Monday, February 20, 2012

Lost Footage

I finally watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lost Footage episode, and I gotta tell you, it was a whole lot of nothing. Ok, some of it was alright. But a lot of it was really boring.

I didn't need to see Mauricio's mom with her nightmare post op face.

I didn't need more time with crazy Kim and her hateration for Mauricio.

I didn't need to see Taylor act more like a fool at the Malibu party, nor did I need to see DD make the situation even worse.

I did enjoy seeing Mauricio's untanned booty, and I also liked the scene with him and Ken Vanderpump playing tennis.

Adrienne said something really interesting at the Malibu party: "Lisa likes to stir the pot and then walk away" (or something to that effect). Really? From what I understand, Lisa has always been honest about what she said to Camille about not being Taylor's friend. What she said was even though they weren't the best of friends, she still wanted to help her out if she needed her. Are we really bringing all of this up again? Adrienne, whatever your beef is with Lisa (it's still unclear to me), you need to focus less on her and more on your own storyline. How about you put some more tinsel in your hair or design some more platform nude pumps with sparkles on them.

I felt for Lisa when the doctor called her about the cancer scare. It was such an odd conversation, like the doctor really didn't want to come out and say it. I'm glad she's cancer free now, though.

Honestly, this was kind of a lame lost footage episode. I could have done without it. What are your thoughts? Tweet me!