Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Wrong Queen

I caught up on Survivor today and OMG, it was awesome. The best two episodes of Survivor I've seen in a long time.

The women finally won some challenges and their morale is up for now. That is, until Alicia decided to get a bee in her bonnet because Kat sort of kind of said she wasn't good at puzzles. Guess what?! She's not!! So not, in fact, that Alicia essentially cost the ladies the immunity challenge. I want this girl gone so bad. She's not at all a team player.

The men are in even more turmoil because Colton is running things. He blindsided Matt - who had it coming in a major way, and now the rest of the men are basically following Colton out of fear. This kid knows what he's doing. However, Colton is no longer my favorite, thanks to his terrible remarks about Leif, who happens to be a little person. Colton threw out every derogatory reference for little people that he could think of, acted like a total brat when Bill confronted him, and then convinced the guys to give up their immunity and go to tribal council. That's right, the men CHOSE to go to tribal after winning the immunity challenge because Colton said so. It seemed he was really upset with Leif for spilling the beans to Bill that he was on the chopping block. Which is not even what Leif said! If you listen, he says that Bill was almost voted out at last tribal. He didn't say anything about the upcoming vote. But Colton was just using the whole Leif thing as a ruse to get Bill out anyway so it really doesn't matter.

And then Colton had to make matters worse by saying some really stupid things about Bill at tribal council and in his interviews. Bill is a black stand up comedian, and Colton thinks he's "ghetto" and "needs to get a real job". Oy vey. Then, he shoved his foot in his mouth some more by saying he's not racist because he has a black housekeeper. OMG. Just shut up now.

Colton needs to control his attitude because he's starting to sound and act just like Matt (who I couldn't stand). He's being arrogant and mean and throwing his weight around. That's not gonna fly for too long. And some one needs to tell Tarzan to zip it - that weirdo just talks out of turn all the time!

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