Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pants Dance

Sorry for the delay in blogs lately, I know I had promised to keep on top of it. My apologies.

This week on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the South Africa trip takes us on an amazing ride - nightclubs, safaris, and finally, an orphanage with some really special, beautiful children.

Nene: You were babysitting Marlo for the majority of the episode, but it's only right since you invited her. The only reason I can think of that you were so concerned with how you looked (hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc) is that you were taping the show. I would like to think if the cameras weren't there, you would have let go a little and just had fun with the experience. We like you because you're real. Don't go Hollywood on us. You and Marlo were sticking out like sore thumbs for a minute there. I hope you can see where you may have gone overboard on the whole fashion thing. I did appreciate you diffusing the situation between Marlo and Sheree, and you actually were nice to everyone on the trip on this episode. I think you need to re-evaluate your friendship with Marlo, because she really isn't the person you want to ride with at this point. Besides, you have a great friend in Cynthia. Don't forget that. I loved you at the orphanage, also. You were great with those kids.  Nene's grade for the week: C-.

Cynthia: I've been where you were in this episode and it's not fun. Travelling in a group is stressful as it is, but when someone is grating on your nerves, it can drive you crazy. Good job for not blowing up at Marlo. Seriously, it's hard to maintain your composure with someone so irritating, but you did just that. So I salute you. I think it's cool you can get along with both cliques. You may be the catalyst for everyone finally getting along. Except for Marlo. You can't help crazy. You were awesome at the orphanage, it was so nice to see you bonding with the children. I can see you going back and helping them in the future. Cynthia's grade for the week: A.

Marlo: You are some kind of wacko. Let me tell you. First of all, this is a vacation, not a photo shoot. You don't need hair and makeup every day, especially when you're on a safari and visiting kids who have next to nothing. The level of pretentiousness coming from you is staggering. I literally can't watch you anymore. You have a foul mouth, you're ignorant, and your self-centered. You're like Sheree with less of a vocabulary. I want you to just show up at parties in Atlanta and dance and throw money around because that's really all I can stand to see of you on this show anymore. I thought I saw a glimmer of humility from you when you were handing out the items to the people in the little town and when you were with the kids from the orphanage. That's what we want to see. We want to see your human side, because we've had enough of the diva. Marlo's grade for the week: F.

Sheree: I got to give it to you for not starting a fight when Marlo flipped you the bird at the club. That's progress for you. Don't let anyone pull you into an ugly screaming match again, please. You're much better when you're just cool and calm. I appreciated you getting along with everyone this week. Keep it up. Oh and your friend's dinner party was fabulous! You always have the coolest friends throwing parties! Sheree's grade for the week: B+.

Kandi: I really liked how you handled Rico Suave at Sheree's friend's dinner party. Sorry, no job, no date. Seriously, you're "an independent woman", doing it for yourself. You really don't need to be supporting some actor/model who can only talk about himself. Whatever. You were hilarious too, when you were talking about Marlo's choice of outfit for the safari with Phaedra. Too funny! You're positive like 90% of the time, so I appreciate that. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Phaedra: You really have improved this season. You keep your condescending comments to yourself most of the time now, and you try to get along with everyone. And so far, you're doing a good job of not making me hate you this season. I like fun Phaedra, dancing in the grass acting like a Solid Gold dancer. Yes, you were making fun of Marlo at the time, but it was funny as hell. You were visibly moved by the kids at the orphanage and you made real connections with them. You're ok in my book ... for now. Phaedra's grade for the week: A.

Next week, Kim finds out the girls have been talking about her on the South Africa trip. Drama!

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