Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The first episode of this season's Celebrity Apprentice aired Sunday night (2 hours! Really, Trump?), and I was beyond excited to watch it. I love that there's already some drama, but I was surprised who was bringing the bitchiness on the first episode.

First of all, what was Cheryl Tiegs on exactly? She was a zombie the entire episode and basically asked to go home. This lady was either high on something or just extremely relaxed. Either way, I'm glad she's gone.

I loved that the Venezuelan girls Dayana and Patricia helped each other out in the first challenge. Now, you know I have to say this for my mom. We're part Venezuelan, so these girls are related to us and we are obligated to root for them. (We're not really related, my mom just thinks we are. Don't judge.) But seriously, that was some serious team spirit between those two, and I loved it.

Miss Aubrey O'Day schooled us on what it means to be famous (have the most twitter followers) and what it looks like to have constant crazy eyes (calm down with the eyebrow pencil, gurl). Are you serious, Aubrey?! You haven't had a hit song in YEARS. And you can't drop Diddy's name in one breath and then decline to say he's a good guy in the other. Oh and who knew Trump and Diddy were homies? So be nice, Aubrey, Trump is Team Diddy.

Debbie Gibson did exactly what everyone was dreading she would do - sing. Stop it. No one cares and you're being super annoying about your musical "talent". Only in my dreams will you shut the hell up.

Lisa Lampanelli was straight-forward, professional, and really nice. I love her!!! Team Lisa!!!!

I was disappointed in Victoria Gotti's performance and lack of focus, but she better BRING IT from now on. I want to see this lady get to at least the final 5.

Teresa Giudice was surprisingly mellow and nice, which I appreciated. But it's only a matter of time before she flips out and calls someone a prostitution whore. And who else loved Andy Cohen's cameo?!

Now let's move on to the men. Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers is a real dumb dumb. He was so rude to George Takei and called him "meek", which Trump quickly jumped on in the boardroom. Just because George is calm and quieter than the others doesn't make him "meek". But in all honesty, I think Paul is put off by George in general and he thought he could push him around. He kept calling him "Star Trek" and at one point asked if he had gone to "space" when he didn't come running when Paul bellowed. Whatever, Paul Sr. No wonder your kids don't talk to you. You got your ass handed to you by Trump and I hope you're the next to go. Not to mention the mysterious $305,000 donation that landed you the win. You said you would get someone to donate, or just do it yourself. Isn't that against the rules? If not, then everyone should just donate their own money and secure the win on every challenge. The point is to get the donations from OTHER people, that's what makes it a CHALLENGE. I am 99% certain that $305,000 came from you, and that was totally wrong of you. You just wanted to win, but it wasn't a true victory. You bought it. So I'm officially calling you out.

I loved the banter between Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette, and Arsenio Hall. These guys were hilarious together. I really want Adam and Penn in the final 5. And I think Penn might take the whole thing.

Clay was a bit of a diva but I want to see him be even more bitchy. I love it. And his hair is spikier in every scene. I think it gets spikier as he gets more agitated. YES!

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