Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Brainer

This week, Celebrity Apprentice was a total disaster. The teams had to put together a presentation for the new Buick Verano and in my opinion, they both did a pretty good job with the task. But I have a few issues with this episode. Let's begin:

The men's team was lead my one of my favorite people, Adam Carolla. Now, being that Michael Andretti is a race car driver, you would think he would be the project manager. Guess what. He didn't want to be project manager. Fine. Michael basically passed on it because he heard the word "presentation", and decided he doesn't talk so good, so he let the tv and radio personality have a shot at it. Honestly, Adam seemed kind of full of himself and took the leadership role and ran with it. Even when his team disagreed with his "heckler" concept. However, the presentation itself wasn't bad. Adam was funny (he always is) and he knew the car inside and out. Michael stood up there and tried to put words together for a little bit, then was mercifully dismissed. Penn got into the trunk of the car!

Let's talk about the women for a bit, now. Debbie was project manager and as expected, found a way to sing in the presentation. Barf. I loved Aubrey's line about how the audience was going to hear Debbie sing whether they bought a ticket or not. Debbie's an accomplished singer, we get it. I don't know why she wants to ram it down our throats all the time. Not to say Aubrey's any better. She's a fountain of ideas and is quick on her feet, but gurl has major attitude. The women's presentation went along smoothly until the question/answer portion, where Tia couldn't answer the very first question about safety ratings. Lisa was hilarious and Teresa brought Juicy Joe and the kids to be a part of the presentation, which I thought worked well with the overall concept. Debbie's leadership was questioned in the boardroom and Tia and Teresa expressed that Debbie has a tendency to be condescending. You don't say!

Bottom line, the women won and now it was time for Adam to decide who to bring back into the boardroom. Adam said he wouldn't bring anyone back because he was project manager, and he lost the challenge. Trump was not happy, so he fired Adam and Michael, but not before beating the dead horse named "Michael Andretti is a race car driver and this was a car challenge so he should have been project manager". Here's what: Michael isn't presentation-giver! If you have a chance, listen to Adam's podcast from  Monday where he explains how over the show he was at this point and why he decided on the concept for the men's team. Seriously, he got some serious misinformation, still gave a really good presentation, lost and went home for it. But it's reality tv. No one said it would be fair.