handled that situation really well. Meaning, you didn't end up fighting about it. I don't blame you for not going to the book party, since the last time you talked to Karen, you ended up having issues with Renee. So, I say, you made the right call on that one. Carla's grade for the week: A (because she was able to patch things up with Renee beautifully).

Renee: I'm so glad you're feeling stronger and more confident. You definitely look like you're ready to take on the world. I'm sure the stress of all the recent events is still weighing heavily on you. I think it's great that you went to Big Ang's party and to Karen's book party. You're not gonna sit at home and cry anymore. Good for you! Showing up for your dad's court date was important to you, and I'm sure he appreciated it. I'm sure your relatives know that you had nothing to do with Junior's betrayal, as do your friends. No one is questioning your loyalty to your father. At least I'm not. And it's great that you and Carla made up, I loved that. Renee's grade for the week: A (for staying strong and getting through this with her head held high).

Ramona: I'm so sorry about your jewelry and personal items being taken from you. That doesn't seem right, by any means. I hope you get your stuff back soon. I think you're an awesome friend to Karen, that cannot be denied. You really didn't bother me this week at all! Exciting! Ramona's grade for the week: A (for not pissing me off this week!).

Big Ang: I want to go to one of your parties SO bad!! LOVE me some Big Ang!! Big Ang's grade for the week: A (for being amazing).

Yes, I gave everyone A's this week, because hey, they were cool on this episode, and I give credit where credit is due. No one was out of line (in my opinion), and if you don't agree, you can tweet me!

Success Smells

So, it's getting down to the wire in Celebrity Apprentice. There's only a handful of contestants left, and it's kind of sad, actually. Just to remind all of you, this is NOT a recap blog. I will be giving you my opinions, plain and simple. I look at each episode and weigh in the entire season, but in NO way will I recap the episode, much less the season. I talk about what stands out to ME. I hate having to put a disclaimer like this on my posts, but some people don't seem to understand where I'm coming from, so I need to explain it.

I was not impressed with Aubrey's display for Trump's cologne. The buildings looked cheap, and the silhouette cutout was way too small. I thought she was going to have Eric stand with his back to her and then have the cutout be the outline of his head and shoulders, which could have worked better. Anyway, one of the only things that I liked about Aubrey's display was the pamphlets and the scent sticks. I also liked that there were little shelves for the cologne to be displayed all up and down the building cutouts. Aubrey did a pretty good job with the presentation, and I think she impressed the executives with her verbal prowess.

Teresa impressed me by running around and painting the display. She really worked hard, and it showed. Arsenio resisted the urge to fight with Aubrey, which was nice for a change.

Clay was too hesitant with his choices, I felt. Penn's ideas weren't bad, necessarily, but Clay should have come up with a better tagline. I loved the picture that Dayana took, which was also Penn's idea. I thought it was a great photo and I thought it was an awesome reflection of the brand and the cologne. It looked like Dayana was smelling her man and loving it. LOL! Lisa was a good sport this week (no meltdowns), even though she did spy on the other team. But she didn't see much other than the skyline in the making. But really, the displays couldn't have been more different.

I was surprised that Aubrey won, but when it came down to it, unfortunately, I could see Penn's firing coming from a mile away. Clay made sure to let Trump know that Penn came up with the tagline that the executives hated so much. And it was just that simple, as it sometimes can be on Celebrity Apprentice. Trump gets fixated on one thing, and that's all it takes.

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All Will Be Revealed

So, by now, you all know that the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race was not crowned on Monday night. We have to wait another week until the reunion to find out who walks away as the next drag superstar. But, that's not to say that the "finale" episode wasn't entertaining. It definitely was.

That Glamazon video was the best thing I've seen since Don't Be Jealous of My Boogie. I loved it. And seeing Tyra and Raja again was awesome. Those queens looked amazing, and had really good advice for all three finalists.

Chad: You were flawless, stunning, and finally, a little vulnerable. I absolutely gagged over your final runway look. Donatella owes you some free swag immediately. I would be very pleased if you won the title. However, it didn't look like it was going your way. You killed the lipsynch. It's just too close to call at this point. Chad's grade for the week: A (love you, gurl!).

Sharon: I'm glad you let go of your guilt about being on the show instead of Alaska. I'm sure she wants you to succeed more than anyone in the world. You have a real shot at this. If you win, you'll win as yourself. Your drag, your vision, your beauty. And that would be quite a victory. You were super cute in the video, except of course, for the dancing, but hey, no one's perfect. Your personality made up for it, I think. Plus, you're not a dancing queen, that's just not your forte. But I did enjoy your lipsynch very much. Sharon's grade for the week: A (this was always your race to win, mama).

Phi Phi: I gotta give it up to you this week. You turned it out, big time. You showed your softer side, you opened up, and you were a tad bit less shady than you had been before. Growth takes time, but I think when you look back, you'll see you could have gone just as far and not been as shady. You did awesome on the Glamazon video and with the lipsynch. Your runway look was cute, but it wasn't finale-worthy to me. But what do I know? It's Ru's call. Phi Phi's grade for the week: A (she performed, and I give credit where credit is due).

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Stupid Pooper and Other Gems Courtesy of Milania

Things started off with a bang on the Real Housewives of New Jersey this week. This is probably one of the most anticipated seasons of the Housewives in the history of the franchise, thanks to the foreshadowing in the last reunion. Who knew taping the next season of a show while airing the previous one would be such a disaster? I'm thinking Bravo won't try that again any time soon.

And I have to shout out the star of the episode by far, Milania. She was hilarious. Hence, the title of this blog post. Congrats, Milania, and keep those shrieking outbursts of kiddy-profanity coming.

Jacqueline: I'm glad you and Chris finally kicked Ashley out. OMG, WTF did that girl do to her FACE???? Ok, I won't go into further detail, because that's how I got blocked by Jay Mohr (I asked the same question about his wife). But seriously, that was not a good look for Ashley at all. I'm glad to hear Caroline say on Watch What Happens Live that she's back to her previous look. The blown up lips are not where it's at, I'm just saying. Back to Jacqueline, I think we're seeing the beginning of your spiral down to the point where you were not emotionally ok enough to be at the reunion. So, I'm interested to see that path and where it leads. I honestly like you and your family a lot, and I think you get caught in the middle because you want to give everyone a fair shake. Let's see how this all plays out. Jacqueline's grade for the week: A (I got love for you, Jac!).

Melissa: I thought you were cool on this episode. When people wanted to talk about Teresa, you tried to diffuse the situation. You're right, the book's written, and you can't do anything about it. You could only take so much as it was, and then Joe (Gorga) had to tell you about the "richer man" comment that Teresa made. I would have flipped out. It seems you were still trying to be nice, even after that. I hope you're able to get through to Teresa that hurtful comments only make a bad situation worse. Melissa's grade for the week: A (she's on my good side so far).

Caroline: The menopause thing is tough, because it's a whole lot of changes all happening at the same time. From what I hear, I mean. I still have a while to go before I find out. I think it's funny that you're cranky this season. It's definitely going to make for a less diplomatic Caroline, and that could be fun. And menopause is known to make women a little ... nuts. So we'll see. I also think it's funny that your kids are still smarting from Teresa's cookbook comments. I didn't like what she said about you and your kids either, but it's time for them to let it go. I don't know how much (or how little) time had passed between the finale of last season and the first episode of this season. I think you were right to talk to Teresa and tell her that it's all good and that you're just going to let it go. I hope the kids follow your lead. Trying to reason with Teresa is pointless, so it's better to just forget it. I'm very interested to see how things go so wrong later. Caroline's grade for the week: B (because menopause is a bitch, and I'm gonna wait and see how she reacts to things as the season goes on).

Kathy: You are truly a beam of light on this show. I wish Teresa could look up to you and learn from your positivity sometimes. I think you have the right attitude about this whole thing, which you've had from the beginning. And I friggin' love Rosie! She is so right about everything. It's wonderful to see you enjoying life and your family, and all the while, you long for the same with Teresa. I can see it. I think we all can. Oh and by the way, that shore house is to die for, I'd love to vacation there. Kathy's grade for the week: A (I love this woman).

Teresa: I'm looking at you with a new set of eyes this season. Ok? Clean slate, I promise. I saw a lot that I didn't like, but I'm going to start by saying that I can't imagine how much stress you're under at this point in the season. I don't know why you're turning to tabloid magazines instead of your family (is it because they pay?), but you've got to get back to working it out with your brother. I saw Joe (Giudice) saying some not so great things, and your reactions were painful to watch. You're hurting. The talk that you had with your brother on the beach could have been the turning point, but you wouldn't allow yourself to be vulnerable and admit that you do need him. If he had told a magazine that you wouldn't be there for him, you would have been incredibly hurt by that. So, don't do that to him. Even if, at the time, you felt like it was the truth. Deep down, you know it's not. And deep down, you know where the true problem lies - the person that is driving the wedge deeper and deeper - I'll let you figure that one out on your own. And I have to say, your girls are beautiful and hilarious. Teresa's grade for the week: C (I'm giving her a chance this season, convince me, Tre).

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Baby Nene, You're Not

Well, friends, we've come to the end of another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Part 3 of the Reunion is over and done with. I could have done without a lot of the screaming and yelling back and forth, but hey, that's just me. I think the best moments were when a couple of the ladies just spoke honestly and calmly. Well, maybe not so calmly, but you get the idea.

So, until season 5, let's say goodbye to our Atlanta ladies.

Phaedra: You kept it classy on Part 3, just as you did on Part 1 and 2, and I can't fault you for that. I'm interested in your Donkey Booty workout dvd, just because it sounds like it'll be hilarious. I think it's safe to say you'll be back for season 5. You definitely changed my opinion of you this season, so I give you lots of credit for that. Thanks for showing us another side of you on season 4. Phaedra's grade for the week: A (for making me like her, which was no easy task).

Sheree: It's for the best that you won't be back for season 5, whether it was your choice to leave or not. I thought it was appropriate that they showed that montage of you acting ... let's just say, LESS than elegant and sophisticated throughout the seasons. You were a terror this season, and you didn't even have a good storyline to back you up. This is what happens when you get bitter on a reality show. Just ask Jill Zarin. But seriously, you need to get a job, let She by Sheree die once and for all, and just be grateful that you were part of a hit tv show. Because really, you don't have anything to show for it, and you don't have anyone to blame but yourself. Sheree's grade for the week: F (because she's bitter with a capital B).

Kim: I think it's in poor taste for you to criticize anyone for dating older, wealthy men. It's actually in bad taste for you to judge anyone, period. In truth, you were dating an older, wealthy man and accepting his extravagant gifts. Fact. I'm not even going to go into the whole "mistress" thing, because your defense is, and has always been, that Big Papa was separated but not legally divorced, so your relationship with him was ok. Alright, let's just pretend you're in the right on that one (I'm not convinced, but let's just go there for the sake of argument), the fact is, you have no business condemning anyone else for doing exactly what you did in the past. I don't even like Marlo or what she said to you, but all you had to do was say, "Good for you, I did the same thing", and be done with it. You were beyond rude to Cynthia - she has just as much right to an opinion as you do, and you shouldn't have told her to shut up. Like it or not, she gets to speak at the reunion, too. I did think it was nice when you defended Kandi and told her she doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. That was nice of you. I also enjoyed seeing you say thank you to Nene for connecting you with the producers to get you on the show. It was great to see you appreciate that she did something for you that turned out to be such a blessing in your life. With that said, I still will not watch your show. I think you're a spoiled brat and I just can't bring myself to watch a show that's just focused on you. You haven't won me over enough. Sorry. Kim's grade for the week: C (I give Kim credit for the positive, but I'm not going to ignore the negative).

Nene: You were pretty funny on this last part of the reunion, especially when you checked Sheree again, "Let me help you out. If you need help, I'm your girl. You're ridin' with the wrong team". That made me laugh out loud. Yes, Nene, we believe you when you say you brought Kim and Sheree into the mix. I did think it was funny when they mashed up Kim and Big Papa's scenes with you and John's scenes. The similarities are undeniable - right down to the squealing. It actually made me kind of sad. But, you have a point, John is not married. You're the one in the middle of a divorce. So, you may have proven Kim's point that just the fact that you're in the process of a divorce means you're not doing anything wrong by dating someone else. I'm exhausted with this topic. Do what you want, gurl. Anyway, we're all happy for you getting the role on Glee. Like I said before, this should be your last season. Although, with the cordialness between you and Kim at the end of the reunion, I would be willing to retract that if you two were friends again. Let's face it, both of you need each other on this show. If you're not into that, then it really is time to go. Being Marlo's babysitter is not the look for you, and Cynthia will do just fine with the ladies on her own. I got some of the love for you back (not all of it) on the reunion as a whole, because I really do believe you're doing the best you can. We may not like the path that you're taking, but it's your path and your journey and I still have love for you. Nene's grade for the week: C (she made me laugh, but it's time to go).

Marlo: I'm glad you apologized for using the "F" word. That was definitely a plus for you. However, going below the belt with the other ladies was very unnecessary and uncalled for. You have no room to talk, not even about Kim. The fact is, you're the one with the rap sheet, and you're the one that's been consistently called out as being an escort and a liar. Now, I would take Kandi's word over yours any day. If Kandi wants a boy toy, she can have one, because she's got it like that. You, on the other hand, haven't proven yourself to have the best judgement. So, maybe you need to just leave everyone else alone and focus on getting yourself together. I think you want to be the next Nene, and even though she called you Baby Nene, you don't get that title, because Nene started out being likable. You didn't. Marlo's grade for the week: F (she should definitely NOT be on season 5).

Cynthia: I applaud you for speaking up and standing up for yourself in Part 3 of the reunion. I think you are your own person, but I think you could have done a better job of articulating yourself. I could see where you were going at times, but you didn't finish your thoughts, so it wasn't totally clear what your point was. I still think you'll be great on season 5, especially if Nene doesn't come back. Then the other ladies will have to engage and interact with you and they won't be able to accuse you of acting differently around Nene, because she won't be around! I like that you went toe to toe with Kim, and all she could do was mock you, while you said your piece. Others may not have appreciated that, but I did. Cynthia's grade for the week: C (she needs to get ready for season 5).

Kandi: You defended yourself incredibly well against Marlo's crazy accusations. And you let us know, you have no problem taking care of your man, or any man for that matter. The fact is, you don't and your man has a job and his own money. I believe you. Marlo looked crazy for trying to embarrass you like that. I kind of enjoyed watching you take her down! I think you need to nurture the friendship with Cynthia a little bit more. You and Cynthia could be really great friends. I just see it for some reason. I'm happy that you're in love and your business ventures are taking off. We really are proud of you. Kandi's grade for the week: A (even when she got mad, she made sense, which is more than I can say for some of the other ladies).

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Better Than Ever

Watch What Happens Live was on a roll this week, and I'm not complaining. It was probably one of the strongest weeks it's had in a while. And Andy looked happier and more into it, so I was very excited to see that. If you need to catch up, click here. Let's begin.

Sunday, April 15th: Reza, Asa, and Mike from Shahs of Sunset. Loved this show. So fun, Mike was just drunk enough and really opened up on the After Show. Reza spilled some tea about Lisa Vanderpump and Asa was charming and witty, as usual. Solid show to start off the week.

Monday, April 16th: John Slattery from Mad Men and Rashida Jones from Parks and Recreation. Rashida was definitely the star of this episode and with good reason. She's super fun and cute, and went with the silliness of the show from minute one. John was a little too quiet and reserved for my taste. He loosened up a little by the After Show.

Tuesday, April 17th: Loretta Devine from The Client List and Ana Gasteyer from Suburgatory. These two ladies were great together. I really enjoyed this show, especially because Ana makes Andy laugh so much. Loretta was really sassy, and gave us some juicy Chris Brown/Rihanna info.

Wednesday, April 18: Jenni Pulos from Interior Therapy and Rachel Maddow from The Rachel Maddow Show. Maybe ... actually, definitely, my favorite show of the week. Jenni and Rachel were so funny and had such a good time on the show, it made it a lot of fun to watch. Andy was loving it, and that made it better. The After Show is especially awesome.

Thursday, April 19th: Ricki Lake from The Ricki Lake Show and Jaleel White from Dancing With The Stars. Two 90s icons in the same room? I am there. It was a lot of fun, and Jaleel's dancing partner Kym was the bartender. I thought that was a nice touch. She looked amazing, too. It was cool to hear about Ricki's new talk show coming up, also. Jaleel has a very calm, classy vibe to him that I enjoy.

Can't wait for next week! Just a few of the upcoming guests are: Caroline Manzo, Gabourey Sidibe, Jason Mraz, Laurie Peterson, and much more.

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The premiere of Kathy Griffin's new talk show, Kathy, was super funny. I really loved it, and I have high hopes for the rest of the season. Here's just a few things that I really loved about the show:

Maggie. She's back in our lives, and I'm so happy to see her again.

Tiffany. First of all, she looks amazing, and she still has a great laugh. She serves as a kind of Andy Richter, and she does an awesome job.

The civilian panel. Kathy has a panel of non-celebrities talk about celebrities with total abandon and no fear of getting banned or blacklisted. It's like the conversations we all have on Twitter happening on a couch with Kathy as the hilarious moderator.

The staff. Kathy has a whole new set of staff members to torture and it's going to be funny as hell. But, where's Tom?

The set. It's so beautiful and sparkly and fun. Totally perfect for our girl Kathy.

I'm really looking forward to next Thursday's show. Kathy is staying true to her comedy, which I love. I'm glad she's not being forced to conform to anyone else's ideas of what she should do or what she should say. Kathy does best when she's just flying by the seat of her pants. Speaking of pants, Kathy looked great on the episode. I want her glam squad.

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You're Both Whores

Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was just as feisty and fiery as the first installment, with the husbands stopping by and Marlo making a splash, as well. Let's just jump right in.

Kandi: I think you're doing really well on this season's reunion so far. You're making your points, you're explaining you're stance on things, and you're making a whole lot of sense. I understood exactly where you were coming from with Kim about her friend's comment that you let Riley stay with Kim. The whole "black baby" kerfuffle was so blown out of proportion, and it was not the comparison to make at the time. I totally understood your anger about that. Keep up the good work. Kandi's grade for the week: A (for holding her ground).

Cynthia: I've always defended you and Peter, and guess what, I'm not stopping now. Mal was out of line, Peter was out of line, but you dealt with it the best you could. I still believe you and Peter are going to make it, by the way. I don't care what anyone says! Cynthia's grade for the week: A (for standing by her man).

Nene: You were still super defensive on Part 2, but you only had a couple outbursts as opposed to Part 1, which was basically one big tirade on your part. We examined your friendship with Marlo, which you may want to rethink, because she is nuts. But your performance wasn't too bad this week. Nene's grade for the week: C (for being over it, so are we).

Marlo: You are insane. It was so obvious that you practiced that whole "whore" speech to Kim. I must say, you had all your accusations locked and loaded, but the way you delivered it was terrible. Just as Kim has no right to judge anyone, neither do you. I have a feeling you have a lot more skeletons in your closet than anyone else in that room. So, you might want to keep a lid on the crazy. Marlo's grade for the week: F (because she's just terrible).

Kim: I've said in the past, I'm happy for you and Kroy's happiness. I'm not going to hate on any of that. Mazel to you. What I will say is - you always have so much to say about everyone else all the time, but you can't take it when people have something to say about you. And that's the fundamental problem I have with you. You're so offended when people take shots at you but let's be real. If you want to dish it out, you should be able to take it. Kim's grade for the week: F (because I can't take her anymore).

Sheree: You had some great facial expressions on this episode, which I appreciated. I'm just glad you weren't talking as much. Your explanation for the whole "black baby" debacle was weak, but at least you apologized. Sheree's grade for the week: B (because I appreciated that she apologized).

Phaedra: I think you and Apollo are great together, and I'm glad to hear the funeral business is still a go. I think you're also doing well on the reunion this time around, and that's saying a lot coming from me. I like that you and Nene are on good terms, as well. Good job. Phaedra's grade for the week: A (I actually like her now!).

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Shade, Shade, Shade

Glamping is now part of our vocabulary, thanks to the Real Housewives of Orange County. Alexis took most of the ladies to a glamorous camping getaway, and even though it was pretty swanky, it was outdoorsy all the same. And of course, there was plenty of complaining about the elements. Tamra was still nursing her breast implant extraction, and Gretchen was nursing her voice - I still don't understand why that's taking so long. So, let's get into the episode more in depth.

Alexis: I think it was nice for you to invite everyone to the Glamping trip, but I don't think it turned out quite the way you planned. I like that you and Vicki got along, but your tit for tat with Heather is getting old. I don't know if it's because you just don't listen, or you just don't want anyone else's input or opinions. I think you need to open up a little more and let go of the control you so desperately seem to want to hold on to. And I didn't like you just throwing the garbage bags by the wayside for the staff at the resort to pick up. I think you confuse being glamorous and fabulous with acting superior sometimes, and that is so not a good look for you. I did like your dance break in the car, though. Alexis' grade for the week: D (because she needs to get a grip).

Gretchen: I understand how frustrating it is when your voice won't (or can't) do what you want it to do. But, really? This voice thing you're milking is getting super old. I truly can't wrap my head around how you destroyed your voice by having one screaming match however long ago. I get it, the incident with Vicki probably was more recent than it seems on the show. I'm pretty sure your Pussycat Dolls performance will be fine, because if the show is entertaining, they'll forgive you for not belting out your song. Also, I don't think your voice is that strong to begin with if screaming at someone does that much damage. Just saying. Gretchen's grade for the week: C (for needing to suck it up and quit whining).

Vicki: Once again, you were the meanest girl on the block this week. You were talking down to Tamra about getting her implants taken out, which really was out of line. Not to mention your less-than-nice comments about it in your interviews, saying that you were finally able to become friends with Alexis because Tamra wasn't there to influence you. Come on. You are the last person that should be talking about stopping people from being friends. That is your forte, sweetie. You had a moment of being nice on the Glamping trip but I have a feeling it's just a short term thing. Vicki's grade for the week: D (for being a shady lady).

Tamra: You get a pass from me this week because you're in recovery from getting your implants out, and you had to deal with Vicki's shade. Tamra's grade for the week: Pass (feel better and throw some shade back at Vicki).

Heather: I've grown to appreciate your humor, so I think I'm being fair here. You were being a little uppity at the Glamping site. Just a little. But I understand why, because dealing with crazy women would tense anyone up, I think. You were the only one listening and being respectful to the staff, especially with the whole starting-the-fire situation. I really don't think you were trying to steal Alexis' thunder at all, but you are a take charge person, that's just you. I didn't think you said anything too crazy about Alexis, but anything you say is going to offend her. Maybe next time, just let Alexis take the lead and don't say anything - we don't want you turning into a mean girl. Heather's grade for the week: B (because I want her to stay away from the mean girl path).

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The latest episode of Glee kind of pissed me off. Once again, they're acting like high school is the be-all, end-all of life. Kids, mommy needs you to listen. High school is just that. You have the whole rest of your life to be whatever you want to be. Think about all the people who have hit their stride in their (gasp!) 30s, 40s, and 50s! I'm not saying that you kids don't have important decisions to make, but damn, this show is putting some unnecessary pressure on these kids!

For example, Finn needed to make up his own mind - and I'm not sure Will, Emma, and Rachel's intervention really helped. If anything he needed to sit down with his mom and talk to her about what he wanted to pursue. But, of course, the mom is only present incidentally, not in any real parenting capacity. Which kind of irritates me, as well.

I was not into the whole Rachel/Finn making up story, because I can taste them breaking them up in the last few episodes of the season. Just let them break up already.

I did love the Saturday Night Fever theme, because I love that album. I was raised on that album. My mother loves disco, and I love disco, and that is the disco album for the ages. A few of the performances really stood out to me, like Mercedes doing Disco Inferno and Santana doing If I Can't Have You. Everything else was just ... blah to me. I'm not sure why.

I'm just hoping the next episode will hold my attention and give me something I can live for.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love Gina

On Monday's Bethenny Ever After, Gina made an appearance, but it was too short if you ask me. Gina brought the laughs, but she also allowed Bethenny to break down and cry, to be real for just a second, and admit that she's not okay. I wish Gina could be on every episode.

The episode had some lighter moments, but things are not okay at this point in the season.

Bethenny and Jason can't seem to find a comfortable balance between their marriage and Skinnygirl. It's a shame, really, because they would be unstoppable together in the business world. But, did Jason sign up to be a business partner? Probably not. In a perfect world, the marriage and the business would totally coincide. This is not a perfect world. I am still very worried about Jason and Bethenny's marriage, and the previews for next week episode don't make me feel any better about it.

I cried right along with Bethenny in the therapy scene. Not because we're in the same place or situation by any means. But because no matter what you do or how much money you make, if you feel like you're always the bad guy, it breaks you down. If you're always the one to be blamed for everything because you're not the person you're supposed to be, it gets exhausting. Bethenny isn't who Jason wants her to be at this point. This is what scares me. This is also what I relate to, not in a relationship, but in life. There are expectations out there that I can never seem to achieve. This is why I cried watching this scene.

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Jesus is a Biscuit and Other Favorite Moments

This week's Drag Race was a look back at the season and some bonus clips we didn't get to see. Since there were so many awesome moments, I have to just list my faves (in no particular order).

- Mama Michelle Visage doing her best Ru-impression, complete with sky-high blonde hair realness. I loved it! So much fun. And of course, when Ru slapped the sh*t out of her (not really). HAHA!

- Nurse! Willam, damn you, because I WILL be using that damn catchphrase from now on.

- The video auditions. I could watch those audition videos all day long. Everyone approaches it differently, but each one has certain things in common. Show the wigs, show the frocks, mandatory lipsynch, tell us why you'll win. And can I just say, the best audition moments were Chad/Cher in what looked like a locker room, and Sharon in an alley breaking a bottle. LIVING!

- The videos of the queens being told they were chosen. The joy! The tears! The absolute excitement! I was tearing up a little. That moment where you're told you get a chance to do something great. As Latrice said, "This is it! This is IT! THIS IS IT!" Yes, it is!

- Who knew Billy B was such a mean girl?! Don't you ever hate on Michelle Visage's look! EVER!

- Phi Phi in her audition tape saying queens should have each other's backs. Um, who are you and what have you done with Phi Phi O'Hara???

- Latrice giving us all the song in our hearts forever and ever: "Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up!" And the conversations that followed. No, Phi Phi and Jiggly don't know what that means, but Dida sure does. And speaking of Dida ... "CHEESECAKE!" LOL! That will never get old. I love it!

- Sharon and Alaska both auditioning for Drag Race. Alaska has auditioned before, this was Sharon's first time. Don't feel guilty, Sharon! Alaska has to make her own journey onto the show. Like Manila and Sahara - queens in a relationship aren't meant to be on the same season.

- RuPaul consulting Michelle Visage flapper-esque fortune teller for the WINNAH! I say the RuPaul/Michelle Visage talk show makes a comeback in 2012! Who's with me?!

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Stunts and Slaps

Basketball Wives is a true reality show, through and through. They give us drama in the beginning, laughs in the middle, and drama at the end. They definitely follow a formula, and it works. This week, of course, was the slap of all slaps, courtesy of Evelyn's friend and assistant (I still don't quite understand that dynamic). It was epic. I'm still wondering how Jenn's face didn't have a hand print on it - unless I just didn't see it. You tell me.

Jenn: For a while there, you had me fooled. I was thinking Royce was right - you're nicer when you're not around Evelyn. At least you had been for the last couple of episodes. Then you had to go and ruin it by being mean and rude to Nia, and then you got smacked for it. Basically, it comes down to you thinking you're better than a certain percentage of the population. Why? Because you dress in designer clothes and shoes? Because you live in a certain kind of place? None of that actually makes you better than anyone else. And asking someone what they're doing at an event (in the tone you used), doesn't help. Saying that you won't sue them because they don't have anything doesn't help, either. I think Nia's right. We all saw the real Jenn. And we are not impressed. Jenn: F (for showing that you're not bougie, you're an elitist b*tch).

Tami: You made me laugh again this week, first, on the boardwalk with Shaunie, and then at the races when you jumped in to save Jenn from Nia and Evelyn. You are always right there! On a more serious note, I absolutely loved the scene with your mom. It's great when these reality shows actually show growth and communication and understanding. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's beautiful. Especially between mothers and daughters, which can be a really difficult relationship to navigate. I hope you and your mom are still close, because you're both beautiful women - inside and out. I know we all think it's funny when you tell someone off or confront someone, because it is, but it's also good to know that you are vulnerable in a lot of ways, and that you're working on becoming a better person. I appreciate you showing that to the world. Tami's grade for the week: A (yes, for making me laugh, but also for being real).

Suzie: I'm glad you saw yourself in the movie "Think Like a Man" this week. I would say that I hope you learned something from it, but I have a feeling that's not really your deal. I'm thinking you'd much rather keep making yourself look like a dumb ho. Have fun with that! Suzie's grade for the week: C (because I'm just over her in so many ways).

Royce: I like you, I think you're smart and talented and great. But why? Why? Why did we have to see you in a totally rehearsed, totally fake date night with the robe and the lingerie ... ugh. Why??? It was all so contrived, girl! You're better than stunts like that! I thought your relationship was being portrayed just fine up until that point. You jumped the shark on that one. Consider this your Tamra and Eddie in the bathtub moment (Housewives of OC). Totally unnecessary. I still like you, though. Royce's grade for the week: D (for that unnecessary stunt).

Evelyn (and Nia): You two were the dynamic duo this week, in more ways then one. At one point I thought I was watching a WWE event. Nia smacks Jenn first, now here comes her partner, Evelyn, to finish the job! Come on now, it was all kinds of ridiculous. I'm not saying it wasn't entertaining, because it was (do I really have to have the whole entertainment value vs. real life factor conversation with you all again? No? Ok, thanks), but you girls are really getting out of control. All you had to do - Evelyn - was let Nia be the aggressor and show that you're not about fighting anymore. You escort Nia out, and you laugh about it on the way home. But no, you had to jump up on the table and do some flying eagle move trying to get to Jenn. I actually agree with you that Jenn was out of line to act superior to Nia, but you didn't have to react that way. Evelyn's grade for the week: F (for not taking the opportunity to sit back and be the bigger person).

One thing I didn't address yet was the blatant commercial smack dab in the middle of the show for "Think Like a Man". Come on, VH1, we've seen the previews and we'll watch the movie if we feel like it. Damn!

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Gossip Girls

As promised, I'm getting all caught up this morning. Sunday's Mob Wives centered around (who else?) Junior and his decision to cooperate with the Feds against Renee's father. It was another emotional episode, but I have a feeling next week will be even more dramatic. I can't help but wonder how the producers decide how to let the drama unfold on this show and if any of the cast members object to any of it. In my opinion, this show is one of the most raw. I can't imagine many other reality shows exposing as much as these ladies do. But, I definitely appreciate them doing so, because we really are invested in their lives and care about them. So, let's jump right in, kids.

Renee: I think you're doing the best you can in the situation you were handed, which was a terrible, horrible situation. I don't think now is the time to fight with any of your friends. I know there's gossip and you've got our guard up, but please, don't believe everything you hear. Try to shut all that negativity out and focus on you and your family. Renee's grade for the week: Pass (she's going through too much to get a grade this week).

Drita: I think it was smart of you to quit boxing, you're not ready to channel your rage anywhere else right now, much less a boxing ring. So, good for you for walking away. If it's not healthy, and it's not going to help you, don't do it. I thought it was great that you went to see Renee even though you heard she was mad at you. All that stuff goes out the window when someone is in a crisis, and you are a good friend to her. Drita's grade for the week: B (for kicking that poor kid in the boxing ring, LOL!).

Carla: I, personally, don't think you said anything out of line on this episode. The problem is, you said it in front of Karen. That was your mistake. We don't know who told Renee what you said, but ... all signs point to Karen, and it doesn't help that she expressed that she had a problem with what you said during her interview. Technically, you didn't say Renee knew what Junior was doing, but you said she knew something was wrong. By the time the rumor mill got done with that, Renee's hearing that you said something totally different than what you actually said. Hopefully you two can clear this up, because a friendship shouldn't be broken up over rumors and gossip. Congrats on getting along with Joe, though. Gurl, I wouldn't let him get away if I were you. Mmm mmm mmm. Carla's grade for the week: B (for thinking she could speak freely and not get caught up in the rumor mill).

Karen: I don't know if you personally told Renee what Carla said, but the show certainly made it seem that way. Regardless, you had an issue with Carla speaking about Renee's situation and pointing out the obvious - Renee probably knew something was up with Junior because he's been acting different. But there's no possible way she could have known what it was, and I don't think that's what Carla was getting at. Your book sounds very interesting, by the way. Karen's grade for the week: C (for being suspicious of Carla's intentions).

Big Ang: I just love you and how you just sail along and don't get involved with anyone else's drama. Everyone loves you. You need to sit all these girls down and get them to understand that life is too short to be fighting with your friends. Please, tell me you have some kind of sit down at your house by the time the season ends. That would make my year. Big Ang's grade for the week: A (for being Big Ang).

We didn't see or hear from Ramona this week, but she's back next week, so we'll see how that goes.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sorry again for the delay, I promise, I will be blogging away tomorrow. I will get all caught up, believe me. For now, I want to talk about Shahs of Sunset's season finale and a few details from the last few episodes, since I didn't get a chance to blog about them much.

The episode where Reza confronts his father was really moving. I loved that Reza's other family members (minus the grandmother) were totally open and welcoming towards him. You could see that his father was sorry for all the hurt, but still convinced there was no other way. I hope Reza and his father are still in a good place.

GG working on her anger issues is for the best. I can see she's a sweetheart deep down. And of course, a bad temper usually is just a defense mechanism anyway. Hopefully she can show a more mature side next season. That whole "mean girl" dinner where Asa's friend blasted GG was probably a turning point. It is hard to see yourself realistically sometimes - until someone forces you to do so.

Mike is generally a nice guy - and I don't think he should end up with GG by any means. And he's very handsome. I like him.

The blind date with MJ and Sammy was so ridiculous. Sammy is an a**hole for bringing MJ's ex. That's so wrong. There's a reason she's not with him. And anyone with half a brain could see she was NOT feeling him. Good for you, MJ, for running away. Run for your life!

While we're on the subject of MJ, the conversation with her mother was painful. Everyone has someone in their life like MJ's mom. Some of us are fortunate enough to not have to deal with them every day or even at all. But when it's your own mother, it's got to be awful. Stay strong, MJ, you are a great person. Don't ever forget that.

I truly fell in love with Asa throughout the season. She's cool, different, and talented. I cannot get "Tehrangeles" out of my head! And I don't speak Farsi! Just the fact that Asa was able to stay true to herself while pursuing her dreams makes me admire her even more. So, good for you, hun!

I'm so glad we're getting another season. I'm thinking Bravo didn't know if the show would work or not. It totally did. I loved getting to know everyone on the show, although some more than others. All in all, it was an awesome first season!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Andy Okay?

Sorry it's taken me so long to blog about last week's run of Watch What Happens Live! Please forgive the delay. Let me ask you all a question before we talk about the show. Has Andy seemed a little less than enthusiastic lately? Is it just me, or is he not as energetic as he was before? I don't know why, but there were some moments where he just seemed to not be into it at all. Check out the clips and After Shows here, and let me know if you agree.

Sunday, April 8: MJ and Sammy from Shahs of Sunset. Very awkward show. Andy didn't seem to be into it at all. Sammy was rude to MJ. It was no bueno.

Monday, April 9: Monica and John Hickey. Not the best pairing, and John was very quiet. Not the best show, either. At this point, the week had no real bright spots.

Tuesday, April 10: Jeana Keough and Kristin Chenoweth. Now, this was a much better show. I'm not a big Jeana fan, but she played well with Kristin, who was AMAZING. Can Kristin be on every week? Please? She was the first real star of the week for me. And she usually brings the best out of Andy, which I appreciate.

Wednesday, April 11: Martha Plimpton and Billy Eichner. Another great show! I love Billy and I love Martha and they were really fun together. I wish Billy could be on the show every week as well. Andy seemed to have fun with this show, too.

Thursday: April 12: Cheryl Hines and Rachel Dratch. I loved this show. Rachel is one of my favorite funny ladies and I love that she and Cheryl agreed to show up in pajamas. It was a really good episode, and Sandra Bernhard's piece was awesome. Glad she's back. I can't wait to read Rachel's book!

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This Right Here

I LOVED Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. The ladies were not holding back, like we've seen them do the last few seasons, and it definitely made a for an awesome start to the three part reunion. The star of this first part, in my opinion, was Nene. Not because she was in the right or anything, but because the majority of the conversation centered on her. We'll see if that changes on Thursday when Part 2 airs. Let's jump right in and give these ladies their marks for the week.

Nene: Gotta start with you, boo. I still love you, but I'm still hurt at your comments on the finale. However, I'm going to focus on this week, so believe me, I'll be fair. Like I mentioned earlier, you were the star this week. You gave us gold, Nene. The faces, the one liners, the comebacks, the facial expressions, they were all fantastic. But because you're so "over it", I'm begging you, once again, to not come back next season. But let's talk about your performance on Part 1. I think you were smart to say the whole Bedroom Kandi party just wasn't your thing. We know this. You didn't apologize, but you acknowledged that you were uncomfortable, and "over it". You also said you were over dealing with the ladies on the show. Another reason why you shouldn't come back next season. I thought it was nice when you congratulated Kim on her pregnancy, that was very cool of you. Your tiff with Sheree will go down in Housewives history. That thing was epic. I LOVED that you called Chateau Sheree "Neverland", which it is, and that you said it was a bunch of dirt and sticks, which it is. That's the Nene we like, keepin' it REAL. The whole Celebrity Apprentice/rich bitch portion was exhausting, because I understood that you were saying you're rich PLUS you had Trump checks coming in. In addition to your other projects, in other words. Sheree just couldn't comprehend that, probably because she doesn't have a job. Best line of yours, I think, was "What's YOUR status at the bank?". There's your next t-shirt right there. Oh and "I'm gonna give you this right here, UH!", (insert stank face and open hand thrust). I loved that whole piece. I also agreed with you on Sheree going after Bryce, and making his mistakes in any way your fault. You're right, he is an adult and every parent tries to raise their kids right. Once the kids are grown and make their own choices, it's on them. Believe me, I know. I think you made yourself very clear about not caring what anyone else says or does. I have seen your tweets about Kim and although you're not the only one that talks sh*t, just be prepared for her to keep throwing it in your face. Again, I think this should be your last season on Housewives, and I think an apology is in order for your Twitter followers, if you haven't already done so. Nene's grade for the week: B (for entertainment purposes and I agreed with a lot of what she said.)

Kandi: I'm very happy that Bedroom Kandi is doing so well. It really is a testament to your business savvy, so more power to you on that. I think you made an awesome point about Nene's whole attitude this season - she even said herself that she's over it. Congratulations on your new relationship, also! It is interesting that he works for Bravo, too. Do I smell a spinoff? And I'm not talking about Kandi Factory. I do believe you were joking when you told Sheree and Kim that Nene said she's rich - duh, they already knew she said that. Of course it was a joke. And you have always given Nene credit for her hustle - yes, you did insinuate she couldn't afford the $9 million home, but none of us thought she could afford it. I hope we hear more from you on Part 2 on Thursday. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Kim: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I don't mean to be harsh with you, but I can't not point out the problems I had with you on Part 1. The whole nannies conversation was about your behavior on the show - but you totally side-stepped the question and made it about how hard you have it. Please. You won't talk about Big Papa out of respect for Kroy, which I can totally understand, so I'm with you on that one. I do have a problem with you having little side-bar conversations with Sheree and not speaking up until it's convenient for you. If you have something to say, say it to EVERYONE. That's why you're there. Speak up! I agree that Kandi is the richest bitch in the room, so that's two things we agree on so far. I think you should just stop worrying about what Nene says about you because you talk about her as well. Call it even and move on. And most of what she says is correct! You even admitted your daughters have different fathers - and I remember what she tweeted, and although it was shady, it was technically accurate. And you admitted you rented the house because Kroy was a free agent, and that you just closed on it recently. Again, accurate. Just don't pay attention to her anymore, and here's a thought, stop talking about her, too. Then, it'll just be over and done with. What a concept! Kim's grade for the week: C.

Sheree: I've been tough on you all season, and I'm afraid that pattern is going to continue. First of all, Phaedra took your case seriously enough to even touch it. Because, frankly, with your track record, I don't know who else would have taken your case. Even if she did want to do everything in front of the cameras, it was probably to cover her own ass in case you wanted to screw her over later. Moving on, Chateau Sheree is not finished because you don't work. End of story. I find it so off-putting that you're completely inarticulate. Honestly, it's SO bad, Sheree. Please, work on that. The fact that you never did anything with your Housewives platform just shows that you're not as pulled together as you want us to believe. She by Sheree was YEARS ago, and you're STILL promising to bring it back. Let it go. Also, let the whole Trump check thing go. You think you caught Nene in a lie, but you didn't. You think you caught Phaedra trying to screw you over, you didn't. You brought up Nene's son to make her look bad, it didn't work. All this adds up to you being FIRED. You're not invited back next season. Just stop, take a breath, and focus on what you're going to do next. And make sure that trying to tear people down isn't on your agenda anymore. Sheree's grade for the week: F.

Phaedra: I don't see you as the dishonest type, so I think you did your best with Sheree's case. You even gave her the check back even though you did work on her case and show up in court for her. I say, stay away from Sheree in the future. You were right to call her the Queen of Throwing People Under the Bus, because that's all she does. I think it was really nice of you to call Nene congratulating her on Glee. Hopefully we'll see and hear more from you on Part 2 on Thursday. Phaedra's grade for the week: A.

Cynthia: We didn't hear much from you, but I want to say, you looked gorgeous. The segment on your Africa looks was great. You were definitely the best dressed and tressed on that trip. Now, you had Nene's back, which was expected. I just hope she's as good a friend to you as you are to her. We'll see you and Peter on Part 2 on Thursday. I'm looking forward to that. Cynthia's grade for the week: A (based on the little bit that we heard from her).

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Queen of Mean

Last night on Celebrity Apprentice, we got some puppet action, which is always a good time. Again, this is not a recap blog, this is an opinion-based blog. So if I leave things out, it's just because they weren't that interesting. Sorry!

This one is actually going to be a little short, because frankly, this show is getting old. Not because of the people on it, necessarily, but because there aren't that many people left, and the teams are starting to dwindle down to practically nothing.

First, Lisa lived up to her nickname, "Queen of Mean". I like her a lot but I was not happy with Lisa on this episode. She flipped out at Dayana for wanting to be involved, again, and that was wrong. Dayana wanted something to do, and that came across pretty clearly. Lisa took it as Dayana just wanting to be on stage and threw a fit. However, we never know the whole story when it comes to these reality shows, so there may have been more to it. But, from what we saw, Lisa was wrong on this one. Good thing her team won. She did redeem herself somewhat in the end, and stated if they did lose, she would consider going home. She stated she wasn't here to make other people cry, so maybe that was her way of apologizing? I'm just hoping she gives Dayana some slack next week. As for this week's challenge, they did an amazing job, and I have to give Clay a lot of credit. He's my new favorite to win the whole thing.

Teresa showed her range as a performer, which I think we can all agree is minimal. She's clearly not an actress, and I think she would have been better as the host, and Aubrey would have done a better job with the puppet. Paul checked out from the beginning and deserved to be fired.

So, next week, it's all about Trump's fragrance. Yawn. I truly believe the teams should be eliminated and each player fend for themselves. Who's with me?

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Friday, April 13, 2012

I Just Want to Talk to You

This week's Real Housewives of Orange County was hilarious, thanks to one drunk fool named Sarah. Thank you, Gretchen, for dragging this moron with you to the bowling/champagne extravaganza! Otherwise, it would have been another boring episode. Nothing like a slurred argument to liven up a Housewives show!

Let's get into this episode, but just FYI, it will be on the brief side.

Vicki: I guess you're happy with Creepy McCreeperton Brooks, so I'm happy for you. But let me tell you something, if some guy gave me a greeting card every day, I'd run for my life. I don't have enough shoe boxes to house all those friggin' sappy ass cards. Give me a break. I'm glad you didn't engage in an argument with drunky Sarah, because really, the way it unfolded was perfect. Your reactions to her were priceless. Vicki's grade for the week: B.

Tamra: Good for you for getting your implants out. I think you look great without them. You were a trooper through the surgery (with your lip gloss on), so I got nothing but love for you this week. Tamra's grade for the week: A.

Heather: I truly admire your efforts to throw successful social events with these ladies. It never quite turns out the way you plan. But your intentions are always good. I think the bowling event was a success, despite Sarah's meltdown. And I loved how you tried to reason with her. Boo, there's no reasoning with someone in that state. You should have called her a cab and had security help her out the door. Heather's grade for the week: A.

Alexis: I felt more than a little embarrassed for you when you couldn't quite nail the guests' names/occupations on Fox 5 News, but then I wondered, are you a tad dyslexic or is it just nerves? I'm thinking if you slow down, you might not have as many pronunciation issues. Just saying. Anyway, I think you're in for a long, drawn out battle with Jim over this working outside the home stuff. You keep saying he's so supportive, when in fact, it looks like he thought it was just a phase and you'd be over it and back to being at home full time relatively soon. Unfortunately, you are kind of flipping the script on him now, because I'm sure when you got married, you both agreed what your role would be. So, be honest with yourself and with him and make sure you know what's most important for you. I don't think Jim is necessarily wrong to want you to keep your promises, and you're not wrong for having goals. I'm just saying you both may need to compromise a lot more than you may think. Alexis' grade for the week: C.

Gretchen: Your gurl Sarah is CRAZY! LOL! I mean, she was drunk and had it out for Vicki. I think you should have sent her home after the first outburst. And why didn't her fiance get her the hell out of there? I'm glad you stood up for Vicki and didn't cosign on Sarah's craziness. But, it was pretty funny, though. Also, how long are we going to have to hear about you losing your voice? Did all this happen in the same week or two? Because frankly, you talking about losing your voice is driving me up the wall already. Drink your tea and rest, please! Gretchen's grade for the week: B.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

Glee's back!! Was anyone else a little disappointed with the slight predictability of this episode? I hate to say it, but it wasn't the best episode, by a long shot. However, there was some great moments. Let's discuss, shall we?

Quinn's not dead! But she is in a wheelchair, temporarily according to her doctors. Artie tries to prepare Quinn for the possibility that it may be permanent, and she flips out at him. Come on. Quinn's been every kind of bitch on this show, so it's really not that surprising that she gets all pissed off at Artie for telling her like it T-I-is.

Rachel and Finn are having problems. Wah. Seriously? We saw this coming a mile away. They didn't get married because of Quinn's accident and the whole New York/California fight is so annoying. Just break up already!!!

The best storyline, by far, was Blaine and his brother. Blaine's numbers, Fighter by Christina Aguilera and Somebody That I Used to Know, were the best of the episode. I loved the dynamic between Darren Criss and  Matt Bomer. I hope Matt comes back in future episodes.

Speaking of recurring characters, Nene Leakes went at it with Sue Sylvester once again, and it was very funny. Congrats, Nene!

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Apology Accepted

This week's Basketball Wives started off with the bottle throwing incident between Evelyn and Kenya. Just to reiterate, this is not a full-blown recap kind of blog. I'm going to comment on the parts of the show that stood out to ME, and if I don't mention certain things, it's just because they weren't that important to me or didn't shape my opinions one way or the other. So, with that said, let's begin.

Jenn: I have to say, you seemed to be sincere in your friendship with Kenya and with your apology to Royce. I know Evelyn is saying in her blog that you only met up and made up with Royce for camera time, but it didn't look that way to me. Maybe you're a better actress than you let on. Either way, you were cool on this episode, and you didn't ruffle my feathers, and I'm ok with that. Jenn's grade for the week: A.

Evelyn: You promised to "sting" Kenya every time you see her, so I'm guessing at the time, you felt no remorse for throwing a bottle and a plate at a nice restaurant, which is a little unsettling. I will give you credit for the entertainment value, like I did last week, because you are bringing it in that respect. But, I think we all agree that what you did was wrong. Even you said it was wrong in your blog. So, hopefully, you learned from it and won't act on your anger in the future. In a sense, I feel a little sorry for you that you have absolutely no control over your anger. I know I said it was funny last week (because it was), but that doesn't make it right. Evelyn's grade for the week: F.

Shaunie: I know you were trying to keep it together while the whole bottle-throwing incident went down, and you tried to reason with Evelyn about what she did, but laughing it off may not have been the best choice. Maybe that's why she keeps acting out? I think if you put your foot down about this type of behavior, it would stop. However, that may not be good for ratings. Shaunie's grade for the week: C.

Tami: I just have to say again, I love you. I'm glad you spoke to your mom about your anger issues and the terrible events that happened to you in the past. Your mom seemed to be crushed by the news but if we know anything about you and your mom, you're going to get through this together. Now, let's talk about Kenya. You were very upfront with her and honest about the video. There's always a little tension between you and her, I have to say. But I totally understand your frustration with her. I think it's for the best that you don't work with her anymore. I have to say that I think your friendship with Royce is worth saving, so please, please, please talk to her soon. Tami's grade for the week: A.

Royce: You were probably the least harsh with Kenya, so I give you major credit for that. You were also super honest with Jenn and ultimately accepted her apology, which I also appreciated. And, off the subject, your hair is looking amazing this season! I love the long straight look on you! Anyway, you're doing what you do best on the show - just being yourself. I think it's great, so keep it up. Royce's grade for the week: A.

Suzie: I think you're the happiest about the whole Kenya situation because she makes you look sane. I still think you talk too damn much, but right now, the target is on someone else. Enjoy it while it lasts, honey. I will say it was nice of you to get Jenn and Royce together, and it worked out nicely. Suzie's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: For the record, I don't think the video was terrible. Of course, we only saw snippets on the show, so we can't really say for sure. But, I can definitely see why some of the girls were not impressed. It did seem a little less than polished. So, good for you for getting it done, but I think you need to listen to constructive criticism more. When someone is speaking to you, you get this look on your face and it appears that nothing is getting through. Work on that. Also, work on remembering what you say from moment to moment because you seem to have a real problem with that. Kenya's grade for the week: D.

Next week, Nia, Evelyn's assistant/friend (what's with these reality stars hiring their friends?) pops Jenn in the face and Evelyn jumps over the table to get to her. Drama!!

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My Life as a Singer Part One

Ever since I can remember, I've loved music. I wrote a couple of songs at age eight that are thoroughly embarrassing, and I've written probably 10 or 12 notebooks full of songs and poems since then. And I've always been a singer. I would sing for pretty much anyone that would listen. My family tolerated it, to put it nicely. Especially when I was a cute four and five year old. But once I got into my tweens and teens, they (justifiably) wanted me to put a sock in it. This is around the time I started singing at school. No, not in choir or glee club or anything legit like that. I mean singing at break by the wooden benches and in the locker room after  P.E., I was underground, hunty. The problem with this underground approach is that I was never properly trained on how to sing.

This brings us to a couple of years ago, when I decided I should learn how to actually sing. I took a class at Fresno City College for beginners, and failed miserably. At least, in my opinion. The teacher, an accomplished opera singer, was teaching us how to sing the correct way. Like, when you breathe deeply and stuff. It was all foreign to me. I got through the class, but only because I completed the assignments, not because my voice improved at all. The realization that you've been incorrectly doing the thing you love to do is a hard pill to swallow.

So, I asked my teacher for private lessons, which she readily agreed to provide. She's patient and kind, but honest and will tell me to shake off my nerves and just sing! But, I keep running into the same wall over and over again. Singing the right way is f*cking difficult. I feel like my voice is a crooked tree that now, after years of growing the wrong way, has to be pulled and yanked upright. Everything I knew about singing is wrong. And to correct it, I have to start from scratch.

Scratch, in my case, is head voice. The voice that opera singers use, you may know it as falsetto. In my former life as an underground singer, I hardly ever used my head voice. I was all chest voice, the voice we normally speak with. So this whole head voice thing is completely new to me. I fumble, I stumble, I sound weak and frail most of the time, and I hate it. But I know, just like anything else, I have to practice to get my head voice to be stronger and fuller and more vibrant. It's not going to do it by itself.

What happens when I sing in head voice is not pretty. Not that it doesn't sound ok, because in all honesty, it's not terrible. I know this. But what happens in my head is not pretty. My confidence plummets. My heart sinks. My stomach goes into knots. I'm embarrassed that I can't nail a song on the first or second try. I hate that my head voice is so weak. And then, of course, because I'm thinking this way, it gets weaker. So, I have to force myself to stop listening to my own voice when I sing. I have to make myself pretend like it's the best thing in the world and I'm the best. That way, at least, I can get through the song without beating myself up.

I'm now at peace with the fact that I need my head voice in order to be a real singer. I have a long, long, long way to go. But I thought I would just share this journey I'm on with you all. Is there something you've been wanting to try? I say, go for it. Whatever it is, it's gotta be easier than trying to sing in head voice. Just kidding ...

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See You Later, Julie!

Sorry for the late blogs this week, I've been a little under the weather and stressed, which I might blog about as well, just to get it out of my head and into the universe. Hopefully it won't be as depressing as it sounds. Anyway, I loved this week's Bethenny Ever After. It gave us some classic Bethenny moments and one big Julie moment I'm sure we're all still recovering from.

First of all, how much do I love the Dry Bar even though I've never stepped foot in one? I really wanted to go when I was in New York in December, but majority ruled in my group, so we didn't get to go. I'm still so bummed about that. I think it's a great idea and an awesome place. I'm definitely going the next chance I get. The Skinnygirl is such a great fit with Dry Bar's fun and flirty atmosphere.

Julie decides to move back to Pittsburgh, which threw me for a loop because as of Monday morning, her Twitter account said she still worked for Bethenny. Sneaky Julie! Now, of course, it says she's in "the 'burgh". I'm assuming that's local jargon. I think it's the best decision for her. She's given three years to an amazing company, she's learned a lot, and she's trained not one, but two, replacements. I say she's good to go. I don't think it'll be the last Skinnygirl sees of her by a long shot, though. I have a feeling Julie will come back in some bigger capacity later on. Just my opinion.

I totally understand why Bethenny was so emotional talking about Julie leaving at therapy. For a while there, Bethenny was really struggling and Julie was always there to tell her how much she believed in her. The story of how they met and started working together is really touching. And I know they'll remain friends for life. In addition to Julie being Brynn's Godmother, I mean.

Now, let's discuss the Nutrition Guy. I can't remember his name but - hello, Hottie! He is so cute ...

One of the funniest moments was Bethenny in the high-end antiques place. That would have been my exact reaction. Holy sh*tballs. I can't see spending $70,000 on a piece of furniture ever. Unless, of course, it comes with some amazing accessories like an invitation to Cher's house or a guest pass into the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse or something to that effect. And not just a one time invite, either, like an ongoing, season ticket holder type pass good for the next twelve months or something. But I digress. It is funny to see how people automatically think Bethenny wants to shell out buku bucks for stuff that's supposed to be in her price range now. Just because she's made a ton of money doesn't mean it's ok in her mind to spend so much on furniture. Especially, like Jason said, when they have a small child and may have more children. I think it's better to wait and buy the fancy stuff in a few years when they have a better idea of what their new home is going to feel like. But I'm sure the designers disagree with me.

The Skinnygirl Shapewear shoot looked like a lot of fun and I love that Bethenny included her crew. They're all different sizes and shapes and it really shows off the versatility and wearability of the shapewear. I really want to try the tops. I need no help in the booty area, thank you very much.

Next week, Gina is back!! And I can't wait!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


First, fellow Drag Race enthusiasts, let's have a moment of silence for Latrice Motha-F*cking Royale, please. I am devastated. I was crying when I saw the episode last night. I cried when I re-watched it today. And I cried when I watched John and Jon discuss it on Drag Ya Later. I really was not prepared to watch Latrice exit the building so soon. I had hopes that she would walk away with the entire competition. Now, I'm just left wondering what could have been. Damn ... let's get ourselves together, shall we? Because it was a spectacular episode.

Rose McGowan and Wynonna Judd were the guest judges with very different judging criteria, and a little tension, perhaps? This is one week I really didn't agree with Michelle Visage, (still love you gurl), I mean really? Chad's looks were on point! But hey, it's all in the past now. And who didn't adore Ru's dreadlocked 'do this week? I defy anyone to hate on that classic coif.

And can we talk about Dita Von Teese in the Gold Bar, by herself? LOL! I don't know if it was editing or what, but they definitely made it look like the girls totally ignored Ru telling them to go to the Gold Bar. It was like they didn't even acknowledge it. I would love for them to ask on the reunion what really happened and why they didn't follow Ru's instructions.

Let's get into the episode, kids.

Chad: I, for one, loved every single runway look you rocked this week, but my favorite by far, was the Puppy in Purse (Party Girl) look. The hair, the dress, it was EVERYTHING. As for the mini-challenge, you killed it. It was so shady and so funny - but I must point out that the shade was accurate, delivered perfectly, and very funny. That's why, to me, it didn't come off as mean at all. You can hold your own, but you're never nasty, and that's why I love you. To win the whole kit and kaboodle, I think you need to show some emotion on the runway with the judges and give them some tears. I also think you need to take a big risk in the final challenges, do something that's out of your comfort zone. It's now or never, lady. I loved your lipsynch, by the way, and that song took me so far back, I had flashbacks to the actual music video for that song. Congrats on making it to the big show, hun! Chad's grade for the week: A.

Latrice: You are one classy queen, my dear. I agree with John and Jon when they said you are one of the most beloved queens in Drag Race history. Now, in the mini-challenge, you were a little soft with Sharon. I think if you would have went for it a little harder, you could have won. Your runway looks were just ok, which makes me wonder what happened to the fabulousness we got used to seeing earlier in the competition? When we look back, you had much better looks than what you brought this week. I'm wondering if you were ready to go, because you positively broke when Michelle critiqued your outfit. And you mentioned that Sharon's been getting by with sub-par looks, while you've been getting harsh feedback. I think since you're so amazing, the judges have to give you something to work on, and maybe some of your outfits just weren't up to their standard. Either way, you revealed that you thought Sharon should go home, and that it was her time. Unfortunately, I disagree, and so did the judges. Your goodbye speech to Ru absolutely made me cry. You had me in tears. Your gratitude was so real, more queens need to be like you. We will forever love you, Latrice, for the laughs, the advice, the honesty, and of course, the shade of it all. Latrice's grade for the week: B.

Phi Phi: You're back to your crazy ways this week, and it doesn't really surprise me. It's like we're on a roller coaster with you. Sometimes you seem so cool and others, OMG. I cannot get over your makeup the last few weeks. It's not polished, sweetie. And the dark lip liner with the light lipstick is NOT the business. I'm sorry. You had a couple good weeks with your makeup and then you went totally backwards. I didn't get the Canine Couture look at all, and the hair you chose was all wrong. Also, you totally re-did Kenya's look from Episode 2, just with a doggie bone belt. Tsk, tsk. Don't think we weren't going to clock that! You were being super passive aggressive when Chad assigned you the bloodhound, but hey, you wouldn't have done any different if you had won the mini-challenge, so be real. The reason you didn't have to lipsynch for your life was your performance in the opening number, which was great, and your Puppy in Purse (Party Girl) look was really, really good. Now, that you're in the Top 3, do us all a favor and CALM DOWN. Just because Sharon said you don't have "family morals", she meant within the family you all have created at Drag Race, not back at home. You blew that up out of proportion so you could have an excuse to yell at her in front of the judges. But you totally misunderstood what she was trying to say. You didn't have a bond with the other girls because you were too busy trying to stab them in the back. In the finale, drop the whole strategy to win that you had going and just perform. When you focus on you instead of everyone else, that's when you really shine. Phi Phi's grade for the week: D.

Sharon: I loved your performance in the mini-challenge, I thought it was great. Your Dog Park look was so cute and I'm glad you did your pretty drag for us. I think you are really versatile when you put your mind to it. And it won the judges over big time. The Party Girl look was different and totally hilarious, which is your wheel-house. The winner was, of course, Canine Couture, thanks to those boots and that wig. It totally pulled everything together. Congrats on another win, also. I don't think you were lying about anything on the runway regarding Phi Phi. The best way to handle her from now on is to just stay away and don't give her anything to complain about. I know you two are probably cool now that the show is done taping, but I really don't like how she treated you and the other girls a lot of the time. Of course, we only see a fraction of what really happens, but as viewers, that's all we have to go on. My advice for you to win the grand prize is to keep giving the judges everything you've been giving all season. The sense of humor and quirkiness and all your personality and wit. I hope you and Chad are the Top 2, and after that, I'd be ok with either of you winning. Congratulations, again, on an awesome season and making it this far. Chad's grade for the week: A.

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"Twitter People"

Sunday night's Real Housewives of Atlanta centered mostly around Kandi's launch party for her new line of adult toys, but we got some good moments with all the ladies, including Cynthia's fashion school and Kim's birthday gift for Kroy. I'm a little sad to see the season end, especially with no real resolution for some of the issues between some of the ladies, but we have the Reunion to look forward to. And by the looks of the previews, it's going to be amazing. But let's talk about the finale, and you may be surprised by what I have to say.

Sheree: You really didn't have much of a presence on the finale, except at the Bedroom Kandi party, but that's fine with me. Unfortunately, word on the street is, you're not coming back next season, and most of us aren't too broken up about it. The fact that you threw Kandi under the bus was probably the nail in the coffin, to be honest. I think you've definitely run your course with this show. You had the same opportunities as everyone else to make big things happen, but it just didn't work out. I actually liked you on past seasons (who could forget, "Who gon' check me, boo?"), but you just didn't parlay it into anything bigger and better like some of your cast mates. I say, get yourself a job in the fashion industry and hit us up with some She by Sheree before the decade is out. Sheree's grade for the week: D.

Kandi: Congratulations on all of your business ventures. I love that you're a smart, sassy, business-savvy lady-boss. I think it's great, not to mention an awesome example for young women (NOT girls, as in children, who shouldn't be watching this show anyway), but young adult women, that they can get the career they want without depending on a man to support them or buy their affection. I admire you for always looking for the next great opportunity. I think the party was a little over the top, but it actually seemed to be success, so maybe over the top was appropriate in this case. I also loved the fact that you included your Twitter followers, because you're absolutely right, THEY are the ones who are going to ultimately grow your business for you. Only so many Atlanta socialites and party girls can buy so many "lipsticks". So, bravo to you for opening it up to the actual consumer and not being elitist about it. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Nene: First of all, I love you, but you were so wrong on this episode. That's why I'm saying this show isn't for you anymore. Go do "Glee" and your sitcom and movies and all of that wonderful stuff, because this is not your gig anymore. And that's ok. But I do have to tell you what I thought of the episode, so here we go. I think it was wrong to take any of John's gifts if you knew he was that interested in you and you weren't feeling the same for him. Now, maybe the first gift could have been ok, because maybe that could have been considered a "now we're doing business together" type of gift. But the rest, no. I can't really condone taking that stuff knowing he was falling for you and you had no intentions of having a relationship with him. In fact, you were still having a relationship with Gregg, according to your conversation with Cynthia! Rolex or no Rolex, you shouldn't have accepted those gifts. Next, the Bedroom Kandi party. I don't really blame you for being turned off when your older son talked about going to the party also. That would kind of ruin it for everyone. But, as far as the viewers saw, he wasn't there. So, you should have had a good time. Instead, you complained because "Twitter people" were invited. I really don't know what's so bad about a "Twitter party", but I would love to know because I happen to follow you on Twitter and I was kind of hurt by that comment. If "Twitter people" aren't good enough to be at a party with you then why do you tweet when you're doing an appearance at a club? Because I've seen those tweets from you in the past. I'm just saying that came across so badly. Not to mention the way you left the party. If this is all beneath you at this point, then be gracious about it and bow out gracefully. It just feels like you're sick of this show and frankly, sick of us as your fans. If that's the case, I wish you the best, but I doubt people will support your upcoming shows if you have that kind of attitude. Just saying. Nene's grade for the week: F (it pains me to do this, but it's true.)

Kim: The birthday gift for Kroy was super flashy and expensive, which is more your taste than his, actually, but hey, if you're giving instead of receiving, I'm all for it. Anywhoo, you were nice at the party for the most part, but in your interviews you went after a few of the girls. That's fine. I've learned that the interviews are the place where most of you tell us what you really feel and think as opposed to being real in the moment when you're in front of the person. As I've said before, I will NOT be watching your wedding show, because I really don't like you. But, I will say, you have some funny moments, and you're not as infuriating as you used to be. I just can't bring myself to watch your show. Kim's grade for the week: C.

Phaedra: You were in rare form this week, with all the hunky men around, you could hardly contain your enthusiasm. I thought it was funny, but also a little gross at times. We all know you enjoyed your time with the male models, that's for sure. I think it's great you're moving forward with the funeral business and the makeup line for morticians (to use on dead people). I appreciate your hustle, just like I do Kandi's, so congrats. And thank you for being cool with everyone and not picking fights. That's how you win over an audience. Phaedra's grade for the week: A.

Cynthia: I loved your model search and I love your school. I thought you and Peter did an awesome job, and Mal missed out, big time. You tried to have fun at the Bedroom Kandi party (despite your comments about "Twitter parties", don't think I didn't catch that), but you were trying to make Nene have fun, which is never a good idea. If someone doesn't want to be at a certain event or function, let them go home. You worry about you and have a good time for yourself. There's no use trying to force someone into a good time. With that being said, I like you and I think you should come back next season, especially if Nene doesn't. Then, you'll have a chance to squash all the crap about you being her puppet, which is complete nonsense. I know you're your own person. But you're a people pleaser sometimes, and that's where people get confused. Cynthia's grade for the week: B.

Marlo: Thanks for behaving at the Bedroom Kandi party, but I think we're done with you. It was nice (loud) knowing you. Take care. Marlo's grade for the week: C.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Go, Lisa!

Sunday's Celebrity Apprentice was back down to 2 hours (still too long, honestly), but it was actually a really good episode.

I'll keep this blog brief because, frankly, not that much happened.

Lisa was vindicated because Lou totally did nothing important on the task at all. He whined and complained and made suggestions way too late in the game. And what's with his need to always be the star of the show? Stop it! Also, if their commercial starred Lou and Dayana, that story should have been a grandfather and granddaughter, not a romantic couple, please. Lou really needs to work on his approach with people. He has a very off-putting way of presenting his ideas - instead of being helpful it comes across as annoying. So, work on that, Lou. Incidentally, Lisa and Dayana worked very well together and I'm glad to see Lisa be open and honest about her change of heart about Dayana. They're both talented, but they just happen to be talented in different ways and it was nice to see them finally work together instead of against each other.

Aubrey and Arsenio also made peace with each other, which was nice to see. Aubrey finally tried to keep her mouth shut, but she wasn't totally successful. I found it hilarious that Ivanka pointed out that Aubrey chimed in when it wasn't exactly her turn to talk. But at least Aubrey's trying to tone it down a little. Teresa ended up winning the challenge as project manager, but not without squealing and squawking during the whole commercial shoot.

Can we just put all the celebs on one team and have them all fight for the win individually, like when the tribes merge on Survivor? I just want to see Lisa and Clay have a bitchy exchange more than anything I've ever wanted to see ever. Oh and speaking of Lisa, she totally shut Lou down in the boardroom after Lou said he'd throw her through the wall if she was a man. Thank you, Lisa, for putting the Hulk in his place and showing him where to go and how to get there.

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Oh, No She Didn't!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! Spring is in the air, and we have flowers and sunshine to look forward to, which makes me the happiest girl on the block. How's the weather where you are? Just wondering. Anywhoo, last week was a Travel Channel-worthy roller coaster ride on Watch What Happens Live. There were as many low points as there were highlights, so you know I have some opinions. So let's jump right in. If you need to catch up, take your sweet bippy here and do your homework.

Sunday, April 1: Phaedra Parks and GG from Shahs of Sunset. GG was duh-runk! Gurl was tippin' it! Anyway, it was a fun show, and Phaedra gave us everything we want and need from her. I couldn't get over how wasted GG was on the After Show. Hilarious.

Monday, April 2: Shannen Doherty and Giuliana Rancic. Shannen was a hot mess, and by the way, was her eye always that wonky? And then she play-choked Andy ... for real. Giuliana was a doll and a sweetheart. I friggin' love her. I got to ask a question on the After Show, but I didn't advertise it very much because I had some problems with my phone on speaker and there was feedback and it totally ruined the moment. Anyway, Giuliana answered my question and couldn't have been nicer.

Tuesday, April 3: Tori Spelling and Chris Klein. Chris is so nice, it's almost odd. He's just a really nice guy. I loved his little guy-from-a-small-town attitude, also. Very cool. Tori was trying a little too hard, but I think we all expect that by now. But, she's a mogul and an empire, so I respect the hell out of her. Good show for the most part.

Wednesday, April 4: Bravo All-Star Party. This was half a disaster and half a science experiment. Seriously. The show was totally disjointed because it wasn't the real clubhouse, a lot of it was a commercial for upcoming shows, and a lot of the Bravolebrities clearly couldn't stand each other. That many wackos in a room together does not equal greatness. Highlights were Bethenny Frankel and Kathy Griffin, Jenni Pulos' performance at the top of the show, Randall's video naming the biggest Bravo bad-ass, and the record-breaking amount of screaming during the Housewives trivia game. The low points were both of the musical performances (I'm so disappointed in you, Melissa. LuAnn, no mas, por favor), the awkward chat/game with Tabatha, Madison from Million Dollar Listing, Jeff Lewis, and Rosie Pope from Pregnant in Heels, and oddly enough, the record-breaking amount of screaming during the Housewives trivia game. Andy, do us a favor, and never, ever combine the up-fronts with Watch What Happens Live ever again. It's not the same show when it's a room full of advertisers and a bunch of reality tv stars competing for attention.

Thursday, April 5: Kathy Griffin. And my faith in Bravo was renewed. Kathy took on the previous night's debacle with honesty as only she can. This was my favorite episode of the week. So much so, that I refuse to delete it from my DVR. And that's a big deal, because God knows I need the room. Kathy and Andy were great, and Tiffany was awesome as the bartender. Best show of the week, by far.

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