Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm the Boss

It's only episode two of the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and already the drama's at full tilt. First, Vicki's Cajun dinner party doesn't go as well as she had hoped, then Tamra crosses a line with Eddie. Let's get into all the cattiness right ... now!

Peggy: The whole Jim-Alexis fiasco is not your fault. I totally agree with you that it was Jim's call to tell Alexis about the fact that you two had dated. And seriously, it wasn't like you were still seeing him, so I really don't understand why Alexis is mad at you in the first place. All of the blame goes to Jim. Like Wendy Williams says, stay out of grown folks' business. It's so annoying that Alexis refuses to let it go. Even when she's trying to be nice, the stupid comments find a way out of her mouth. You were being super generous by even attempting to have a serious conversation with her, but I don't think you were shocked when she declined. You're the last person she wants to talk to. I think you're right to leave the show. If it's affecting your mental or emotional well-being, then it's time to say goodbye. I will miss you and your super structured eyebrows. You take care of yourself, girl. Peggy's grade for the week: A.

Heather: You rubbed a couple of the girls the wrong way at Vicki's dinner - I warned you about bragging about your money - but you really don't seem to care. In that case, keep on doing what you're doing and you'll be this season's most-talked-about housewife. There's nothing like new blood to make these ladies rally together. You're going to get it from all sides, just so you know. Oh and I love your house. Find a way to keep it. Maybe you could turn one of the media rooms into a studio apartment or something. Just saying. Heather's grade for the week: B.

Gretchen: You're in the middle with the whole Peggy/Alexis feud, and you seem to think Peggy is somewhat to blame. However, it wasn't a case of a girlfriend not telling another girlfriend something because she was hiding something. She was essentially honoring Jim's wishes. Therefore, Jim's fault. But you're defending Alexis, so that's fine. You're nothing if not loyal. But, I need to tell you something. Please stop referring to Slade as your "bitch". This whole "I'm the boss and you're the bitch" thing is not cute. I'm not a huge Slade fan, but it's just not cool to talk to or about the man you say you love like that. Even if it's a joke between you two. I can't imagine Slade is really ok with you saying those things. Deep down, it probably does hurt. Just respect him a little more if you really love him. Instead of saying he's your bitch and making fun of him for carrying pink bags and a pink laptop (which are YOURS, by the way), just say he's your partner or your colleague. He's doing a lot of your grunt work. Just think what it would be like if he wasn't there to do those things for you. Gretchen's grade for the week: D.

Alexis: You are very childlike in the sense that you don't necessarily want to see anyone else's perspective but your own. So I won't even bring up Peggy. What I will say is that you have to start realizing that there are other opinions out there besides your own. You gotta open up your mind or else you're going to find yourself by yourself. You're so content in your little bubble, but that bubble isn't going to last forever. I hope you can grow up some this season. And then go apologize to Peggy. Alexis' grade for the week: F.

Vicki: Your dinner party looked great, and I would have loved to try some of the Cajun food. But you know these ladies are all about looks and the whole crawfish thing was not gonna be up their alley. You had to have known that! You should have made it a little more accessible (pretty) for them, that's all. Your boyfriend seems nice and he seems like a gentleman, so he's alright in my book so far. I don't think you were flirting with Eddie at all. I think you all were bombed and you two were just bonding over something and it took a wrong turn. You know how Tamra is, so maybe you should have restrained yourself a bit. I bet next time you'll turn down the tequila shots. Vicki's grade this week: C.

Tamra: Well, you pretty much blew it this week. I know us women can get jealous over the smallest things, but did you really think there was something going on between Vicki and Eddie? Of course not! Seriously, what they were doing wasn't terrible, and it certainly wasn't as terrible as putting Vicki's boyfriend's hand on your boob. Eddie had every right to be upset and even though you were trying to prove a point by doing it, you shot yourself in the foot. And possibly the leg and stomach, too. Eddie's not the kind of guy that's gonna laugh that off. If you were really upset about him and Vicki being cozy, you should have taken him aside and talked to him. Or you could have left the table and cooled off. And sobered up. This is the problem when people drink too much together, the lines get blurred. Take it easy next time. Tamra's grade for the week: F.

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