Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Finally Over ... Or Is It?

Well, it was a bitter end to this season of Basketball Wives, to say the least. The ladies laid their cards on the table, and it wasn't pretty. At all. I'm actually kind of sad about the way the season ended, especially between Tami and Royce. That was one friendship I really wanted to go the distance. And the whole Evelyn/Jennifer thing just needs to be over. We're all done with that. Shaunie expressed some concerns as to her role on the show and how it reflects on her - and I know we ALL have something to say about that. So let's get started.

Royce: I read your blog, and I truly hope you said all of this at the reunion. I'm sad that Tami decided to end your friendship with her over this. I personally don't think you were chastising her at all. You were simply pointing out that you didn't agree with her behavior. I also didn't see you putting Kesha on a pedestal, you were trying to be fair and impartial in a situation where two of your friends could not get along. You did the best you could. As for your situation with Shaunie that you referenced in the blog, that's really unfortunate. But I'll adress Shaunie later. I really like you, Royce, and I think you've been through a lot this season (not to mention since the season aired), but I think your time on this show is done. You really need to have a show about your dance company, writing, acting, and maybe a little bit of your personal life (not too much). This show just doesn't fit you anymore. You're in a different place and I don't think it's mutually beneficial for you to be on Basketball Wives anymore. I hate that it's come to this, but you'll most definitely land on your feet. Royce's grade for the week: A (because I saw her make the effort to be a good friend, but it just didn't work out).

Kenya: I'm glad you have a friend in Jennifer, because at this point, you're all each other has anymore in the way of friends on this show. I don't know if I want to see you back for another season. If you could be more than Jennifer's wingwoman, maybe. However, it would take a lot for me to really be invested in you on this show. I'm still on the fence about you. I like that you're feisty, but I don't like that you're a bit of an actress and at times, your actions come across as rehearsed. Kenya's grade for the week: C (because she's just ok, not great, and not one of those you can love to hate, either).

Suzie: You played your role as spy, mole, and all-around brown-noser to a T. I give you credit for finding your niche and working it. That's all I have to say about it. Oh, and you would never, ever be a friend of mine. Suzie's grade for the week: F (because she'd actually have to have a personality of her own for me to care).

Tami: I know you said on Twitter that you weren't going to "entertain BS" and that's why you wouldn't comment on Royce's blog this week, you would rather "agree to disagree". You also tweeted that if someone's not helping you, they're hurting you and as such, you'll remove them from your life (paraphrased). Now, while I agree with removing people from your life that aren't good for you, I have to admit that all of this makes me sad. The whole scene where you told the circle that you're done with Royce was very, very sad. I know you don't like people talking about you behind your back. But (reality time), you talked about Kesha and Jennifer and Kenya (and probably others I can't remember right now) behind their backs. I really don't see the difference in Royce talking to Kesha about you or your problems with her. Unfortunately, women talk with each other about each other. That's just the way it is. Not that all of it is negative, but it happens. I truly don't think Royce had bad intentions in all of this and I hope you're able to work things out with her. I do think you should be on the show next season and NOT fight. Not even once. I want to see you go a whole season without fighting. It can be done! Show us the progress you're making! Show us the projects you're working on! Show us the fun Tami that we love! I like you a lot - if you couldn't tell - and I just want people to see that you're not just about fighting all the time. Tami's grade for the week: D (because I think she can turn it around with Royce, she just has to want to save that friendship, and I'm not sure that she does. And that's a shame).

Jennifer: Can I just say how ridiculous that outfit was when you finally came out of your room to talk to Evelyn on the beach? Oh my God. The hat, the glasses, the cover up that didn't cover your hoo-ha, the shiny bikini underneath - all of it. My eyes were assaulted. But enough about the look. The conversation was much worse. Actually, I'm glad it was just a conversation and not another fight. The truth is, whatever you said cut Evelyn so deep and drove her so crazy that she was then willing to air your dirty laundry in front of the cameras. Very dirty laundry. Which I didn't ever need to know about. But, I have to say, you handled it well, because there was no brawl. The conversation ended and you left Tahiti. That's what should have happened. I'm not saying I think you're right. I actually think you're wrong to keep talking about Evelyn and her relationship after she asked you not to. I think you're wrong to go tit for tat with Evelyn and Nia on Twitter. I think if you're so above it all, you shouldn't be talking about any of that stuff. Ever. You should be on to the next topic - whether that's your personal stuff, your business ventures, or future plans. Talk about that stuff. Which leads me to ... you don't need to be on this show anymore either. And it's not because you're out of the circle. It's because you bring nothing to the show except your problems with Evelyn. And now that that's done, you have no real reason to be a part of the cast anymore. Focus on your other projects, and in your words, keep it moving. Jennifer's grade for the week: C (because she didn't make things worse, but she didn't make them better, either).

Evelyn: I can totally understand why you were mad at Jennifer and wanted to clear the air, but to blurt out her business like that on the beach was uncalled for. It really didn't help your case. In any event, you said what you needed to say, and it's over. Hallelujah!!! Now, can we never talk about this again? (After the reunion, of course, I mean.) Seriously, next season, I don't want to hear Jennifer's name come out of your mouth. That ship has sailed. I want to hear about your wedding. That's pretty much it. So, bring that next season, because you need to stay on this show for now. Just make sure you keep your hands to yourself. It's a new day. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (because she didn't need to say ALL of that!)

Shaunie: Here's the deal. You've fought (verbally) on the show before (Gloria, anyone?), so I really don't buy that you're so ashamed of the fighting on the show NOW. You should have been ashamed for a while now. And the fact that you are a producer and a cast member is obviously causing problems. There's no way you can't be thinking about how certain events will play out while you're trying to be a part of a scene with your cast mates. It's just ... a conflict of interest. Now, I could see you doing an Andy Cohen, and being the host of the reunions. That I would totally be ok with. But it does seem odd that you want to be on the show (although your role was diminished over the last two seasons), and still be a part of the creative force that molds the show into what we see every week. I think you need to pick a side: in front of the camera or behind the camera. Not both. I don't think you're a bad person at all, but this show needs an overhaul and it has to start with you. Shaunie's grade for the week: F (because I can't take this whole act about how upset she is about how the show is turning out).

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're Fightin'!

Part 2 of the Mob Wives reunion was fantastic. It started off with Drita and Ramona still screaming at each other, but thankfully, no punches were thrown. I loved how Joy Behar, the host who could hardly hide the fact that she's never seen the show, tried to calm everyone down by saying that words don't hurt and asked everyone to sit down and not get up anymore. First off, these women make their points by standing up and gesturing wildly, we all know this. And second, do you know who you're talking to? When do any of these ladies listen to the moderator? Speaking of, why didn't they have Wendy Williams host? She definitely watches the show and doesn't have to ask stupid questions like Joy did in part 1! But I digress. Part 2, like I said, was great, and actually ended on a positive note.

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Renee: Congrats on being the biggest potty-mouth on the show! Over 400 bleeps all season - why does that number seem low to me? Anyway, you stayed true to your role as peacekeeper this week between Ramona and Drita, and begged them not to fight. I'm so glad they didn't. You like drama, but it seems like you don't want these girls to actually fist fight. I love you, Renee, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next season. Renee's grade for the week: A (because she's always real and raw and I love it). 

Karen: I thought you were great this week. You weren't really that confrontational, even when you were saying Drita's "crickets" line in her rap was about you, you were laughing and not making a big deal about it. I could tell you were just throwing it out there, and you even accepted Drita's explanation that it was about haters in general. I loved how you told Renee to shut up and let Joy speak! Too funny! The scenes with you and your baby-daddy, Dave, were actually really sweet, and I'm glad that you two are on good terms. It's nice to know you're going to handle your business out on the east coast and then return to Arizona at some point, just because that was a big point of contention between you and Dave. I'm really happy with your attitude at this point, the truce definitely agrees with you. Karen's grade for the week: A (because she looks and sounds really happy and I'm happy for her). 

Ramona: I have to say it again. You love fighting with Drita. You constantly say things that you know are going to get a rise out of her. Do you just like seeing her get mad? While you sit back and smile? If so, you may want to rethink even wasting the time to do that kind of stuff, because it just makes you come across as immature and petty. If you would just leave things alone, especially when both of you say that you'll leave each other alone and be done with it, you would be applauded. You'd be coming through on your word. But, you take every opportunity to put her in a tizzy! Just leave her alone, already. If you don't start nothin', there won't be nothin', as the saying goes. You went after Carla again this week, too. Although it wasn't as big of a confrontation as last week. I do want to commend you for not fighting, though. Having words is one thing, but physical altercations are so 2011. Let's leave it in the past, shall we? Ramona's grade for the week: C (for pushing buttons - it's getting old). 

Carla: The scenes with Joe were really entertaining. You two are a gorgeous couple. But, I say, once a cheater, always a cheater, and I think you feel the same. I love that you were telling everyone to lower their voices and watch their words after Drita walked off the set. You're a true friend, and you went to bat for Drita all season. I love that. You really don't have problems with anyone else anymore, except Ramona, but that's to be expected. And not because she hates Drita - but because she went after you so hard on both parts of the reunion. So, you have your own beef with her. I don't worry about you fighting, though. You kept your hands to yourself this season. Carla's grade for the week: A (for being a good friend and trying to calm the craziness). 

Big Ang: I love how honest you are about your past. Who knew you got popped for selling drugs? Not that I condone it, but I never would have guessed. You're such a happy person, and to think that you've had so many low points is kind of mind-boggling. You got through it all, and now, you're America's Sweetheart, with your own show on the way, which I can't wait to see. Wishing you continued success! You're definitely a good influence on the ladies. I feel like they all sort of look to you and see that life is too short to fight and be miserable with each other. Big Ang's grade for the week: A (of course!)

Drita: I told you last week not to let Ramona get to you, and hopefully, you'll take my advice next season. I don't condone the fighting and I don't want you to fight anymore. Off camera, on camera, whatever. But it was hilarious when you said, "Aftah this show, weah FIGH'IN'!" Just the way you said it cracked me up. But of course, I don't want you to, and I'm pretty sure you didn't. Please, find a way to ignore Ramona next season, or at least be civil with her. Just act like everything she says and does is a joke and laugh it off. I'm really proud of your new rapping career. And the haters can keep hating. When you rapped with Lil Kim, I had to get up and cheer for you. I like your verse on the French Montana song, too. I think you may have a future in this. You definitely have the swagger and voice for it! I'm still Team Drita all the way. Can't wait till next season. Drita's grade for the week: C (for even allowing Ramona to phase her). 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Teresa Debate

Real Housewives of New Jersey has been super controversial this season, mainly because of one person on the show - Teresa Giudice. Now, if you read my blogs about the show, you know I've been harsh with Teresa in the past. BUT! I always try to understand why she's doing the things she does and/or figure out why she thinks she has to say and do certain things. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a blank slate with each episode. So, hopefully, those of you who are frequent readers have picked up on that.

I'm not biased against Teresa at all. I loved her on seasons 1 and 2. It was last season where I started to become bothered by her words, actions, and attitude. Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally), that's when her family members joined the show. Now, I can understand why she was upset. But I completely disagree with the way she's handled the whole mess.

I am a Kathy fan, and I've been open and honest about that. No, I don't know her. No, I do not get any type of benefit/reward/compensation for saying nice things about her. I just genuinely like her. And I've asked people to give me any logical explanation not to, and no one has. She really doesn't do anything that I deem as mean or evil ever. So if I'm going to be on anyone's side, you bet it'll be hers.

I've been getting a lot of feedback lately about my New Jersey Housewives blogs - which I love! Tweet me! - and I wanted to highlight one of the better arguments in favor of Teresa that I've seen. Enjoy:

From Morgan: "Mel made a dig at the pool party over the drinks! Tre kept her distance the whole time even saying she didn't want drama because her kids were there! She was being nice, calm, & distance until yet again her drama queen Bro wanted to talk! wrong place and time again! He called her a B**** @ the end. Everyone ignored that! But she calls Mel a C**** & it's big news."

"I'm a fan but not an irrational Tre fan! I think she was stressed out, paranoid, and defensive due to all the things she was dealing with @ the time her friends & fam were not making it any easier for her so she lashed by being passive aggressive! Kathy was the only one that really cared about what she was going through! joe wants to argue, caro wants it to be all about her, Mel wants drama for fame, and poor Jac had her own problems that she needed to get under control before she try's to help anyone else! anyways great read they need therapy and the whole family should encourage it! Old school or not :-)"

I asked Morgan for permission to quote her, and she agreed, by the way, so thank you so much, Morgan!

The other tweets I got in favor of Teresa varied from 'I would have given her a C- instead of an F' to 'Are you watching the same show?' to 'I read two lines and decided it was biased' to 'I printed your blog out and picked up my dogs' shit with it'. Seriously. All those are (paraphrased) real. I'm not quoting because I don't have their permission. My thing is - this is entertainment. We're all having fun with it. Unless you're being paid by a Bravolebrity, there's no reason why you should be so angry when someone sees the show/cast members in a different light than you do. I'm all for debate and conversation - when it's respectful and when you have a logical argument to present. Like Morgan. But when you're just mean, I have no use for it. I'm gonna give it right back to you, like a lady, of course, which may or may not include some shade, but trust and believe I will stand up for myself, my blog, and my right to say whatever I want to say.

So, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read and tweet me! I love each and every one of you!

Lawyered Up

It's taken me this long to blog about this week's Basketball Wives because, frankly, I'm kind of sick of all of them. With the exception of Royce and Kesha, who weren't on the episode this week. I mean, it's a little frustrating for these ladies to be in such a beautiful location and focus on nothing but drama. I did appreciate the jet skiing scene, just because it was fun and devoid of any arguing. For once. I will say, I can look at the Tahitian scenery all day. Just show me where to download some wallpapers for my laptop and I'll be a happy girl. But, let's talk about the foolishness because that's what we're here to do.

Jennifer: First of all, I truly respect your resolve and determination to not fight with Evelyn anymore. I don't know what your motives are, but you're sticking to your guns and not engaging with her in any way. Which means you aren't fighting (which is good), and the bonus is, you're making Evelyn furious in the process. So, technically, you're winning at this point. I think you're right to say that there's nothing else to discuss because every conversation ends in a fight with you two, but clearly Evelyn isn't done for some reason. So you may want to cool it with the lawyer/attorney talk. It's just going to get back to Evelyn (you ARE talking to Suzie, after all) and keep the whole mess going. So, my advice is to be quiet and stop talking about your legal team. You've decided to go a certain route with this, and that's your decision, but talking to Suzie isn't helping your cause at all. I thought it was rude of you to not tell the girls you had arrived. Seriously, if you didn't want to be there, or if you didn't want to be with the group at all, then why waste your time going? There is no reason you couldn't have taken a different trip with your other friends and called it a day. Unless, you were contractually obligated to be there, in which case, the fact that you didn't say anything to the girls could have been your way of showing them that you didn't want to be there. Which is just childish. And yes, your voice is annoying and you do have a superiority complex. I have not forgotten all of that. Jennifer's grade for the week: C (because I applaud her for not getting into fights, but her ego is getting out of control).

Kenya: I don't think you're crazy. I think you're a terrible actress. You needed to pull a stunt because you got yourself into a mess with Evelyn. And you were in Tahiti, so you knew you were going to see her. So you played the "I'm crazy, don't mess with me" card (that we all remember Will Smith teaching little Ashley on Fresh Prince of Bel Air) to get Evelyn to leave you alone. Not that it's a bad plan. It's actually very smart. It was the execution that was all wrong. Let's just leave it at ... Overactors Anonymous is waiting for your call. I love how you're the new Suzie. Just chopping it up with everyone and anyone that'll have you. But hey, it beats getting a bottle thrown at your head. For the record, I don't think the fish was ever in Kenya's room. I think they're just saying it was, because like I said last week, they went to a totally different bungalow. I'm standing by that. The producers are using it for laughs, but it's just coming across as mean and unnecessary. Kenya's grade for the week: D (for the overacting).

Suzie: You know what's coming. You have a major case of diarrhea of the mouth. Whoever comes by, bleh! You just vomit out every detail from your last interaction with a human being. I think you should be studied. I'm fascinated by what compels a person to constantly spill every word of a previous conversation to each person they encounter. I'm gonna chalk it up to immaturity and no real social skills. This is your bag, baby. But that doesn't mean you can't learn how to keep things to yourself at some point. Suzie's grade for the week: F (because she's the mouthpiece and that does nothing for me).

Tami: You had some funny lines and faces this week, which you know I appreciated. Especially the looks you were giving Kenya when she first came to the table and throughout her whole "I'm crazy" scene. I could watch that forever just for your reactions to her. Also, on the boat, you actually said you would hash things out with Kesha and that made me happy. I think you realized your attack on her was not ok, and maybe that realization was short-lived, but at least you thought about it. So, I give you credit for that. I also respected the fact that you got in between Evelyn and Jen again. You don't want them to fight physically, but I'm pretty sure you're ok with them going at it verbally. I mean, you always say you like to be nosy and hear all the juicy details. I love that you're honest about that! I'm glad you're back on Twitter, by the way. All I need from you now is a sincere apology at the reunion. Tami's grade for the week: C (for starting to go back to being fun and funny, just like I like her).

Shaunie: I understood why you were miffed at Jen for not saying anything to you when she got to the island. You're not the one she's mad at. So, there's no reason for her to avoid you. Especially when you invited her. We're on the same page on that one. I have to ask, though, did Kenya hear you say "she scares me" when she was doing her best mean mug at the table? Because that was hilarious. I loved that you girls had fun jet skiing, that to me was a great scene of everyone just having a good time on vacation. I want to see more of that. Other than that, you let Jen know how you feel and there was really nothing else to say. I'm glad you didn't instigate anything, either. Evelyn came to the table on her own. Shaunie's grade for the week: B (because I could see where her frustration with Jen was coming from).

Evelyn: You never learn. But at least you apologized. Sort of. At first it wasn't an apology (to Kenya) but after a little while I could see you really were sorry for throwing a wine bottle at her. Now, when it comes to Jen, you're still not thinking clearly. The whole problem is - you took offense to what Jen said about you and Chad in public interviews and the fact that she continued to say things after you told her not to. I understand that. But once you've had two, three, four bad conversations that don't resolve anything, it is time to let it die. Jen has been clear since the meeting at the restaurant in the beginning of the season that the friendship is done. You are the one still coming at her. So, you must want the friendship to survive somehow. Well, it's not. Not the way you're going about it. You want Jen to admit to certain things and it's never going to happen. Therefore, let this go. Focus on you, your wedding, and your future. Stop trying to talk to her. It's over. And you shouldn't even care at this point! You have nothing but bad things to say about her anyway. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (because she isn't letting this bullsh*t go and it's annoying already).

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Same Old Same Old

The first part of the Mob Wives Reunion was very entertaining. I loved the fact that we saw Jennifer Graziano, Renee's sister, who is an executive producer on the show, and that she weighed in on some really important storylines from this season. I don't know about Joy Behar as host, though. She isn't hip enough, in my opinion, and kept asking stupid questions like, "What does 'get out of my face' mean?" Come on, Joy, at least pretend to understand how these women talk to each other. And besides, you don't even have to focus on that. All you have to do is present the topics and keep the show moving along. Someone get Andy Cohen in there, now.

Let's talk about the ladies and their performance on the show this week.

Big Ang: Thank you again for being the ray of sunshine on this show, and for being honest with everyone. For example, Drita said you were the one that initiated the meeting between Drita and Karen at Renee's party, and you admitted to it. And we all saw it. So, no problem there. I love your quotes and your catchphrases. You really are a treasure. I just hope you can have more of an influence on the other ladies so they can cut down on the drama a little bit. But not all of it. A little drama is good. Big Ang's grade for the week: A (because I love her).

Carla: I was so surprised that you and Karen and Ramona got into it. I really wasn't expecting that. But I think you held your ground. I have no idea if the allegations against you are true or not, but either way you didn't let the cousins intimidate you, and I respect that. Carla's grade for the week: B (because she stood up for herself).

Renee: You revealed a lot more about Junior's betrayal and let us know that your dad is ok. I was really happy to see you looking so happy and rejuvenated after all the trauma you went through this season. Watching you talk about Junior, you were very matter-of-fact with it, and I could see how strong you are now compared to what we saw during the season. So, I just want to say that I'm so happy for you. I love that you know yourself and that you accept the fact that you're over the top. You own it. That's why we love you. Renee's grade for the week: A (because she owns everything she says and does).

Karen: I appreciated how calm and civil you were with Drita on this first part of the reunion. I don't know what we're going to see in part two, but as of right now, you explained your side in a very grown up way. I totally love that. I think we all were relieved that you and Drita were able to iron out some of the details of what happened this season without getting into a fight. Unfortunately, you did get into it with Carla, like I said earlier. It really did shock me, because it seemed to come out of nowhere. We need some clarification on all of that! Karen's grade for the week: B (because she kept her cool with Drita and the exchange with Carla wasn't that terrible).

Drita: I could see the progress you've made during the conversation with Karen. You two actually communicated. It was great. I give you so much credit for that. But, it all fell apart when Ramona spoke. I know that you can't stand the sight of her, but I'm begging you not to let her get a rise out of you. That's exactly what she wants. I know it's easier said than done, though. Anyway, you did great until you and Ramona's incident, which we'll see more of on part two. Please, don't hit her. Drita's grade for the week: C (because she was awesome right up until the fight with Ramona).

Ramona: Here's the thing. You may have gone over to Drita and Karen to tell them to stop fighting, but you ended up screaming at Drita that she was talking about you for the last two years. That's when things changed. Now, at the reunion, everything is going relatively well (for this group) and you go at Drita again, over something stupid, I might add. Then, when things get heated, you scream the exact same thing again (she talked about you). Ok, Ramona, we get it. Do you really want to be this girl? Stop. Please, stop. You look crazy when you finally get a rise out of Drita and that evil smile creeps across your face. Ramona's grade for the week: D (because I'm sick of her causing problems and then celebrating it).

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Out of Line

Hey, kids! It's gonna be a short one this week, but I can honestly say, my opinions on the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey may surprise some of you. Specifically, those who call me biased. Guess what. I give everyone a fair shake and watch each episode objectively. So, read on, if you dare. XOXO

Teresa: I'm going to address you first, because I was pretty harsh with you last week. The truth is, I think you're a good person. You just suffer from poor communication skills. That's really what it is. But let's focus on this week's episode. Gia was apparently behaving like a typical ten year old according to most of the commentary that I'm hearing. I have no idea because I don't have kids and I recognize that I have no right to talk about anyone's parenting skills because of that fact. So I won't. What I will do is say that if I had spoken to my mother or any other adult like that, I would have gotten a major attitude adjustment from my parents either in the form of a lecture, a smack, or having something taken away. I was not allowed to disrespect any adult ever. But that was many moons ago. I do feel that Gia was being disrespectful and talking back to you and to the other adults at field day. However, you dealt with it in the manner that you saw fit at the time, and I am not going to comment one way or the other on that, because Gia is your child. Period. I loved that you participated and had fun with everyone at field day. That was great to see, and I want to see more of that. I hated the conversation between you and Joe Giudice in the car where he told you to shut up and then said he would leave you. I felt he was very disrespectful towards you. And it made me very sad for you. I think that you need to acknowledge that the way he speaks to you at times is not ok. Also, the bra shopping trip was ... frustrating. Because of the way Gia was yelling at you the entire time. Again, I know what would have happened to me if I would have popped off like that out in public at ten years old. But, as I've already said, I don't have kids, and you handled it your own way. Teresa's grade for the week: B (because she put her differences with certain people aside for field day and had fun, which I totally appreciated. The other stuff, she did what she felt she had to do).

Caroline: I'm a little disappointed with the way you handled field day. You were negative about it even before Teresa got there, and you insisted on telling Jacqueline that she must have lied about not receiving the text message from Joe Gorga. I want you to take a step BACK and not verbalize all of your frustrations with Teresa. The more you say, the worse you come across. Also, I thought you were appropriate at first when you were trying to get Gia to calm down about the whole cheating thing. And then, it kind of went haywire. The minute she started screaming for her mom, you should have backed down and left her alone. I know in the moment, you were probably thinking it was no big deal, but when it comes to other people's children - and this is a subject I know about - you just have to back off. Caroline's grade for the week: D (because her attitude was not right and she should have known when to walk away).

Jacqueline: I can see why you were a little upset with Gia's attitude with you, but the way you handled it was out of line. I could see telling her to cheer up and get back in the game, but the book was too much. I think you even said as much on Twitter this week. So, you know where you went wrong. Kudos on field day, overall, though. Everyone seemed to get along and have fun until Gia's outburst. I also don't think you should tell Caroline every detail of every conversation you have with Teresa anymore. It's not helping. Jacqueline's grade for the week: C (because she did a great job with field day but she was out of line with Gia).

Melissa: Yes, those shorts were WAY too short. Come on, honey, you knew that. I can't believe you didn't realize how short they were, considering you had to pick them out of your crack on camera. Ay ay ay. Anyway, great job having fun on field day with everyone and for not getting involved in the Gia fiasco. I can see you keeping your distance from certain situations, and even if it's all an act, you're ultimately doing the right thing. If you get involved, you'll get slammed for it. So just stay away for a while and don't insert yourself into all of that. Melissa's grade for the week: B (because she had fun at field day but those shorts were ridiculous).

Kathy: Again, nothing bad to say about you. I like that you are always positive and really make an effort with everyone. Even the sidebar conversation you had with Melissa about Gia's behavior wasn't mean spirited, it was more like you were saying that you could relate and understand how hard it is to be a parent to a ten year old girl. So, I don't think you were wrong for anything you said this week. Kathy's grade for the week: A (because she continues to be a positive presence).

Next week, Rosie talks to Kathy's kids about something very personal, and Caroline's brother Jaime makes a very special announcement.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Team Katniss

As most of you know, if you follow me on Twitter, I was recently introduced to the Hunger Games series of books by Suzanne Collins. I finished the final book today. There is no shortage of reasons why I loved each book equally - just to name a few, the story, the characters, the conflicts, the emotions, the shocking moments, the possible comparisons to our own society, I could go on all day. But, the biggest reason I loved these books is Katniss Everdeen. She is my current hero and she's completely fictional. But that's ok. It's almost better. Katniss is presented in each book as a real human being, with strengths and weaknesses, all of her best qualities along with her worst flaws. Despite being pegged as unlikable, I found her lovable. I wanted her to succeed. I wanted her to live. I wanted her to find happiness in the wake of all the tragedy that relentlessly pursued her. If you haven't read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, go read them right now. Devote a little time to these books, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Maybe my affection for the books goes even deeper than just appreciation of a good story. I think the book raises major life questions. Such as, who can you really trust? Do you ever really know someone's true motives? What drives us to either lay down in submission or rise up in rebellion? I know the books are fictional, and I think it's silly to say they're prophetic in any way. They're not. But they do reflect certain realities. The books reminded me of our obsession with entertainment. They reminded me of the greed we've been the victims of the last few years. They reminded me of all the societies and empires that have risen and crumbled throughout history.

I was impressed with each storyline, twist, and subplot in the book. And even though I had no idea what was coming, I loved the ending. In fact, I burst into tears. I was that moved by the ending. And I was also sad, because I had to say goodbye to those characters I'd fallen in love with. But, I can honestly say, the ending was perfection. And I won't spoil it for you.

I saw the movie The Hunger Games last week. And I loved it. The movie was definitely a condensed version of the book, but I've never minded that. I was very happy that the author Suzanne Collins co-wrote the screenplay and was an executive producer on the project. Her vision definitely comes through in the movie. I know some people are criticizing the movie for not following the book exactly, and for changing certain details, but the point is, the primary story is kept intact and the emotions I felt in the book are the same as the ones I felt watching the film. I realize a 350+ page novel cannot be transformed into a movie without some changes being made. As it is, the movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes long. I highly recommend the movie as well as the books.

Jennifer Lawrence was amazing as Katniss. She really became the character, portraying all of the emotions and internal conflicts with a really natural confidence. I was truly impressed with her performance, along with Liam Hemsworth, who plays Gale, Josh Hutcherson, playing Peeta, Woody Harrelson, as Haymitch, and of course, my man, Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. And a special shout out to Elizabeth Banks, who gave me life as Effie.

I can't wait for them to make a movie from Catching Fire, the second book in the series. The books would have made an amazing mini-series as well. But, because the books are so popular with young people, movies were probably the more profitable choice. The Hunger Games is still doing well at the box office, and it's been in theatres over a month now.

I'd love to discuss the books and/or the movie, so tweet me!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Therapy is Your Friend!

My apologies for this blog being so late, but things have been a little crazy, so forgive me. The latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey was so sad. It's so frustrating when it's so clear what the problem is to the audience (most of us), but the person/people on the show just don't get it. Is that what comes from becoming a reality tv star? Do you become so detached from real life that you honestly believe you can do no wrong? In that case, I'll make sure never to be on a reality show. I want to remain self aware, thank you very much. But let's get right into the episode, kids.

Kathy: I'm sorry the pool party turned out to be a dud. Except for Rosie and the kids having fun together, it was sort of a disaster. I understand being upset that certain people didn't show up, that's always disappointing, even if they have valid reasons for not coming. It takes a lot of effort to plan, organize, and execute a party - even a backyard BBQ, and your efforts didn't go unnoticed. I love that you love to entertain. Hopefully, your parties in the future will not be as depressing as this one was. And it wasn't even anything you did! Richie was right to have the kids not invite their school friends. He knew what was coming. Unfortunately, you can't have Teresa over without her making a scene. And Joe Gorga made one, too. So it was even worse. Do the kids a favor, next year, just have a school-friends party. I admire you wanting everyone to get along, and be the "glue", but you have to step back at some point and see the situation for what it is. As long as Teresa has rocks for brains, which is apparent and evident, there is nothing you can do. Focus on the rest of your family, and enjoy yourself. Maybe Teresa will see that and decide that it's finally time to change her ways. Kathy's grade for the week: A (for effort and for staying positive).

Melissa: I am so glad you didn't get into it with Teresa at the pool party. You were playing with all of the kids and socializing, which is what you're supposed to do at a family function. Good for you. And props to you for not getting involved in your husband and Teresa's conversation. That right there shows that you respect their relationship enough to stay out of it and let them have their time together. I honestly do not believe that you are this gold-digging horsey-faced tramp, which you were so eloquently called by Joe Giudice. I was skeptical of you at first when you came on the show last season, but I can clearly see that you're not what Joe Giudice says you are. And if for any reason you haven't been 100% honest with the audience, and you are those things, then you deserve an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony for pulling the wool over my eyes. Which is not easy. I have to address all the rumors about you and your past. First of all, we all have made mistakes, and if you learned from them, that's all that matters. I'm not even that interested in your past. But, it would take the wind out of certain people's sails if you would admit to whatever it is that they keep bringing up about you - if it's true. We all know what's coming - the infamous Posche fashion show - and the allegations and supposed people from your past coming forward. Like I said, I like you and I think you're being very rational this season, so hopefully all this foolishness will subside and the truth prevails. Just make sure you're on the right side of the truth, that's all. Melissa's grade for the week: A (for acting like a grown up, but Joe Gorga gets an F, I'll explain later).

Caroline: I thought the anniversary gift and festivities were sweet, and it was nice to see you and Al reminisce about your years together. That's a wonderful blessing, and I can see that both of you appreciate each other immensely. However, I need you to stop talking negatively about your body. Talking about your turkey neck and cellulite is not necessary, and I have a feeling that's where Lauren gets her screwed up ideas about body image. Just stop criticizing yourself and maybe Lauren will, too. I don't blame you for not going to the pool party, because it was going to be a Teresa-fest, and I hope you let Kathy know exactly why you didn't show up. It isn't Kathy's fault that Teresa ruins every function she attends. I can see that you have nothing but animosity towards Teresa - and you may be completely right about her. I actually agree with you that she is insane, but saying that Melissa is a younger, better version of Teresa may be a tad bit over the line. I say, take all that animosity and turn it into something productive. I mean, you can only hold on to so much anger towards Teresa for so long. Let it go and channel that energy into a new project. Maybe a book of your own or a podcast or another radio show? And for the record, I'm so jealous of the Jaguar. But I'll get mine someday, too. I want a black one, though. Caroline's grade for the week: C (because she can do better at this point).

Jacqueline: The scene with Ashlee was a little hard to watch, because Ashlee was in a bad mood and the attitude crept back in. But the conversation ended on a positive note with some "I love you"s, so that was good. I was a little bit bummed that you didn't go to Kathy's pool party, but after watching the Teresa-and-Joe-bomb go off, it was for the best. You would have been in the middle and that's not a good look for you anymore. I liked the scene where you tried to relate your experience with Dina to Teresa's, and her reaction was priceless. Deflect, deflect, deflect. I swear NASA needs to look into what Teresa's skull is made of because that thing is impenetrable. In your blog this week, you clarify that your trainer was dealing with alcoholism at the time of shooting the episode, and she even contributed to your blog and told her story. I'm glad she had an outlet to explain her journey, because it was jarring to see this trainer go off and sneak sips out of a flask during a workout. But, hey, she got help and she's better for it now. Maybe others can learn from her story. I also want to thank you for being up front and honest in your blog and on Twitter. I know it's not always easy, but your candidness is appreciated. And all this happened a year ago! Reliving it probably doesn't always feel great. So thanks for keeping it real. Jacqueline's grade for the week: B (for working on her issues with Ashlee and trying to get through to Teresa).

Teresa: I left you for last for a reason. I'm not going to treat you with kid gloves anymore. I was disgusted with you and your husband this week. You do not listen to anyone, ever. I take that back. You listen to Joe Giudice, which is much, much worse. When a grown man calls another man's wife a tramp and says he knows who she's been with, whether it's true or not - it's out of line. I know Richie jokes about you and says you're a pea brain, but he has never talked about you in a sexual connotation. Joe Giudice spoke about Melissa in a sexual context and that is not right. You cannot spin that one. And like I said, even if it is true, number one - it's none of his business, and number two - if it was true, it was in the past, and she's a wife and mother now. I'm sure Joe Giudice made mistakes in his past, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't appreciate someone bringing them up over and over. His current mistakes are out in public, and he's all butt hurt that people talk about them now. And then, for you to LAUGH as he calls Melissa all those horrible names, calls Kathy a frog face, and calls Rosie a BUTCHIE BOY??? Really?? Did Joe Giudice learn NOTHING from his F-word debacle? Joe Giudice is the worst kind of assh*le - he's proud of it. And apparently, so are you. Because you laughed at it, and you participated in it. Joe Giudice's motive becomes clear when he yells: "YOU DON'T NEED ANYBODY". So that's it. You don't need friends or family, because you have him. I wish I could pry your eyes open to see how f*cked up that man is. And you defend him in your blog, saying that he's old school. I'm sorry. That's not old school. That's psychotic. But enough about Joe Giudice. Let's address some of the things YOU said this week. Such as, Gia didn't like Melissa at first and kids have great intuition. Well, let's see. Kids take their cues from their parents, and you obviously didn't like Melissa (EVER), so that mystery has been solved. Then, you tell your brother that you're never going to tell him anything ever again, because he told Melissa about your comment regarding Melissa leaving your brother for a richer man. From now on, I'm calling it the "richer man" comment. To save time. Be real, Teresa. You tell your husband everything. It was proven during your lovely conversation mentioned earlier. So, don't be surprised that your brother tells his wife whatever he wants. And even if you have a problem with it, it's none of your business. He is married. He is a father. That is his primary concern. You are always going to be siblings, but he has to put his wife and kids first, just like you do. What the eff is so hard to understand about that?? Now, your brother was wrong for a few things - first, he should have left Joe Giuidice out of the conversation all together. Second, he should not have said he was "an angel", because let's face it, none of us are. Third, he should not have said that "God will punish you", because that was way out of line. You two definitely are related, because you both fight dirty. I will also let you know that calling Melissa the C-word probably hurt your case more than anything else. Your true feelings are out there, now, honey, so now, you have to DEAL WITH IT. No fake magazine apologies, no more vague blame-shifting blogs. OWN IT. Be the b*tch and stand by what you say. If you would just own your sh*t, people would at least give you credit for being honest. But you try to act like you have no idea why people are upset with you and it's all their fault. PLEASE. PLEASE be REAL. I know this all happened a year ago, but I swear, if you show up to the reunion with the same batsh*t attitude you had at the last reunion, you lose. You become the villain( you kind of already are), but you have time to turn it around. And if you don't believe me, just ask Danielle Staub and Jill Zarin how being the psycho villain worked out for them. Teresa's grade for the week: F (obviously).

Final thoughts: At this point, that therapy session needs to happen with Teresa and her brother STAT! No more one on one conversations, because neither of them are any good at those. THERAPY is MADE for people like this. Therapy will do wonders for them. Joe Gorga - you were so wrong for calling your sister a f*cking b*tch. That was not okay. Just as wrong as what she called your wife. No matter how upset you were, there was no excuse for that. Rosie, you are amazing and wonderful and if you want to have short hair and wear cute caps, DO YOU, like I know you will. You're beautiful just the way you are. Lastly, any Teresa fans that can explain how she's right for any of this craziness, please tweet me. If you can rationally and logically explain it, I will quote you in next week's blog.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Didn't Have to Be This Way

I don't even have the appropriate words to describe how disgusted I was as I watched the latest episode of Basketball Wives. The level of plain wrongness was off the charts. And I hate to say that now I can see why some people were calling for a boycott. I'm not saying it's working, or that I'll stop watching. I'm just saying I can now understand why people would boycott this show. However, I do think that this episode could be a turning point for some, a mirror, you might say. Because, when we watch these shows, we automatically (and sometimes subconsciously) relate it to our own life and our own experiences. So, if just one person sees themselves in some of the behavior on the show and realizes that they need to make a change, maybe it's all worth it. But let's quit with the philosophizing (Zoolander reference) and talk about the episode.

On a side note - Tahiti is gorgeous and I want to go to there (30 Rock reference) immediately.

Tami: I feel the need to explain that the reason why I may have found your outbursts funny in the past is because my mom is very similar to you. I've seen the same facial expressions, I've heard the same tone of voice, and I've been on the receiving end of the same type of rants. There are definite similarities that I clearly relate to. The way you go off on people is nothing new for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't laughing this time around. You're still working on your anger management issues, and I think we can all agree that you have a long way to go (at least at the point when this episode was taped). This week, it wasn't just a verbal altercation with Kesha. That was a full on attack. And the sad thing is, she wasn't a threat to you at all. You just kept coming for her and coming for her and coming for her long after she had surrendered. I have to say that the alcohol was the catalyst for this terrible incident. The minute you all took shots, your whole demeanor changed, and it was like something inside you snapped. That's when it got scary. I know you already know this - and you've apologized on your Twitter account, which you've since deleted - but you were wrong. Taking Kesha's purse was totally wrong. She walked away to put distance between you, she wasn't leaving her purse there to be stolen by you or anyone else. And the fact that you went through her purse and her phone was just ridiculous. The way you spoke to her in her room was out of line, as well. It was a shame and a total disaster on your part. I hope that you will make some formal statement (maybe at the reunion?) so that you can repair some of this. There's no excuse for how you treated Kesha, not even the fact that she may have annoyed you. I'm glad you and Kesha are on better terms following your recent health problems. That's a start. I truly don't think you're the person we saw this week. Make a statement and let the public know what you're doing to make sure this never happens again. Tami's grade for the week: F (because there was no excuse for any of that).

Kesha: We're still getting to know you, and one thing we know is that you do not like confrontation. That's why you shut down and did not engage with Tami at all after she got so heated with you. I could almost pinpoint the moment where you decided to just give up. In a way, I wanted you to fight back, but then again, I can understand why you didn't. You know Tami has gotten physical with people in the past. You know that she was intoxicated. You know that she just doesn't like you. So, in all fairness, I'm pretty sure most of us would have done the same thing. Your major mistake was leaving your purse in your chair. Your other big mistake was saying anything personal to Suzie. She is not your friend. Run, don't walk. Seriously, you showed a lot of restraint, and even though some may say you were wrong to report your bag stolen, it's your bag, you can do whatever you want. And let's be real, you told the receptionist that someone had your things and you wanted them back. You didn't call the American Embassy or anything. I hate that you left the trip early, but there was nothing to stay for. I am glad you and Tami are ok now, like I said before, though. Hopefully her health scare was a turning point and the channel through which your friendship with her can finally blossom. You are strong in your own way, not with fists or yelling, but through quiet defiance, which is what we saw. You didn't give in to Tami, except to ask for your bag back like she wanted you to, which you did. Kesha's grade for the week: B (because you did the best you could in the situation, but you definitely could have stood up for yourself more).

Suzie: I can't even explain how mad I am at you. First of all, that whole situation could have been avoided if you would have kept your mouth shut. What Kesha said wasn't that serious. It wasn't even really a dig at Tami, when you really think about it. Kesha was just pointing out why she didn't engage in an argument with Tami. That's not your cue to go tell Tami every single thing Kesha said. And I have to question your motives. Do you really think it was that necessary to put that bug in Tami's ear when you know how much she can't stand Kesha? What were you trying to accomplish? Some things do not need to be said. Especially if it's not even that big of a deal. What did you think Tami was going to do with that information? I just think you're willing to kiss anyone's ass at this point. You wanted to be ok with Tami so you feed her whatever scraps of information you could find instead of leaving the bullsh*t at the door. And the stunt you pulled with Evelyn and Shaunie was wrong. It's so much more than a prank. Don't even try to play the prank card. Also, the room number that Tami got the room key for (425) did NOT match the room you all actually went to when you first went to scope out the place (408 or 409, I couldn't tell). Hmmmm!!!! I have no respect for you - and you're not a true friend to any of the women on the show. You're out for yourself, whether it befor camera time or just to get back in the circle. Good luck with that. Suzie's grade for the week: F (because she's running around causing unnecessary problems and that irks me).

Evelyn: I could tell you weren't 100% on board with what Tami was doing and saying, but you did nothing to stop it. Maybe you didn't want to be Tami's next target? I was glad to see you empathize with Kesha ... until I saw you participate in the "prank" in Kenya's room. That was low. And not funny. It's not a prank when all of you don't like the girl and there's nothing funny about it. You all were enjoying it a little bit too much, I'm just saying. And like I said before, it wasn't even the same room that Tami got the key for. So what was that about? I'm just really tired of you showing us you have a heart (crying with Kesha), just to turn around and be mean for no reason again. Which is it? Because at this point, it's so childish and obnoxious, it's not even funny. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (for being compassionate with Kesha but then immediately ruining it by being a mean girl).

Shaunie: The reason why people are so upset with you is because you went along with all the foolishness on this episode. You didn't stop the Tami tirade or the purse snatching, and you didn't put the kibash on the fish prank. You were wrong to stand there and laugh while they shoved dead fish all over the room. That was not a prank by any means. And you were wrong to not escort Tami somewhere and sober her up and talk some sense into her before she totally demolished Kesha. I know these are all grown women and you're not their mother, but please. For the sake of your own show, reign them in a little bit here and there. You may think it's good tv at the time, but as we've all seen, it's not good for your show in the long run. You've made statements that your voice is finally being heard and that next season it'll be a more positive show, but that's what you said about this season. Stuff like this has no place on the show and you definitely don't need to be in the mix laughing about it as it happens. You knew Tami was wrong and I'm pretty sure you knew Evelyn and Suzie were wrong. Don't let these girls do this to your show. The show is already suffering, as are your cast members. Tami's deleted her Twitter account and Royce did the same last week (it's back up now). When are you going to step in and bring some order to the court? And tell us what's really going on with that whole room number mix up? Was that planned to go into Jenn's room instead of Kenya's??? Shaunie's grade for the week: D (for not stopping the madness when she most certainly could have).

Jennifer and Kenya - I'll deal with you ladies next week.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, I hadn't blogged about Mob Wives for the last couple of weeks, because frankly, it was practically the same stuff over and over, and there was really nothing to say. I decided to blog about the finale, but without the grades. I really don't feel it's necessary to grade the ladies based on the season finale. The entire tone was pretty positive and there were only a few moments of tension, which were ultimately resolved, with the exception of Drita and Ramona's bad blood. I'll give my thoughts on the bigger storylines and talk about how the season wrapped up. I am super excited to see the reunion because Drita and Ramona will finally have it out.

First, let's talk about Renee. She's officially not in mourning anymore, and she seems stronger and happier than ever on the finale. I don't believe in the whole burning sage bit, but hey, whatever makes you feel better, Renee. I agree with AJ, though (it's bullsh*t). I'm just happy to see Renee smile and laugh again. We went through a lot with her this season. From the botched surgery to Junior to her father to her own mental breakdown. We were there during her lowest points - but she got through it. And there's something really inspiring about that.

Now, for the Drita and Karen sit down. All in all, I think it went well because both ladies wanted it to. If either one wanted to get crazy, it would have been a disaster. I believe it when they both said they were tired from all the fighting. I can just imagine. It has to be exhausting to engage in the hating and the gossiping and the physical altercations and just the negativity in general. I don't know how long the truce will last, although I commend both Drita and Karen for agreeing that a truce is the best option. Really, it always has been, but outside people, for their own reasons, kept fanning the flames. So, when it was just the two of them, they were able to work it out. And also, enough time had passed. Time really does help. I honestly think it was the perfect time and place for them to come together. Hopefully, these two will honor their word and not start any drama between now and next season, which brings me to my next topic ...

Ramona. Since this season started, I could see that she didn't want Karen and Drita to make up. Why? Because being Karen's sidekick against Drita is her only position on the show. And if that's gone, she may be gone, too. I'm not saying it's right or correct, I'm just saying that's how she's coming across. Ramona has done nothing but make matters worse between Drita and Karen, and I have to say, it's totally unnecessary. When Ramona is giving us her personal story, and not getting into other people's business, she's totally cool as far as I'm concerned. But, when she gets in Karen's ear about Drita, I can't stand her. So we shall see how she justifies that at the reunion.

Don't get me wrong, Drita doesn't need to be fighting or even acknowledging Ramona, so the fact that she participates in it doesn't sit well with me, either. But Ramona definitely could have picked a classier way to deal with her issues with Drita all season long. In my opinion, she messed up with this particular aspect of the show from the start, and she seems hell bent on carrying it through to the end. Unfortunately, considering the fact that Karen has made peace with Drita, it makes Ramona look a little out of the loop. Didn't she get the memo that they're all done with the drama?

By the way, Big Ang prevailed like I knew she would. She had all the 'Wives to a "dinnah pawtee" and no one fought or acted the fool. And all of those kids are absolutely adorable and gorgeous. Beautiful.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maybe Everybody Should Shut Up

I'm back for another Real Housewives of New Jersey smackdown, and let me tell you, Mama is excited. I want to make it clear that these are my opinions, I don't have any friendships or anything with any of the housewives, and I'm not trying to be friends with them. I'm calling it like I see it. If you don't agree, let me know (in a respectful manner) @humorandspice, and we'll discuss it like adults. This is all entertainment, folks, no need to get nasty about it. If you see things differently, I'd love to know why. Who knows? You may get me to switch teams! Seriously, though, the only team I'm on is Team Wakile/Team Kathy, and I've been very open about that. I can see the good and the bad in everyone on this show. Especially this week. So let's jump right in.

First, I have to address Lauren, so bear with me.

Lauren: It's obvious you have major self-esteem issues. I would go so far as to say that you hate yourself. Not just physically, I might add. I hate that you put so much importance on the way you look. I totally understand where you're coming from, but in the words of Latrice Royale: GOOD GOD, GET A GRIP, GURL! You are not the first (and definitely not the last) to struggle with weight. Hello, we live in the United States. Every other person in this country struggles with their weight and/or appearance. Secondly, you make some kind of farkakte connection between being skinny and being rich. Where did you get this from? How in the world did you connect those two? I'm sorry, but as far as I know, and I read a lot of biographies about successful people, being rich comes from a lot of hard work and a little luck. So, skinny has little to nothing to do with it. It's about believing in yourself - and loving yourself - enough to go after your dreams. You don't love yourself and you're making it all about the physical aspect of your life when you should focus on your work, your relationship, and your own happiness. And believe me, happiness DOES NOT come from being skinny. I was down to a size zero at one point - my lowest point - and it didn't make me happier in the slightest. I'm much happier now, and size zero is just a faint memory. So, get your MIND right, Lauren. I hope you're in a better place now. I know it sucks when your family (Dad and brothers mostly in this episode) make jokes about your weight, but everyone has their struggle. Just last season, Albie was still struggling with school. So, don't sweat it. And I'll speak on Caroline in a little while, but seriously, I think you need to move out of your parents' house immediately. Move to the city with a couple of girlfriends and GET YOUR LIFE. Lauren's grade for the week: D (because she needs a major attitude adjustment).

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's address the ladies.

Jacqueline: I hope we saw your turning point this week when you broke down by Teresa's car at the Solstice Party - by the way, can we just call it the bullsh*t party, because there was nothing spiritual about that party? Ok, thank you. Your frustration has been palpable since last season, and it's because (and forgive me, because I love you), you put yourself in the middle. You do. All you have to do is take a stand with Teresa (or Danielle or whoever) and stick to your guns. I can see and feel you trying to skirt around Teresa and not make her mad, but all that does is rev her up more. At the Solstice Party, you finally broke your silence and said that Melissa spoke with you about Teresa's gold digger comments. But, more importantly, you broke down and expressed how you were feeling about your relationship with Teresa as a whole - you have to not say things because she freaks out and you're expected to take her side 100% of the time no matter what. And unfortunately, she's not right all the time. So you're basically stuck. When you finally told her what you were feeling, I could practically see the weight coming off of your shoulders. Now, we know a lot more drama is in store, and we're going to see this whole thing unravel, but as of right now, I'm glad you opened up and at least started to speak your mind in this episode to Teresa's face. I did not appreciate the whole go-between role that you were playing at the party, though. This isn't high school. Do not let Teresa or anyone else make you be the messenger. Jacqueline's grade for the week: C (because she's still in the middle but she's slowly coming into her own this season).

Melissa: I know people are going to say that I'm on Team Melissa for this one, but you did the damn thing on this episode. I don't care what anyone says, you stood your ground, you didn't back down, and you actually made sense in the argument with Teresa. You told her without any hesitations or reservations to leave you and your marriage alone. I respect that. As a woman, I respect that you would ask her to not speak about you or your marriage in a negative way, because that's not her place. Even if she did hear someone say you were a gold digger, wouldn't she have told your husband a long time ago? And if he didn't listen, and married you anyway, what is the point of saying it now? You two are clearly not getting a divorce any time soon, and if you were, it would be for your own reasons, not because of gossip. The minute I see you flirt or look at another man on this show with lust in your eyes, I will let you know. It hasn't happened yet. The minute the tabloids have pictures of you with another man, I'll believe the gossip. It hasn't happened yet. So, you're correct in asking Teresa to take a seat. I don't know if I agree with the whole "coward" comment, only because that just made things worse. I think you were winning the argument up until that point. Then, it just got ugly and mean. But you made good points, you articulated yourself well, and you were clear about what your problems were with her. As for the whole gifts portion of the argument, now you know not to take gifts to the Giudice kids, because Joe Giudice throws them away. Isn't that nice? You were right to tell Teresa to talk to her brother directly, also. In my book, you could have handled a few things differently, but all in all, you did the best you could in the situation. I think this argument set you and Teresa back quite a bit, though. Melissa's grade for the week: C (because I could actually follow most of her logic in the argument, but it got out of control, and she could have handled it differently).

Caroline: A lot of people are hating on you because of the whole Lauren thing. On this episode, you said in an interview/confessional that she needs to lose weight. I don't see this as a huge revelation because Lauren says it as well. I think you should be focusing on what's happening on the inside instead of the outside, though. Take her to therapy to get to the bottom of her self-esteem issues, and please, help her move out of your house. She needs to be on her own, or at least get a place with some roommates. She's not going to get better with everyone in the house slamming her for the way she looks. Now, on to the Solstice Party. You went into that party with a stank attitude, and you left with a stank attitude. Good thing you can blame it on the menopause. But seriously, menopause is probably the main culprit. That, and when you get to a certain age, you just don't give a sh*t anymore. Ask my mom. But I digress. I think you're being a little bit too vocal about Teresa, even though what you're saying isn't exactly incorrect. She does have a lot of the qualities that you say she has. However, I don't know if "bully" is the right word for how Teresa is behaving. I think "brat" is a far more accurate term. Anyway, you just keep yourself together and hang back so that Jacqueline and Teresa can hash out their issues without people trying to say you're influencing her. Caroline's grade for the week: D (because she is cranky and it's making her come off in a not so good way).

Kathy: We can always go to you for a calm, mature, and reasonable take on the craziness that's going on around you. How you're able to let things slide is truly admirable. Yes, I think you're great. I do find it interesting that you clarified why Teresa is so hung up on not mentioning the word "jail", though. It makes sense that it has to do with pride and that it's a "Jersey thing". Again, you were very smart to not get involved in the fight at the Solstice Party. You know you're the last person Teresa wants to argue with. Kathy's grade for the week: A (and if you don't agree, tell me why, because I can't think of one thing that Kathy wasn't mature about on this episode).

Teresa: It appears that your fuse is still minuscule, and that is a shame. The fact that you blew up over Melissa confirming what you were talking about and using the word "jail" is just sad. There is no hiding what happened. Your husband went to jail. You're so caught up in painting this pretty picture of the perfect life this season, that you forget that people can read the papers and Google. People know what's happening. Also, I notice you're speaking a lot more Italian this season, and I like it. Just saying. Anyway, you were completely off the rails in the argument with Melissa. First of all, you made nothing but excuses for your behavior and for talking badly about her to your brother. All you had to say was, "Yes, I said it, and I realize it was out of line, and I'm sorry." But no. You can't apologize because then you'd have to admit that you were wrong, which you're not going to do. It's exhausting, Teresa. Talking about anyone's wife like that - without proof - is just wrong. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter what other people tell you, or the fact that you told your brother in confidence (that's the word you were looking for). You, of all people, should know, husbands and wives share things. And you said something hurtful to your brother and he shared it with his wife. But, you have to take responsibility for saying it in the first place! You were so ridiculous in the fight with Melissa, even resorting to mocking her voice. Do us all a favor, and grow up. When you're able to have an adult conversation and be just a little bit logical, you'll get a much better reaction from people. And the thing with the magazines has to end. I'm sorry, but that reeks of sleaziness. You're selling your "stories" to gossip magazines on a regular basis - no wonder people aren't falling all over themselves to hear you out. Maybe, just maybe, if you actually listen to the people that you've hurt, and realize that your actions have consequences, maybe then you'll have better relationships with people. Because this attitude that you and your husband have is toxic. Like, Chernobyl status. It was good to see you asking for Rosie's advice, but it was sad to see you immediately dismiss it. She's right about everything! Teresa's grade for the week: F (for not even attempting to listen to Melissa, Jacqueline, Rosie, and everyone else).

Special shout out to my girl, Rosie: You held it down this week. Between the kids and Teresa, you were like Jersey Supernanny. You are honestly giving me life every time you're on this show. Please, continue to tell it like it is!

Title of blog comes from Rosie (to Teresa) on this week's episode.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's Be Real

It was a rip-roaring, hell of a time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday night. Clearly, we all have our favorites and our biases, but I'm going to be as impartial as possible here. In all sincerity, I'm enjoying this season so far. There's drama between the ladies, but more importantly, there are big family issues happening as well. I think the family aspect is really going to save this season from becoming ugly. Not to say that there's not going to be ugliness between the women on the show, we've seen the previews for next week. But, if there's going to be a saving grace anywhere, it's gonna be that the families are each endearing and important to the audience.

Now, let's talk about the episode and break it all down.

Jacqueline: You said on the After Show on Watch What Happens Live this week and in your blog that the scene where Ashley leaves was heavily edited. They didn't show the loving goodbye that actually happened between you and Ashley. I did think it was odd that everyone was sort of distant, and I figured you had spoken to your daughter before she flew cross-country. So, thanks for clarifying that for us. I think we can all see that you were at the end of your rope, and this opportunity was your last hope for her. We're all rooting for you and your family to overcome this whole Ashley situation, and deep down, we're rooting for Ashley, too. Even though, sometimes, she makes it near impossible to like her. In Sunday's episode, she was definitely not handling things like she should have. Missing the flight to find snacks is no bueno. The scene with you looking at Ashley's baby photos was heart-breaking. It could not have been an easy decision to send her away, but like I said, you were out of options. You knew she was self-destructing and not doing anything to secure a job or any kind of tangible goal for herself. Your tears were justified, you were mourning losing your little girl. She's an adult who has to make her own choices now. I seriously doubt Ashley will look back at you with anything but love and admiration for doing the best you could to raise her the right way. As for having the get-together, I think it was nice that you included everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything goes down with Teresa in the coming episodes, although it'll no doubt open up some ugly wounds for everyone involved. The fact that you two spoke recently and are taking "baby steps" to mend the friendship is comforting, but I'm not sure Teresa has really changed. Jacqueline's grade for the week: B (because I think at this point in the season, she was just doing her best to keep her sanity). 

Melissa: First of all, I'm friggin' jealous that you have a friggin' recording studio in your friggin' house. That is so cool. And second, that was a very nice song you recorded for your hubby. I think you two are in love and have a happy marriage and family life. Anyone who sees something different, please enlighten me. I think you and Joe truly love each other and it doesn't seem to be about how much money he has. Sounds like you two went through a hard time financially, and got through it. So, mazel to you. Now, I have to give you props for your "take one for the team" comment. Bingo! Yes! That's exactly what it was. Teresa's "jokes" at everyone else's expense served one and only one purpose - to sell books. Boom. Done and done. You are definitely on my good side this season. Keep calling it like you see it, girl. Melissa's grade for the week: A (for telling it like it T-I-is). 

Caroline: I saw you getting some static for taking Lauren to the weight loss specialist. I wish someone would have taken me to one ... anyway, let's not get into that. 30, here I come, and I'm gonna be in shape when I see you! But I digress. Here's the thing, if you hadn't taken Lauren to get help with her weight loss, people would hate on you, too. So, you can't win. Some people just can't take you. I can. I think you were as gentle about the topic as necessary, but you were honest about it. I don't think we need to hear about how small you are anymore, but that's just me. You were smart to stay quiet while Teresa gave her apology/announcement, you've already said you're letting it go, and that you're keeping your distance. Fair enough. Caroline's grade for the week: B (because I can see why people are irritated with her, but give her a break already). 

Kathy: You know I want you to adopt me, right? Who cares that I'm not a minor? Just kidding. But in all seriousness, you are an amazing mom. I love that you talk to your kids in a no-nonsense manner. Yes, Joey got an inappropriate email. But you nipped it in the bud and he knows that you're watching out for him. There are some crazy perverts out there. I just love how you're able to stand tall and know that regardless of the drama, you aren't contributing to it. You're not arguing, you're not fighting. You're letting things take their course. I do think Richie should quit rough-housing with Joe Giudice, though. That's for sure. Kathy's grade for the week: A (because she is my favorite. There. I said it).

Teresa: I read your blog, and please forgive me, but I cannot believe you wrote it. That is not you talking. And the fact that you used a gossip magazine to apologize to your cast mates just smacks of insincerity to me. Call them on the phone! Or better yet, don't apologize if you don't really think you did anything wrong. Because that's what it comes across as - on this episode, especially, and last week with Caroline - you know you have to apologize, but you really don't want to. It would almost be better if you said, "It was funny to me when I wrote it, and I used you all to sell books, and I don't care if you were offended by it." At least, then, we could say, "Hey, at least she owned it." I do admire you for stepping up and writing these books to support your family. I think you're determined and focused when it comes to taking care of your girls, and that, I applaud one hundred percent. It's the attitude you display with the rest of the cast that I have a problem with. If you would quit being defensive and just bring that wall down, I think you would get an entirely different response from people. I've said it before and I'll say it again, your problem is Joe Giudice. I think your whole struggle stems from that man. I'm glad he's stepped up with the kids, but let's be real. He is not exactly helping you get along with other people. It's like he wants you to fight with everyone because in reality, HE wants to fight with everyone. Something is definitely not right there. Teresa's grade for the week: C (because I liked that she apologized, but I don't think she was sincere about it).

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Back ... Back to Let You Have It

I'm back, kids! I needed a short break just to make sure I was doing this blog for the right reasons. I do feel a certain obligation to blog on each episode of every single show I watch, but there were times where it was a bit of a chore instead of a joy.

Now, I'm committed to only blogging when the inspiration is there, and hopefully, that will eliminate the blogs that some had a problem with - specifically, the ones saying that there was no "meat" to them. In all honesty, this blog is an escape for me. A hobby, a place where I can say anything, and connect with people who love pop culture as much as I do. It's not my job. I have a very demanding schedule and a lot going on, just like everyone else. It's not an excuse for sub-par or thrown-together blogs, so I apologize to anyone who thought I didn't care enough to put any "meat" in them. Just know that my intentions were good, and they still are.

I'm just going to blog about the shows and events that I have strong opinions about. There's no sense blogging about something that isn't a passion of mine. So, there you have it.

Now, excuse me while I let these children have it!

(Title of blog comes from the song Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous by RuPaul. Click here to buy from Itunes).