Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Set the Alarm

Last night, Andy Cohen welcomed Taylor Armstrong and Gretchen Rossi to the clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live, and Gretchen's main squeeze, Slade was the bartender. He actually did a decent job. Slade is silly and fun, and I don't hate him nearly as much as everyone else does. I think he and Gretchen are good together. Gretchen was a great guest, all smiles and laughs, even though she couldn't sing the chorus to her own song on Plead the Fifth. Make up something! Anything! Just hum it!! Jeez!! Taylor was a mess. When discussing Alexis forgetting to set her husband's alarm, Taylor cracked that she knows how to kiss "you know what" when it comes to husbands, and maybe if she had set Russell's alarm, things would have turned out better. I'm serious. She actually said this. That's just so wrong on so many levels. For someone hawking a book about domestic violence, is it really wise to joke about what went wrong in your marriage? Why even bring it up? What were you thinking, Taylor??? Then, Taylor went after Brandi, basically calling her stupid. Oh, come on, Taylor, we all know Brandi's got your number and you're just proving her right by being so bitter about the whole thing. The best thing you could have done was just have fun on Andy's show, say that you don't agree with what Brandi says, and be done with it. But you just had to resort to name calling. I want to support you and like you but you are really, really not doing yourself any favors. I can't even empathize with you at this point. The After Show was more of the same, check it out here. Although's videos have been messing up lately. Tweet them about it.

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