Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bad Cop

You should know, I am a Bethenny fan. I bought her books and I watch her show. That does not mean that I think she's perfect or that she's right all the time. By the way, neither does she. She'll be the first to say when she messes up or overreacts. Which just makes her more likable. So, the second season of Bethenny Ever After aired this week (her very first spin off was Bethenny Getting Married? which was only one season), and the episode pretty much prepared viewers for a roller coaster season. Like giant, Travel channel special episode, freak me out and give me nightmares type of roller coaster. Let me explain.

In this episode, Bethenny is still working hard on her empire, Skinnygirl, which includes cocktails, fitness dvds, books, cleanses, and most recently a skincare line. Not to mention, trying to buy a new apartment, raising a baby, and going through the ups and downs of the second year of marriage. On the Skinnygirl front, it's go, go, go. Not a moment's rest at all. If it's not a Sangria launch, it's a Health Magazine photo shoot. Brynn is gorgeous and really well behaved, at least from what we saw in the first episode. She is really adorable. And Jason is a typical husband - supportive, loving, and wants more sex.

Bethenny is still the same person we met on the Real Housewives of New York, just more mature, more focused, and a lot more stressed. She's worried about being a good wife and mother. She's worried about her business. She's worried about everything. I'm so glad they're still showing us the therapy sessions. I love them. I think they show real insight into what's going on with Bethenny in a different - and maybe more personal - way than the rest of the show. I think Bethenny uses humor, like a lot of us do, as an armor of sorts, a way to appear stronger than we really are. I think a lot of women out there are just as worried that they're the "bad cop" in the relationship. And no one likes the bad cop.

But, overall, things are going well. Bethenny's got great friends, like one of my all time favorite ladies, Lisa Lampanelli. Their lunch together was one of the funniest scenes ever. And if you don't know Lisa, please do not be offended by her salty humor. She's an insult comic! Google her! And quit being so sensitive. Bethenny also has a great team behind her, Julie, her Coordinator of Chaos, and also, Veronica, a makeup artist and nanny, Jackie the intern, Maggie the intern, Nick the food blogger (hilarious), and Gina the baby nurse (who didn't appear on the first episode but will be on the show, can't wait! Love her!). I'm sure I'm forgetting someone here. Suffice it to say the team is growing just as quickly as the business is.

Some are annoyed with Bethenny's take on fame and celebrity. I see it as someone finally being honest about what it's like being famous. Which is a totally different thing than being successful or rich. Plenty of rich people aren't famous, and vice versa. Bethenny is letting us in on how invasive it can be to live this life - paparazzi, lawsuits, there are two big downsides right there. Also, the toll it takes on your relationship. We're going to see big fights between Jason and Bethenny this season according to previews.

I can't wait to watch the rest of this season. Bethenny, love her or hate her, is an inspiration. She made her dreams come true. But no one ever said it was going to be a fairytale.

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