Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bring Out the Glamazons!

It's week 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race and this week the girls showed off their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent via a wrestling challenge. You know, like WWF/WWE wrestling. The contestants were split up into three groups of four, two had to be the heroines and the other two were the villains. Team captains were Willam, Phi Phi, and Chad. I think all three teams did an awesome job with the challenge, but of course, only one team could win. And that team was Chad's team. The winners of the challenge were Chad and Madame LaQueer (who incidentally had been picked last when the queens were choosing their teams). Sadly, LaShauwn Beyond and my girl The Princess were in the bottom two. After the Lipsynch for Your Life, LaShauwn was asked to sashay away. Let's get into each queen's performance this week. If you need to catch up, do yourself a favor and click here. Don't forget to watch Untucked and Drag Ya Later while you're there. You can thank me later!!

Latrice: I like to start with you because you're just so damn cool. I really enjoyed you on tonight's episode, not to mention Untucked. John & Jon were right to call you the next Oprah on Drag Ya Later. You really are insightful and wise. These girls need to start listening to you. You were fun and entertaining in the wrestling challenge. I actually thought your team was going to win. Just keep doing what you're doing. Can't wait to see you win a challenge! Latrice's grade for the week: A.

Kenya: You, my dear were robbed this week. Your villain character was awesome in the wrestling challenge! You performed the hell out of that challenge and your runway look was flawless. I so wanna see you win a challenge, it's not even funny. Billy B was so right when he said you're half the size of some of these other queens but you have double or triple the talent. So true!! Bring it next week, mama!! Kenya's grade for the week: A.

Chad: I am so proud of you for telling your story about the silicone injections you got when you were younger on Untucked. Your look is so important to the type of drag that you do, I can only imagine how devastated you were when the injections were not done correctly. I think you're amazing. Congrats on winning the challenge! Chad's grade for the week: A.

Dida: You did a pretty good job in the challenge, but your runway look missed the mark in a major way. You're going to have to go above and beyond to impress these judges. I know you can do better than this. Dida's grade for the week: C.

Jiggly: Well, you had another rough week, not that you were in the bottom two again, but everyone is growing tired of your attitude. On Untucked, you got an earful from the girls, and some wise words from Ms. Latrice. Listen to her! You are a star! Stop blocking your shine with all that negativity! You are entitled to your opinion, just do people a favor and think before you speak. It isn't fun to be around someone who complains all the time. Have fun with this experience before it's over. Jiggly's grade for the week: D.

Madame: Congratulations on winning the challenge! It was definitely a win against all odds. Everyone expected you to fall flat on your face. Instead, you rose above it, got into the character, and blew everyone away. I loved your wrestling outfit, too! You just keep on proving the haters wrong, ok? Madame's grade for the week: A.

Milan: I am so sorry to say this but I can't even remember your wrestling challenge performance. I truly like you, but you're going to have to step it up and shine the way I know you can. I did love your runway look, though. Milan's grade for the week: B-.

Phi Phi: I don't know about anyone else, but I loved the Miami Housewife inspired runway look you were giving us. Billy B had some constructive criticism about your makeup, which is always a good thing. I mean, who wants to look older than they really are? Plus, Michelle Visage declared her love for you, and for me, that's a pretty damn good stamp of approval. I realize you were trying to dish out some tough love to Jiggly on Untucked, but sometimes it can come off as abrasive. Next time, remember a little goes a long way. Phi Phi's grade for the week: B+.

Willam: Sometimes you look so stunning to me and other times, well, not so much. You definitely know your angles and you have carved out a look for yourself that you're comfortable with. I do wish you would break out of your LA adjacent-trailer park chic look once in a while. But don't get me wrong, I do love you. I just want to see you totally surprise the judges and the other queens. Your wrestling challenge performance was hilarious, all your posing kind of took away from the end result, though. Willam's grade for the week: C.

Sharon: Besides being the early fan favorite, you're quite the actress! Your heroine character in the wrestling challenge was brilliant. I think you have a real shot at winning this whole thing. The video from your boyfriend on Untucked was really cute. It's nice to know you have a great support system waiting for you at home. I wasn't totally in love with your runway look, but you rocked it, so I'm not mad at you. Your confrontation with Jiggly on Untucked was not pretty, but I'm hoping she'll learn her lesson. From now on, just let the haters be. Don't react, it'll piss them off even more. Sharon's grade for the week: B+.

The Princess: You are one of my favorites, so I was heartbroken when you were in the bottom two. Thank goodness you turned out the lipsynch and shantay'd/stayed in the competition. You have so much more to give! Don't hesitate! I know you're not the loudest queen in the race but use it to your advantage. You could use your quiet sweetness as your weapon. Think about it. The Princess' grade for the week: C-.

LaShauwn: I really liked you but your laid back approach just didn't serve you well in this competition. You had a great attitude about leaving, though. Take that positivity and everything you learned to make your future beyond amazing. LaShauwn's grade for the week: B-.

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