Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Do Not Recall

This week on Basketball Wives, the fall of Kenya has begun. I'm thinking this is gonna be a real quick decline, much like Meeka's last season. Kenya's not making any friends on this episode and her words are coming back to bite her (surprised? Me neither).

Tami: First, GET WELL SOON! I can't believe you had a mild heart attack this week. I'm sure your fans are keeping you in their thoughts. Now, as for this episode, you cracked me up when she was on the boardwalk with Evelyn talking about the clutch purse debacle. I love when you're joking and laughing. I appreciate you giving Kesha her chance to speak at the beach and actually asked her to stay when she got up to leave. I know you and Kesha still don't see eye to eye, but I think a lot of us would like that to change. I don't blame you for being upset with Kenya. I think everyone is fed up with her at this point. Tami's grade for the week: A.

Evelyn: There was no need to wait outside of Shaunie's birthday party for Jenn, so I'm glad you eventually went home. Again, my favorite scene was you and Tami re-enacting the clutch purse incident just because it was funny. You do make me laugh. I love that side of you. Your conversation with Kesha was actually productive, which really impressed me. When Kenya finally admitted to what she said about you, I thought you were gonna take YOUR shoes off, but you didn't. But hey, there's still next week. Speaking of next week, throwing wine bottles?! Really?! Evelyn's grade for this week: B.

Jenn: I had to laugh at the whole tennis scene. An athlete, you ain't, but at least you admit it. I see where you're coming from with the whole Evelyn thing. She shouldn't have hit you (with a purse or anything else). You make sense when you say you just want it to be over and done with and be in the same room without drama. Unfortunately, Evelyn just isn't that person. She pushes your buttons, and you push her buttons right back. I would make myself scarce around her until her rage dies down. You really know her better than anyone, so it should be no surprise to you that you've got a bullseye on your face (or back of the head, whatever). I don't think it's so bad that you have other friends. That's a non-issue. It's your attitude that's usually the problem. Jenn's grade for the week: C.

Royce: Your advice to Kesha was solid, you were so right. It really could have gone either way between Evelyn and Kesha. Your analogy about running around the circle like a track meet was hilarious and so on point. I loved your blog, as usual. Royce's grade for the week: A.

Suzie: You didn't totally irritate me this week, so I'm giving you a break. You behaved yourself at the tennis game and you actually know how to play! I still don't understand why you have to kiss certain people's ass all the time. But hey, that's just you. Suzie's grade for the week: C.

Kesha: I think you redeemed yourself with a lot of people when you called out Kenya for all the shiz she said about everyone throughout this season. I respect the fact that you walked away from a possible physical altercation with Kenya. I think a lot of people think they need to fight on reality shows to stay relevant, but that's not really true. I dare say it takes more guts to walk away with your dignity. And, on a personal note, I really hope you and Tami work out your differences soon. Kesha's grade for the week: A.

Kenya: Wow. I think you're confused as to what you're supposed to be doing on this show. You think you're supposed to be the new star of the show, but really, you're just supposed to support the main cast mates by showing up to their events. This is not your show. And now, the girls in the circle can't even stand the sight of you. You do talk a lot behind other people's backs, you do switch up your personality, and you do straight up lie. You did tell Kesha that you were cool with her after Tami and Evelyn left and I have no doubt that you called Evelyn loose and probably a lot worse. You sounded like a politician when you were claiming you don't remember what you said. You can get away with that once or twice, but now it's just ridiculous. You have to start taking responsibility for what you've said and done. Own it! None of this "I don't remember" bullsh*t! Just know your place from now on and sit down. Kenya's grade for the week: F.

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