Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updo! UP! DO!

This week on RuPaul's Drag Race, it was election time, and all the queens put their platforms on the campaign trail. Some took it more seriously than others, with some surprising results. I loved that activist Dan Savage was on hand to critique the gurls' campaign slogans. He is so delightfully drab and dry, it's such a contrast against all the loudness of the show. But he knows his stuff. I love him.

And I have to talk about Michelle Visage's look this week. Sleek, straight-ish, side 'do with a plunging neckline that shows off the star tattoo in between the boobies. What!! You own EVERYTHING, Michelle!!

Oh and someone is coming back a la Carmen Carrera last season. I'm hoping it's Kenya Michaels!!!

Chad: I loved your political character!! It was so funny and so different from what everyone else was doing. I loved the hair and the attitude. I absolutely loved it. And the way you called out the lights! Yellow! Red! Bam! LOL! Your runway look was perfect and so appropriate for the inaugural ball. Or any ball, for that matter. I think we do see your personality, but that's because we see you in the workroom and backstage. I guess the only way to show who you are on the runway is to go back to basics, and wear something that isn't reminiscent of someone else. I really hope you're in the Top 3. I can't wait to see what you do next. Chad's grade for the week: A.

Dida: Your presidential candidate was a little reserved and quiet, which wasn't the best choice. But we've seen this from you before in the infomercial challenge. I just don't think you're comfortable with the whole character thing. You do much better as Dida. Speaking of, I loved your runway dress. And I actually liked the hair. I guess it wasn't inaugural enough for the judges. Your lipsynch was so amazing, by the way. I loved it. On Untucked, you got a special message from your parents, which was really great. Your attitude on your way out was spectacular. You have a great career ahead of you, gurl. Dida's grade for the week: B.

Latrice: I loved your campaign look and your speeches. It was all so regal. That was so good. Your reaction to Phi Phi was understandable, but I think you should have let her have it. I think you internalized your anger and it appeared like you were over the challenge when in fact, you were probably just over her. Your runway look was just alright for me. It looked so much better when you put your bra strap away and took the corset off. During your lipsynch your look really took off for me. Speaking of your lipsynch, tears in my eyes. I loved it. That was so your song to lipsynch. Top 3 with Latrice!! Latrice's grade for the week: B+.

Phi Phi: I could see where you were going with your political character, and some of it was actually funny, but you kind of shot yourself in the foot with the "help" comment. It wasn't that funny, honey. And I'm starting to get really sick of your attitude. You can be pretty without being mean, ok? Your runway look was pretty good, with the white gown and curly hair. The makeup still wasn't as flawless as it should have been. I think of past queens on Drag Race, and your makeup is so severe compared to theirs. I understand that there are different styles of drag, but I think your makeup could be less severe and more polished. That's all I'm saying. Phi Phi's grade for the week: D.

Sharon: You and your 90s business class realness was everything on the political challenge this week. I loved your platform and all your campaign slogans. You were really funny and stayed in character, which is your strong point. I loved your runway look and the fact that Lady Gaga complimented it on Twitter just made it even better. Definitely Top 3. Love you, gurl. Sharon's grade for the week: A.

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