Friday, February 17, 2012

A Living Legend

On Thursday night, Joan Rivers was the sole guest on Watch What Happens Live, and it was a great show. You could tell it was pre-taped, not live, probably because the censors didn't want to risk Joan dropping any F bombs on live tv. Joan is notorious for her no-holds-barred humor. Comediennes like Kathy Griffin, Lisa Lampanelli, and Margaret Cho have all followed in Joan's footsteps. If you haven't watched her documentary, A Piece of Work, you need to. It's touching, funny, and fascinating, as is the woman herself.

But back to Thursday night. There were a ton of memorable moments. During Plead the Fifth, she revealed E! has asked that she and Chelsea Handler not discuss each other anymore since the whole back and forth on the Howard Stern show (Chelsea said some not so nice things on Howard about Joan and her daughter Melissa, and the very next day, Joan was on Howard and fought back). Joan is always honest and doesn't pull any punches. Which is why she's gotten into so much trouble. Who knew she was banned from late night talk shows for over 20 years? Oh yeah, I did because I saw her documentary. Watch it. Seriously.

Now, Joan has two hit shows, Fashion Police on E! and Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best on We. Joan is a living legend, a smart lady, and super funny. I am so glad for all of her success. Joan is one of the best guests on Watch What Happens Live ever - you gotta watch the After Show, by the way. She talks about the red carpet, her gay fanbase, and so much more. Check it out here.

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