Friday, February 24, 2012

Talk to Your Publicist

Basketball Wives is BACK! And I am SO excited!! We got some new faces (Kesha and Kenya) and some new feuds (Jennifer vs. Evelyn), well maybe not so new. I can't wait to see how this season unfolds. This show is absolutely fascinating. So let's get right into the premiere episode.

Royce: I am so happy you came back for this season. You had previously said you would only come back if you were able to show your professional life more, so it seems that request has been met. You look as cute as ever, and you introduce us to Kesha Nichols who you know from dancing. More on her later. Basically, you're still not in "the circle", but you're ok with it as you've always been. You know who you are and where you're going, which is what we love about you. You always keep it real and honest no matter what. Your conversation with Suzie was hilarious. You put the truth right in her face and she tried to pretend it was something else. Thank you for calling her out on leaving you high and dry last season. You can see she's not a true friend, just an acquaintance, so I'm not worried about you getting hurt by her at all. I love that you're still close to Tami, because I love your friendship with her. You two are about as real as it gets. I can't wait to see your acting career flourish - you're one talented lady. Royce's grade for the week: A.

Kesha: I like you so far. I think you have a good attitude about this whole thing, coming into it as a newbie. Of course, we all know you're going to have issues with Tami from the previews ("Bitch, bitch, and more bitch."), but I'm hoping that's all just a misunderstanding. You were right to be put off by Jennifer and her snobby attitude with you, and NO, you shouldn't have to "audition" to be someone's friend. Just stay true to yourself and you'll be fine. Kesha's grade for the week: B.

Shaunie: We didn't see you too much except for the big Jennifer/Evelyn confrontation, but I do love how you're still the Queen Bee at the end of the day. You may be the Boss Lady of this show, but the look on your face tells me you genuinely want these girls to make up and be friends. I would like to see you on good terms with Royce again, by the way. Either way, you win, really. Congrats to you on the show's success, and here's to another great season. Shaunie's grade for the week: A.

Suzie: You never learn. Instead of trying to make everyone else be friends, why don't you work on your own friendships? Like apologizing to Royce, for one thing. I just can't with you. It's one thing to want everyone to get along, it's quite another to change your whole demeanor and personality to please who you're with at any given time. Also, the slutty talk ... not so cute anymore. Grow up. Suzie's grade for the week: D.

Kenya: I don't quite know what to make of you yet, but I'll give you a chance. It did irk me when you said you like Jennifer because she's bougie. Really? What about that is likable? I have no idea. Based on the previews the girls are going to turn on you pretty quickly, so we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. For now, I'm on the fence about you. Kenya's grade for the week: C.

Tami: My girl. I love that you're so honest with everyone and you can admit you're being nosy. You want the info and you're going to get it. I love it. However, I think you should have just kept some of the dirt to yourself. Maybe you shouldn't have told Jennifer and Suzie what Kenya and Kesha had to say about them, BUT, I don't think you were saying anything with any malicious intent at all. You were just sharing the gossip, that's all. I do respect how you're the same with everyone and you don't hold back. I laughed so hard when you told Evelyn that she was a mean bitch. Or something to that effect. That just cracked me up. You know you're right, too. I love that you're cool with everyone so far, but I definitely want to know what your beef is with Kesha. Just please keep being you because we love it. Tami's grade for the week: B+.

Evelyn: I was so mad at you last season. You were such a mean girl. And you still are. But I think we see now that no matter how tough you are, some things just hurt your feelings to the point where you're not going to take it anymore. And that's when you fight back. I think your problem with Jennifer is coming from much more than just a blog. I refuse to believe it's just that. Whatever the real reason (or combination of reasons), you're done with her. And this time, you mean it. You're marrying Chad and her not supporting you on that just was not acceptable for you. I get it. I hope you can tell us a little more about why you're so angry with Jennifer that you would basically try to get physical with her multiple times this season according to previews. Granted, you're not the one that gets to pop her in the face (also in the preview), but you definitely wanted to get your hits in. I hope you show us the Evelyn we loved in Season 1 again now that the mean girl role didn't really work out for you. You're the bride this season, make us want to be on your side. Evelyn's grade for the week: D.

Jennifer: You are really dumb if you think anyone is going to let you slide with that publicist excuse. Seriously. You are a public figure now! You can't just shrug off the fact that what you said (or approved) in a blog hurt someone's feelings. Your best friend's feelings to be exact. So, take some responsibility, and apologize for letting something get out there WITH YOUR NAME ON IT that caused so much pain, no matter whether you agree with it or not. That's just my opinion. I'm not really impressed with you or your attitude, and I never have been. So really, it's just about not acting like a total bitch in every scene. Think you can handle that? Great, thanks. Also, it's good to see you quit wearing those ridiculous color contacts. Jennifer's grade for the week: F.

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