Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Want My Tattoo

There was no Watch What Happens Live on Sunday due to a little thing called the Super Bowl, so we had to wait till last night to see Andy. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Murphy were the guests. It was an ok show, Sarah Michelle is fun but a little awkward. Ryan, creator and genius behind Glee, is a little intimidating at first, but warmed up by the end of the live show, and even more so on the After Show. Check it all out here. Callers kept talking about their Buffy the Vampire Slayer tattoos, which made Ryan just a little envious. Gretchen Rossi and Jacqueline Laurita made a brief appearance for a game. That was fun!

I'm looking forward to tonight's show with Taylor Armstrong and Gretchen Rossi. Should be interesting.

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