Thursday, October 27, 2011

Broadway Week

Why is it that all the drama has to happen on Broadway Week, of all weeks, on DWTS?! Of course, everyone knows that Maksim gave the judges a piece of his mind on this week's show, and Chaz was also not too happy with the judges.

First, let me just take a moment to give it up for Kristin Chenoweth. She gives me EVERYTHING! If you haven't heard her new album, "Some Lessons Learned", give it a chance. It's a country album, and I'm not a country girl, but there are some great songs, and her voice is spectacular, as always. Kristin gave an amazing performance on Monday night of two Broadway classics, "Maybe This Time" (one of my absolute favorites) and "I Could Have Danced All Night (another favorite). Tuesday night she performed "Lessons Learned". This girl can do no wrong in my eyes, so I thought her performances were stellar. I actually can't wait for her new show to premiere, called "GCB", which I believe stands for "Good Christian Bitches". Sounds like a good time to me!

As for the performances, I believe everyone turned it out this week. It's at that stage in the competition where everyone is trying to WIN, it's not a game anymore. So, it's disappointing when you see certain discrepancies in the way the show actually works as opposed to how it's supposed to work. Let's compare Nancy Grace to Kristin Cavallari, shall we? Nancy was awkward since day one, and although she's made improvements, her performances are hesitant and lack personality. She's SO stiff. It's not at all fun to watch her. Now, Kristin, on the other hand, was a great dancer, her performances were exciting, and she has personality to spare. You may not like her, but you had to give her credit for her awesome work on the show. People just didn't vote for her.

Let's take a look at another example. Hope is an athlete, which usually works in the contestants' favor on this show. Not so with her. She's also awkward and not graceful at all. She really did have the worst performance on Broadway Week, which sucks because I love that song from "Rent". Also, I understood the costume choice based on the Broadway musical they were assigned - if you're not familiar with the musical "Rent", google it. In all honesty, Hope should have been gone a couple of weeks ago. Maks' tirade was poorly articulated, but I understood where he was coming from. Let's be real. The judges fawn all over Rob and JR every week. They are a lot more fair in their judging of Ricki and David. They humor Nancy, for some reason. But with Hope and Chaz, you never know what you're going to get. We do know who their favorites are, and they don't do a good job of hiding it. Not so good for a show that supposed to be a real competition, where judges are supposed to be unbiased. Maks was wrong to say it's his show - this show is made up of an ensemble, and people tune in for a variety of reasons. So, it's not just any one person's show. He was definitely off the mark there. But his complaint about the lack of consistency in the judging is a valid concern.

It does seem that some contestants are judged on their technique only, while others are given credit for apparent improvement. However, you can't argue with the fact that the top scorers are indeed the best dancers. I didn't like the fact that Carson was kicked off, but he wasn't the best dancer, so I was ok with it. The judges scores are sometimes a lot lower when the contestant isn't giving the judges exactly what they want - which apparently isn't just about the dancing. Ask Wendy Williams, who dished about it on her show yesterday. Check it out at

I think Carrie Ann is the most fair of the three, because she commends the contestants' efforts and gives constructive criticism most of the time. Len complains about every performance, but that's his role. Bruno is often just trying to get laughs, and may or may not sneak in actual advice somewhere in there. So, it's no surprise that Chaz got tired of Bruno's constant name-calling (no matter how cute the names were). Chaz wasn't on this show to be cute and cuddly. He was on this show to "show America a different kind of man", and he did just that. My guess is that he wanted a little more respect from the judges while doing so. Unfortunately, Bruno's choice of words week after week just didn't jive with Chaz's expectations. I love the fact that Carrie was moved by a lot of Chaz's performances, it shows that she can look past his appearance, and focus on the dance itself. I don't think Bruno really got to that point with Chaz.

No matter how you look at it, DWTS is a business. It's a top rated show and makes ABC a ton of money. So, I don't think it's so unbelievable that they may be playing favorites. Every season people complain about the "ringers" on the cast. But nothing on this show will change until people stop tuning in. Many are calling for new judges, but I wonder if it'll just be a disappointment, much like the American Idol shakeup. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

As for Chaz being eliminated from the competition, he succeeded in what he set out to do. And I think he won a lot of people over. His partner Lacey is an absolute doll, and so talented. I just love her. I really hope Chaz looks back on this experience fondly. I mean, it created a lot of buzz and it got Cher on tv with a dreadlock wig. What else could you ask for?

So, my picks for top 3 are: Ricki, JR, and David, with a chance of Rob stealing David's spot. The next to get eliminated should be Nancy.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spa Day

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just keeps chugging along, and I have to say, this episode was actually a welcome break from the tension, although there were plenty of catty moments.

The scene with Lisa and Adrienne and their twin chickens was hilarious. I'm so glad Adrienne has her lovely chef Bernie. His facial expressions are on the Alex McCord level of entertaining. Lisa's one liners were classic, and I almost died when Adrienne put her hand soap on the raw chicken carcass. You gotta be kidding me.

On to the main event, the spa day at Adrienne's mansion. Can I just say, I want to be adopted by Adrienne SO bad. I just want to live every day of the rest of my life in that house. I take that back. I want to have shared custody between Adrienne and Lisa. That way I can just run across the street and have my pick of fabulousness and luxuriousness in two different mansions. But enough about me. I love how Adrienne says she bought the spa equipment the same way I say I bought a new bra. Like, why not? It's just practical. It needed to be done, no big deal. Well, she did a great job because the spa inside her house looks ten times nicer than any spa I've ever been to.

All the ladies are in attendance, even Kim, which is nice. I love seeing Kyle and Kim act like teenagers together. They are pretty cute. Even if they are a bit bratty. All in all though, they're on good behavior as the spa scene begins. They're just mischievous. Yeah, let's go with that.

Brandi hobbles in (seriously, when is that ankle gonna heal, already?!), and the tension goes through the roof. Honestly, I do feel for the girl. No one wants to be singled out and ostracized in a group setting like she was at game night, but she got a couple jabs in herself. And her saying Kim was doing crystal meth was totally uncalled for. Even Brandi admits she pulled that one out of her ass.

Adrienne does her best to play peacemaker but only ends up looking like a meddler. I swear, sometimes you just have to let people handle things in their own time. After about what seemed like 20 minutes going back and forth between Brandi and the Richards sisters, Kyle finally speaks to Brandi. It goes about as well as expected. Brandi apologizes for the way things went down at game night, and Kyle bashes Brandi about her meth comment like 50 times. We get it, Kyle, don't make accusations like that. We know. The whole thing was wrong from the start. Brandi does have a point, the Richards sisters did start the rudeness, and she overreacted. Best thing would have been a mutual apology with no explanations or excuses and just move on. But you can't do that if you don't really think you were wrong. Which means, you shouldn't be apologizing in the first place!

Kim is upset that Kyle is even speaking to Brandi, even if it is only to pound her over the head about the meth accusation. In Kim's interviews she seems ... relaxed? Loopy? Paula Abdul-esque, shall we say? Bottom line, Kim doesn't do herself any favors by being so ... off the rails.

Lisa's friend wants to give Pandora an Arabian Nights engagement party in his house, which is ridiculously over the top Aladdin-ed out. Dress me up like Jasmine and let's party! Just kidding. His child-girlfriend is beautiful and of course, super quiet and obedient. Just like the mail order bride catalog promised.

My favorite moment of the show had to be Mauricio's pool time. He's scrumptious.

Watch What Happens Live wasn't so scrumptious, I'm afraid. Brandi and Dana seemed to be kind of at odds with each other and it was distracting. I love that the whole show focused on Brandi with Dana sort of chiming in for no reason. Kinda sad. Dana really doesn't bring anything to the table except $25,000 sunglasses, and even then, it's a disappointment because the glasses are more interesting than she is. The After Show was boring as well. If you want to catch up, check it out here. Although, Jeremiah from the Rachel Zoe Project was funny (too bad I don't watch that show). By the way, same thing happened on the Wendy Williams Show. A lot of Brandi, not so much Dana.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jersey's A Battlefield

I can't believe the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2 is already over. It was a blur, honestly. I can't even do a recap at this point. Here's my thoughts about it in no particular order.

Caroline: Well, I'm on the fence about this one, now. She was definitely livid at the reunion. Every chance she got, she threw a daggers at Teresa. She blamed Teresa for the fact that Dina is no longer speaking to her, she called her selfish, among other things - she basically threw her under the bus, backed the bus up, and ran her over a couple times. I can't say for sure that I believe Caroline 100%. The part about the apartment at the Brownstone was so brief, it hardly registered. I'm glad Albie, Chris, and Lauren are doing well, and I'm glad she and Al are happy together. I wanted her to produce those emails she supposedly has to bury Teresa with, but she didn't. I also want her and Dina to speak again. No one should come between sisters. If we learned anything from this season, it's to keep family together at all costs. Now, the part I did agree with Caroline about was Gia's tragic song about her uncle and mom not getting along. It was so sad. I felt bad for Gia, and it did seem like Teresa should have maybe told Gia to do it off camera. But we have to remember, Gia is working for Teresa with her modeling ventures, so maybe this was Teresa's way of getting some business offers for Gia. I'm just saying. Caroline scratching her ass was probably the funniest thing to happen on this reunion full of venom, so I welcome that. However, Teresa and Caroline calling each other "full of sh*t" was almost more than I could bear. Caroline, my advice to you is to take a break from this show (after season 4, of course), and get your books and radio show to the next level. Try to get on Sirius XM and show Teresa and the world that you're not just the overbearing older sister. Show them that you've got more to give, and that you're not jealous or bitter about anyone else's success. Do it to shut Teresa up once and for all.

Teresa: I could not take Teresa seriously on this reunion, partly because she sells her stories to gossip magazines, which are usually trashing the other wives. That alone makes her persona non grata in my book. But, let's just talk about her excuses, I mean answers, to Andy Cohen's questions. She doesn't regret anything, she did nothing wrong, and she thinks everyone around her is to blame. That was pretty much it. She kept saying, "if she were a good cousin/sister in law/friend" - I mean, fill in the blank. I just wanted her to say, just one time, "You know what, I reacted in a childish way about a lot of things. I see that now, and I'm sorry." But that never happened. She just kept attacking Caroline about not talking to Dina and other siblings. My thing is, who cares if Caroline has problems in her family? They're not on the show, probably for a reason. So focus on the show. Talk about resolving the issues with your cast mates, who are also your family. Teresa squealed, yelled, and rolled her eyes like she was doing her best Ashley impression. All in all, it wasn't pretty. Teresa couldn't quite explain away her husband's use of a gay slur, though. Andy was not about to let that one go. And with good reason. Teresa seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that we, the audience, see the entirety of the episodes. Not just the parts that make her look good. We've seen her husband call her family members horrible names. We've seen her act like a child when she isn't the center of attention. Just because you have a certain perception of yourself, doesn't make it the reality. Teresa, listen to me. Take a break. Stop with the product hawking (Fabellini) and stop with the gossip magazines. You're gonna take yourself right out of the equation. You said what you needed to say all season. We get it. You're the fairest of them all (in your head). Focus on your financial situation and get your family back together.

Melissa: I was actually really proud of Melissa on the reunion. She came off looking like a classier version of herself. She was calm (most of the time), and she called Teresa out on a lot of things. Who knew Teresa and Dina weren't speaking for a while! Anyway, Melissa handled Teresa's jabs well, in my opinion. At times, she couldn't contain her disbelief of what was coming out of Teresa's mouth, which was kind of funny to watch. Melissa - be careful of getting too close to the frenemy Caroline, though. I know having a common enemy makes it really tempting, but just stand on your own for a while. Actually, stand with Kathy, who's been there for you since the beginning. She's your ally. She's the one you stick with. Got it?

Kathy: I love Kathy. She is, by far, the sanest person on this show. I really enjoy her, even if we don't get to hear from her too much. Actually, I think it's better that way. She's not the spotlight type. She's the backup, and a little from her is awesome, compared to a lot of Teresa. Kathy made some good points about Teresa regarding the Gia situation, and also about staying in reality, as opposed to getting caught up in the fame game. She also clarified that Teresa wasn't there for her family as much as she claims. If it's all true, I say, spill it. To be fair, Kathy can pretty much do no wrong with me. So hate on her if you must, but tell me: who would you rather spend an afternoon with? Thank you. And I have the same advice for Kathy as I do for Melissa - stick together. Don't think Caroline is your friend for the long haul. I don't think Caroline is an evil person or anything, but she's mad at the same person you're mad at. Once that passes, you won't have as strong of a bond anymore.

Jacqueline: I'm still so disappointed she wasn't there. I think she may have been able to shed more light on the Teresa situation, but she tweeted that she couldn't talk about season 4 on the reunion, so there was really no point in going. I beg to differ, Jac. You could have expressed your feelings towards Teresa without giving anything away. You could have updated us on your relationship with Dina. And you could have shown us, your fans, that you didn't just give up. Because that's how it felt.

Andy Cohen: You know I love me some Andy. I don't think he was too hard on Teresa at all. Honestly, he HAD to ask the questions that the audience demanded answers to. I'm sure some questions were closer to his heart than others, though. When he was trying to make Teresa understand how much that gay slur hurts, you could almost feel his frustration. He was obviously irritated by her flippant attitude and total refusal to admit any fault. I actually loved it when he corrected her when she misspoke ("distant" instead of "distanced"). We have to remember what we're dealing with here. Teresa is a nutjob who can't articulate her own thoughts. I still want to talk to her ghost-writer. I'm serious. No wonder she has miscommunications with the people in her life. Andy, you did fine. You have to call it like you see it, and you were looking at a brick wall in a blue dress. I feel for you, buddy.

Now, before you bash me as a Teresa hater, just think of how you'd reason with Teresa about ANYTHING. Just think - how would I convince Teresa of something? How would that go? How would she react? I think you know the answer. Again, I'm on the fence about Caroline, as I can see how she gets controlling and overbearing at times. But I think I could have a reasonable conversation with her.

On Watch What Happens Live, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were hilarious as only Housewives superfans can be. They nailed each of the housewives and househusbands perfectly. And they were great guests. The after show was fun, too. I called in, but couldn't get through. I'm starting to think they're screening my calls (at least the mean lady might be). Check it all out here.

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When Does Season 5 Start?

Is it bad that I've waited this long to write this blog on the Jersey Shore finale and reunion?

Maybe because it was pretty anti-climactic ... let's talk about it anyway.

Mike just came home from the club - drunk out of his mind - and thinks he's home alone. He practices his karate moves (and farts while doing so?). Snooki has stayed home for the night, and is woken up by Mike talking to himself. Mike realizes she's there and creepily stares at her while she "sleeps". Creepy!

The rest of the roommates come home and Ronnie wakes Mike up to give him a reality check. Ronnie tells him to quit causing trouble and try to mend some fences, or else he can forget about being a part of the crew. Mike is hesitant, basically saying he could care less whether people like him or not. Ronnie, of all people, telling someone to apologize is just a funny scene in itself. And I love Sammi stroking Ron's ego about talking to Mike. She cracks me up. She is SO in love with that kid.

The kids have their last day at work at the pizzeria. It does look like a cool place to work, and at least Marco has a great sense of humor about his dysfunctional summer employees. Pauly is being a clown, as usual, which I  love, but I can see where it might get annoying after the 10th "I'm on BREAK!"

Back at the mansion, Sammi and Ronnie decide to christen the smush room one last time, apparently in the middle of the day, when all the roommates are home. AWKWARD! Then, they have to do the walk of shame inside the friggin' house! Pauly times their smush session, and concludes that that must be the reason Sammi doesn't smile very often. I don't even want to think about them smushing, let alone time it and make assumptions based on it. As long as they aren't fighting, I'm cool with them doing whatever they want.

Mike calls his sister and tells her he's not going to Jersey. Which is such a crock, it's not even funny. Snooki hits it on the head, it's his choice, not our problem. But we all know, Mike is going to Jersey.

The crew (minus a sick Jenni) go out to da club. Team Meatballs wants to leave, because they're bored. They go to another club and have - what else - a blast! Then, they encounter a drunk clone of themselves. The funniest part is when Deena tells her, "You're being an annoying!" LOL - now you know how we feel, Dee!

Pauly sends a drunk girl home because she's too drunk - even for him. While walking home with Snooks, Deena is BOMBED, takes off her pumps, and gives a tree a couple hugs and a little show. LOL! Her feet were pretty much covered in Italian street residue by the time she gets home.

The kids go back to the pizzeria to give a piece of their clothing to Marco to hang on his laundry line. It's a sweet gesture, and their choices of what to give him are hilarious - panties, bra, T shirts, etc. And I'm sure Deena's thong was clean ... come on guys, it had to have been, right? They say goodbye to the pizzeria bunch, and it's a little sad - you can tell they actually bonded with them.

The kids go on a touristy-tour, and Mike separates himself from the crew every chance he gets. I understand he really doesn't feel comfortable around these people anymore, but come on. Just participate and have a good time. I think Mike's problem is his immaturity. He's the oldest cast member, but he's the least mature. It's a joke. At this point, he needs to stop whining and start acting like a man - a grown man.

Snooki and Deena provide the majority of the laughs during the tour, from saying they'd "do" the statue of David, to asking whether the "babies wit' wings" are real. Hilarious!

After the tour, Mike decides to apologize in a very rehearsed and fake-sounding manner. No wonder no one takes this guy seriously. It's like he's always posing for the cameras, even after the novelty has worn off. Jenni is absolutely right when she says Mike's apology is BS - he realized he needs the show to continue his shenanigans. So he's not sorry for his actions, he's just sorry people don't like him anymore. The crew goes out one last time, and the boys stop Mike from making an even bigger ass of himself. He just wants attention - doesn't matter if it's good or bad.

Later, Team Meatballs decides to put all the dried up, dead plants from their patio on the dining room table. Oy. Did no one think to water those poor plants?! They seriously cram every plant and vase and decoration they can onto the table. The roommates aren't amused. Mike volunteers to make breakfast, so the rotten garden has to go back outside for good. Everyone is so excited to get back to Jersey as soon as possible. Mike announces he is going back to Jersey - BIG SURPRISE! Yeah, right! Hopefully, Mike will chill out and not be an ass in Jersey. Well, let's just hope.

I honestly cannot wait for Season 5. I have a feeling it'll be a lot more FUN, which I'm dying to see. That's what I want from this show - fun, silliness, a little bit of drama, and a lot of Ron-Ron-Juice.

Now, let's talk about the reunion. It was pretty lame. We already know a lot of what's been going on since Italy. Snooki is still with Jionni, she and Jenni are still friends despite having their issues, Mike and Snooki are still not friends. No real revelations or surprises at all. And that host is the worst. I would rather see Kenny Santucci from The Hookup host this thing. Speaking of The Hookup, that was lame too. It was all the same information regurgitated back up again. Just show us season 5, already!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moves Like Carson

I'm so bummed! My Carson was booted from Dancing With The Stars! I was super bummed, he was one of the most entertaining people on this show. However, I do get why it happened. And I think he knew it was coming. He was really gracious about it. Such a class act. Love him.

It was 80s week, and it was at best, lackluster. I had a couple favorite performances: J.R. Martinez and David Arquette. J.R.'s samba was awesome, but we all knew it would be. No real surprise there. And David's tango was really exciting.

Oh and Chaz did alright. No Cher in the audience. But he did a pretty good job with the samba. I just love Lacey Schwimmer, she has to be the most fun to dance with.

I'm so over Maks and the soccer player. They just bug me.

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Awkward Kiss

Watch What Happens Live was kind of a disaster on Monday night. Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren are the guests. I'll be honest, I didn't watch "Most Eligible Dallas", except for like 15 minutes of the 3rd or 4th episode. So I'm not that invested in these people. But I'm an open minded person, and was willing to give them a chance to woo me through my television set.

It didn't work out. Courtney was kinda drunk, and not in a good Regina King kinda way. She was loud, obnoxious, and annoying. Matt was dull as dull can be. He's a pretty face with a dumb brain. No wonder the ladies love him.

We had to endure a 5 minute segment discussing whether or not they dated. Or just hooked up. Or dated. Oy. I honestly couldn't wait for this show to be over.

Then they played a game where they had to kiss and each time was super cringey.

Even Andy looked irritated. Especially when Courtney had the nerve to give him a RANGERS cap! A RANGERS cap?? Really!!! I'm SO glad Andy refused to put it on. GO CARDS!!

Oh and I called in, and got through. But some mean lady hung up on me. So I called back, and told her my question (do either of them know any of the cast members on A-List Dallas on Logo?), and she said they already had a similar question. And hung up on me again! I'm starting to think they just say they already have a similar question when they just don't like your question. Why did I get the mean lady this time? I want the nice lady.

But she did me a favor, because that show was a mess. If you want to see what I'm talking about, here you go.

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Beverly Hills, Darling, Shi Shi Shi Shi SHI!

How much do I love Kevin Lee? From the modified short mullet, to the powdered face, to the cherry lips, to the aviators. I'm in. All in.

But we'll get back to Kevin in a minute. Let's talk about the climax of the game night fight. Brandi makes the mistake of accusing Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom. Um, that's pretty specific. Is it me, or does Brandi know A LOT about drug use? Just saying.

The Richards sisters become the Pointer sisters and go off on Brandi, screaming at her and pointing their beautifully manicured fingers in her face. Things almost go cray-cray, until Taylor the talking skeleton breaks it up with an emphatic, "There will be no touching!", but Kim gets some good zingers in there anyway (slut pig, for example). After that, the party is finally put out of its misery, but not before Dana makes a complete ass out of herself once again. In head to toe VALENTINOOOO, she tells Kyle she's on her and Kim's side and they should take a vacation together. Slow down, stalker. These girls just met you. You might wanna put the kibash on the crazy talk for now.

Brandi and Taylor meet up to talk about the game night fight and I thought it was hilarious that Brandi ordered a sensible, delicious sounding lunch while Taylor ordered a coffee. Interesting.

Adrienne, Lisa, and Kyle get together as well, and their conversation was a lot more entertaining. I loved the whole "Winston Churchill" portion. Where the hell did Brandi pull that out from? That's a question for the reunion. Lisa is hilarious about the whole thing, and I'm glad she wasn't there. That was no place for a lady of her caliber. Sue me for being a Lisa fan! Kyle could have been more accurate with her account of the night, but she got the important parts in.

Speaking of Kyle, she takes a trip to the infamous "god damn house" in Palm Desert with Kim and their kids. We finally get the backstory. The Richards' mom left the house to Kyle, Kim, and another sister. Kyle bought the other two out. When Kim wanted to buy back in, Kyle said no. Now, I'm sure everyone had their reasons for buying/selling. However, if you sell, isn't that it? Why would you expect to be able to buy back in at your convenience? Maybe this is why family shouldn't do business with each other. And I'm curious as to why Kyle wanted to buy her sisters out in the first place? Another question for the reunion.

Camille is preparing for her charity luncheon for the John Wayne Cancer Institute, which is pretty amazing. I'm actually proud of Camille this season. She seems to have a sense of humor about herself, and everyone else for that matter. I love how she needs everyone's approval on her sunglasses for an event that takes place indoors. Her mother is honored at the luncheon as an ovarian cancer survivor, and I'm really touched by her story. My grandmother passed away from lung cancer in 1997, and I wish she could have beaten it. After the shocking news of Giuliana Rancic having breast cancer, we all need to be vigilant and get our screenings regularly. My thoughts are with Giuliana - kick cancer's ass!!

I felt Camille did a great job even though she was clearly nervous. Public speaking is scary for everyone. Don't let anyone tell you it's not. But I thought she was charming and sweet up there. The rest of the ladies were about as friendly to each other as you'd expect. It was Team Kyle vs. Team Brandi all over again. Except Kim wasn't there to call Brandi a slut pig. The event ended without much incident, except for some juicy gossip and dirty looks. Oh and Dana offending animal lovers everywhere - sorry! Haha!

Lisa and her lovely daughter Pandora meet with my new boyfriend, Kevin Lee, to talk about the wedding of the century. Will and Kate who?? Kevin wants this wedding to be a grand affair, which, come on, Lisa, what did you expect? He's a wedding planner, and the bigger the better, right? All of his ideas fall on deaf ears, as Lisa and Pandora want a small, tasteful wedding at the mansion. Kevin is clearly crushed. I love that he - of all people - doesn't love the idea of pink diamonds on a wedding dress. What?! Um, that sounds amazing! Pandora better get her pink diamonds, that's all I'm saying. But the moment that made the episode for me was, of course, Kevin trying desperately to make his case by saying, "Beverly Hills, darling, shi shi shi shi SHI!" I love him.

I love Adrienne, too. She is another one of my absolute favorites on this show. She's fabulous. For example, she goes on a walk with Kim and sincerely asks why she didn't go to the charity event. I love how she actually cares about these ladies. Kim says she was packing for her upcoming move, but quickly adds that she wouldn't have cared if Brandi was there or not. Come on, Kim, you care. We all care. Adrienne is a calming influence, which Kim clearly needs from time to time.

Next week, the girls go have a spa day and in hobbles Brandi. When is her ankle gonna heal already? If you need any info on this episode, check it out here.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Parents Rule

Up All Night is definitely one of the best new shows of the season. If Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph aren't nominated for something this year, I'll be pissed.

The fourth episode is all about Reagan's online shopping habit - and buying a new mommy car that will still allow her to be cool. This is an awesome episode, and it has a lot of heart. Maya is hilarious in this episode, too, by the way.

The fifth episode is awesome as well. The lovely couple takes their beautiful baby girl to a new baby class. But this isn't just any baby class, this is hardcore. Complete with peek-a-boo lessons. There's apparently a wrong way to play peek-a-boo! Oh and mean mommies are everywhere.

Check out these episodes and more here.

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The V Neck

SNL has been on a roll lately! First, Alec Baldwin, then Melissa McCarthy. And last weekend, Ben Stiller. I thought he did a great job. My favorites were The V Neck, Shanna: The Halloween Party, Stefon and Zoolander on Weekend Update, and the Lincoln Financial commercial spoofs.

This past weekend, Anna Faris hosted, and I wish I could say it was as great as the first three shows of the season. But it wasn't. There were some highlights though: the monologue, Lifetime Game Show, the Manuel Ortiz Show, and Nicki Minaj's surprise appearance during Drake's second performance.

You can watch all the clips and full episodes of SNL here.

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Treat YO'SELF!

Parks and Recreation is absolutely one of the best shows on tv right now. It's so amazing. Ron and Leslie go camping with their respective outdoor clubs, and they have very different philosophies on what makes a successful troop. Meanwhile, Tom and Donna have their annual "Treat Yourself" day and it was spectacular. This time around, though, they include a depressed Ben, with some awesome results. Watch the episode here.

The Office was pretty stellar as well. Andy has a problem impressing his father, younger brother, and boss. The solution? A garden party of course! And there's no better place for a garden party than Dwight's farm. Hilarity ensues. This show is getting better every week, thank goodness. Watch this episode here.

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Teresa?

Part 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was insane!! I have never been so blown away by a reunion, seriously, it was brutal from the jump. Let's get into it.

First, Jacqueline was not there. Caroline said she couldn't be there because of her physical and emotional state following the now infamous Posche fashion show. Check Jacqueline's twitter account for her explanation as to why she wasn't there, and also her take on the reunion, which I thoroughly enjoyed. A lot of people are mad at her for not going and defending herself in person, but we don't know what her state of mind was that day. It could be that it was the right choice for her. I, personally, appreciate the fact that she addressed it and explained herself. This is a reality show, and we're only seeing a fraction of what really happens in these peoples' lives. Now, back to the reunion.

Teresa was especially aggressive. She's obviously defensive, since none of the ladies in attendance are friendly with her. When Andy brings up Jacqueline, she's immediately tense. She says that Jacqueline should have come to finish what she started, and also says she has to laugh about Jacqueline's accusations towards her. Teresa is almost eager to fight, telling Caroline, "Bring it on, baby!" By the time the cookbook is mentioned, Teresa is practically screaming her answers to Andy's questions. Teresa says her cookbook was all about family and fun, but won't admit that the "baby sister in law" she accused of copying her is in fact Melissa. Teresa then states that she included a "beautiful picture" of Caroline in the book, asking if she would do that if she didn't like Caroline. Caroline answers that she wishes her picture wasn't in the book because she doesn't want to be in it at all. Wow. Now, my thoughts on this are that no matter what the intention of the book was, it obviously wasn't received well. Teresa should have just apologized and said her intention was to be funny, not to be mean. Her defensive responses just comes off as passing the blame onto everyone else for not getting her "joke", instead of taking responsibility for the words she wrote (although I don't believe she wrote her book or her blogs without any help - I want to meet that ghost writer).

Teresa continues to say that Jacqueline and Caroline "jumped ship", implying that they chose Kathy and Melissa over her. Andy then brings up last season's reunion, and the fact that Danielle brought up Melissa, which led to Teresa pushing Andy into his throne. Teresa and Melissa discuss the fact that Teresa did not go to the hospital when Melissa's youngest son was born. Melissa says that Danielle contacted her about Teresa, but doesn't go into detail as to what they talked about. Then Melissa talks about how Teresa threatened her life about coming onto the show and said the audience would rip her about her huge forehead (project much, Tre?). There's so much wrong with this whole paragraph, I don't even have time to get to it all. Bottom line, Teresa seems to be painfully insecure. If what Melissa is saying is true, and I have no idea if it is, but if it is, Teresa needs help. Her anger obviously comes from some trauma or pain that she's not dealing with. We all know the mean things people say about Teresa's appearance. We all know the jokes about her husband. We all know how people make fun of the way she talks, dresses, etc, etc, etc. Maybe she was warning Melissa of the scrutiny she'd get if she joined the show? That's giving Tre a lot of credit. If we were talking about funny Teresa from season 1, maybe I'd believe it more. But we're talking about scary Teresa - and that makes me a lot more skeptical of everything she says.

One of the main points Teresa makes is that she's upset Kathy and Melissa went on the show without telling her. There's some discussion as to whether it was her business or not. I have a hard time believing she didn't know anything about it, but if the Bravo producers wanted to keep it from her, they certainly could have. Let's not forget, Danielle opened the door to all this drama by bringing up Melissa in the season 2 reunion. You can't blame Bravo for capitalizing on that information. The drama is what they want, and that's exactly what they got. Now, if it were me, I'd hope my family members would tell me they were coming on my reality show while we were in the middle of a huge feud. But, honestly, if you're not on speaking terms, is that really something you should expect? It's complicated.

This is when the reunion sort of goes haywire. There was so much back and forth I could hardly tweet fast enough. Teresa bashes Melissa and says if she were a "good wife" she would have made sure her husband knew about the season 2 premiere party instead of having to be invited by Teresa. Oy. Kathy calls Teresa out on the "good wife" comment, then says she's not a Gorga. Teresa corrects her and points out that Kathy's mother is a Gorga. They talk about the christening and Teresa says Gia may have watched that episode. Caroline jumps in and says she knows that Gia and Teresa saw it at the Manzo's house. Jacqueline also tweeted that Gia did see the episode twice. Caroline says Teresa told her she never wanted to make up with her brother. Teresa begins to scream at Caroline that she's a liar. This was so hard to watch for me. On the one hand, Teresa just blurts out whatever is in her head at the time. So it's possible, in a moment of anger, she may have said she didn't want to make up with her brother. On the other hand, Gia did make a comment about Melissa on the last episode, saying Melissa controls Joe Gorga - and it's highly unlikely that she came to that conclusion on her own. So maybe it's possible that Teresa let Gia see the christening episode. See? Complicated!

Andy lightens the mood - or at least tries to - by showing all the grammatical errors and mispronunciations that occurred on this season. And there were many. Then, Melissa's music career is discussed, and Teresa says her singing voice is good. She complimented the song Melissa wrote for Joe Gorga. Nice. Melissa gets emotional talking about her father and Caroline comforts her. Andy asks what Joe Gorga does for a living, and Melissa explains that he takes warehouses and converts them into condos. Teresa denies calling Melissa a gold digger, but then recounts something Melissa says that sounds a lot like a gold-digger-ish comment. It was something along the lines of not being stupid enough to let Joe Gorga get away once she saw his house. Kathy remembers the conversation differently, which prompts Teresa to say that it's 3 against 1, and adds, "Bring it on, bitches!". And now, for the moment you've been waiting for ... Melissa says that Teresa looks like the devil. Teresa says, "You're the devil. You're wearing red. It matches you. You like that, bitch? Do you like that? We're in a good place. Why are you going back there?" Ummm ... calling someone the devil and a bitch doesn't seem like something you would do while you're in a "good place". But technicalities aside, Teresa was spinning at this point. I wanted someone to come in and hand her a Xanax. Totally out of control. I can't really sympathize with her at this point because she lost it - and it made her look like everything she's says she's not - mean, bitchy, and vindictive. Maybe that's why people are calling her The New Danielle.

Andy changes the subject to Teresa's financial situation. Teresa states that she's teaching her daughters to be financially independent and she says she loves working. Andy brings up Teresa's comment regarding her Jewish friends telling her they would have left if their husband had as many financial problems as Joe Giudice.  Teresa defends the comment saying it "wasn't nothing against Jewish people", then says Jewish men make the best husbands. But she never apologizes for the comment itself. Andy leaves that one alone and asks about Teresa's comment about Christmas presents for the girls - she said they'd get one or two each - but it seemed that they got a lot more. Teresa brushes it off and states that she didn't spend that much on their gifts. Teresa then says she was offended by Kathy and Melissa saying she puts on a happy face even when things are bad. Andy tries to explain it's actually a compliment, but quickly drops it. Andy asks about the bankruptcy and asks if any of their things were really auctioned off. Teresa says no, that reports saying they had Picasso paintings were false. Andy gets in a good zinger, saying they couldn't afford a Picasso. That one goes right over Teresa's head as well. Andy asks if they withdrew the bankruptcy to avoid jail time, Teresa says no. Andy looks confused and somewhat skeptical of her answer. This whole financial mess is so uncomfortable, and Teresa skirting the questions does not look good. Again, instead of owning it and saying it like it is, she makes excuses.

The conversation turns to Joe Giudice and whether or not he ever helped Joe Gorga and/or Rich Wakile flip buildings. Kathy tells Teresa not to go there, and Melissa perfectly deadpans, "So Joe Giudice is the go-to person for business advice?" That made me laugh. I really want to know what's behind this. Either Joe Giudice and Rich worked together and it didn't work out, or Rich was Joe Giudice's competition. Either way, Kathy doesn't want Teresa talking about it. Andy asks Caroline for her two cents about Joe Giudice's legal troubles, and Teresa interrupts, saying she doesn't want to hear it. Caroline fires back that she's not talking to Teresa, she's talking to Andy. She tells Teresa to relax, Teresa tells her to shut up, Caroline tells her to shut up. It's getting uglier by the minute. I have never seen Caroline so disgusted with someone before. She says she feels dumber just being in the room. Then she lowers the hammer, saying she should have followed her gut and gotten Teresa out of her life two years ago. Oh my God. This just got REAL. I honestly could not believe the contempt in both of their eyes ... it was scary.

Part 2 is going to be ridiculous. I really want to know what's going on with Dina and Caroline. Watch some exclusive bonus scenes and previews here.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy discussed Part 1 with comedian and blogger Jay Mohr. I owe Jay an apology, actually. He was on Watch What Happens Live last season, and his wife, Nikki Cox made an appearance on the after show. I tweeted about her apparent plastic surgery, and if I remember correctly, I wasn't as kind as I probably could have been about it. For that, I apologize. I think Nikki was a beautiful woman and really didn't need any plastic surgery at all. Long story short, I realized Jay blocked me on twitter and it wasn't until he mentioned his wife that it dawned on me. So, I'm sorry Jay. I hope you can read my blogs and tweets and know that I'm a sincere person who just happens to be opinionated.

Back to Watch What Happens Live. Andy says some are saying he was too hard on Tre. Unfortunately, she is the center of a lot of the drama. So, he had to address the issues she is a part of, which is pretty much all of them. I think Andy was fair - but I know some will beg to differ. I think he tries to ask the questions the viewers want the answers to. And a big part of the audience doesn't like Teresa.

Jay Mohr was hilarious, just like his blogs. If you haven't read them, do yourself a favor and read them now. I think Jay is funny, and he gives everyone a hard time in his blogs. He's an equal opportunity ball buster, if you will. But he calls it like he sees it, and gives people credit when they deserve it. Teresa responds to one of Jay's jokes in her blog, saying she'll let him motorboat her. Gross. And not funny. And I refuse to believe Teresa writes her own blogs. They're not in her voice at all. Someone better be making good money writing that trash. I'm very offended by her ghost-written blogs.

Kelly Bensimon tweeted that Teresa is having a Kelly moment. And that's the one and only time I'll agree with Kelly ever.

Dina Manzo tweeted that it's more important to be kind than right. So, is she saying Teresa is wrong, but Caroline should be kind to her anyway? Hmmm ...

Jay closed the show with a decent rendition of "On Display", watch it here.

On the After Show, Jay made some great points about Ashley, and there was some awesome callers. I didn't get through the phone lines as they were all busy. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 for some fun stuff.

What did YOU think of the reunion?? I really want to know!! Tweet me!

Quite A Situation

Sorry this blog is so late, but I couldn't not give my two cents about this next-to-last episode of our Jersey Shore in Italy ... so here goes ...

We pick up where we left off, Snooks is confessing to Jionni having sex with Vinny in her drunken after-break-up haze. Jionni doesn't blow up, he just says he can't call Nicole his "girlfriend" right now, and tells her he doesn't know how they're going to get through this. I'm proud of the kid for not freaking out, and handling this in a mature way. Nicole does deserve to be broken up with, and Jionni isn't going to just let this go without letting her know how much she's hurt him. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of the equation for the other person to realize that their actions have consequences. Point for Jionni.

On to the next dysfunctional relationship in the house, Deena's unrequited love for Pauly. She's been after him since day one. And she hasn't been subtle about it. This is the girl who screamed "Do you like the boobs?" on the Jersey Shore to a total stranger. Yes, yes we do. Now put them away. Pauly is trying desperately to spare Dee's feelings, since, as Vinny puts it, Pauly's not into "Meatballs". If it's just a matter of personal preference, and he's truly not sexually attracted to her, he should just be up front with her and tell her that he doesn't have those feelings towards her, but he loves her as a friend. Their friendship is pretty amazing. They obviously get along and make each other happy as friends. It's normal for a girl to take that and want to turn it into a romantic relationship. The line between the two gets all kinds of blurry for girls all the time. But it takes a man to tell his friend that he loves being her friend, but doesn't want to take it to the romantic level. It's the least he can do for a true friend. Pauly avoids Deena's advances, but that doesn't stop her from embarrassing herself a few times. When Deena drinks, the verbal gold just pours out of her mouth. In her words, she has no shame. Again, this is why I love Deena.

Snooks and Deena drown their sorrows in beer and wine in Florence, dressed like Jersey Housewives' little sisters. At 11 am. They pretty much terrorize Florence for a couple of hours. Jersey Turnpike lessons? Check. Dancing on the bar in daylight? Check.

We have to talk about Mike using the hairy toothbrush. On second thought, maybe we don't. Gross.

The kids go out for the last Saturday night in Italy, and it may just be me, but it sounds like they just want to get it over with. Like this entire trip. No one is more done with this than Jenni. At da club, she's clearly fed up with Snooks and Deena's antics. Then, she and Sammi bond over playing mommy to Team Meatballs. Who'da thunk?

Mike gets the crowd to chant something derogatory to him and puffs up his chest and acts like he's going to take on the entire mob. Of course, there are security guards protecting him the whole time.

The kids leave da club, and Team Meatballs decides to hit up another club, only this one is full of creepy dudes who just stand 2 feet away staring at them dance. Not a good time. Then, the bartender (of all people) starts throwing ice at Snooki and Deena! How unprofessional is that? Dude, you can't hate these ladies that much to screw yourself out of a hefty tip. Team Meatballs goes on the offensive and starts pushing over bottles. You know what, that's what that moron gets for being rude to our girls. All he had to do was make nice with them, and they would have left peacefully. Aren't bartenders supposed to be nice to everyone? Maybe that's just here in the U.S.

Angry Deena comes out and it is absolutely amazing. She's probably the angriest we've ever seen her. She storms into the house screaming, meanwhile Snooki explains what happened. Jenni and Sam try to calm them down, but the irritation is palpable. Team Meatballs decide to unwind in the hot tub (which is hot). In her interview, Snooki gives us one more catchphrase: "Meatball Problems!" and a trending topic is born. Team Meatballs goes out again (still drunk), dressed like Jersey streetwalkers. They're loving it! And so are we. Snooki sums up the entire season in one sentence: "We're so out of our element, it's sick." They go out for drinks again - mimosas this time. Everything is going well, until they fall asleep at the restaurant. Also not a good time. They finally get kicked out and go home and pass out. Meatball Problems!

Ron burns the barbeque (and puts the fire out, prompting Ron to call himself a firefighter ... ummm, YEAH!!), so he and Sammi go grocery shopping together. And they don't fight! Awesome! While preparing dinner, Jenni asks Deena to do the dishes. She declines. Mike - who isn't even helping either - decides to berate Deena and scream at her to do the dishes and "be a woman". Ugh. Deena freaks out, chucks a spatula at Mike and tells him to shut the eff up. When Mike says he's going to go "low blow", which I'm assuming means that he's about to say something terribly inappropriate, Deena torpedoes Mike by screaming "You're gonna call me fat? That's what you call every woman! I can lose weight for free, but you need about 10 grand to fix your f*cking face!" BOOM! That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win an argument. Mike can't even respond, he walks away like the coward he is.

Everyone is sick of Mike, now. Including Vinny, who makes the awesome point that when everyone in the house hates you, you must be doing something wrong.

Jenni and Sammi laugh about how they're friends now. See? There are nice moments in this show.

Last Sunday dinner goes pretty well. But all they can talk about it going back to Jersey. Vinny puts a damper on the mood by claiming "his" room in Jersey already. Sammi wants a "compromization" (LOL), but Vinny won't budge. The underlying issue is that NO ONE wants to room with Mike. The tension takes over and Sammi is starting to freak out. Snooki says they should just put Mike in the garbage can, then tells the group that she doesn't want Mike around. Mike says he's not going to Jersey, to which Snooki squeals, "Bye!' Seriously, Mike, you know where you're not wanted, so just take it like a man, and leave. Mike says he doesn't know how to take the high road. Big surprise.

Mike creates drama because he's bored and wants attention, whether it's good or bad. He doesn't care. He loves the attention and he loves to play the victim. This is very common in reality stars. What is Mike going to do? Go to Jersey? Not go to Jersey? Guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Everyone basically agrees that Mike needs to change, and won't. So it's a lost cause at this point.

Vinny and Pauly semi-consummate their bromance. Sweet.

In the most hilarious turn of events ever, Mike gets himself locked in Deena's bathroom. After a few laughs, Ron lets him out. Aw! Mike should have stayed in there and pondered his life's purpose.

Everyone goes to da club and has a great time, except Mike. He picks a fight because he's unhappy with his situation (forgive me). So he picks a random fight with a random dude so he can feel good about himself. No one is there to back Mike up. He truly is alone and it hits him like a ton of bricks. He goes home, defeated, talking to himself, calling himself the "bad guy". Someone help this guy, please. Whoever handles Kelly Bensimon would probably be best qualified to handle this basketcase.

Next week is the season finale ... can't wait to see how Mike antagonizes everyone once again. What are your thoughts on this episode? Tweet me!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gonna Fly Now

This week's Dancing With The Stars was very entertaining, and very exciting because Cher was in the audience. LOVE ME SOME CHER! Ok, got that out of the way, thank you.

The theme for the week was movie scores, and there were a few dances that were just silly as hell. Others were simply divine.

First, the bad. Maks and the soccer player danced to the Toy Story theme and it was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen, and not in a good way. Then, Chynna forgot her entire dance! Come on! Tony Dovolani is officially the unluckiest pro on this show. Next season, he better get a ringer or else he'll never win that disco ball trophy.

Now, the good. Ricki Lake's dance was amazing! I know it was Derek Hough's choreography that made it so great, and the white screen and everything, but Ricki did an amazing job and really performed the hell out of that number. I was proud of Chaz, although he isn't the greatest dancer, he didn't give up, and he had fun with it. And I LOVE the Rocky movies, that song is so iconic. Oh and Cher was there.

Chynna ended up getting the boot, and I wasn't surprised. I just want to make a deal with everyone right now. Nancy Grace is the next one gone. Right?!

What did you think of this week's show? Tweet me!

Wicked Game

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the exact opposite of what a game night should be. It was probably the worst game night ever.

First of all, there were 6 people there. Total! That's just asking for a lame game night. Then, the food was awkwardly unappealing. And Dana's supposed to be a party planner? This was not her finest moment, I'm sure. I have to say, I did like the idea of having the food look like game pieces, but that was the only thing I liked about it.

Kyle's mean streak continues, and her sights are still set on Brandi. Is it just me or is Brandi just a ghetto version of Taylor? Anyway, Kyle makes it obvious that she's uncomfortable around Brandi and vice versa. Kim shows up - already "tired". Kim is behaving strangely, again, and says she has a lot of anxiety. I'm not a doctor or anything, but I don't think she's necessarily drunk. I'm thinking she's more of a pill popper. Allegedly.

Kim and Kyle go to the bathroom about 8 different times for no apparent reason. If I was at that party, that would annoy me to no end. I'm surprised Brandi didn't just hobble her way out the door. I mean, if she was that miserable, she could have easily left. But she didn't. So they play the "Celebrity" game, and Kim and Kyle are on the same team as Brandi. They waste no time laughing at her and saying they don't like her. It's actually quite sad. I don't like seeing Kyle behave this way. Camille tries to calm Brandi down by telling her she understands what Brandi is going through with the Richards sisters. Is anyone else disturbed that Camille is so peaceful?

Brandi can't help herself and calls Kyle a bitch in front of everyone. She then takes it up a notch by saying Kim is wasted. The Richards sisters go on finger-pointing-attack-mode and begin screaming at Brandi. My favorite part was Kim telling Brandi she dresses like a ho! LOL

Meanwhile, Lisa is having a lovely, wonderful time with her daughter and her fiance. I cannot wait to see this wedding, and I'm so happy for Lisa! She's been waiting for this to happen for a long time.

Next week we see the final act of the game night gone wrong. Is it bad that I'm not excited about it? What do you think of this episode? Tweet me!

The Final Throes

This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey ended with a bang, or should I say, a book. But we'll get to that mess in a minute.

First, let's get the Ashley stuff out of the way. We see her tattoos, yawn. Chris' brother Jaime comes to visit and literally lights up the room. This guy is a star! More, please! I'm officially a fan.

Next, Victoria goes to formal and she looks beautiful. Richie was hilarious. Even though he's trying to intimidate Victoria's date, he's being funny about it. I loved the whole ceremonious way the kids had to leave for the dance, it was like a party before the party. With their parents, I mean. So that was fun.

The Giudices and the Gorgas get together for a family portrait and I have to say it was a pleasant scene. I'm not sure why Papa Gorga was giving Joe Gorga serious side eye during the photo shoot, though. Is he mad he wore a hat or something? I would hope Papa Gorga would be a little bit nicer to his son, but who knows, maybe he was annoyed with the KOO KOO photographer. OMG what was her deal? Fart jokes? Lady, this is a proud family who writes cookbooks but can't even say the word "ingredients" correctly. Show some respect. I also enjoyed all of the children either looking bored or absolutely miserable. Ah, family. Looks like the portrait turned out great. By the way, I thought it was funny that Melissa's stylist said Teresa told her not to work with Mel. Is anyone surprised by this? Because I'm not. Teresa is nothing if not consistent. Consistently immature and petty.

Oh and I just want to point out that Teresa has her own cookbook on a mini-shrine in her kitchen. Yeah.

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for, cookbook-gate. I love that the Manzo kids make the joke about this group and books. So I don't have to. Moving right along, Lauren spills the beans about the introduction of "Fabulicious" and how Teresa basically trashes Caroline for laughs. However, I'd like to ask how seriously can you take a book entitled "Fabulicious"? That's not even a word. Anyway, Caroline takes the insults in stride and doesn't flip out (like Teresa would if the roles were reversed, come on, she came undone every time Kathy spoke). My favorite insult was the one about Caroline frying her meatballs, and how that's somehow incorrect according to Teresa. Um, I say fry em up! Who cares? I'm sure there's a million valid ways to make a friggin' meatball. Shut up, Teresa. Kathy made a great point when she said Teresa probably dished the dirt in her "cookbook" to boost sales. Here's a newsflash, Teresa, the dummies who buy your books were going to buy them regardless of what you "wrote". Even Jill Zarin's book sold a few copies. Your fans are your fans. You don't have to play dirty to make money. Jacqueline valiantly tries to explain to Teresa how some of her "jokes" might be hurtful, but Teresa just gets defensive and mean. Big surprise. Jacqueline looks like she's ready to bop Teresa upside the head with the book at this point.

Let me just pause here to address Gia talking smack about Melissa - you KNOW she didn't come up with that by herself.

Caroline is more upset that Teresa would direct a dig at her son, Christopher, and his stripclub/carwash idea from SEASON ONE!! Who does that?! Oy, Teresa, puh-lease, stay current, at least.

Needless to say, Teresa was wrong to throw Caroline under the bus. Nobody cares if she included a nice picture of Caroline in the book. That doesn't make it ok.

I almost died when Teresa said everyone says she's so funny, like Lucille Ball. I will only say this once. Teresa, you are Lucille Ball like I'm Kate Middleton. That means you're NOT.

I cannot WAIT for the reunion. I hate that Jacqueline didn't show up. I wish she would have gone just to have her voice heard and give Tre one last parting shot. Then she could have quit the show with the audience's blessing. I sincerely hope Jacqueline goes on Watch What Happens Live and gives us her side of the story. Make that happen, Andy.

I'll just blog about Watch What Happens Live now, since Melissa and Joe Gorga were on. I think they are so much more likable now. Although I can't believe Mel couldn't spell "ciao". Tre texted Andy that everyone is reading her "stories" wrong and making them negative when they're meant to be funny. Here's what - if your "stories" are getting that kind of reaction, there's a reason for it. Take responsibility for YOUR OWN WORDS. And I love the fact that Melissa didn't get Andy's Georgia O'Keefe joke about her shoes at all. Wikipedia that one. The Gorgas were fun on the After Show, although I can't say it was very exciting. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2 for yourself.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hear What Happened

I'm still so excited about calling in and getting through to talk to Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker on the Watch What Happens Live After Show last night. It was surprisingly simple. Here's how it went.

I live on the west coast, and the show tapes live at 11 pm Eastern time. So I knew I had to call right at 8 pm my time. Now, I tried to call in on Sunday night, but I didn't get through because I waited until after 8 pm. This time I called exactly at 8, and it worked.

When you call the first thing you hear is a disclaimer, so you have to press 1 to accept all the rules and regulations. Then the line rings until someone from Watch What Happens Live picks up. A very nice lady asked me what my question was going to be, and I told her. I was going to ask SJP what her favorite Housewives catchphrase of all time was (ex: Who's gonna check me, boo?, Plonk!, Bra-er, Turtle time, Kellamity, etc). The very nice lady said they already had a question lined up that was similar, and then asked if I would mind asking how the trip to Morocco on the Housewives of New York compared to the trip on Sex and The City 2. I, of course, said yes, since I really just wanted to ask her anything. I'm a huge fan. And I also wanted to tell Andy how much I love him.

So the very nice lady put me on hold. I was on hold for about 20 minutes - sidenote: they make you listen to some college gameshow which is kind of annoying but not terrible - and I started to worry that I wouldn't make it on the live broadcast. Sure enough, the very nice lady gets back on the line and asks if it's ok if I'm the first caller on the after show. Of course! I just want to talk to these two lovely people! And I love the after show, so I really didn't mind. I'm put on hold again.

Finally, the very nice lady comes back on and says that she will put me on with Andy and Sarah and tells me what to say again and says to be very animated and excited. She asks me to count to ten out loud and then says to listen for Andy to ask my name and location. I can hear the after show music, I can hear Andy and Sarah, and my heart is pounding. I try to keep calm and remember what I'm supposed to say. I also try to come up with something witty to throw out there to see if Andy's in a playful mood or not.

Andy finally says those famous words, "What's your name and where are you calling from?" And I say ... well, just watch for yourself here!

Now, here's what I was thinking as it was happening. I really wanted to make Andy laugh but I tripped over the question at first and worried I lost him. I did get a second question in as well as a Luann comment about "Yahabibi". It really happened so fast, I really can't remember it all. It really is a blur. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. And Sarah was so amazingly sweet. Oh and Andy said he loved me! LOL

So that was the experience, let me know if you have any questions about it. I'll definitely be calling in again. Maybe Andy will remember me? What do you think? Tweet me!

Friday, October 7, 2011

After the Aftermath

Jersey Shore was a little on the boring side this week, so this will be brief. Let's start with the most exciting bit first.

Snooki threw every glass, bottle, bowl, and household item she could at Mike when she found out he called his friend "The Unit" (as Sam calls him) and told him to call Jionni about their hookup. Problem is, Mike didn't tell The Unit to do anything, they just talked about the hookup itself. Creepy. So, being the genius that Mike is, he decides to make a rumor up about himself and spread it in the house himself, and then act like he proved some great point when Snooks finds out about it. Dumb. No joke these people gossip about their roommates, great discovery there, Sherlock! Snooki is livid and can't stand the sight of Mike anymore. Me too, Nicole, me too.

The rest of the episode was pretty tame. Snooki revealed her night with Vinny to Jionni over the phone and he takes her back. But Nicole can't remember what exactly went on, so she asks Vin to clarify things - after talking to Jionni, which makes no sense. She should have talked to Vinny first. Anyway, Vinny lets her know that they did in fact have intercourse, so she has to call Jionni again and tell him the bad news. His response is this week's cliffhanger. We already know they're together now, so even if he breaks up with her over this, they get back together at some point. See what I mean? Tame.

I did think the dynamic between Jenni and Snooki was interesting in this episode. They've been running hot and cold with each other this whole season, and Jenni is taking her nurturing to the level of nagging in this particular instance. Don't get me wrong, I love JWOWW, but I can see how Nicole would tire of her beating her over the head with the constant reminders of what she did wrong to ruin her relationship with Jionni. But we've all been there, someone tries to be real with us and we just don't want to hear it. They remain friends in the end, and all is right in the Jersey Shore family. Even Sam and Ron are getting along!

Vinny visits his family with the guys in Sicily, and it's absolutely beautiful there. His family seems so great. He's really lucky to have 4 living generations in his family - and to actually get to meet them in person in his mother's homeland. Awesome part of the show.

Watch the hookup for some inside scoop on this episode.

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Scripted Perfection

I'm so glad there are GOOD scripted shows out there. Now, you know I love my reality shows, but sometimes a good scripted comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

Here are a few of my favorites from this week:

New Girl: This show continues to delight me. Zooey Deschanel is still as cute and funny as ever, and the supporting cast is getting some dimension with some solid plot lines. This week's episode took place at a wedding where Jess has to pretend to be one of the roommates' girlfriend to keep a mean-girl ex from breaking his heart again. Jess takes her duty as fake girlfriend very seriously, and comedy ensues. Look out for the awesome chicken dance - Jess-style. Peck, peck, peck!

Parks and Recreation: Leslie has written a book about Pawnee, the town she loves so much, and can't wait for it to be chosen as official book club selection by a local tv host. Unfortunately, there's a slight problem with one of Leslie's claims in the book, which means she has to defend herself and the book, all while running for office. I loved this episode. Especially Rashida Jones' character Ann trying to socialize with Ron and April, perhaps the two least social people in the office. And there's plenty of Aziz Ansari's craziness as Tom Haverford including a hilarious dinner scene with the local tv host and Ben.

The Office: Crisis descends upon the Scranton branch when the warehouse workers win the lottery. Darryl used to be in that lottery pool until he got promoted. Feeling sorry for himself, he begs to be fired, but Andy just can't do it. Meanwhile, Erin, Jim, and Kevin volunteer to take over warehouse duties for the day. This episode was a lot better than last week's for sure.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dee is being audited since she's still claiming that baby she had last season as a dependent. If you don't recall, she was actually a surrogate for someone else. So when the IRS comes calling, she has to get her hands on a baby quick or else she'll owe the government all of her newly spent surrogate money. The guys are in a pickle as well. Well, at least Charlie and Mac are - they've formed the Pickle Party in order to make their wishes known to Frank and Dennis. Unfortunately, neither side has enough votes to win, so Mac and Charlie convince Dee to be on their side if they help her with her baby dilemma. I can't say any more about this episode since I think it pretty much tops any episode of this show ever. It's dark, twisted, wrong, but funny. Don't watch if you're easily offended.

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Race to the Top

West Side Story is one of my most favorite movies ever. I've mentioned before that I used to watch it almost every day as a child. Why I haven't made my Broadway debut yet is beyond me. The latest episode of "Glee" centers around West Side Story - more specifically, the casting choices for the lead roles.

Mike Chang, who impressed me a great deal in this episode, is struggling with his father's extremely high expectations of him. Mike got an A- (which is referred to as an "Asian F" apparently), and has to hide the fact that he's practicing for his audition for the role of Riff, Tony's best friend. I think this is a great role for him, since he has the dancing chops and acting ability. His audition is stellar, and his voice is awesome. His mother understands that his dream is to be a performer, and unlike his father, won't steer him into a career he doesn't want. She confesses that she wanted to be a dancer when she was young, but put her aspirations aside to have a family. The moment when Mike teaches his mother to dance was especially touching.

Brittany is bringing out the big guns in the race for class president. And when I say guns, I mean Beyonce dance moves. She killed "Who Run The World (Girls)" and all but eliminated Kurt from having any kind of chance to win. She's evidently running on a platform of girl power, and it seems to be working.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is in a personal crisis. She's in pain in booty camp and not getting any sympathy from Mr. Shuster or anyone else for that matter. She turns in a wonderful audition for the role of Maria, but the wait to find out who got the role is weighing heavily on her. When Mercedes can't (or won't) do a particularly difficult dance move in booty camp, the glee club turns on her and she knocks "It's All Over" from "Dreamgirls" out of the park. But that's not all. Rachel and Mercedes are then told they have to audition again for the role of Maria, singing the same song - "Out Here On My Own". Both of them do amazingly well - which is why they're both cast in the role, one will perform one week and the other the next. Rachel seems to be ok with this arrangement, but Mercedes isn't having it. If she can't have the role all to herself, she doesn't want it at all. To what do we owe this bold, brazen, and almost bully-ish Mercedes? I think it has something to do with this new boyfriend of hers. Mercedes then approaches Shelby to be a part of the new glee club ... interesting!

Rachel is shocked by Mercedes' reaction to the casting news, but that's the least of her worries. She was so desperate to have her senior year be great that she decided to run for class president as well, thereby hurting Kurt's feelings even more. Kurt just can't get a break, am I right? Rachel's spinning since she basically got the role by default, which in her mind is unacceptable.

Mr. Shuster and Emma are still going strong despite Emma's ginger-supremacist parents who like to ridicule her OCD. Damn, these two love each other.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Funny Lady and A Damn Good Nic Cage Impression

I'm so glad Andy Cohen is back twice a week (Sundays and Mondays) with "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo. This is my Oprah, this is what Rosie O'Donnell's show was for me, this is pretty much my best thing (thanks, Deena).

Although I am sad it's not on Thursdays - that will forever be Housewives/WWHL day for me in my head. Maybe that's why this blog is going up today? Yeah, let's go with that.

Sunday's show featured Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory. Caroline was sweet and cute as usual, and I was impressed with Simon! He knows a lot about the housewives and has a wicked sense of humor. And I absolutely died when he did his Nicolas Cage impression. I'm so bummed that it's not on, where is it, Andy?! Caroline addressed the fact that they are indeed filming season 4 while season 3 airs, which has never been done before. She also mentioned that Jacqueline is fine, and teased that we'll see all the craziness between Teresa and Jacqueline unfold next season.

Monday's show's guests were Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the hilarious Wendi Mclendon-Covey from the equally hilarious movie "Bridesmaids" and one of my favorite tv shows of all time "Reno 911". If you don't know, now you know. She's amazing. Her entrance alone was worth the cost of admission. Watch it NOW! Kyle was awesome on the show and you could tell she was having a blast with Wendi. You can't not have a good time with her, though, so that's a given.

This show is awesome, and if you're not watching the aftershows, you need to. Go here now. You're welcome.

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On Display

What else could I possibly choose for the title of this blog post?! LOL! I tell you what, that song is catchy as a mutha.

On this past episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, we pick up on the beach after the Teresa/Kathy face off where Teresa basically went batshit for no reason. Oh, you need me to be more specific? Because that's happened in almost every single episode this season? No worries, I feel your pain. The season is almost over, and I have to say I feel a little bit of relief and a little bit of sadness. I'm guilty of loving this show and hating it at the same time. I need help.

Back to the episode. After the fight, Teresa finds it necessary to pretend it didn't happen and parade around like she's in the Miss Universe pageant. Mamita, I'm sorry, but you wouldn't win, and you definitely would not get Miss Congeniality. Speaking of pageants, at dinner, the Manzo boys (plus Greg) decide to pick "Punta Princesses". Now, is it just me, or does that not sound like a very appealing title? Maybe because the way they say it, it sounds like "Puta" Princesses, and if you speak Spanish, that's definitely not something a lady wants to be called. Another thing, if you're going to put on a fake pageant, at least take the time to make some fake crowns. You know Greg has some rhinestones and a glue gun somewhere in his carry-on.

So, Teresa gets the style award, Kathy gets the creativity award, and Melissa gets the intellect award. Totally wrong categories by the way. They should have been: Best Use of a Bandana in a Supporting Role, Most Likely to be Spotted by a Cruise Ship from the Beach due to Shiny Material, and Gaudiest Combination of Animal Prints by a Solo Artist. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do an awards ceremony. Teresa consistently acts like a child, and it's never more evident than in this very scene. The minute the spotlight turns to someone else, her face falls and she can't take it. Need proof? Watch this.

Now, I gotta talk about the shopping trip. Or I should say, the field trip to the outside meat market. Um, gross. I'm with Lauren. I may never eat meat again. I gotta say Teresa is not easily phased and she handles those pig feet and headless chickens like a champ. My hat's off to you on that one, Tre. You're a braver guidette than I could ever be.

Back in the glorious state of Jersey, Melissa prepares for her performance at the blk launch party. I admit, I wanna try this stuff. If anyone can hook up a free sample, I'm just saying. Now, as for the performance itself, it was definitely entertaining. Melissa brought her diva-ness and really played the part. However, I was disappointed to hear the track playing instead of her actual voice. I'm thinking the sound levels were off or something. Not like that's ever stopped Bravo before. Remember Kim Zolciak's painful "whoa whoa whoa whoa - the reeeng didn't meeen a theeeng" moment? As Nene would say, BAM!

I did get a little emotional when Melissa talked about wishing her dad could have been there to see her perform. I can't imagine not having my dad around for such a big moment.

At the party, Teresa approaches Kathy and takes her outside to talk. I don't blame Kathy for being nervous. You never know which Tre you're gonna get. And can I just say that "Tre" is probably my favorite nickname ever? Anyway, Tre actually apologizes for being too aggressive with Kathy on the beach and kind of sort of sounds sincere. I can't really tell anymore. But hey, an apology is an apology, and Kathy, being the class act that she is, accepts it. I LOVE Kathy's sister Rosie, staring out at Tre and Kathy the whole time, keeping the watch and just waiting for an excuse to pop Teresa in the face. Thankfully, she didn't need to.

Next week is Fabulicious-gate, and no, they're not fighting about how stupid the title is. I can't wait to see Caroline put Teresa in her place - oh and the Jacqueline/Teresa battle begins to brew. Can't wait!!

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All That Glitters

Forgive me for being late with this - but this last episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not my favorite of the season so far. There were some highlights, though. Let's discuss ...

First, the alleged $25,000 sunglasses. Really, Dana? Here's a hint, sweetie. If you have to tell people how much something costs, that's never a good sign. Even I know that, and I'm poor. Dana seems to be trying really hard to fit in with the crowd and she figures the best way to do it is to lead with the money. I'm guessing it usually works, but in front of a camera on a reality show, it just comes off as tacky. And your "wedding" dress. Oy. Honestly it wasn't that terrible of a dress. I just wish you had a bra-er on (still funny, thanks, Jill Zarin!). And the baby head shots by the door. This lady just reeks of desperation. Finally, someone who's even more attention-whore-ish than Taylor! That was mean, I'm sorry.

Speaking of Taylor, I still can't get on her side. She is so full of it, it's not even funny. I love that she actually thinks Lisa gave the story about her marriage to the press. How absolutely laughable. Lisa has much better things to do than worry about Taylor's life. And I don't see why Kyle is so adamant about defending Taylor. She's a big girl, let her be! Kyle confronts Lisa about telling Taylor she's not her best friend, but she's there for her if she needs anything, as if that's so terrible. Now, I like when people are up front with me. I would respect someone saying "Hey, I know we're not the best of friends, but I'm here for you anyway." If someone told me that, I'd be like, "Wow, thanks - that's really mature of you." Maybe that's the problem. We're talking about Taylor - not exactly the best example of maturity.

So, what's gotten into Kyle this season? Seriously, I'm wondering about her mean-girl tendencies in every episode so far. Don't get me wrong, I love Kyle still. But I think Taylor is having a not-so-great influence on Kyle. To the point where Kyle is automatically taking Taylor's side no matter what. Now, we all know Taylor is going through her issues and definitely needs a friend. But she also needs reality checks - a lot of them - and Kyle seems to be "yes"-ing her too much, not necessarily the best thing for their friendship.

I thought Lisa's CNN piece about the Royal Wedding was fun. She got a great opportunity and went for it. I have no problem with that. I think some of the other ladies (cough, Taylor, cough) were just jealous. Believe me, Taylor, if anyone thought you had expertise in anything other than eating cotton candy, your phone would be ringing off the hook. Plonk!

Brandi is a mess. Her kid's peeing in the yard, she's throwing the "c" word around, someone please help this girl. Now, I love a bawdy, sassy, lady just as much as anyone else. But there's something about Brandi that I don't like. Maybe it's her Pinocchio nose. I swear that thing grows a little with each episode. I think it's terrible what Eddie Cibrian did to her, but this Brandi is no angel. And she's a lotta crazy. So obviously, she's perfect for this show. I'd keep her on the Housewives just to see her make the other ones gasp and clutch their pearls for another season or two.

The season better start heating up soon, and I mean big confrontations. Next week may fit the bill.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2 Broke Shows

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney. I know this isn't all your fault. But "2 Broke Girls" isn't what I thought it was going to be. It's better than Whitney Cummings' own show, though. The premise is good. Kat Dennings is super talented. I'll even tolerate the canned laughter. To be fair, I only watched the pilot, maybe the other episodes are better.

The pilot was actually funny, don't get me wrong. But there are really awkward moments and the acting is stiff at times, which really disappoints me. I wanted to like this show so much. Like I said, I haven't seen the other episodes, but I will and I'll definitely let you all know what I think.

One of the reasons I expected so much out of this show was that Michael Patrick King is involved, and he of course created and wrote "Sex and the City". Now, you may argue that some of the writing on that show wasn't exactly spectacular (all of the puns, I know), but it was sharp and funny and cool most of the time.

I think this show needs a lot more "Sex and the City" and a lot less "Whitney". I don't have anything against Whitney Cummings as a stand up comedian, but it seems like she's having a lot of trouble transitioning over to the censored sitcom genre.

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Poetic Justice

Survivor is heating up, and it's not just the jungle climate. People are getting mean, and that's exactly what makes this show work.

First, Coach is finally making friends. Especially with "Lil Hantz", Brandon. After confessing that he is, in fact, Russell Hantz's nephew, Brandon went around trying to get everyone to vote Mikayla off the island. You know, because she's a temptation for Brandon. Who's married. And Christian. And apparently has no self control. Let me vent here. Why in the world would Brandon, who's as dumb as a box of rocks, admit that the only reason he wants this girl off the show is that she's pretty and shows off too much of her body? I can just see Russell disowning this kid as we speak. Why would you do that?! Ugh, this kid is so annoying. First of all, he should have LEAD with the fact that he's Russell's nephew and said that he's nothing like him and that he wants to play a different game, get the tribe's sympathy, then he could have done all the sneaky stuff he wanted. He could have played it to his advantage, but sadly, he's just too stupid. Can't wait for him to get voted off.

Semhar, Miss Push Up Bra, prepared for her duel at Redemption Island by reciting a poem about "my honey, my boo" and how she would have 11 kids with this guy. Um, then why don't you go home and do that? This game is not the place for an "arteest" like Semhar. So pretentious, so full of herself. I'm gagging, and not in a good way. This girl is nuts. She loses her duel, and finally leaves the show for good. Halleloo!!

Cochran almost gets booted off again, and I cannot believe he hasn't pulled a classic Survivor blindside against Ozzy. That should have been his first order of business. Ozzy does have the hidden immunity idol, but a power play by Cochran will earn him the respect he so desperately needs from his tribe. Go, Cochran! I'm rooting for you!

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The Always Sunny Pageant

If you haven't seen last week's "Always Sunny in Philadelphia", watch it now!

This new season is turning out to be amazing. Every episode so far has been stellar. On this particular episode, Frank is forced to put on a child pageant after the original host got himself into some trouble with the law. So of course, the whole gang gets in on the act. Dee picks a contestant and does whatever it takes to make her the winner. You can probably guess that it doesn't work out. But you will be surprised by how the whole episode unfolds.

That's what I love about this show. As soon as you think you know what's going to happen, they go a totally different direction. That's what makes this show one of the most original and outrageous on tv right now. So good.

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The Big Big Moustache

If you know me at all, you know "Parks and Recreation" is my favorite kind of show. Funny, sometimes touching, and always entertaining. This ensemble cast is the one of the best on TV right now. No offense, Modern Family, but you get enough love as it is.

Last week's episode was super enjoyable. Ron's first wife Tammy comes back to "help" him with his IRS audit, which she basically caused, and Ron becomes ... not himself. It's up to Leslie to save Ron from Tammy's diabolical scheme. But that proves to be more difficult than she imagined.

Ben tries to help Tom with his business, only to find out they're spending more than what they're bringing in. In fact, it seems they're not bringing in any money at all. Ben points this out to Tom, and in classic Haverford fashion, Tom brushes him off. And then gives him an iPad. I love Tom's business, Entertainment 720. It's like Facebook and Google had a bratty little baby who likes models and basketball players.

Leslie and Ben are still at a loss for what to do about their relationship. They both don't want to break up but it's not going to look good for her political career if they continue to date while they work together.

Have you watched "Parks and Recreation" yet? Watch it now!

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Being Boss is Hard

The latest episode of "The Office" was a little slow. I really hope the show finds their rhythm and doesn't get worse. The episode was alright, but definitely not amazing.

Andy is desperate for Robert's approval, so when Robert spouts off some ridiculous goal of the staff doubling their profits, Andy will do whatever it takes to help them meet that goal. He implements an incentive system, which includes a variety of prizes for increasing profits. The biggest incentive of all is his promise to get a tattoo on his ass, the actual tattoo itself would be the staff person's choice. Jim comes up with the great idea to pool all of the office's profit/incentive points together to meet the requisite number for the tattoo prize more quickly. And they do, to Andy's horror.

When Robert is asked why he picked Andy to be manger, he snidely states that he is the underdog and as such he will inspire the unexceptional. I hate this guy.

To find out if Andy actually got the butt tattoo, watch the episode here. There are some really funny moments, but like I said, it is a little slow.

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Grown Up Problems

I finally caught up on the awesome show "Up All Night." I highly recommend you do the same if you haven't already.

The second episode centers around Reagan and Chris (Christina Applegate and Will Arnett) getting new, hip, cool neighbors. All they want is to impress this couple, and they get to work on it right away. Sure, tequila on the doorstep was a risky move, but after some Facebook profile tweaking, they get invited to the couple's first party. Unfortunately, Reagan and Chris have a baby that they would like to put to sleep sometime in the near future, and the noise is not helping. I loved the contrast between Reagan and Chris and the new couple, oh and another couple as well. So funny. Check out the episode here.

You're going to love the third episode. I think it was the best yet. Turns out, Ava (Maya Rudolph) used to date this sleazy R&B singer played by Jorma Taccone from the hilarious Lonely Island trio. Their relationship was ... tumultuous. So, when Ava finds out he's getting married, she freaks out at Reagan, who happened to facilitate their break up. Meanwhile, Reagan and Chris are struggling to find balance between being comfortable and just looking like a mess. Chris decides to start dressing nicer at home to prompt Reagan to do the same. She's not feeling it, since she has to be in girdles and spanx all day at work. The last thing she wants to do when she gets home is dress up. There's a wickedly witty breakfast scene where Reagan makes her point that you just have to see. Awesome. To help Ava out of her funk, Reagan arranges a meeting between her and her ex, B-Ro (but first we get to see the magical music video they made together - OMG). Check out the episode immediately.

Oh and follow Ava (the character) on twitter, and check out her website. Oprah, who? This lady is my hero!

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I Love SNL This Time of Year

Yes, SNL is back with its 37th season. That's amazing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am an SNL fan. You can make fun of me all you want. Tell me about all of the terrible seasons there have been over the last 37 years, I don't care. I will stick with this show forever. Because even in the worst episodes, there is some glimmer of fun and laughter. And if not, there's always next week.

This season is off to a great start. Alec Baldwin was the season premiere host, and it was a great show. Steve Martin and Seth Rogen made an appearance in the monologue, which I think worked quite well. Alec is a great host because he's not only a talented actor, he has real comedic timing, which not every actor has. There were some real gems in this episode, including Alec's impressions of Tony Bennett and Al Pacino, Kristin Wiig's amazing perfume ad for "Red Flag", and everyone's favorite game, "Who's On Top?". You can see the sketches, exclusive online clips and the full episode here.

The second episode of the season was even better than the first. Melissa McCarthy, who in my opinion is a funny lady genius, hosted and brought it big time. You know her from the hilarious movie "Bridesmaids". Her monologue was so fun, it set the tone for the whole show for me. This lady is fearless. I loved the Arlene sketch and the Taste Test the most. She really goes there - just like Kristin and one of my other faves, Maya Rudolph. Sometimes I wish Maya was still on the cast. She's also a funny lady genius. Check out Melissa hosting here.

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