Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Hours!!!

I'm enjoying Celebrity Apprentice as much as the next reality tv obsessed person, but damn, this week's episode almost broke me! Three hours??? What the hell is Trump thinking? The two hour episodes are bonkers enough. No more three hour episodes, Donald. I mean it. 

Not that it wasn't entertaining. The first half was another astonishing failure from the women's team, who don't need hardly any excuse to turn on each other. I loved their guide book and thought it was the better product, as did Regis Philbin, but the boys made more money. Plain and simple. And The Blue Man Group is a bunch of douches for not handing over the cash like normal people. Blowing money in the air in New York City, when it's supposed to be for charity, is a douche move. With that said, Debbie Gibson got her walking papers, courtesy of an enraged Teresa Giudice, for no apparent reason, by the way. But whatever, Lisa Lampanelli's still in it, and that's all I care about. 

The second half was way more interesting. Seeing that the women's team is doomed, Trump switched up the teams. Aubrey and Teresa went to Unanimous, with Paul, Clay, and Arsenio, and Penn, Lou Ferrigno, and Dee Snider went to Forte, with Lisa and Dayana. This brought about some fascinating group dynamics. 

Lisa ends up being the driving force behind the challenge, again, with some strong support from Penn. But Penn has to leave mid-challenge for a performance that couldn't be rescheduled. Dee seems to be on the ball, but his idea for the "box" a kit designed for the Walk with Walgreens campaign falls flat. The presentation, given mostly by Lou, who's the project manager, goes over really well. Penn, just back from his performance and on just a couple hours' sleep, blurts out WalMart instead of Walgreens. Big mistake. Dayana saves it with some comedy (in her crown and bathing suit), but it's not enough to save the team. Dee is sent packing at the end of the show. 

The most explosive moments had nothing to do with who was being fired, surprisingly. It was all about Arsenio vs. Aubrey. Now, Arsenio's been talking smack about Aubrey since day one (or at least that's what it looks like to us, the viewers). So, he has some resentment towards her and of course, doesn't want her on his team. She didn't do herself any favors by being overbearing, whiny, and just plain annoying throughout the challenge. She insisted on doing things her way, even after Arsenio objected. They won the challenge, but Arsenio had enough of her "selfishness" and went off on her in the boardroom. He made some good points, like how she takes credit for things that aren't necessarily all her doing. She cried and pouted and tried to fight back, but ended up looking like a bigger brat than ever. When they won, she went to the elevator instead of back to the war room. 

Here's the deal, Aubrey. You helped create a certain environment in this game, along with Lisa and whoever else was agreeing with you on any given day. The tables have turned. Deal with it. You're on a team with a guy who clearly doesn't respect how you do business. And he's right about you using your sexiness to get what you want. I think you'll even admit that. But you have to know that not everyone is going to be on board with your style all the time. So you have to back off. You have to let other people get a word in. You have to stop trying to control everything. If you're as strong a player as you say you are, you won't quit. You'll stick it out and learn from your mistakes. Now, you've had a lot of bad things to say about almost everyone else in this game. Maybe this is what you need to learn some humility and some compassion. Just saying. 

And Arsenio? Dude. Take a chill pill. It's really not that serious. 

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