Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Ship Has Sailed

We finally got to see the infamous boat trip from hell on this week's Bethenny Ever After. It was pretty rough, but I'm glad to see Jason and Bethenny got through it without ripping each other to pieces. The episode picked up where we left off last week, Jason walks away from the dock in a huff after a verbal argument with Bethenny. She says she's going on the trip with or without him and asks him what he's going to do. He gets on the helicopter and I think that was the best decision he could have made. Can you imagine how bad it would have been if he hadn't went on the trip? Regardless of whether the boat would've gone off course or not, it would have symbolized that he's really not invested - or that when things get tough, he can't handle it.

Thankfully, while on the boat, Jason gets some one on one with Dr. Amador, and some revelations actually do happen. Like when Jason says he likes to push Bethenny's buttons because he loves her, Amador quickly replies that that's not why he pushes her buttons at all. He pushes her buttons because he's hurt about something and it's the easiest way to make it known. Very true.

Jason then gets sea sick and can't make dinner for the group as planned. Bethenny steps in and cooks the dinner while checking on Jason frequently. I think Bethenny behaved herself and was really patient with Jason. She didn't snap at him, although one under-the-breath comment did slip out at one point. But hey, she's not a saint, people.

Then, the real trouble starts when the trip is an hour behind schedule and Amador breaks the news that the GPS is broken. Really?! The other couple on the trip is asleep, since they were sleeping in shifts, so Jason and Bethenny are the lucky ones who get to be awake during this crisis. Amador, of course, is completely calm. I loved how Bethenny and Jason were able to discuss some of their issues while this is all going on.

The boat analogy really does apply to not only marriage, but relationships of all kinds. If you focus on the tiny problem right in front of you, you may miss the huge, beautiful bigger picture all around you.

Finally, after many, many hours of waiting, the towing boat arrives. Now this is the next day. Like, there's sunshine and it's not like early morning sunshine. We're talking noon, at least. Once everyone is off the boat, the lessons start to really sink in. Bethenny and Jason look happy to be on dry land - back with Brynn - and you can almost see them look at each other differently.

Let's hope Amador comes through on those discounts for upcoming therapy sessions.

Now, if this was fake, they should all get an Emmy, a Tony, and an Oscar, because it all seemed real to me. Even Amador walking in on Bethenny peeing. Who hasn't had that happen to them? It's horrible!

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