Friday, February 17, 2012

High on Life

This week was all about the love on Jersey Shore. Jenni and Roger work through their issues, Mike hooks up with Paula again, Deena brings Joey home again, and Sammi and Ronnie have a good laugh at the club. All in all, it was a fun episode. The drama didn't weigh the show down and the crazy provided a lot of funny moments.

So let's get started!

JWOWW: You and Roger were able to squash the beef between you and I'm so glad you did. Roger has a point. You gotta trust him. But he also needs to understand that he shouldn't keep you waiting either. Both of you apologized, so that's good. I'm happy you two are still together. I don't know if that hoochie dress was such a good idea, though. I know you used to wear much less to da club before Roger, but you both knew that dress was going to cause a stir. In your defense, you had no idea some idiot was going to actually grope you. Gross. Roger will no doubt handle the guy with relative ease on next week's show. Watch Jenni talk about the club incident on the Hook Up. JWOWW's grade for the week: B.

Deena: I'm so glad you got to hang out with Joey again. You two seem like a fun couple. He even endured Jenni and Snooki giving him a hard time when he was waiting for you at the house. The "We're Sorry Danny" cake debacle was pretty hilarious, too. I'm glad Danny forgave you and Snooki. There's no way you or Snooki can get fired on the last season of Jersey Shore! It just wouldn't be right. I like the fact that you just have fun no matter where you are, even at work. I can't wait to see you freak out about "sharks" next week. Deena's grade for the week: A.

Sammi: Watching you and Ronnie crack up at the club was probably my favorite moment of the season so far. It was pure comedy. I like how nice you were to Mike's friend Paula, too. You really are the Sweetheart this season. I love it! Sammi's grade this week: A.

Snooki: You finally went to the Doctor for your UTI! Finally! And no, you can't drink when you take antibiotics. Jeez louise. I hope you learned your lesson, young lady. I thought you were decent to Mike in this episode even though he was being Mr. Creepy there for a while. I think your best bet is to ignore him completely from now on. You and Deena had a fun day at work chasing each other, which made me laugh, so thanks for that. You and Jionni fight on next week's show, and it might have something to do with Mike. Go figure. Snooki's grade for the week: B.

Pauly: You ate the cake! You ate the friggin' cake! LOL! That was hilarious, but so, so wrong. Your little day out with your bromance partner Vinny was funny, too. You guys are the best. And you didn't bring home a swamp creature this week! Good job! Pauly's grade for the week: A.

Vinny: You laid low this episode for the most part, except to have your special day out with Pauly. Staying out of trouble is probably best - especially with your anxiety problems earlier this season. Keep having fun, Vin. Vinny's grade for the week: B.

Ronnie: Gumby ankles!! Laughing with your girl!! This is the Ronnie we love. You did throw Mike under the bus about cake-gate but come on, he was the most likely suspect. In fact, you said Pauly did it before accusing Mike. Oh well, either way, you're doing a great job of bringing the fun and not the drama this season. Ronnie's grade for the week: A.

Mike: You tried to stir up the drama, but it just wasn't working on this episode. Let me ask you why you need your buddies to help you cause problems? If you have something to say, why don't you just say it? Just curious. Do me a favor and drop the villain act and just spend time with Paula. You don't look like so much of an asshole when you're with her. She's nice (and kinda skanky which is perfect for you) and she actually likes you. So why not put your energy there? And no, I didn't feel sorry for you when you were falsely accused of eating the cake. You are a jerk and apparently eat other people's food all the time, according to Jenni on the Hook Up. So you gotta expect to get accused of that from time to time, even if it wasn't you. Deal with it. And don't ask Snooki to do anything involving whipped cream with you ever again. So disgusting. You need to re-evaluate your whole persona at this point, dude. Mike's grade for the week: D.

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