Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Day

I loved Brad Goreski's Bravo show, It's a Brad Brad World, and the finale was my favorite episode by far. This season has been full of great moments and funny quips, but I have to say, the finale made me cry tears of joy. Let me give you a quick recap - Brad and his partner Gary (hilarious Gary) have been together for 10 years. Throughout the season, they've been planning their anniversary party (and arguing about it as well). It's finally time for the party and everything is great. There are fabulous guests, fabulous food, and finally, a fabulous gift.

Gary (sweet Gary) has put together a surprise gift for Brad. After a quick toast, Gary tells the story of how he and Brad met. And the fact that Brad was obsessed with Les Mis at the time. Then, Gary and some select guests (including Megan Mullally!) start a flash mob - singing the finale to Les Mis. And I have to tell you, I immediately started crying. And laughing at the same time. Seriously. Maybe it's the tone of the song, all victorious and hopeful and inspirational, or maybe it was Brad's reaction (pure giddiness). But the whole performance was so joyful, it really exemplified the love that these two people share.

I don't care what your stance on gay marriage is - that's love. Gary and Brad love each other. I wish someone would organize a flash mob for me one day. I'd do it for someone in a heartbeat. It's the perfect gift!

I really hope there's a second season of this show. I'm going to miss Gary and Brad big time.

I want to show you the flash mob - but doesn't have the video up yet. Boo.