Friday, February 3, 2012

Startin' Somethin'

This week's Glee was all Michael Jackson songs, and I loved it. I had forgotten how many MJ songs impacted my life until the show reminded me. I was one of those kids who watched Michael do the moonwalk on Motown 25 (on VHS tape) and was completely fascinated. My sister and I used to dance around to "Billie Jean", happily oblivious to the meaning of the song. What did we care? That song was fun and that's all that mattered. I think that's what I loved most about Michael. His songs were sometimes fun, sometimes deep, sometimes controversial, but always made people feel something.

Back to Glee! Blaine kicked it off with "Startin' Somethin'" and he kicks that song's ass right off the bat. When the entire Glee club rocks their distinct MJ looks, it's so friggin' awesome. All these memories of when Michael wore each outfit and what song was out when he wore it just came rushing back to me. These kids are so talented, too. I am really in awe of them.

So Mr. Schuester decides Michael is the key to New Directions winning Regionals this year. But, of course, there has to be someone just waiting to sabotage our beloved Glee clubbers. This time, it's the new leader of the Warblers, Sebastian, who has been hell bent on breaking Kurt and Blaine up since the season started. Blaine lets it slip to Sebastian that New Directions will be bringing MJ to Regionals, so Sebastian makes sure the Warblers have a Michael selection all set as well. Haven't we been down this road before?

Anyway, New Directions and the Warblers square off in a "Bad" showdown, when suddenly, Blaine gets slushied out of nowhere. But this is no ordinary slushie. You see, Sebastian put rock salt in the slushie. Bastard. 

New Directions wants revenge, but Will of course doesn't approve. This prompts Artie and Mike Chang to do their rendition of "Scream". That song was SUCH a big deal when it first came out. Do you remember??? Oh ... man ... it was so GOOD. But Artie and Mike do it justice, I think. And it's always nice to see Artie dance.

Santana goes on a mission to bust Sebastian - who'da thunk Santana of all people would even care about Blaine getting his cornea scratched by a rogue slushie, by the way - so she confronts him and they do "Smooth Criminal". I liked it. Santana can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but she's a hell of a performer, and she's super funny. Especially when she tells her fellow Gleeks that she got Sebastian on tape admitting the crime, you know, since she taped a recorder to her "underboob". Hilarious.

Rachel and Finn are dancing around his proposal - she's not ready to give him an answer. She even goes to Quinn (of all people) for advice, and Quinn turns in a really sweet version of "Never Can Say Goodbye". She turned it out! Back to Finchel, I really hate this storyline, just so you know. WHY??? Why did Finn have to propose?? It's obvious Rachel is going to break his heart. Ugh. I can't with this. Rachel says yes when she thinks she didn't get into NYADA (Kurt did), but then she gets the magic letter, and boom - inner conflict central. 

New Directions invites the Warblers to hear them sing "Black or White", and some of the Warblers defect and join our kids on stage, leaving evil Sebastian all by himself. Sebastian gets owned when Kurt tells him they have proof of what he did, but they want to beat him and the Warblers fair and square at Regionals.

I'm so excited for next week. Sue Sylvester wants a baby!