Monday, April 16, 2012

Queen of Mean

Last night on Celebrity Apprentice, we got some puppet action, which is always a good time. Again, this is not a recap blog, this is an opinion-based blog. So if I leave things out, it's just because they weren't that interesting. Sorry!

This one is actually going to be a little short, because frankly, this show is getting old. Not because of the people on it, necessarily, but because there aren't that many people left, and the teams are starting to dwindle down to practically nothing.

First, Lisa lived up to her nickname, "Queen of Mean". I like her a lot but I was not happy with Lisa on this episode. She flipped out at Dayana for wanting to be involved, again, and that was wrong. Dayana wanted something to do, and that came across pretty clearly. Lisa took it as Dayana just wanting to be on stage and threw a fit. However, we never know the whole story when it comes to these reality shows, so there may have been more to it. But, from what we saw, Lisa was wrong on this one. Good thing her team won. She did redeem herself somewhat in the end, and stated if they did lose, she would consider going home. She stated she wasn't here to make other people cry, so maybe that was her way of apologizing? I'm just hoping she gives Dayana some slack next week. As for this week's challenge, they did an amazing job, and I have to give Clay a lot of credit. He's my new favorite to win the whole thing.

Teresa showed her range as a performer, which I think we can all agree is minimal. She's clearly not an actress, and I think she would have been better as the host, and Aubrey would have done a better job with the puppet. Paul checked out from the beginning and deserved to be fired.

So, next week, it's all about Trump's fragrance. Yawn. I truly believe the teams should be eliminated and each player fend for themselves. Who's with me?

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