Friday, March 9, 2012


Watch What Happens Live was a lot of fun last night with my girl Deena and Wilmer Valderrama, my Venezuelan brotha! I was able to talk to Deena because I called in on Tuesday but I was on hold so long they didn't get to me till the show was over. The nice lady (love her!) said they were pre-taping Thursday's show and asked if she could call me on Wednesday evening (California time) to ask a question. Of course, I said yes and she called me on Wednesday as promised. I was on hold for over 30 minutes, so I knew I'd be on the After Show. Which is fine with me, I love getting on the show no matter what. Deena was super nice and Andy shouted out my hometown. I'm starting to wonder if he's beginning to realize it's always me when I say "Amanda from Madera, CA" because he acted like it's the first time he's heard it. Oh well, he's a busy guy. Here's the clip of me on the After Show. Let me know what you think!!! Deena says "she sounds fun!" about me. YAY! I asked which housewife would be the biggest blast in a glass and she said Jacqueline, which I LOVE!! Because it's so true!