Monday, February 27, 2012

Here's to Us

Last week's Glee was SO friggin' sad, it's taken me almost a week to even get myself to write about it. I'll keep it brief, since there were a couple of storylines that totally dominated the episode. We won't see another Glee episode until April, which is kind of sad, in my opinion.

So let's talk about this episode, shall we?

First, New Directions won Regionals. I don't know whether it's a good or bad thing that this was pretty much a background occurrence for me on this episode. The other storylines were just so much more important to me, this one kind of went under the radar.

Karovsky was outed and subsequently attempted suicide. Those moments before he hung himself were so full of anguish and sorrow. This was possibly one of the most important episodes of Glee ever just because it dealt with the pain of a young person who thinks they have no other alternative but to end their life. I don't know of any other show that has ever depicted the reality of what a suicide is - planning it, actually taking the steps to carry it out, and then, the horrible result. Karovsky's father finds him just in time, and he's taken to the hospital before it's too late. Kurt's scene with Karovsky in the hospital was one of the more emotional scenes in an already emotional episode. The lesson of forgiveness was never more beautifully portrayed than in this scene. A bully begging for the friendship of his victim and actually getting it. If more people could forgive like this, we'd all be better off.

Quinn's accident was not a total shock. There were red flags - texting while driving. But the impact of that truck truly took my breath away. I gasped just as I'm sure all of the viewers did. But here's another lesson - DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. Like the commercial says, no text message is that important. I do believe Quinn will live through the accident, but we'll have to wait until April to find out.

Rachel and Finn haven't gone through with their wedding just yet, and I don't think they will.

I cannot wait until we see what happens. What did you think of this episode? Tweet me!

Friday, February 24, 2012


This week's Jersey Shore was all about fun - at the shore, on the beach, on the dock, and in the smush room. Roger and Jenni are dealing with the aftermath of the fight at Karma, Jionni and Snooki don't see eye to eye, Ronnie plugs up the toilet and hangs out with Snooki, Mike sunbathes on the dock, Deena thinks she's going to get eaten by sharks, Snooki spends some time with Vinny, and Pauly D's stalker is creepier than ever. 

Cabs are here, so let's go!

Jenni: I love that Roger only had to punch that creep once and he was laid the eff out right in the middle of Karma. He was not playing around. When you all got back to the shore house, Roger wanted to spend some time with the roommates while you were pooping, apparently (Roger said it!), which ultimately kept you waiting in the smush room for him. Yikes. I have a feeling that's one thing you don't want to do, is leave JWOWW waiting for you in the smush room, of all rooms, am I right? At least you're not fighting anymore. I really love you two as a couple. So adorbs. Anywhoo, you had an awesome time on the docks crabbing and fishing, but that wind looked horrendous. And you confronting the stalker made my day! Most awkward conversation EVER! On the Hook Up you revealed the stalker has a boyfriend and still stalks Pauly to this day. Scary! Jenni's grade for the week: A. 

Deena: You were so funny on this episode. Sharks?! Sharks?! LOL! Too hilarious. I love that you're just ready for a good time no matter what. You and Snooki on the beach at night? Sure, why not! And you hitting on the cop was so funny. He was not having it. Next week you confront your boo Joey about some not nice things you've been hearing about him. No one messes with our Blast in a Glass! Deena's grade for the week: A. 

Snooki: You and Lola were seriously made for each other. I can't believe you didn't have Lola in your life sooner. She is such a part of you now, it's not even funny. Also not funny - you berating Jionni for being sick. So wrong! Poor guy is puking his guts out and you're badgering him for sex? Not cool. You called him a sucky boyfriend, but in reality, you were being a sucky girlfriend. Sorry, still love ya, though. You were super sweet for buying that mini bike for Ron, and you bonded with Vinny big time on the boardwalk. I know you two will always be close, but I hope you've been more loyal to Jionni lately. I mean, if you're not going to be loyal to your boyfriend, why have one, right? Snooki's grade for the week: D. 

Sammi: You were so funny on the docks trying to get Deena to stop fighting the imaginary sharks, it was hilarious. I still love that you're on everyone's good side and you seem to be having a great time. I don't even care if you have a storyline anymore. Just keep being cool. Sammi's grade for the week: A. 

Mike: You weren't a total douche for once! I thought your sunbathing pose was beyond funny, especially when Vin put the crab on you. Are you that tired that you just fall asleep anywhere? Maybe you're narcoleptic? Mike's grade for the week: C (still annoying)

Ronnie: You had some great lines tonight about Roger being old and Snooki being short, so don't think I'm not gonna give you credit for that, because I am. I love how happy you are this season. Like I told Sam, you don't even need a storyline this season. I'm cool. Ronnie's grade for the week: A. 

Vinny: You know better than to be lovey dovey with Snooki so I really hope you two don't smush. You told us on the Hook Up that you had quit drinking by the time you and Snooki were on the boardwalk together, so I'm figuring you were just babysitting her, which is fine. You two should just be friends. I wish you would have elaborated on the no drinking thing a little more. What was the reason behind that? Did it have to do with your anxiety? Vinny's grade for the week: B.

Pauly: You HAVE to get a handle on this stalker situation. It's still going on! She must be stopped!! May this be a lesson to you to not bring home random chicks from now on. Even though you would never hook up with Vanessa the stalker, the next one could actually get into your bed. And then what will become of you? Be careful, my dude! Pauly's grade for the week: C. 

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Talk to Your Publicist

Basketball Wives is BACK! And I am SO excited!! We got some new faces (Kesha and Kenya) and some new feuds (Jennifer vs. Evelyn), well maybe not so new. I can't wait to see how this season unfolds. This show is absolutely fascinating. So let's get right into the premiere episode.

Royce: I am so happy you came back for this season. You had previously said you would only come back if you were able to show your professional life more, so it seems that request has been met. You look as cute as ever, and you introduce us to Kesha Nichols who you know from dancing. More on her later. Basically, you're still not in "the circle", but you're ok with it as you've always been. You know who you are and where you're going, which is what we love about you. You always keep it real and honest no matter what. Your conversation with Suzie was hilarious. You put the truth right in her face and she tried to pretend it was something else. Thank you for calling her out on leaving you high and dry last season. You can see she's not a true friend, just an acquaintance, so I'm not worried about you getting hurt by her at all. I love that you're still close to Tami, because I love your friendship with her. You two are about as real as it gets. I can't wait to see your acting career flourish - you're one talented lady. Royce's grade for the week: A.

Kesha: I like you so far. I think you have a good attitude about this whole thing, coming into it as a newbie. Of course, we all know you're going to have issues with Tami from the previews ("Bitch, bitch, and more bitch."), but I'm hoping that's all just a misunderstanding. You were right to be put off by Jennifer and her snobby attitude with you, and NO, you shouldn't have to "audition" to be someone's friend. Just stay true to yourself and you'll be fine. Kesha's grade for the week: B.

Shaunie: We didn't see you too much except for the big Jennifer/Evelyn confrontation, but I do love how you're still the Queen Bee at the end of the day. You may be the Boss Lady of this show, but the look on your face tells me you genuinely want these girls to make up and be friends. I would like to see you on good terms with Royce again, by the way. Either way, you win, really. Congrats to you on the show's success, and here's to another great season. Shaunie's grade for the week: A.

Suzie: You never learn. Instead of trying to make everyone else be friends, why don't you work on your own friendships? Like apologizing to Royce, for one thing. I just can't with you. It's one thing to want everyone to get along, it's quite another to change your whole demeanor and personality to please who you're with at any given time. Also, the slutty talk ... not so cute anymore. Grow up. Suzie's grade for the week: D.

Kenya: I don't quite know what to make of you yet, but I'll give you a chance. It did irk me when you said you like Jennifer because she's bougie. Really? What about that is likable? I have no idea. Based on the previews the girls are going to turn on you pretty quickly, so we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. For now, I'm on the fence about you. Kenya's grade for the week: C.

Tami: My girl. I love that you're so honest with everyone and you can admit you're being nosy. You want the info and you're going to get it. I love it. However, I think you should have just kept some of the dirt to yourself. Maybe you shouldn't have told Jennifer and Suzie what Kenya and Kesha had to say about them, BUT, I don't think you were saying anything with any malicious intent at all. You were just sharing the gossip, that's all. I do respect how you're the same with everyone and you don't hold back. I laughed so hard when you told Evelyn that she was a mean bitch. Or something to that effect. That just cracked me up. You know you're right, too. I love that you're cool with everyone so far, but I definitely want to know what your beef is with Kesha. Just please keep being you because we love it. Tami's grade for the week: B+.

Evelyn: I was so mad at you last season. You were such a mean girl. And you still are. But I think we see now that no matter how tough you are, some things just hurt your feelings to the point where you're not going to take it anymore. And that's when you fight back. I think your problem with Jennifer is coming from much more than just a blog. I refuse to believe it's just that. Whatever the real reason (or combination of reasons), you're done with her. And this time, you mean it. You're marrying Chad and her not supporting you on that just was not acceptable for you. I get it. I hope you can tell us a little more about why you're so angry with Jennifer that you would basically try to get physical with her multiple times this season according to previews. Granted, you're not the one that gets to pop her in the face (also in the preview), but you definitely wanted to get your hits in. I hope you show us the Evelyn we loved in Season 1 again now that the mean girl role didn't really work out for you. You're the bride this season, make us want to be on your side. Evelyn's grade for the week: D.

Jennifer: You are really dumb if you think anyone is going to let you slide with that publicist excuse. Seriously. You are a public figure now! You can't just shrug off the fact that what you said (or approved) in a blog hurt someone's feelings. Your best friend's feelings to be exact. So, take some responsibility, and apologize for letting something get out there WITH YOUR NAME ON IT that caused so much pain, no matter whether you agree with it or not. That's just my opinion. I'm not really impressed with you or your attitude, and I never have been. So really, it's just about not acting like a total bitch in every scene. Think you can handle that? Great, thanks. Also, it's good to see you quit wearing those ridiculous color contacts. Jennifer's grade for the week: F.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


This week's Real Housewives of Orange County was busting at the seams with the green eyed monster I like to call JEALOUSY. Are we really going here at this age, ladies? The immature meter may have shattered with this episode. We have Vicki and Alexis jealous of Gretchen and Tamra's friendship, Tamra jealous of Eddie and Vicki high-fiving, and Alexis jealous of Heather's whole existence. Pitiful.

Let's go.

Heather: I'm still not sure how to feel about you. You admit you're very picky, but you blame it on being from New York. You send food back at restaurants 90% of the time, according to your husband. I just can't with that. You know you're getting your food back with spit on it, right? Anyway, I thought you were super nice to the girls by having that painting party. That's something I would have enjoyed. And it wasn't like they were painting the side of a house or anything. They were being taught to draw a cute picture by a professional. I love it! I think the ladies were just thrown because they're not used to activities where drinking is not the main event. I was put off by your little tantrum at the end of the party, though. Sure, your husband is annoying, but do you have to react like a total child about it? No one chased after you to find out what was wrong, so take that as a hint that the theatrics have no effect on these women. Like I said, I'm still on the fence about you. Heather's grade for the week: C.

Alexis: Wow. I didn't think you could possibly be more childish, but apparently, you are! Just because Gretchen and Tamra are friends doesn't mean she loves you any less. But seriously, how old are we that we even need to be having this conversation? Soooo stupid. Alexis' grade for the week: F.

Vicki: You should be the most mature of the bunch, but you're acting like the biggest brat of them all. It's so disappointing to see you literally cringe at the sight of Tamra being nice to Gretchen. Then you diss Tamra at the painting party and don't even say goodbye to her. That's just wrong. Instead of trying to control everyone and everything, why don't you focus on yourself and see why you feel so jealous in the first place? This is not the Vicki we love. Vicki's grade for the week: F.

Tamra: I'm glad you apologized to Eddie for Boob-gate. Seriously, how many times did Eddie say "boob" in the last two episodes? 50? Anyway, you have no reason to be insecure about Eddie and Vicki, so calm down. And you're right, alcohol had everything to do with it. From now on, keep your hands and boobs to yourself. I still like your friendship with Gretchen, despite Vicki's daggers being thrown at you. Maybe you should ask yourself why you want to be friends with someone who can't let go of the past and insists on holding grudges. Just saying. Tamra's grade for the week: B (for boobs, just kidding.)

Gretchen: You handled the whole Alexis and Vicki vs. Tamra and Gretchen thing well at the painting party, and you're right, it was a bit competitive. I truly don't know how you're gonna keep your friendship with Alexis after this, but if you do, please tell us how you did it. She seems so needy and immature. You couldn't hide your skepticism over Slade's comedy debut, and from the previews, you're right to be skeptical. However, as someone who has done stand-up (4 times at open mic nights, nothing special), you can't judge a set by just a couple seconds. I thought I saw "Housewives Hunter" on his shirt, in which case, I'm assuming there's a whole set up behind the "BOOM BOOM" he's doing on the preview. I'm willing to have an open mind, since Slade is a clever guy and has good timing. We'll see how he does next week. As for Vicki and her alleged deadbeat dad boyfriend, you really couldn't win either way - whether you told Slade or not - because he would have found out eventually. Better he hears it from you. And his reaction is justified given what Vicki's said about him in the past. You're definitely in the middle this season. Gretchen's grade for the week: B+.

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Monday night's Watch What Happens Live featured one of my favorite Bravolebrities of all time, Bethenny Frankel. And she brought the goods - zippered up jumpsuit, gold disco heels, and some awesome talk. I tried and tried to get through the phone lines but was eventually hung up on, then told the After Show was over. Dammit! Anyway, the show was super fun, with Bethenny being silly and raunchy as ever, but also giving us some serious moments when she spoke about the miscarriage and having a hole in her esophagus and her heart as a result of taking an antibiotic without any water. But, she says she's feeling good now. The After Show was a blast, with Bethenny talking about Jill Zarin (she'd talk to her if she saw her), Martha Stewart (she'd gloat), and advice for entrepreneurs (keep working hard and treat everything like an asset for later). I loved this episode!

Tuesday night was a Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday extravaganza with Tamra Barney and comedian Billy Eichner (who's now my favorite person in the world). Tamra was actually fun and bubbly and positive, except when she called Alexis "Alex-ass", but I'll let it slide because it was kind of funny. Billy was a great counterpart for Tamra because he kept throwing out one liners and jabs about all things Housewives. I loved it. I really wanted to watch the After Show, but is acting silly again. 

Wednesday's episode was a love fest with John Legend and his fiance Chrissy Tiegen, who were quite adorable. Chrissy is a model and has a fantastic personality, so it's no wonder she was scooped up by the talented soul man. They both had a lot of fun on the show and actually poked fun at each other a little. Who knew John checks himself out constantly? There seems to be no After Show, or it could be that they haven't posted the videos yet. 

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Bad Cop

You should know, I am a Bethenny fan. I bought her books and I watch her show. That does not mean that I think she's perfect or that she's right all the time. By the way, neither does she. She'll be the first to say when she messes up or overreacts. Which just makes her more likable. So, the second season of Bethenny Ever After aired this week (her very first spin off was Bethenny Getting Married? which was only one season), and the episode pretty much prepared viewers for a roller coaster season. Like giant, Travel channel special episode, freak me out and give me nightmares type of roller coaster. Let me explain.

In this episode, Bethenny is still working hard on her empire, Skinnygirl, which includes cocktails, fitness dvds, books, cleanses, and most recently a skincare line. Not to mention, trying to buy a new apartment, raising a baby, and going through the ups and downs of the second year of marriage. On the Skinnygirl front, it's go, go, go. Not a moment's rest at all. If it's not a Sangria launch, it's a Health Magazine photo shoot. Brynn is gorgeous and really well behaved, at least from what we saw in the first episode. She is really adorable. And Jason is a typical husband - supportive, loving, and wants more sex.

Bethenny is still the same person we met on the Real Housewives of New York, just more mature, more focused, and a lot more stressed. She's worried about being a good wife and mother. She's worried about her business. She's worried about everything. I'm so glad they're still showing us the therapy sessions. I love them. I think they show real insight into what's going on with Bethenny in a different - and maybe more personal - way than the rest of the show. I think Bethenny uses humor, like a lot of us do, as an armor of sorts, a way to appear stronger than we really are. I think a lot of women out there are just as worried that they're the "bad cop" in the relationship. And no one likes the bad cop.

But, overall, things are going well. Bethenny's got great friends, like one of my all time favorite ladies, Lisa Lampanelli. Their lunch together was one of the funniest scenes ever. And if you don't know Lisa, please do not be offended by her salty humor. She's an insult comic! Google her! And quit being so sensitive. Bethenny also has a great team behind her, Julie, her Coordinator of Chaos, and also, Veronica, a makeup artist and nanny, Jackie the intern, Maggie the intern, Nick the food blogger (hilarious), and Gina the baby nurse (who didn't appear on the first episode but will be on the show, can't wait! Love her!). I'm sure I'm forgetting someone here. Suffice it to say the team is growing just as quickly as the business is.

Some are annoyed with Bethenny's take on fame and celebrity. I see it as someone finally being honest about what it's like being famous. Which is a totally different thing than being successful or rich. Plenty of rich people aren't famous, and vice versa. Bethenny is letting us in on how invasive it can be to live this life - paparazzi, lawsuits, there are two big downsides right there. Also, the toll it takes on your relationship. We're going to see big fights between Jason and Bethenny this season according to previews.

I can't wait to watch the rest of this season. Bethenny, love her or hate her, is an inspiration. She made her dreams come true. But no one ever said it was going to be a fairytale.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mob Daughter

Mob Wives was really interesting this week, for many reasons. I actually sympathized with Ramona for once! What is this world coming to?! All the girls are dealing with stress - Renee with Junior, Drita with Lee, Ramona with the legal system and her boyfriend, and Karen with her daughter's father. And Big Ang introduced us to her new love, Louie, the cutest dog this side of Giggy Vanderpump.

On the Sit Down (which is not online yet, for some reason), Siggy Flicker from VH1's Why Am I Still Single? dishes with Carla and Renee about dating and relationships. It was a really fun show.

Now, back to the episode!

Drita: I love that you're boxing with a trainer again. This is so much better for you than street fighting. I can see you being great at this, so please keep it up. Your reaction to Carla meeting up with Ramona was understandable. At least it was to me. Your nervous that your friend is associating with the person that has nothing but bad things to say about you. That would make anyone nervous. You didn't tell her not to be nice to her or anything, though. I truly believe you want to be done with the bullsh*t, but you just don't know how that will actually happen. Big Ang is right - everyone needs to get over it. I think if Karen extended an olive branch as a sign of good faith, you would be open to it. Ramona would have to really do some work to bury the hatchet with you. That one is a lot more complicated. When Lee called and admitted his mistakes, your face spoke volumes. Did anyone else get scared when he said if they didn't work things out it would get ugly? I don't know why but I took it almost like a threat, in a way. Maybe it was just me. I hope you finished your conversation with your daughter about fighting, and I hope you were honest with her about the fact that you have fought in the past, but you're in the process of learning more healthy ways to resolve conflicts. At least that's what I would have said. Drita's grade for the week: B.

Renee: The scene at the therapists' office with Junior was one of the most devastating scenes yet. I cannot believe how insensitive he's been with you. You're so on edge, that any little thing he says now just brings back a flood of resentment. I'm so glad you're not with him anymore. Have I said that before? (I have.) You were sweet to be there for Ramona with her boyfriend's legal issues. You've been there, so you're pretty much the expert. I just want you to focus on you without Junior in the picture, which frankly, it looks like you're doing now. We're seeing things that happened like 4 months ago, but it's going to be great to see you take steps to better yourself. Renee's grade for the week: B.

Carla: I love that you're so honest with everyone about everything. You know Drita's not going to be thrilled with you talking to Ramona, but you tell her anyway. Anyone who still thinks you're molded by Drita is just not being realistic. I don't blame you for wanting to be on semi-good terms with all the ladies, because, let's face it, it's a lot nicer to be friendly with everyone than to be fighting with everyone. And you're a nice girl! I like you, hun. Carla's grade for the week: A.

Karen: That phone call with your daughter's father was INTENSE. Talk about resentment. Seriously, I get it - you need to work to provide for your daughter because her father isn't or wasn't. So, I can understand why you got so upset when he said you left your family. You're working on bringing your family to New York where your new life (and financial stability) is. I feel for you on this one. I loved your book cover photo shoot. You looked great, shout out to whomever styled you for that. I really like you when you're just cool and not fighting with people. Karen's grade for the week: A (because she showed me a different side to her this week.)

Ramona: I said in the beginning that I sympathized with you for once, and I did. The scene outside the courthouse was emotional and definitely a peek inside the real person behind your tough persona. The scene with your kids was also really interesting. I appreciate the fact that it had to be difficult to have that conversation. You really should show this vulnerable side more. It's a lot more likable than your ... other sides. I have to call you out on what you said to Karen about your conversation with Carla. If I remember correctly, Carla never said that Drita was the one she heard all the rumors from. She said she heard from different people that you were talking about her. But according to you, it all came from Drita, which is NOT what Carla said. So, you lose points for that. Ramona's grade for the week: C-.

Big Ang: I love Louie! He's adorable!! As are you. Just keep being you. Fan favorite with good reason. Big Ang's grade for the week: A+.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Party City

This week's RuPaul's Drag Race was so hilarious this week, I had a great time with everyone on the show this week! Is it wrong that I feel like I know these people? Don't answer that. We had a mug shot mini-challenge, a sitcom main challenge, and a red carpet runway show. It was all AMAZING. Guest judges Max Mutchnick (creator and executive producer for "Will & Grace") and Nicole Sullivan (MadTV, King of Queens) were on hand to give the queens the business. The mug shots were friggin' hilarious, and Willam and Madame won the mini-challenge. As the winners, Willam and Madame were the team captains for the main challenge, a sitcom set in, of all places, a prison. Each sitcom was good in their own way, and some of the ladies hit the mark, and others missed it completely. If you haven't watched the show and Untucked, you simply must click here. Oh and make sure you watch Drag Ya Later (a hilarious recap with Jon Mallow and John Polly), they crack me up.

Now that we're caught up, let's do some READING, shall we?

Chad: I loved your runway look. I'm obsessed with Florence + The Machine, who you were channeling, and I must say you looked absolutely radiant. I love you with red hair! It looks great! You were great in the sitcom, probably because you're such a professional. You can do it all. I want you to win a challenge SO bad. I think next week is your week - because it's SNATCH GAME - and you're bringing out the big guns. Your Cher impersonation. LOVE it already!! Get it, gurl! Chad's grade for the week: A.

Dida: You got read for ashy legs by Ms. Michelle Visage, and then you try to say it's bronzer? LOL! Nice try, hunty, but Michelle is right. LOTION UP! Other than that, you more than made up for the infomercial disaster last week with your great performance in the sitcom this week. I'm really proud of you for that. Unfortunately, your runway look was not so great. I know you like to wear short dresses, but it wasn't red carpet worthy. It looked, frankly, cheap. We now know you can do so much better. Please don't disappoint us. Dida's grade for the week: C.

Jiggly: After some coaching, you finally got the sitcom lines right and actually turned out a decent performance. I thought your runway look was just ok. I do love the yellow on you. I'm glad you didn't cry this week, that's for sure. Jiggly's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. You're losing me! You didn't take direction at all! You kept clapping your hands in front of your face after Ru and Max told you not to. I wish you would have dropped the novela act and just played the part in a different way. The novela stuff worked in the wrestling challenge, but it didn't work for the sitcom at all. Your runway look was flawless. You are so beautiful. You better bring it on Snatch Game next week, mami. Kenya's grade for the week: C.

Latrice: Everyone's favorite! You're lovely! And you can sing one hell of a gospel song! I love you so much. You stole the show on the sitcom, which was quite poignant being that you were incarcerated not so long ago. You took that negative experience and turned it into a win. I love it. Also, your coming out story on Untucked was so touching. Thank you for being so honest with us. Your red carpet look was stunning. I loved the blue gown on you and you definitely deserved the win. Keep up the awesome work! *singing* Jeeezusss is a biscuit! He's gon' sop you UP!!! Latrice's grade for the week: A+.

Madame: Ay ay ay. Your tendency to be stubborn really was your downfall. You wouldn't listen to reason, you wouldn't take direction, and you would not admit that you made mistakes as the team captain. Hunty, you have to own up to your mistakes at one point or another. You screwed up on the sitcom! Big time! I loved your makeup on the runway, though. You sure know how to beat your face. I hope you did learn a lot on the show, and maybe have a little more humility now. Your lipsynch was spirited, but it wasn't enough to keep you around. I still love you, though! Madame's grade for the week: D.

Milan: Can I just say, your lipsynch was ridiculous. I know it's a show stopper to take off your wig and your dress, etc. But you went all the way overboard! Miss Thing was scooting across the floor, death dropping, shuffling, and the whole bit. I will say it was entertaining, and you danced circles around Madame. You did deserve to stay, but I'm going to need you to stop trying to be everyone's boss, and focus on your own performance. Milan's grade for the week: C.

Phi Phi: Congrats on uttering the line of the week: "Go back to Party City where you belong!" So wrong, but so, so right. You know what you're doing. You could have just listened to Sharon and squashed the beef, but what fun is that?! I love that you're not afraid to get down and dirty and bitchy with the girls, that, after all, is part of the fun of this show. I do hope you and Sharon become squirrel friends after all is said and done, though. You gotta balance out the bitchy, you know. You're still painting your face to old, and your eyebrows were bugging me big time. You need to get away from the harsh lines. Blend, gurl, blend! Phi Phi's grade for the week: B+.

Sharon: You were the other half of the epic fight with your line: "Tired ass showgirl!" I honestly believe you were trying to make things right with Phi Phi, but she wasn't having it. So, you defended yourself, I get it. Just be careful and don't complain about being put in the "gothic" box. That's part of your look! You showed up the first day in a friggin' witch costume! Seriously, own it, and turn it out, just like you did in the infomercial challenge. You really shouldn't have said anything to Phi Phi about your comments about her leadership skills. But, it is what it is. I can't wait to see your Michelle Visage in Snatch Game next week. WHAT??? Sharon's grade for the week: B.

Willam: Bragging about being on TV probably isn't the best idea when you're competing on a reality show. Just a thought. I wasn't really impressed with your sitcom performance, but I liked your mug shot concept about robbing a bank and being covered in the ink. Your runway look was Taylor Swift-errific, but there's something about your jaw area - I think you need to work on the tone/color of the makeup you're using because it's almost as if it doesn't match and it's distracting. But you have a beautiful face and you did make me laugh a couple of times. Willam's grade for the week: C.

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The first episode of this season's Celebrity Apprentice aired Sunday night (2 hours! Really, Trump?), and I was beyond excited to watch it. I love that there's already some drama, but I was surprised who was bringing the bitchiness on the first episode.

First of all, what was Cheryl Tiegs on exactly? She was a zombie the entire episode and basically asked to go home. This lady was either high on something or just extremely relaxed. Either way, I'm glad she's gone.

I loved that the Venezuelan girls Dayana and Patricia helped each other out in the first challenge. Now, you know I have to say this for my mom. We're part Venezuelan, so these girls are related to us and we are obligated to root for them. (We're not really related, my mom just thinks we are. Don't judge.) But seriously, that was some serious team spirit between those two, and I loved it.

Miss Aubrey O'Day schooled us on what it means to be famous (have the most twitter followers) and what it looks like to have constant crazy eyes (calm down with the eyebrow pencil, gurl). Are you serious, Aubrey?! You haven't had a hit song in YEARS. And you can't drop Diddy's name in one breath and then decline to say he's a good guy in the other. Oh and who knew Trump and Diddy were homies? So be nice, Aubrey, Trump is Team Diddy.

Debbie Gibson did exactly what everyone was dreading she would do - sing. Stop it. No one cares and you're being super annoying about your musical "talent". Only in my dreams will you shut the hell up.

Lisa Lampanelli was straight-forward, professional, and really nice. I love her!!! Team Lisa!!!!

I was disappointed in Victoria Gotti's performance and lack of focus, but she better BRING IT from now on. I want to see this lady get to at least the final 5.

Teresa Giudice was surprisingly mellow and nice, which I appreciated. But it's only a matter of time before she flips out and calls someone a prostitution whore. And who else loved Andy Cohen's cameo?!

Now let's move on to the men. Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers is a real dumb dumb. He was so rude to George Takei and called him "meek", which Trump quickly jumped on in the boardroom. Just because George is calm and quieter than the others doesn't make him "meek". But in all honesty, I think Paul is put off by George in general and he thought he could push him around. He kept calling him "Star Trek" and at one point asked if he had gone to "space" when he didn't come running when Paul bellowed. Whatever, Paul Sr. No wonder your kids don't talk to you. You got your ass handed to you by Trump and I hope you're the next to go. Not to mention the mysterious $305,000 donation that landed you the win. You said you would get someone to donate, or just do it yourself. Isn't that against the rules? If not, then everyone should just donate their own money and secure the win on every challenge. The point is to get the donations from OTHER people, that's what makes it a CHALLENGE. I am 99% certain that $305,000 came from you, and that was totally wrong of you. You just wanted to win, but it wasn't a true victory. You bought it. So I'm officially calling you out.

I loved the banter between Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette, and Arsenio Hall. These guys were hilarious together. I really want Adam and Penn in the final 5. And I think Penn might take the whole thing.

Clay was a bit of a diva but I want to see him be even more bitchy. I love it. And his hair is spikier in every scene. I think it gets spikier as he gets more agitated. YES!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

We're All Leos

Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night was poppin' with guest Jackee Harry. Sheree Whitfield was there, too, but she was so damn boring I couldn't take it. Why did you have Jackee there with someone so dull, Andy?! Why?!

Anyway, Jackee was her usual hilarious self, although a little less inebriated than the last time she was on the show. She dished on introducing Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown (at Whitney's request), and explained why she needs to have a talk with Halle Berry. It turns out Jackee's birthday is just a few days before mine and Leos are all strong willed, head strong people. So that explains it! Jackee was really a lot of fun, and I can't wait for her to be on the show again with someone a little more lively.

Sheree was on her Kandi trip, talking about why she told Kim that Kandi said she wouldn't have gone to the orphanage, then changed her story a couple of times. One of the callers on the After Show ripped Sheree a new one, and Sheree couldn't follow the caller's logic, so she was just straight up rude to her. Not a good move, Sheree, you shouldn't be rude to fans of the show no matter what. You should at least be polite, if not a little more friendly.

The After Show was FIVE parts long!! Check it out here. Oh and Randall did an awesome job narrating crazy nasty-ass Marlo on this week's episode, watch it here.

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I'm a Boss

The South Africa trip comes to an end this week, but the drama is still going strong. The girls visited a museum, went on another safari, had a semi-slumber party, and an explosive argument over dinner. Just another day on vacation with the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Let's begin!

Kandi: I truly don't believe you were trying to say anything derogatory about Kim when you said you didn't see her on the South Africa trip. I agree with you. I think Kim says she would have gone because she wants to look like she'd be open to that, but the reality is, she probably wouldn't have wanted to go even if she could. You were being honest - and unfortunately, which these ladies, that doesn't get you very far. You were honest with Marlo about why you didn't like her at first, and you were honest with Kim about what you said. At the end of the dinner on the last night in South Africa, you were defending yourself alone. Which is fine because you are a boss. None of the other ladies can take away from your confidence. You got this. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Cynthia: I was a little disappointed in you this week. Seriously, you did a major flip flop when it came to what you really think of Marlo. Maybe you didn't want to cause problems but you really didn't do yourself any favors. You should have said that the bragging was a little over the top but you like Marlo as a person, which is all you really needed to say. I hate it when people say you're a follower (Nene's follower, more specifically), and then you go and do this and basically prove them right? Come on, Cynthia, you got to do better than this! What you said about Marlo wasn't even bad! On a totally different subject, you were absolutely stunning on the entire South Africa trip. I loved your looks, and of course, your Chuck Taylors. Cynthia's grade for the week: D.

Nene: You seriously don't think Marlo is superficial? When all she talks about is labels? Hmmm. Well maybe you see something in her that the rest of us don't. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one. I don't agree with you, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I thought it was funny when you said Kim was the Smalls' boss, but only because of the way you said it. I don't think Kandi and Phaedra are under Kim's spell, but Sheree definitely is. So, if anything, you should have been more specific with your shade. I think it was big of you to admit that you're not happy and that you have a lot weighing on your shoulders right now when the "medicine man" read his "bones" about you. Can we all agree that whole scene was a bunch of bullsh*t? Ok, great. Nene's grade for the week: D.

Phaedra: When did you become the voice of reason this season? This is so crazy but you really were one of the only ladies with your head on straight during this trip. You were interested in the cultural aspect of the vacation and you were respectful of the culture itself. You didn't participate in the "medicine man"'s shenanigans, and I don't blame you. That was total rubbish. And you weren't rude about not wanting to participate. I think you should have set Sheree straight when she misquoted Kandi to Kim on the phone, but maybe you just thought it wasn't that big of a deal. Please don't turn into a looney tune when you all get back to the States. I like this Phaedra we saw on this trip. Phaedra's grade for the week: A.

Marlo: AH! BE QUIET! You should be taking your own advice, honey. You are constantly yelling. Or is it the booze that's doing that? Either way, you are way too loud. Loud vocally, and loud about your "fashion". We get it, you love fashion, but that doesn't mean you have to advertise it 24/7. Unless you're a spokesperson and we're just not aware. The food poisoning was karma, obviously, for you not being the least bit respectful of the culture on this trip in the slightest. Sorry! I would say that I hope you learned from the experience, but I don't think you're that self-aware at this point. Hopefully you can look back on this and see how ridiculous your behavior was. Marlo's grade for the week: F.

Sheree: When that "medicine man" told you that you would never get married again because you're too old, I laughed so hard I almost fell off my couch. That was hilarious. Of course, you didn't enjoy it, but that was the funniest thing I've ever seen. You may have thought that telling Kim what Kandi said in front of Kandi was a good move, but at least have the story straight before you repeat it. What Kandi said and what you implied were two different things. I highly doubt you were looking out for Kim, by the way. I think you saw that the Talls and the Smalls were co-mingling, and you wanted to let Kim know that Kandi and Cythia were on friendly terms. But you couldn't come right out and say it, so you spun this little tale to get Kandi to admit that she and Cynthia were talking about Kim. But here's the thing - you agreed with what they were saying, too! You even said Kim wouldn't have come on the trip! This is just another example of you being insecure and causing trouble as a result. You need this show, and you need to cause drama to stay on it. I get it, but you make yourself look like an ass in the process. Whatever. Sheree's grade for the week: F.

Kim: You really shouldn't believe everything Sheree tells you. I'll give you a grade next week once we see what you do with the information you've been given.

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Men vs. Women

Survivor is trying men vs. women this season and so far, it is a very, very bad idea. I won't go into all the contestants' names and personalities, because there are just too damn many of them at this point. Suffice it to say, the women are already at each other's throats and the men are still very much united, with the exception of Colton, the token gay guy. I think he's hilarious, and my dad thinks he looks like a Ken doll. I love it! The women love Colton, too, but things are about to turn ugly according to the preview for next week's episode.

The ladies are playing this game all wrong. The guys stole some of their supplies, and instead of playing it cool, they whined and tried to manipulate them when it came time to divide the chickens they had caught. So, then, they thought it would be a good idea to try to steal fire from the guys in the middle of the night, but then they let the fire die out. Stupid stupid stupid. There are a few smart ladies on the tribe but they're being way too quiet. And the obnoxious ones are taking over already. One of the girls, a nice tattooed chick, got hurt during the challenge and went home, so even though the ladies lost, they didn't have to vote anyone out.

My advice for the ladies is to get rid of the loud morons who are trying to run things and start playing smart. Act like everything is fine, and let the guys think you're going to play nice. Then, win as many challenges as possible by working together as a group. Which is asking a lot from a group of women, I know. But it would be nice if they actually did it.

The guys need to embrace Colton as part of the team, or else once the merge comes, he could run away with all the girls' support. It really is too early to tell what's going to happen, but it's pretty clear that the current group of Alpha males needs to make sure there are no divisions in their team in order to stay strong.

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Lost Footage

I finally watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lost Footage episode, and I gotta tell you, it was a whole lot of nothing. Ok, some of it was alright. But a lot of it was really boring.

I didn't need to see Mauricio's mom with her nightmare post op face.

I didn't need more time with crazy Kim and her hateration for Mauricio.

I didn't need to see Taylor act more like a fool at the Malibu party, nor did I need to see DD make the situation even worse.

I did enjoy seeing Mauricio's untanned booty, and I also liked the scene with him and Ken Vanderpump playing tennis.

Adrienne said something really interesting at the Malibu party: "Lisa likes to stir the pot and then walk away" (or something to that effect). Really? From what I understand, Lisa has always been honest about what she said to Camille about not being Taylor's friend. What she said was even though they weren't the best of friends, she still wanted to help her out if she needed her. Are we really bringing all of this up again? Adrienne, whatever your beef is with Lisa (it's still unclear to me), you need to focus less on her and more on your own storyline. How about you put some more tinsel in your hair or design some more platform nude pumps with sparkles on them.

I felt for Lisa when the doctor called her about the cancer scare. It was such an odd conversation, like the doctor really didn't want to come out and say it. I'm glad she's cancer free now, though.

Honestly, this was kind of a lame lost footage episode. I could have done without it. What are your thoughts? Tweet me!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Living Legend

On Thursday night, Joan Rivers was the sole guest on Watch What Happens Live, and it was a great show. You could tell it was pre-taped, not live, probably because the censors didn't want to risk Joan dropping any F bombs on live tv. Joan is notorious for her no-holds-barred humor. Comediennes like Kathy Griffin, Lisa Lampanelli, and Margaret Cho have all followed in Joan's footsteps. If you haven't watched her documentary, A Piece of Work, you need to. It's touching, funny, and fascinating, as is the woman herself.

But back to Thursday night. There were a ton of memorable moments. During Plead the Fifth, she revealed E! has asked that she and Chelsea Handler not discuss each other anymore since the whole back and forth on the Howard Stern show (Chelsea said some not so nice things on Howard about Joan and her daughter Melissa, and the very next day, Joan was on Howard and fought back). Joan is always honest and doesn't pull any punches. Which is why she's gotten into so much trouble. Who knew she was banned from late night talk shows for over 20 years? Oh yeah, I did because I saw her documentary. Watch it. Seriously.

Now, Joan has two hit shows, Fashion Police on E! and Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best on We. Joan is a living legend, a smart lady, and super funny. I am so glad for all of her success. Joan is one of the best guests on Watch What Happens Live ever - you gotta watch the After Show, by the way. She talks about the red carpet, her gay fanbase, and so much more. Check it out here.

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Mud Fights

Mob Wives was a lot more talk than anything else this week, but if you know me, you know that I'm totally ok with that. Karen hosts a spa party at Renee's house, Renee checks Junior's phone, Carla and Ramona meet face to face, and Drita bonds with Renee.

Karen: You were actually pretty calm this week on the show, especially when Ramona and Renee started arguing at your spa party. You were upset that they had ruined it, but I hope you made the connection with the way you've been acting at other people's events lately. Your "cousin" wouldn't let the whole Carla thing go, even after you had said you were fine with her not coming that night. I know you and Ramona are close, but she's going to end up pulling you into even more drama. Karen's grade for the week: B.

Drita: I love your friendship with Renee. You were cracking me up in the scene where Renee was going through Junior's phone. Your face was priceless! You are a good friend to Renee, and I hope she remembers that and stands by you this season. I personally don't think you're molding or controlling Carla. She's a big girl and she makes her own decisions. You were too funny at the Drunken Monkey with Carla and Big Ang. I love to see you just hanging out with the girls. The scene with your daughter was so heartbreaking. No one ever wants to have to tell their kids they're getting a divorce. Drita's grade for the week: A.

Carla: I commend you for being honest with Karen and telling her what you said about being ambushed at the spa party, even if it was a joke. It turns out, she wasn't even mad about it. The fact that one of the other ladies at the spa party is not your friend anymore was even more of a reason for you not to go. I think you did the right thing by not going. Why bother? I also give you credit for meeting with Ramona, although you really didn't accomplish much with her. I think you're showing that you have your own point of view and you're not just Drita's sidekick. You were right to stand up to Ramona and tell her exactly what your problem is with her. She couldn't take the fact that you were being so up front with her. Her problem, not yours. Carla's grade for the week: A.

Renee: You weren't too happy that Carla wasn't going to show up for the spa party, but you knew that you didn't want Ramona to confront her over the phone while she was at your house. I get that. I know it may sound contradictory, but you just didn't want the bullsh*t to happen at that moment in your home. Carla and Ramona needed to sort it out on their own without any outside influences. I loved the scene where you went through Junior's phone! Loved it! You are definitely experienced in getting the information you need by any means necessary. But with what you've been through, I totally get it. I'm so glad you let Junior go for good, as we'll see as the season unfolds. You're so much better off taking care of you and your son first and foremost. Renee's grade for the week: B.

Ramona: I give you credit for sitting down with Carla and talking to her about your issues with each other. But I don't see how you can make fun of Drita for acting tough when you do the exact same thing. Maybe even more so! You act like you're the tough guy more than anyone else most of the time! I'm just saying, maybe you should tone it down. Then we wouldn't be so hesitant to like you. You should get over the whole "archenemy" thing because, let's face it, you've said much worse. Let it go, and focus on showing us why we should be invested in your story. Ramona's grade for the week: C.

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Fire Marshall Bill

Watch What Happens Live had quite a run this week. Monday's guests were David Arquette and Busy Philips. Busy is on Cougartown, and was oddly cocky on the show, and David is of course, Courtney Cox's ex, and a producer on the show. He talked about his current relationship status (taken) and shared that he and Courtney are on good terms right now. He was goofy and sweet, and totally balanced out Busy, who was trying way too hard to be funny.

Tuesday was the Valentine's day show with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. I could hardly get through the whole show. Patti's just so annoying. If she wasn't stereotyping and generalizing, she was promoting herself. She definitely went to the Jill Zarin school of alienating people. I can't with her anymore.

Wednesday's show was my favorite by far. Lil Kim and Willie Geist were hilarious together. Andy let Willie ask Lil Kim about Nicki Minaj and I loved Kim's answer. After Nicki's embarrassing display on the Grammys, Kim was full of ammo for "Fire Marshall Bill", as she called her. It was such a fun show, and the After Show was great, too.

You can see all the action here. What did you think of these episodes? Tweet me!

High on Life

This week was all about the love on Jersey Shore. Jenni and Roger work through their issues, Mike hooks up with Paula again, Deena brings Joey home again, and Sammi and Ronnie have a good laugh at the club. All in all, it was a fun episode. The drama didn't weigh the show down and the crazy provided a lot of funny moments.

So let's get started!

JWOWW: You and Roger were able to squash the beef between you and I'm so glad you did. Roger has a point. You gotta trust him. But he also needs to understand that he shouldn't keep you waiting either. Both of you apologized, so that's good. I'm happy you two are still together. I don't know if that hoochie dress was such a good idea, though. I know you used to wear much less to da club before Roger, but you both knew that dress was going to cause a stir. In your defense, you had no idea some idiot was going to actually grope you. Gross. Roger will no doubt handle the guy with relative ease on next week's show. Watch Jenni talk about the club incident on the Hook Up. JWOWW's grade for the week: B.

Deena: I'm so glad you got to hang out with Joey again. You two seem like a fun couple. He even endured Jenni and Snooki giving him a hard time when he was waiting for you at the house. The "We're Sorry Danny" cake debacle was pretty hilarious, too. I'm glad Danny forgave you and Snooki. There's no way you or Snooki can get fired on the last season of Jersey Shore! It just wouldn't be right. I like the fact that you just have fun no matter where you are, even at work. I can't wait to see you freak out about "sharks" next week. Deena's grade for the week: A.

Sammi: Watching you and Ronnie crack up at the club was probably my favorite moment of the season so far. It was pure comedy. I like how nice you were to Mike's friend Paula, too. You really are the Sweetheart this season. I love it! Sammi's grade this week: A.

Snooki: You finally went to the Doctor for your UTI! Finally! And no, you can't drink when you take antibiotics. Jeez louise. I hope you learned your lesson, young lady. I thought you were decent to Mike in this episode even though he was being Mr. Creepy there for a while. I think your best bet is to ignore him completely from now on. You and Deena had a fun day at work chasing each other, which made me laugh, so thanks for that. You and Jionni fight on next week's show, and it might have something to do with Mike. Go figure. Snooki's grade for the week: B.

Pauly: You ate the cake! You ate the friggin' cake! LOL! That was hilarious, but so, so wrong. Your little day out with your bromance partner Vinny was funny, too. You guys are the best. And you didn't bring home a swamp creature this week! Good job! Pauly's grade for the week: A.

Vinny: You laid low this episode for the most part, except to have your special day out with Pauly. Staying out of trouble is probably best - especially with your anxiety problems earlier this season. Keep having fun, Vin. Vinny's grade for the week: B.

Ronnie: Gumby ankles!! Laughing with your girl!! This is the Ronnie we love. You did throw Mike under the bus about cake-gate but come on, he was the most likely suspect. In fact, you said Pauly did it before accusing Mike. Oh well, either way, you're doing a great job of bringing the fun and not the drama this season. Ronnie's grade for the week: A.

Mike: You tried to stir up the drama, but it just wasn't working on this episode. Let me ask you why you need your buddies to help you cause problems? If you have something to say, why don't you just say it? Just curious. Do me a favor and drop the villain act and just spend time with Paula. You don't look like so much of an asshole when you're with her. She's nice (and kinda skanky which is perfect for you) and she actually likes you. So why not put your energy there? And no, I didn't feel sorry for you when you were falsely accused of eating the cake. You are a jerk and apparently eat other people's food all the time, according to Jenni on the Hook Up. So you gotta expect to get accused of that from time to time, even if it wasn't you. Deal with it. And don't ask Snooki to do anything involving whipped cream with you ever again. So disgusting. You need to re-evaluate your whole persona at this point, dude. Mike's grade for the week: D.

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I Stole The Show!

The competition is getting fierce on RuPaul's Drag Race! I am such a fan of all the ladies at this point, they all bring something different to the competition. Some really worked it this week, while others stumbled. The mini-challenge was super touching - making a headdress for YouTube star Piyah Martell, who has Caudal Regression Syndrome. Piyah calls her fans "butterflies", a la Mariah with her "lambs", so the theme for the headdress was butterflies. Kenya and Phi Phi won the mini-challenge, so they were team captains for the main challenge for the week: an infomercial for RuPaul's music. Sweet! Phi Phi's team sold the Champion album, and their theme was really all over the place if you ask me. There was no cohesion between each team member's look or performance. Each queen presented a song from the album. Kenya's team was assigned Glamazon for their album, and they went with an 80s theme. The group pulled together, even though Milan was taking over a little too much for my taste. Their commercial was more cohesive, despite The Princess' not so great performance. The runway look was Platinum and Gold (get it - album sales?) and the guest judges were Amber P. Riley from Glee and Natalie Cole. So now that we're caught up, let's talk shop!

Chad: You are perfection. Your performance in the infomercial was solid and your runway look was HOT! I loved the homage to Versace with the hair and the gold forehead. I absolutely love your attitude as well. You're one of the most positive queens ever on the show, and I thoroughly enjoy that. I did note your eye roll at The Princess on Untucked, but it was only because she was being super defensive about her performance. You're a genuinely lovely person and a show stopping queen. I can't wait to see what you do next week. Chad's grade for the week: A.

Dida: Talk about pulling yourself up from your boot straps! You made that Lipsynch for Your Life count! That's how you do it, mama! I wasn't shocked when the judges were so disappointed in your infomercial performance - why didn't you go with your original concept of the housewife who's reminded of her single Solid Gold dancer days? That would have been perfect! Your double-entendre idea fell totally flat. Good thing you busted out the lipsynch of a lifetime for Miss Cole. Oh and I loved your runway outfit. See you next week! Dida's grade for the week: C+.

Jiggly: You do know you don't have to bawl in every episode, right? I know it was a tough week for you, with it being the anniversary of your mom passing, and the video message from your brother, but damn gurl, get it together! I don't want to see you crying next week, ok? Your infomercial bit was funny, but your runway outfit was not flattering at all. Cinch that waist, mama! Jiggly's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: It pains me to say this, but I was disappointed with you this week. When you dissed Madame, it was not cool. I love you, but that was totally uncalled for. And if you really don't like her and you think she's doing such a terrible job, then say it to her face like you did in the interview. And honestly, Puerto Rico is proud of you both at this point, ok? So don't make it about Puerto Rico because it's not about that at all. You did great on your infomercial, even though you couldn't effectively lead your team due to Milan's butting in. You also killed your runway look. So be nice, and don't be a mean girl anymore. No one likes a mean girl. Kenya's grade for the week: B-.

Latrice: Mama, you are a Superstar. I loved your performance in the infomercial and your runway was so beautiful. I want you to win some challenges, though! I don't know what it's going to take, but you gotta step it up and show these girls why you are the Queen Bee. Latrice's grade for the week: A.

Madame: You were hilarious in the infomercial, but I speak Spanish, so I enjoyed it. The Americanos, not so much. Your runway look was not in line with what the expectation was. You definitely should have gone glam instead of NASA. Hopefully you can prove that you do belong in the competition from here on out. But DO NOT expect any of these girls to help you anymore. Especially Kenya. The reality is, you're competing against everyone, and everyone wants to win just as much as you do. So, don't think that Kenya is always going to have your back. It is what it is, and she's not obligated to do anything for you. You gotta stand up on your own and get it done for yourself. Go get 'em. Madame's grade for the week: C.

Milan: I didn't peg you as the bossy type, but wow, you sure showed me! I really don't buy your claim that you needed to help Kenya because of her language barrier. She had plenty to say, you just didn't want to hear it. Were you that dead set on being captain of the team? You hijacked her, girl! I must say your runway look was good, but it wasn't stellar. You got into it with Willam on Untucked and both of you were being childish. I did love that line, though ("You ABSOLUTELY need to shut up"). You better get yourself a new attitude, honey. Milan's grade for the week: D.

Phi Phi: Your character for the infomercial was a little off - you were trying to be chola, but at times you almost sounded country, it was weird. But you committed to it and it paid off, you're safe. But safe isn't what you want. You want to win. So you need to really come out of your comfort zone and give the judges something fresh. They've seen diva from you, how about something a little more down to earth? I liked your runway look but it wasn't glam enough. It looked a little like a figure skating outfit. You were there for Jiggly during her breakdown, which was nice, but you absolutely ripped Madame apart. She's got different issues to deal with than you. Maybe you should try some compassion next time? Or ask Latrice to have a talk with her about not complaining so much? That would come off so much better than what you're doing now. But hey, you're working the shady girl role, so if it works, go with it. Phi Phi's grade for the week: C.

Sharon: You are killing it! You won the main challenge again, much to the dismay of your haters. I love it. You took Phi Phi's direction of being goth and you were not only goth, you were the goddess of goth. You did open up RuPaul's song Covergirl to the more edgier crowd who may not have wanted to listen to the song before. And your runway look was a fun homage to The King, Elvis. I didn't like your shoes, though. Just being honest. Keep kicking ass, lady! Sharon's grade for the week: A-.

Princess: I'm so sad to see you go. I loved your runway look. You did have a lot more to offer, but I think the infomercial challenge just wasn't your scene. You looked uncomfortable in the beginning for sure. Your segment about the song If I Dream summed it up. Anything is possible. And you're already a star. I'll miss you in this competition. Princess' grade for the week: D+.

Willam: You are the thorn in everyone's side, apparently. Your quips are funny, but you're not making any friends out here this season. I thought your back and forth with Milan was stupid, to be honest, but you were right about Milan taking over the challenge. Your delivery was all wrong, that's all. I liked the concept of your outfit, but I didn't enjoy your nips hangin' out. Willam's grade for the week: D.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


This week's New Girl was Valentine-tastic, and I loved it.

First of all, Jess trying to put "little Jess" first was hilarious. I love that she turned a simple quest for a one night stand into a huge ordeal, complete with ex girlfriends and annoying chatter about lunchtime.

Schmidt and Cece hooked up again, which isn't a big deal except Jess was contemplating hooking up with him, too. Awkward! For Cece, though, not for Jess, because she doesn't even know Schmidt and Cece did anything.

Nick waited around for his new girlfriend the lawyer to give him the time of day, since she was working and he made reservations. I don't have a good feeling about this relationship. (Doomed.)

Winston made a lot of progress with his former booty-call, and I do have a good feeling about that relationship. (Success!)

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Valentine's Day (or week, whatever) was positively hopping on Glee. Some couples are more solid than ever, while some are done before they even really began.

Rachel and Finn are intent on getting married this year - May, in fact, despite some of the Glee kids objections. Rachel's dads even try some sneaky reverse psychology, but these kids are more determined than ever to tie the knot. I can't wait for the wedding episode next week!!

Sam and Mercedes are not going to pursue their relationship, since Mercedes had such a hard time confessing her kiss with Sam to her now ex-boyfriend. I'm proud of Mercedes for not jumping into a relationship with Sam right away, or at all. She's being mature and realizes she isn't ready to be anyone's girlfriend right now. Her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" was so moving, especially in light of Whitney Houston's passing. It was a coincidence that the episode aired just days after the legendary diva passed away, but the dedication at the end of the episode was beautiful. Nice job, Ryan Murphy.

Kurt and Blaine are still going strong, despite a shocking love confession from one David Karovsky. Really?! OMG!! I was so floored when the secret admirer turned out to be him. Let's find him a nice boy at his new school so he can leave Kurt alone, shall we?

Brittany and Santana locked lips at the end of the episode, after Principal Figgins prevented them from doing so earlier in the show. The God Squad (a new-ish Christian kids club at school) even serenaded the couple at the big Valentine's Day party. Looks like these girls are officially a couple.

Newcomer Sugar (who is hilarious) chose to go to the party with Rory, who's supposedly set to be deported, over Artie, but I have a feeling that whole situation is going to be turned upside down next week.

Speaking of next week, Sue's preggers!!

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I'm the Boss

It's only episode two of the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and already the drama's at full tilt. First, Vicki's Cajun dinner party doesn't go as well as she had hoped, then Tamra crosses a line with Eddie. Let's get into all the cattiness right ... now!

Peggy: The whole Jim-Alexis fiasco is not your fault. I totally agree with you that it was Jim's call to tell Alexis about the fact that you two had dated. And seriously, it wasn't like you were still seeing him, so I really don't understand why Alexis is mad at you in the first place. All of the blame goes to Jim. Like Wendy Williams says, stay out of grown folks' business. It's so annoying that Alexis refuses to let it go. Even when she's trying to be nice, the stupid comments find a way out of her mouth. You were being super generous by even attempting to have a serious conversation with her, but I don't think you were shocked when she declined. You're the last person she wants to talk to. I think you're right to leave the show. If it's affecting your mental or emotional well-being, then it's time to say goodbye. I will miss you and your super structured eyebrows. You take care of yourself, girl. Peggy's grade for the week: A.

Heather: You rubbed a couple of the girls the wrong way at Vicki's dinner - I warned you about bragging about your money - but you really don't seem to care. In that case, keep on doing what you're doing and you'll be this season's most-talked-about housewife. There's nothing like new blood to make these ladies rally together. You're going to get it from all sides, just so you know. Oh and I love your house. Find a way to keep it. Maybe you could turn one of the media rooms into a studio apartment or something. Just saying. Heather's grade for the week: B.

Gretchen: You're in the middle with the whole Peggy/Alexis feud, and you seem to think Peggy is somewhat to blame. However, it wasn't a case of a girlfriend not telling another girlfriend something because she was hiding something. She was essentially honoring Jim's wishes. Therefore, Jim's fault. But you're defending Alexis, so that's fine. You're nothing if not loyal. But, I need to tell you something. Please stop referring to Slade as your "bitch". This whole "I'm the boss and you're the bitch" thing is not cute. I'm not a huge Slade fan, but it's just not cool to talk to or about the man you say you love like that. Even if it's a joke between you two. I can't imagine Slade is really ok with you saying those things. Deep down, it probably does hurt. Just respect him a little more if you really love him. Instead of saying he's your bitch and making fun of him for carrying pink bags and a pink laptop (which are YOURS, by the way), just say he's your partner or your colleague. He's doing a lot of your grunt work. Just think what it would be like if he wasn't there to do those things for you. Gretchen's grade for the week: D.

Alexis: You are very childlike in the sense that you don't necessarily want to see anyone else's perspective but your own. So I won't even bring up Peggy. What I will say is that you have to start realizing that there are other opinions out there besides your own. You gotta open up your mind or else you're going to find yourself by yourself. You're so content in your little bubble, but that bubble isn't going to last forever. I hope you can grow up some this season. And then go apologize to Peggy. Alexis' grade for the week: F.

Vicki: Your dinner party looked great, and I would have loved to try some of the Cajun food. But you know these ladies are all about looks and the whole crawfish thing was not gonna be up their alley. You had to have known that! You should have made it a little more accessible (pretty) for them, that's all. Your boyfriend seems nice and he seems like a gentleman, so he's alright in my book so far. I don't think you were flirting with Eddie at all. I think you all were bombed and you two were just bonding over something and it took a wrong turn. You know how Tamra is, so maybe you should have restrained yourself a bit. I bet next time you'll turn down the tequila shots. Vicki's grade this week: C.

Tamra: Well, you pretty much blew it this week. I know us women can get jealous over the smallest things, but did you really think there was something going on between Vicki and Eddie? Of course not! Seriously, what they were doing wasn't terrible, and it certainly wasn't as terrible as putting Vicki's boyfriend's hand on your boob. Eddie had every right to be upset and even though you were trying to prove a point by doing it, you shot yourself in the foot. And possibly the leg and stomach, too. Eddie's not the kind of guy that's gonna laugh that off. If you were really upset about him and Vicki being cozy, you should have taken him aside and talked to him. Or you could have left the table and cooled off. And sobered up. This is the problem when people drink too much together, the lines get blurred. Take it easy next time. Tamra's grade for the week: F.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vicious Circle

Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion should have been called The Kim Show. Seriously, I couldn't believe how long and tedious that interview with Kim and Kyle was. Am I the only one? Okay, no worries. We did get to see Dana defend herself, not to mention Mauricio's untanned ass a little bit.

Sweet, right?!

Dana: I will start with you this time since I've given you the business all season long. Finally, you seem like a real person and not some fake wannabe hanger-on! Where was this girl all season??? I still don't like that you want to brag about how much you pay for things (or how much they cost, there is a difference), but now I understand why you do it. You're proving yourself to every person who's ever looked down on you. You're standing up and saying to the world that you've built an awesome life for yourself and that you're proud of it. But, think about how much more profound that message would be if you just sat back and let people see it for themselves instead of ramming it down their throats. Just a thought. I thought you did well defending yourself against the criticism, and you owned all of the iffy behavior you displayed this season. One thing I will say for you, you say it like you mean it, and I appreciate that. Dana's grade this week: B.

Taylor: You gave us some more insight into the abuse your late husband put you through, and apparently others as well. I can't comment on this since there really is nothing else to say. Your book is out, you want people to buy it. We get it. For those who want to read all the horrific things he allegedly did to you, that's great. I'm just not interested. Taylor's grade for the week: C.

Adrienne: We didn't hear from you too much, and I think that was a smart move on your part after making a fool of yourself on part 1 and part 2 of the reunion. Paul is a great guy, but I see why you two are the Bickersons. He's a character, but then again, so are you, so it works. Adrienne's grade for the week: A (because I wasn't appalled by anything she did/said on this episode.)

Lisa: You and Ken are the cutest. I don't know if I'd laugh off Brandi's comments about wanting to sleep with him, though. Unless you are certain she's joking. Even then, it's just not funny. But you're classy enough to not flip out over it. I just think you came out looking the best after all was said and done. Bravo, Lisa. Lisa's grade for the week: A.

Camille: Didn't hear from you much either this week, so I'll give your grade based on the vibe you were giving off, which was great. Camille's grade for the week: A.

Brandi: You got into it with Dana a little bit, but it's nothing you can't handle. I think you've redeemed yourself to the point where we know that you are, if anything, honest. Just because you don't see things the same way as Dana doesn't mean you're not telling the truth. Again, I wish you wouldn't joke about Ken the way you do. You're lucky Lisa is cool about it. Brandi's grade this week: B.

Kyle: You were the supportive sister in the interview with Kim and I thought it was great how candid you were about the whole situation. You didn't hold back, especially when you were talking about how frustrating it was to deal with Kim's roller coaster behavior. I felt for you big time. On a much lighter note, we saw Mauricio's ass or at least the top of it, and yeah, that was fun. You lucky girl. Kyle's grade for the week: A.

Kim: I don't think you're 100% better, but I'll take any progress I can get with you. You're still not making complete sense, but I'm thinking you have a long way to go until you're completely sober and in recovery. I just hope you stay focused on your health and sobriety. Keep it up and don't give up on yourself. And be nice to Kyle, ok? Kim's grade for the week: B+.

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Pants Dance

Sorry for the delay in blogs lately, I know I had promised to keep on top of it. My apologies.

This week on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the South Africa trip takes us on an amazing ride - nightclubs, safaris, and finally, an orphanage with some really special, beautiful children.

Nene: You were babysitting Marlo for the majority of the episode, but it's only right since you invited her. The only reason I can think of that you were so concerned with how you looked (hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc) is that you were taping the show. I would like to think if the cameras weren't there, you would have let go a little and just had fun with the experience. We like you because you're real. Don't go Hollywood on us. You and Marlo were sticking out like sore thumbs for a minute there. I hope you can see where you may have gone overboard on the whole fashion thing. I did appreciate you diffusing the situation between Marlo and Sheree, and you actually were nice to everyone on the trip on this episode. I think you need to re-evaluate your friendship with Marlo, because she really isn't the person you want to ride with at this point. Besides, you have a great friend in Cynthia. Don't forget that. I loved you at the orphanage, also. You were great with those kids.  Nene's grade for the week: C-.

Cynthia: I've been where you were in this episode and it's not fun. Travelling in a group is stressful as it is, but when someone is grating on your nerves, it can drive you crazy. Good job for not blowing up at Marlo. Seriously, it's hard to maintain your composure with someone so irritating, but you did just that. So I salute you. I think it's cool you can get along with both cliques. You may be the catalyst for everyone finally getting along. Except for Marlo. You can't help crazy. You were awesome at the orphanage, it was so nice to see you bonding with the children. I can see you going back and helping them in the future. Cynthia's grade for the week: A.

Marlo: You are some kind of wacko. Let me tell you. First of all, this is a vacation, not a photo shoot. You don't need hair and makeup every day, especially when you're on a safari and visiting kids who have next to nothing. The level of pretentiousness coming from you is staggering. I literally can't watch you anymore. You have a foul mouth, you're ignorant, and your self-centered. You're like Sheree with less of a vocabulary. I want you to just show up at parties in Atlanta and dance and throw money around because that's really all I can stand to see of you on this show anymore. I thought I saw a glimmer of humility from you when you were handing out the items to the people in the little town and when you were with the kids from the orphanage. That's what we want to see. We want to see your human side, because we've had enough of the diva. Marlo's grade for the week: F.

Sheree: I got to give it to you for not starting a fight when Marlo flipped you the bird at the club. That's progress for you. Don't let anyone pull you into an ugly screaming match again, please. You're much better when you're just cool and calm. I appreciated you getting along with everyone this week. Keep it up. Oh and your friend's dinner party was fabulous! You always have the coolest friends throwing parties! Sheree's grade for the week: B+.

Kandi: I really liked how you handled Rico Suave at Sheree's friend's dinner party. Sorry, no job, no date. Seriously, you're "an independent woman", doing it for yourself. You really don't need to be supporting some actor/model who can only talk about himself. Whatever. You were hilarious too, when you were talking about Marlo's choice of outfit for the safari with Phaedra. Too funny! You're positive like 90% of the time, so I appreciate that. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Phaedra: You really have improved this season. You keep your condescending comments to yourself most of the time now, and you try to get along with everyone. And so far, you're doing a good job of not making me hate you this season. I like fun Phaedra, dancing in the grass acting like a Solid Gold dancer. Yes, you were making fun of Marlo at the time, but it was funny as hell. You were visibly moved by the kids at the orphanage and you made real connections with them. You're ok in my book ... for now. Phaedra's grade for the week: A.

Next week, Kim finds out the girls have been talking about her on the South Africa trip. Drama!

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Catching Up ...

I am SO behind on blogging, I apologize immensely!!! Let's kick it off with a quick recap of Watch What Happens Live.

Last Wednesday the guests in the clubhouse were Padma Lakshmi and one of the funniest men ever, Michael Showalter. They played an awesome game involving blind tasting of different foods and I loved Michael's reactions as Padma fed him. Then the Cheez-Whiz got on the rug and Andy freaked. Sandra was there and brought her usual flair to the evening. I loved this show, just because it was nice to see Padma relaxed and not judging chefs, and Michael was on his game for sure.

Thursday night was a Daniel Radcliffe spectacular, complete with Harry Potter fanfare. I love this kid. I know he's a grown up now, but he's just so cute. Daniel wasn't drinking, he's quit - who knew he was even old enough to be an alkie? LOL! Anywhoo, he played "What Can't Daniel Radcliffe Do?" and knocked Jimmy Fallon off the top spot. Any guesses as to who will take Daniel out? I vote for a Sean Hayes or maybe even a Paul Rudd.

Sunday's show was bittersweet due to Whitney's passing, but guests Gloria Estefan, Phaedra Parks, and call in guest Kandi Burruss all paid homage to Ms. Houston by giving us insight into their own personal and unique connections with the icon. It was a great show, and Andy handled the tragedy with a lot of grace and sincerity. This is why we love Andy, he knows just what to say to make us feel better. Gloria was an amazing guest, so funny, so sweet, and her new album "Miss Little Havana" is FIRE!!! Get it NOW!!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Will Always Love You

The Grammys had quite a task to accomplish on Sunday night. Not only put on a decent show, but address and honor the memory of Whitney Houston who had passed just the day before. LL Cool J was an excellent host, in my opinion, giving a very heartfelt speech at the top of the show including a prayer for Whitney.

The rest of the night was a balancing act between what's supposed to be a fun night and the heaviness in the room. Most of the performances were good. I really enjoyed Bruno Mars' number, which was upbeat and entertaining. It made me want to catch him live someday.

Of course, the night belonged to Adele, who racked up all six awards she was nominated for. Her performance of the hit song "Rolling In The Deep" was one of the major highlights of the show.

Etta James was given a tribute by Alicia Keys and one of my all time favorite ladies, Bonnie Raitt.

Jennifer Hudson sang "I Will Always Love You" in a tribute to Whitney and brought the house down. I was disappointed that Chaka Khan didn't join her as I had read earlier on Sunday morning. I felt like a bigger tribute with more artists would have really special. But I understand the time constraint. Maybe there will be a more elaborate tribute later on this month, who knows.

Nicki Minaj confused everyone with her "Exorcism of Roman" performance - complete with Catholic references and dancers in religious garb. This was a serious lapse in judgement for Nicki. If I were her, I would have scrapped the whole concept as soon as news of Whitney's death broke. I'm not even Catholic and I found it disrespectful. She would have been better off doing a more subdued number, for sure. This isn't a "normal" Grammy awards situation. You can't just do some shocking performance and expect that everyone's going to jump up and love it when it doesn't even match the tone of the show. It really wasn't even that shocking. It was just uncomfortable and perplexing. Why, Nicki, why?

For once, I didn't totally hate Taylor Swift's performance. I won't say I enjoyed it. I just didn't hate it.

The Foo Fighters gave us two awesome performances, one with Deadmau5, and one on their own. I loved both.

Chris Brown also gave two performances, but honestly, I ignored them both.

Rihanna performed with Coldplay and I am not totally digging her shaggy blonde 'do.

Lady Gaga, that I know of, did not win anything, which is disappointing to me, as a fan. I did like her outfit, a black gown complete with a black latticed veil over her face and her hair pulled back in a classic updo.

The whole show was just ok for me. But like I said, I think it had to do with the unbalanced feel of the room at the time, which is totally understandable.

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Find Your Strength in Love

Before I begin, I'm sending out my deepest condolences to Whitney Houston's family, friends, and colleagues.

I'd like to start by telling my own Whitney story. Whitney was the first pop star I can remember entering my world. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was one of the songs I would sing and dance to in the living room as a child. Whitney was pretty, talented, and famous. She was everything. Her famous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in 1991 is the standard for every performer who ever sang or will ever sing the song in the future. That performance was perfection. Her face as she hit that last note was one of pure joy. I saw The Bodyguard, and even though it was not the best movie ever made, she was fascinating in it. She really brought her all into that role. The movie is a classic, and her version of "I Will Always Love You" will live on forever. I was always very inspired by her voice and the quality of her songs.

The turmoil began when she married Bobby Brown in 1992. Right away people judged their relationship - she was the good girl and he was the bad boy. Why anyone was surprised by this, I'll never know. It's a classic tale and happens every day. Their bond brought us some songs and videos of them declaring their love for each other despite the haters, but mostly, it brought bad press and ridicule. They had one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, in 1993.

Wendy Williams interviewed Whitney on her radio show in 2003 and the two famously went at it about her erratic behavior and alleged drug use.

The drug use during their marriage was confirmed by Whitney herself on the Oprah Winfrey talk show in 2009. At this point, Whitney was making steps to come back to the spotlight with her album, I Look to You. She had some success with this album, but not nearly enough to spur the comeback everyone wanted for her.

Since then, it had been more tabloid attention than anything else. Especially when she started dating Ray J, the brother of singer Brandy, and more famously, Kim Kardashian's sex tape co-star.

When I heard Whitney had passed away, I was immediately angry. It happened again. Yes, I jumped to the conclusion that she was under the influence of something when she passed. But, truthfully, that's not such an unreasonable conclusion to jump to. I was angry that we had lost another diva to substance abuse. Isn't anyone else as angry as I am?

This has to stop. I don't know why people want to pretend as if she didn't have a problem. It was well-documented and painfully obvious. I'm not going to act as if this wasn't a factor in Whitney's death. I also want to know where the hell Ray J was during all this. There are a lot of stories about the night before Whitney died. According to some, they were partying, and she got into a verbal (and possibly physical) altercation with Stacy Francis from X Factor. The only thing we know for sure at this point is that she sang with Kelly Price on stage at a party Thursday night, and according to Kelly, she was drinking champagne.

I guess what infuriates me the most is that Whitney needed help for quite some time. I know some, like her mentor, Clive Davis, tried to help her as much as he could, but nothing really worked. It's the same way I feel about Amy Winehouse's death. So sad, because it could have been prevented. Is this what fame does to people? Is this the inevitable fate a diva must face? No. I refuse to believe that.

Case in point, Adele, who won big at the Grammys last night. Also, Jennifer Hudson. Not to mention, Aretha Franklin, and so many others who haven't succumbed to the dark side of fame, which typically includes some sort of addiction. So, what makes one person fall into that deep abyss of addiction, while others stay safely away from that cliff? I don't have the answers. I can only implore the young performers out there to learn from these tragic examples. Don't let this happen to you. Please.

I also want to take this opportunity to ask Bobbi Kristina to stay strong and know that we all want the best for you. Bobbi was rushed to the hospital this weekend.

I would love to read your Whitney memories and your thoughts on addiction and fame. Tweet me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a War Zone

It's starting to heat up at the Jersey Shore house and there are a few really interesting storylines happening right now. Jenni confronts Roger, Pauly gets another stalker, Team Meatballs bails on work, and Mike decides to be the bad guy ... again.

Fist pump!

Jenni: I think you did what any girl would do when she's pushed to her limit. You lashed out. We've all been there. We have a valid point, but our delivery undermines the whole thing. You gave Roger a piece of your mind then hung up on him. Maybe that kind of tactic used to work with your ex, but Roger is a grown ass man. Unfortunately, he's the type to just let you wait by the phone because he's not going to engage in a mind game with you. He's straight up - he doesn't want to talk to you so he's not going to call you. It was wrong of him to put you on the back burner like that. But maybe if your approach was different, he might have responded differently. The point is, you were hurt, and that's why you flipped out. We know you're still together, so obviously, it's all good now. But like I said, we've all been in that spot. You did the right thing and let him say what he wanted to say. It's good that you were able to move on from there - probably with a better understanding of what to do when you feel he's not meeting your needs. Jenni's grade for the week: C.

Sammi: We didn't see too much of you in this episode. I want you to start interacting with the girls. Hell, have a day with the Meatballs. You might enjoy it! I'm sure you're having a good time, but it's just not getting on the show. I think it's great you're getting along with everyone, too. But we need a storyline for you. Let's see what the rest of the season has in store. Sammi's grade for the week: C.

Deena: Wingwoman extraordinaire! You really love these boys, otherwise you wouldn't pull all these stunts with them. You really are up for anything and you're a really good friend. I think that's why you're so likable. You're like the one person that's always fun and ready for a good time. Watching you and Snooki frolic still cracks me up. Leaving work wasn't the smartest move, but at least you apologized. And next week we see if the apology cake even makes it to Danny. Deena's grade for the week: B.

Snooki: You and Deena had a blast at work, and you introduced us to Lola, the bunny face who's a Vegas hooker. I love the stuff you come up with. I hope you apologized to Danny for leaving early, in addition to the cake, which we'll get to next week. Also, you treated Mike really well this week. That's gonna blow up in your face for sure. Just promise me this whole mess with Mike will be resolved by the end of the season. Your drunken escapades (walking home, falling off the hammock, sitting in the cardboard box) are always hilarious. You've clarified since that you're not always like that. I say, while filming the show, go for it. You know what makes reality tv - and you're not the most popular of the Guidettes for nothing. Snooki's grade for the week: B-.

Vinny: Have you ever heard the song "Pink Triangle" by Weezer? Suffice it to say it pretty much sums up your storyline this week. Not the best storyline you've ever had. Vinny's grade for the week: D.

Pauly: You have a lot of stalkers, you probably just don't realize it. It's the price you pay for being cute and charismatic. But this stalker looked like she wasn't playing with a full deck, so I appreciate you taking it easy on her and not embarrassing her in front of all those people. You gave her some small talk and then left the scene. Good for you. But let me ask you something, is she any less hideous than some of the girls you already brought home this season? Think about it. Pauly's grade for the week: C.

Ronnie: I noticed you came home alone from the club in one scene and it made me smile. You and Sam either really got along this season, or you just weren't being a douchebag. Both are good things. I'm glad you're the calm, fun Ronnie. So refreshing. Ronnie's grade for the week: A.

Mike: Ugh. I can't with you anymore. How much of a two-face are you? How do you act like you're friends with Snooki and then plan on creating more drama with her? After you guys already buried the hatchet, no less. Jeez. Then you talk crap about Deena's sister, who you don't have a right to talk about in the first place, in such a degrading manner. Because that's all women are to you, right? Well, guess what, jerkface, your day is coming, and it's not going to be pretty. You are the most hated cast member. Check out how that worked out for people like Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Jill Zarin. Idiot. Mike's grade for the week: F, as usual.

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What Do You Want From Me?

The Basketball Wives Super Trailer was released yesterday and it is EPIC! Check it out here

Tami is still my friggin' hero. Just watching her enjoy all the drama is enough for me. "Go for whatcha know!" YES!

Evelyn and Jenn are in a full blown WAR right now. And you should check out my previous Basketball Wives blogs because I called this happening a long time ago. I knew they would turn on each other. Jenn is probably regretting ever being friends with Ev - that's what happens when you gang up on people. Eventually your partner in crime focuses on you. And they have all the GOOD dirt on you. Yeah, good luck with that. 

Evelyn and Chad are still planning their wedding ... yeah.

But Jenn isn't just getting it from Ev. Some other chick pops her in the face and Jenn just lets her do it! OMG!

Royce is getting her acting on, and I'm so proud of her! You go girl!

Suzie is stirring up trouble as usual, ugh, sit down. 

Two new girls are in the mix, Keisha and Kenya, and they do not get along. The rest of the ladies take sides and it looks like everyone is siding with Keisha. I cannot wait to see what happens!

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