Thursday, February 2, 2012

Case of Used to be Cute

Hello, Watch What Happens Live-ers!! We need a better nickname, no? Let's come up with one asap! Tweet me our suggestions! Anywhoo, Monday's show was awesome with the amazing couple Brad Goreski and Gary  Janetti. They gave good talk, despite the jerk bartender who was trying to be funny, but ended up looking like a total ass. And not in a good way. Sandra Bernhard was there for her segment, which is getting better and better. The After Show was super fun, especially when Brad and Gary got their digs in with the idiot bartender. I really enjoyed this episode. Tuesday's show was pre-taped, and my good Twitter buddy @OhHellYes was in the audience! Check out his blog about the experience here. The guests were Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliot, and Vanessa Bayer, all from Saturday Night Live. They were somewhat funny, but they all seemed so nervous. It wasn't an exciting show at all. They were playful and had fun with the games, though. I guess it's the expectation that they're going to be hilarious all the time, when in reality, they're just normal girls who have to be funny as their profession. I'm just saying, when Kathy Griffin is on, she brings the funny the entire time. But I give these girls a pass since they're still really young and haven't been on many talk shows before. It was probably a nerve-wracking experience. Check out the After Show here.

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