Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching Up ...

I am SO behind on blogging, I apologize immensely!!! Let's kick it off with a quick recap of Watch What Happens Live.

Last Wednesday the guests in the clubhouse were Padma Lakshmi and one of the funniest men ever, Michael Showalter. They played an awesome game involving blind tasting of different foods and I loved Michael's reactions as Padma fed him. Then the Cheez-Whiz got on the rug and Andy freaked. Sandra was there and brought her usual flair to the evening. I loved this show, just because it was nice to see Padma relaxed and not judging chefs, and Michael was on his game for sure.

Thursday night was a Daniel Radcliffe spectacular, complete with Harry Potter fanfare. I love this kid. I know he's a grown up now, but he's just so cute. Daniel wasn't drinking, he's quit - who knew he was even old enough to be an alkie? LOL! Anywhoo, he played "What Can't Daniel Radcliffe Do?" and knocked Jimmy Fallon off the top spot. Any guesses as to who will take Daniel out? I vote for a Sean Hayes or maybe even a Paul Rudd.

Sunday's show was bittersweet due to Whitney's passing, but guests Gloria Estefan, Phaedra Parks, and call in guest Kandi Burruss all paid homage to Ms. Houston by giving us insight into their own personal and unique connections with the icon. It was a great show, and Andy handled the tragedy with a lot of grace and sincerity. This is why we love Andy, he knows just what to say to make us feel better. Gloria was an amazing guest, so funny, so sweet, and her new album "Miss Little Havana" is FIRE!!! Get it NOW!!!

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