Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Rock A Lot of Polka Dots

New Girl, as you know, is one of my most favorite shows ever!! I am just so excited that this show is doing well. It's such a fun time, and I'm glad it's still on tv.

This week, Jess and Nick's new girlfriend get into it, Schmidt has a fit over his damp towel, and Winston tries to date his former booty call. My favorite moments on the show this week were:
  • Jess talking about mean girls with her friends: This is so true, right? Us girls can spot shadiness a mile away.
  • Jess defending her toughness with Nick's girlfriend: I love how Jess is feminine and tough at the same time. Yes, she's quirky and cute, but don't ever think for a second that she can't hold her own!
  • Schmidt realizing Nick has been using his towels - and underwear: Hilariously disgusting. 
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