Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Party City

This week's RuPaul's Drag Race was so hilarious this week, I had a great time with everyone on the show this week! Is it wrong that I feel like I know these people? Don't answer that. We had a mug shot mini-challenge, a sitcom main challenge, and a red carpet runway show. It was all AMAZING. Guest judges Max Mutchnick (creator and executive producer for "Will & Grace") and Nicole Sullivan (MadTV, King of Queens) were on hand to give the queens the business. The mug shots were friggin' hilarious, and Willam and Madame won the mini-challenge. As the winners, Willam and Madame were the team captains for the main challenge, a sitcom set in, of all places, a prison. Each sitcom was good in their own way, and some of the ladies hit the mark, and others missed it completely. If you haven't watched the show and Untucked, you simply must click here. Oh and make sure you watch Drag Ya Later (a hilarious recap with Jon Mallow and John Polly), they crack me up.

Now that we're caught up, let's do some READING, shall we?

Chad: I loved your runway look. I'm obsessed with Florence + The Machine, who you were channeling, and I must say you looked absolutely radiant. I love you with red hair! It looks great! You were great in the sitcom, probably because you're such a professional. You can do it all. I want you to win a challenge SO bad. I think next week is your week - because it's SNATCH GAME - and you're bringing out the big guns. Your Cher impersonation. LOVE it already!! Get it, gurl! Chad's grade for the week: A.

Dida: You got read for ashy legs by Ms. Michelle Visage, and then you try to say it's bronzer? LOL! Nice try, hunty, but Michelle is right. LOTION UP! Other than that, you more than made up for the infomercial disaster last week with your great performance in the sitcom this week. I'm really proud of you for that. Unfortunately, your runway look was not so great. I know you like to wear short dresses, but it wasn't red carpet worthy. It looked, frankly, cheap. We now know you can do so much better. Please don't disappoint us. Dida's grade for the week: C.

Jiggly: After some coaching, you finally got the sitcom lines right and actually turned out a decent performance. I thought your runway look was just ok. I do love the yellow on you. I'm glad you didn't cry this week, that's for sure. Jiggly's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. You're losing me! You didn't take direction at all! You kept clapping your hands in front of your face after Ru and Max told you not to. I wish you would have dropped the novela act and just played the part in a different way. The novela stuff worked in the wrestling challenge, but it didn't work for the sitcom at all. Your runway look was flawless. You are so beautiful. You better bring it on Snatch Game next week, mami. Kenya's grade for the week: C.

Latrice: Everyone's favorite! You're lovely! And you can sing one hell of a gospel song! I love you so much. You stole the show on the sitcom, which was quite poignant being that you were incarcerated not so long ago. You took that negative experience and turned it into a win. I love it. Also, your coming out story on Untucked was so touching. Thank you for being so honest with us. Your red carpet look was stunning. I loved the blue gown on you and you definitely deserved the win. Keep up the awesome work! *singing* Jeeezusss is a biscuit! He's gon' sop you UP!!! Latrice's grade for the week: A+.

Madame: Ay ay ay. Your tendency to be stubborn really was your downfall. You wouldn't listen to reason, you wouldn't take direction, and you would not admit that you made mistakes as the team captain. Hunty, you have to own up to your mistakes at one point or another. You screwed up on the sitcom! Big time! I loved your makeup on the runway, though. You sure know how to beat your face. I hope you did learn a lot on the show, and maybe have a little more humility now. Your lipsynch was spirited, but it wasn't enough to keep you around. I still love you, though! Madame's grade for the week: D.

Milan: Can I just say, your lipsynch was ridiculous. I know it's a show stopper to take off your wig and your dress, etc. But you went all the way overboard! Miss Thing was scooting across the floor, death dropping, shuffling, and the whole bit. I will say it was entertaining, and you danced circles around Madame. You did deserve to stay, but I'm going to need you to stop trying to be everyone's boss, and focus on your own performance. Milan's grade for the week: C.

Phi Phi: Congrats on uttering the line of the week: "Go back to Party City where you belong!" So wrong, but so, so right. You know what you're doing. You could have just listened to Sharon and squashed the beef, but what fun is that?! I love that you're not afraid to get down and dirty and bitchy with the girls, that, after all, is part of the fun of this show. I do hope you and Sharon become squirrel friends after all is said and done, though. You gotta balance out the bitchy, you know. You're still painting your face to old, and your eyebrows were bugging me big time. You need to get away from the harsh lines. Blend, gurl, blend! Phi Phi's grade for the week: B+.

Sharon: You were the other half of the epic fight with your line: "Tired ass showgirl!" I honestly believe you were trying to make things right with Phi Phi, but she wasn't having it. So, you defended yourself, I get it. Just be careful and don't complain about being put in the "gothic" box. That's part of your look! You showed up the first day in a friggin' witch costume! Seriously, own it, and turn it out, just like you did in the infomercial challenge. You really shouldn't have said anything to Phi Phi about your comments about her leadership skills. But, it is what it is. I can't wait to see your Michelle Visage in Snatch Game next week. WHAT??? Sharon's grade for the week: B.

Willam: Bragging about being on TV probably isn't the best idea when you're competing on a reality show. Just a thought. I wasn't really impressed with your sitcom performance, but I liked your mug shot concept about robbing a bank and being covered in the ink. Your runway look was Taylor Swift-errific, but there's something about your jaw area - I think you need to work on the tone/color of the makeup you're using because it's almost as if it doesn't match and it's distracting. But you have a beautiful face and you did make me laugh a couple of times. Willam's grade for the week: C.

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