Thursday, February 16, 2012


Valentine's Day (or week, whatever) was positively hopping on Glee. Some couples are more solid than ever, while some are done before they even really began.

Rachel and Finn are intent on getting married this year - May, in fact, despite some of the Glee kids objections. Rachel's dads even try some sneaky reverse psychology, but these kids are more determined than ever to tie the knot. I can't wait for the wedding episode next week!!

Sam and Mercedes are not going to pursue their relationship, since Mercedes had such a hard time confessing her kiss with Sam to her now ex-boyfriend. I'm proud of Mercedes for not jumping into a relationship with Sam right away, or at all. She's being mature and realizes she isn't ready to be anyone's girlfriend right now. Her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" was so moving, especially in light of Whitney Houston's passing. It was a coincidence that the episode aired just days after the legendary diva passed away, but the dedication at the end of the episode was beautiful. Nice job, Ryan Murphy.

Kurt and Blaine are still going strong, despite a shocking love confession from one David Karovsky. Really?! OMG!! I was so floored when the secret admirer turned out to be him. Let's find him a nice boy at his new school so he can leave Kurt alone, shall we?

Brittany and Santana locked lips at the end of the episode, after Principal Figgins prevented them from doing so earlier in the show. The God Squad (a new-ish Christian kids club at school) even serenaded the couple at the big Valentine's Day party. Looks like these girls are officially a couple.

Newcomer Sugar (who is hilarious) chose to go to the party with Rory, who's supposedly set to be deported, over Artie, but I have a feeling that whole situation is going to be turned upside down next week.

Speaking of next week, Sue's preggers!!

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