Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Assassination - UPDATED!

Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion left me so flabbergasted, it was unreal. I really could not believe the way some of the ladies were behaving. There's a lot of controversy about certain 'wives conspiring against others, and I'm sure all will be revealed soon enough. Let's focus on part 1 for now, shall we?

Lisa: You got the brunt of the criticism on this episode. I really don't understand why. I guess we should break it down: the tiara - your daughter wanted you to wear it. No problem. The "Maloof Hoof" comment. I thought it was funny. Obviously her shoes are beautiful, they don't actually look like hooves. And it was a play on words. The "fat little shoe" comment didn't go over too well, but I honestly don't think you were trying to be malicious. You have an awesome sense of humor, but it's definitely not for the more sensitive (or petty) people out there. I've said this since day one - I don't believe you would ever sell a story to a tabloid. I just don't believe that. Adrienne seemed to want to pin that on you, and she was way too hard on you for someone who is only basing their claims on hearsay. The Vegas trip - it was Pandora's choice, not yours. Bottom line, Pandora probably didn't want any drama on her bachelorette weekend, and she's made it no secret that she doesn't care for some of your cast members. Kyle went after you for some of the things you said on the show, however, these ladies said some not so nice things about you in their interview segments, as well. Does anyone remember how bitchy everyone was to you on the Colorado trip? Apparently not. You were the whipping boy (or whipping lady, I should say) for some reason, but don't be surprised when they start to turn on each other. I hate seeing you getting ganged up on. Brandi revealed that Adrienne told her you would be her target on the reunion, and that really upsets me. You're the last person who should be in this position. I really feel for you. But you never back down, you take responsibility for what you've said and done in the past. You even apologized for hurting Adrienne and Kyle's feelings. Now, just let it go and be the fabulous lady you are. Lisa's grade for the week: A.

Adrienne: So disappointed in you it's not even funny. Even if you didn't actually tell people you were going to go after Lisa, your fixation on her and what she did or said was just sad. You seriously need to get a grip. What's the problem here? What are you really mad about? I think you're upset that Lisa is the fan favorite over you. Are you pulling a Jill Zarin here? I really don't understand why you would pick the dumbest things to be mad about. You could have laughed off Lisa's jokes and even threw some barbs back for good measure. You should know that jealousy gets magnified on these shows, and fans can smell it a mile away. Drop the bullshit and quit being so competitive. Everything doesn't have to be about you, your businesses, your casinos, or your shoe line. Sometimes people are just being themselves and it has nothing to do with you. Get a clue. You've taken a nosedive in my book, and that is really a shame. Adrienne's grade for the week: F.

Kyle: Although you weren't as malicious as Adrienne, you certainly had an ax to grind with Lisa. I understand you didn't enjoy the comment she made about you wanting attention, but you said some hurtful things too. You and Lisa discussed it, and I'm sure at the end of all this you all are still friends. I don't know why you're so tense at this reunion. Did Adrienne tell you to gang up on Lisa, too? I guess in a way you complied - you aired your grievance with her - I'm just glad you didn't go over the top and start bringing up stupid things like Adrienne. Please don't let Adrienne include you in her idiotic quest to take Lisa down. That's so not a good idea. Thank you for updating us on Kim, by the way. I hope your relationship with her has improved. Kyle's grade for the week: C.
UPDATE: I was reminded of your less than stellar comments to Lisa about how you think she's essentially calculating/manipulative. A chess player, I believe you called her. Well, Kyle, I hope your allegiance to Adrienne is worth it. But per Twitter it looks like you and Lisa are still friends. So, I gotta ding you for the way you dissed Lisa (and also let Adrienne railroad her without defending her at all). It pains me to do this, because I do like you and like I said, you and Lisa are ok now ... but after reconsideration, your grade for the week is a D+. 

Camille: I love how much you've improved since last season. I know I say it all the time, but it is so true. You're truthful, but not hurtful. You're choosing your words wisely and not making drama out of nothing. I like that you were backing up Lisa in a way, since she had no idea she was going to get ambushed that day. Thank you for being honest, even when some of the other ladies aren't happy with it. Like I said before, the fans can sense when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and you're totally real with us. Or you're doing an awesome job at faking it. Either way, thumbs up to you. Camille's grade for the week: A.

Taylor: You were calm and collected this week. You weren't dodging questions or being evasive. I appreciate you answering the questions. Even though I'm not your biggest fan, I do sympathize with you. The tragedy you've had to endure - all while raising a young daughter - is just so awful. But you're getting through it as best you can under the circumstances. I still think you should say goodbye to the show, at least for next season. But I don't see that happening. Whatever you do, stay strong and healthy for your daughter. She needs you more now than ever. Taylor's grade for the week: A.

Brandi: I don't always agree with what you say, but damn, are you funny. I used to get irritated with you but I think I finally get you. You're a little off, but you're not a liar. That's why I believe you when you say Adrienne told you she would be attacking Lisa on the reunion. I commend you for not participating, and I even applaud you for being your own person, no matter what. Sometimes you're a nutcase, of course. I just don't have that much of a problem with it anymore. See what being honest does for you on these shows? Brandi's grade for the week: B.

Kim: You finally admitted your alcoholism, and that's all we ever wanted from you. Now, get well. Kim's grade for the week: A.

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