Friday, February 10, 2012

Reality Check

I've blogged about Love and Hip Hop only once before, but the Reality Check show this past week really made an impression on me. This may be the new "reunion". Mona Scott-Young, executive producer for the hit reality show, interviewed each cast member one on one and got their take on the season, not to mention a few choice words about how they were portrayed. Chrissy opted to have someone else interview her (a nice man with mutton chops) because she apparently can't stand Mona anymore. Drama!

Let's get into it right now, shall we?

Chrissy: You are so over this show. I thought it was so interesting how you basically hate Yandy for taking the reality show road instead of staying in the background. She was brought on to be a sort of insight into Jim's business side of things, and she took the ball and ran with it. I, personally, don't blame her. But I do see how angry it would make you that she "did too much" with the opportunity you pretty much provided for her. You say you're working on having a baby, and you might not be back for season 3, which may both be good ideas. You are the Queen Bee. No one is disputing that. I say, enjoy yourself. If the show isn't worth it to you anymore, let it go. We still love you. Chrissy's grade: C+.

Kimbella: I think you really changed people's opinion of you since your first appearance on the show. At least you changed mine. I didn't care for you at first, but you redeemed yourself in my book. I'm not saying you're my favorite, but I like you a lot more now. Congratulations on the pregnancy, although you're not technically with the child's father right now. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to co-parent that works for everyone. Even though you were a part of the show's more scandalous fights, you came out looking decent. You have the same issues as a lot of women out there, and your sincerity and genuine personality make up for the fights. Kimbella's grade: B-.

Somaya: You're very upset that your role was so diminished this season. Mona pointed out that you didn't give the producers enough to work with. You didn't have issues with anyone this season except your ex-manager. So, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Not that you're happy about it. You knew this show thrives on drama. Maybe your new attitude was an attempt to become the fan favorite. But you had to know that not taking sides on the Chrissy vs. Yandy issue, or any of the other beef on the show, was going to cost you camera time. Hopefully you'll be back next season to make your true opinions known. Somaya's grade: D+.

Yandy: You always talk about making money, and this show was another check in your pocket, so you weren't going to pass up the opportunity. At the risk of sounding crass, good for you. The producers liked you and your story, you gave good drama, you caused drama, and you introduced other people to each other to create drama. Who knows how much of that was premeditated, but hell, it was smart because the main storyline this season was all you and Chrissy. Nice. I'm not saying you were right or wrong, but I have no doubt you'll be back next season. Yandy: B.

Emily: You're back with Fab. But this time it's going to be different. Sure. Why do I feel like we've heard this before? Anyway, you had no problem confronting people this season, which was kind of nice to see. You come off as a very passive person. However, you should lay off Kimbella. I believe her when she says she didn't know you were with Fab when she dated/hooked up with him. You should let her off the hook for that one. We've pretty much established Fab wasn't exactly advertising the fact that he was with you at the time. I would advise you to open up and meet new friends and don't just conform to what you're already used to. Emily's grade: C.

Olivia: Everything is always everyone else's fault, am I right? You don't like the way you were "portrayed" this season. Unless they had a damn good impersonator on the show, it was YOU who said and did everything we saw on the show. You said they made you look pathetic, when in reality, you gave them very little to work with. Why would such a private person be on this show in the first place? It's REALITY TV!! Seriously, if you thought it was going to be something else, you were just kidding yourself. Olivia's grade: D.

Erica: Another one blaming editing. Honey, you thought you were being cute starting fights and bouncing your boobs in front of the camera. Don't blame editing. You admitted that YOU messed up and asked the viewers to give you a chance. Give us the real you next season, and we'll see what you're really about. Until then, keep your hands (and boobs) to yourself. Erica's grade: D-.

Mama Jones aka Nancy: I am so happy you're on good terms with Chrissy. I think you're hilarious, and as long as everyone is on your side, you're great to watch. Thank you for all the laughs. Nancy's grade: B+.

Mona: I commend you for doing the majority of the interviews and asking all the questions the viewers wanted the answers to. I can see how much most of the ladies respect you. You're not afraid to call them out on their bull or give them the truth when they need to hear it. Great job on the show. Keep doing your thing. Mona's grade: A.