Thursday, February 16, 2012


This week's New Girl was Valentine-tastic, and I loved it.

First of all, Jess trying to put "little Jess" first was hilarious. I love that she turned a simple quest for a one night stand into a huge ordeal, complete with ex girlfriends and annoying chatter about lunchtime.

Schmidt and Cece hooked up again, which isn't a big deal except Jess was contemplating hooking up with him, too. Awkward! For Cece, though, not for Jess, because she doesn't even know Schmidt and Cece did anything.

Nick waited around for his new girlfriend the lawyer to give him the time of day, since she was working and he made reservations. I don't have a good feeling about this relationship. (Doomed.)

Winston made a lot of progress with his former booty-call, and I do have a good feeling about that relationship. (Success!)

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