Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh My ...

Sunday's Celebrity Apprentice was an Ivanka Extravaganza - basically a big commercial for her apparel/jewelry/shoe/purse line(s). But, score, because her stuff is gorgeous. The assignment: create two different window displays at Lord & Taylor's featuring Ivanka's wares. The women's team was led by Dayana - who couldn't wait to make her project manager debut - and the men picked George, well, because he's gay.

I think Dayana got overwhelmed very quickly, especially when the window space turned out to be smaller than anticipated. She really relied on Debbie and Aubrey to get things done, not to mention Lisa, who was also a huge help. I noticed Teresa and Tia were in the background, but that doesn't mean they weren't working diligently on the task. I realize there's a lot we, the audience, don't see. Wasn't it hilarious when Teresa wanted to be project manager and she essentially got shut down by her team?! Oh and Debbie was DENIED from being one of the models because of her age?! Oh, the shade of it all (Trademark: Latrice Royale). I loved the women's concept in the beginning, and it would have been great if they could have pulled it off. Sadly, there were too many roadblocks to actually get it off the ground. Who knew it was that hard to get some damn photos? But their plan B was a winner, and finally, the women could relax with their first win of the season. Let's keep this going, ladies!

The men's team was a hot mess. Their display was dull, the clothes weren't used to their full potential, and the only redeeming thing about it was the signage. Other than that, it looked exactly like a bunch of guys putting together a window display for a women's line. I'm not saying they COULDN'T have done a great job, there was just a lot that was left undone. They could have done so much more with their space. I was so disappointed in Adam because he didn't want to really run things by George as the project manager, and we all know why. Everyone thought he wasn't the best manager, but no one would really come out and say it, except Lou. I think the guys need to use Lou more, because ... you won't like him when he's angry. Sorry, I couldn't resist. But seriously. Lou has good ideas, he's just not being heard. Ironic, no? I was happy to see Trump acknowledge that Arsenio messed up on the wardrobe choices and Clay's performance was subpar. Ultimately, George just wasn't as strong of a leader as he should have been.

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