Friday, February 17, 2012

I Stole The Show!

The competition is getting fierce on RuPaul's Drag Race! I am such a fan of all the ladies at this point, they all bring something different to the competition. Some really worked it this week, while others stumbled. The mini-challenge was super touching - making a headdress for YouTube star Piyah Martell, who has Caudal Regression Syndrome. Piyah calls her fans "butterflies", a la Mariah with her "lambs", so the theme for the headdress was butterflies. Kenya and Phi Phi won the mini-challenge, so they were team captains for the main challenge for the week: an infomercial for RuPaul's music. Sweet! Phi Phi's team sold the Champion album, and their theme was really all over the place if you ask me. There was no cohesion between each team member's look or performance. Each queen presented a song from the album. Kenya's team was assigned Glamazon for their album, and they went with an 80s theme. The group pulled together, even though Milan was taking over a little too much for my taste. Their commercial was more cohesive, despite The Princess' not so great performance. The runway look was Platinum and Gold (get it - album sales?) and the guest judges were Amber P. Riley from Glee and Natalie Cole. So now that we're caught up, let's talk shop!

Chad: You are perfection. Your performance in the infomercial was solid and your runway look was HOT! I loved the homage to Versace with the hair and the gold forehead. I absolutely love your attitude as well. You're one of the most positive queens ever on the show, and I thoroughly enjoy that. I did note your eye roll at The Princess on Untucked, but it was only because she was being super defensive about her performance. You're a genuinely lovely person and a show stopping queen. I can't wait to see what you do next week. Chad's grade for the week: A.

Dida: Talk about pulling yourself up from your boot straps! You made that Lipsynch for Your Life count! That's how you do it, mama! I wasn't shocked when the judges were so disappointed in your infomercial performance - why didn't you go with your original concept of the housewife who's reminded of her single Solid Gold dancer days? That would have been perfect! Your double-entendre idea fell totally flat. Good thing you busted out the lipsynch of a lifetime for Miss Cole. Oh and I loved your runway outfit. See you next week! Dida's grade for the week: C+.

Jiggly: You do know you don't have to bawl in every episode, right? I know it was a tough week for you, with it being the anniversary of your mom passing, and the video message from your brother, but damn gurl, get it together! I don't want to see you crying next week, ok? Your infomercial bit was funny, but your runway outfit was not flattering at all. Cinch that waist, mama! Jiggly's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: It pains me to say this, but I was disappointed with you this week. When you dissed Madame, it was not cool. I love you, but that was totally uncalled for. And if you really don't like her and you think she's doing such a terrible job, then say it to her face like you did in the interview. And honestly, Puerto Rico is proud of you both at this point, ok? So don't make it about Puerto Rico because it's not about that at all. You did great on your infomercial, even though you couldn't effectively lead your team due to Milan's butting in. You also killed your runway look. So be nice, and don't be a mean girl anymore. No one likes a mean girl. Kenya's grade for the week: B-.

Latrice: Mama, you are a Superstar. I loved your performance in the infomercial and your runway was so beautiful. I want you to win some challenges, though! I don't know what it's going to take, but you gotta step it up and show these girls why you are the Queen Bee. Latrice's grade for the week: A.

Madame: You were hilarious in the infomercial, but I speak Spanish, so I enjoyed it. The Americanos, not so much. Your runway look was not in line with what the expectation was. You definitely should have gone glam instead of NASA. Hopefully you can prove that you do belong in the competition from here on out. But DO NOT expect any of these girls to help you anymore. Especially Kenya. The reality is, you're competing against everyone, and everyone wants to win just as much as you do. So, don't think that Kenya is always going to have your back. It is what it is, and she's not obligated to do anything for you. You gotta stand up on your own and get it done for yourself. Go get 'em. Madame's grade for the week: C.

Milan: I didn't peg you as the bossy type, but wow, you sure showed me! I really don't buy your claim that you needed to help Kenya because of her language barrier. She had plenty to say, you just didn't want to hear it. Were you that dead set on being captain of the team? You hijacked her, girl! I must say your runway look was good, but it wasn't stellar. You got into it with Willam on Untucked and both of you were being childish. I did love that line, though ("You ABSOLUTELY need to shut up"). You better get yourself a new attitude, honey. Milan's grade for the week: D.

Phi Phi: Your character for the infomercial was a little off - you were trying to be chola, but at times you almost sounded country, it was weird. But you committed to it and it paid off, you're safe. But safe isn't what you want. You want to win. So you need to really come out of your comfort zone and give the judges something fresh. They've seen diva from you, how about something a little more down to earth? I liked your runway look but it wasn't glam enough. It looked a little like a figure skating outfit. You were there for Jiggly during her breakdown, which was nice, but you absolutely ripped Madame apart. She's got different issues to deal with than you. Maybe you should try some compassion next time? Or ask Latrice to have a talk with her about not complaining so much? That would come off so much better than what you're doing now. But hey, you're working the shady girl role, so if it works, go with it. Phi Phi's grade for the week: C.

Sharon: You are killing it! You won the main challenge again, much to the dismay of your haters. I love it. You took Phi Phi's direction of being goth and you were not only goth, you were the goddess of goth. You did open up RuPaul's song Covergirl to the more edgier crowd who may not have wanted to listen to the song before. And your runway look was a fun homage to The King, Elvis. I didn't like your shoes, though. Just being honest. Keep kicking ass, lady! Sharon's grade for the week: A-.

Princess: I'm so sad to see you go. I loved your runway look. You did have a lot more to offer, but I think the infomercial challenge just wasn't your scene. You looked uncomfortable in the beginning for sure. Your segment about the song If I Dream summed it up. Anything is possible. And you're already a star. I'll miss you in this competition. Princess' grade for the week: D+.

Willam: You are the thorn in everyone's side, apparently. Your quips are funny, but you're not making any friends out here this season. I thought your back and forth with Milan was stupid, to be honest, but you were right about Milan taking over the challenge. Your delivery was all wrong, that's all. I liked the concept of your outfit, but I didn't enjoy your nips hangin' out. Willam's grade for the week: D.

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