Friday, February 24, 2012


This week's Jersey Shore was all about fun - at the shore, on the beach, on the dock, and in the smush room. Roger and Jenni are dealing with the aftermath of the fight at Karma, Jionni and Snooki don't see eye to eye, Ronnie plugs up the toilet and hangs out with Snooki, Mike sunbathes on the dock, Deena thinks she's going to get eaten by sharks, Snooki spends some time with Vinny, and Pauly D's stalker is creepier than ever. 

Cabs are here, so let's go!

Jenni: I love that Roger only had to punch that creep once and he was laid the eff out right in the middle of Karma. He was not playing around. When you all got back to the shore house, Roger wanted to spend some time with the roommates while you were pooping, apparently (Roger said it!), which ultimately kept you waiting in the smush room for him. Yikes. I have a feeling that's one thing you don't want to do, is leave JWOWW waiting for you in the smush room, of all rooms, am I right? At least you're not fighting anymore. I really love you two as a couple. So adorbs. Anywhoo, you had an awesome time on the docks crabbing and fishing, but that wind looked horrendous. And you confronting the stalker made my day! Most awkward conversation EVER! On the Hook Up you revealed the stalker has a boyfriend and still stalks Pauly to this day. Scary! Jenni's grade for the week: A. 

Deena: You were so funny on this episode. Sharks?! Sharks?! LOL! Too hilarious. I love that you're just ready for a good time no matter what. You and Snooki on the beach at night? Sure, why not! And you hitting on the cop was so funny. He was not having it. Next week you confront your boo Joey about some not nice things you've been hearing about him. No one messes with our Blast in a Glass! Deena's grade for the week: A. 

Snooki: You and Lola were seriously made for each other. I can't believe you didn't have Lola in your life sooner. She is such a part of you now, it's not even funny. Also not funny - you berating Jionni for being sick. So wrong! Poor guy is puking his guts out and you're badgering him for sex? Not cool. You called him a sucky boyfriend, but in reality, you were being a sucky girlfriend. Sorry, still love ya, though. You were super sweet for buying that mini bike for Ron, and you bonded with Vinny big time on the boardwalk. I know you two will always be close, but I hope you've been more loyal to Jionni lately. I mean, if you're not going to be loyal to your boyfriend, why have one, right? Snooki's grade for the week: D. 

Sammi: You were so funny on the docks trying to get Deena to stop fighting the imaginary sharks, it was hilarious. I still love that you're on everyone's good side and you seem to be having a great time. I don't even care if you have a storyline anymore. Just keep being cool. Sammi's grade for the week: A. 

Mike: You weren't a total douche for once! I thought your sunbathing pose was beyond funny, especially when Vin put the crab on you. Are you that tired that you just fall asleep anywhere? Maybe you're narcoleptic? Mike's grade for the week: C (still annoying)

Ronnie: You had some great lines tonight about Roger being old and Snooki being short, so don't think I'm not gonna give you credit for that, because I am. I love how happy you are this season. Like I told Sam, you don't even need a storyline this season. I'm cool. Ronnie's grade for the week: A. 

Vinny: You know better than to be lovey dovey with Snooki so I really hope you two don't smush. You told us on the Hook Up that you had quit drinking by the time you and Snooki were on the boardwalk together, so I'm figuring you were just babysitting her, which is fine. You two should just be friends. I wish you would have elaborated on the no drinking thing a little more. What was the reason behind that? Did it have to do with your anxiety? Vinny's grade for the week: B.

Pauly: You HAVE to get a handle on this stalker situation. It's still going on! She must be stopped!! May this be a lesson to you to not bring home random chicks from now on. Even though you would never hook up with Vanessa the stalker, the next one could actually get into your bed. And then what will become of you? Be careful, my dude! Pauly's grade for the week: C. 

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