Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dr. Booty

OC is back!! Who's excited? Woo hoo!! I think the Real Housewives of Orange County hold a special place in my heart because there's nothing like the original. Believe me, I love all the Housewives shows and all the cities they represent, but coming back to OC is just cozy for some reason. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. LOL!

So without further ado ... let's go!

Gretchen: I give you major credit for putting your beef with Tamra aside and meeting with her for lunch. You accepted her apology and it turned out to be a really special moment between the two of you. But, we all know this can't last for long. So I'm anxious to see what happens. Although you did say on Watch What Happens Live last night that you two are still friends. I'm glad you and Slade are still together. I think I may be the only one on earth that actually likes your relationship with him. I wish you guys the best. Your friend Sarah was a little odd, but she seemed like a nice person, so I'm willing to give her a chance. You're starting off on my good side this season, let's keep it that way. Gretchen's grade for the week: A.

Tamra: Good for you for patching things up with Gretchen. I think that's an awesome way to start the season. I'm pretty sure Vicki will not mind as long as you keep her as your top priority - friend-wise, that is. I liked seeing you in your real estate mode, we don't get to see that very often. It did sadden me that your ex hasn't signed the divorce papers yet. Jeez, what is it gonna take with this guy? But you're right to just give him whatever he wants - ie: patio furniture, etc. Pretty soon there won't be any excuses left and he'll have to sign. The only problem I have with you is, you haven't learned your lesson about saying mean things in interviews. You can be funny without being mean. Like when you said Vicki and Don living in the same house is some Jerry Springer sh*t, did you really think Vicki was going to be ok with that? You know how sensitive she is. And then you go and say all this nice stuff about Heather, and in the next breath, you say you bet she's a bitch. Here we go again on the Tamra-coaster. Tamra's grade for the week: C.

Alexis: While I admire you for taking such good care of your family, it looks like you need a lot more help than just an assistant. Seriously, if you think you're some kind of journalist now, you're sadly mistaken. You may be a good guest on a television show, but hosting? It may just not be your thing. I am glad you're more independent and making money on your own, though. Did Jim say he didn't want to be on the show anymore? Because if so, tell him I said thank you. He's the worst. I can't believe you're still bitter with Peggy over the whole Jim thing. If she would have told you, you would have just been mad at her anyway. Whatever. Alexis' grade for the week: D.

Vicki: Thank the Lord you don't have your boyfriend come stay at your house. When you said that you thought it would be disrespectful to bring him into the house, I seriously applauded you. So many women would do the exact opposite just to spite their exes. I'm proud of you for keeping your new relationship out of Don's living space. I'm not saying I like your boyfriend, we haven't seen nearly enough of him to make a judgement call on him yet. But I do like how you're trying to respect Don even after all that's happened between you two. As far as Don wanting spousal support, I'm torn. Part of me is saying he shouldn't ask for it since he works and has no obstacles keeping him from working. But another part of me wonders how much more you make than he does and if it is fair to ask that you allow him to continue in the lifestyle he's grown accustomed to. So many times we applaud women for making the man who did them wrong pay up, but do we feel differently when the roles are reversed? Like I said, I'm torn. Then again, should a man even ask for spousal support just based on the fact that it is basically an admission that the woman in the relationship was more successful? Hmmm. Food for thought. Anyway, don't be too hard on Tamra when she tells you she's befriended Gretchen. You're under enough stress as it is. Vicki's grade for the week: B.

Heather: I don't know you too well yet, but you made a very good first impression. So far, I like what I see. You do have a tendency to make sure everyone in earshot knows how fabulous you are, and that can be a little off-putting. We'll have to keep our eyes on you and see how we feel next week. Heather's grade for the week: A-.

Peggy: Although you're not an official OC Housewife anymore, it was nice to see you on this episode. I'm sure you'll be making appearances throughout the season. I tend to believe you over Alexis on the Jim issue, but then again, you do make a lot more sense than Alexis does no matter what the topic is. Can't wait to see you and Alexis interact at the dinner party next week. Peggy's grade for the week: A.

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