Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apology Accepted

This week's Basketball Wives started off with the bottle throwing incident between Evelyn and Kenya. Just to reiterate, this is not a full-blown recap kind of blog. I'm going to comment on the parts of the show that stood out to ME, and if I don't mention certain things, it's just because they weren't that important to me or didn't shape my opinions one way or the other. So, with that said, let's begin.

Jenn: I have to say, you seemed to be sincere in your friendship with Kenya and with your apology to Royce. I know Evelyn is saying in her blog that you only met up and made up with Royce for camera time, but it didn't look that way to me. Maybe you're a better actress than you let on. Either way, you were cool on this episode, and you didn't ruffle my feathers, and I'm ok with that. Jenn's grade for the week: A.

Evelyn: You promised to "sting" Kenya every time you see her, so I'm guessing at the time, you felt no remorse for throwing a bottle and a plate at a nice restaurant, which is a little unsettling. I will give you credit for the entertainment value, like I did last week, because you are bringing it in that respect. But, I think we all agree that what you did was wrong. Even you said it was wrong in your blog. So, hopefully, you learned from it and won't act on your anger in the future. In a sense, I feel a little sorry for you that you have absolutely no control over your anger. I know I said it was funny last week (because it was), but that doesn't make it right. Evelyn's grade for the week: F.

Shaunie: I know you were trying to keep it together while the whole bottle-throwing incident went down, and you tried to reason with Evelyn about what she did, but laughing it off may not have been the best choice. Maybe that's why she keeps acting out? I think if you put your foot down about this type of behavior, it would stop. However, that may not be good for ratings. Shaunie's grade for the week: C.

Tami: I just have to say again, I love you. I'm glad you spoke to your mom about your anger issues and the terrible events that happened to you in the past. Your mom seemed to be crushed by the news but if we know anything about you and your mom, you're going to get through this together. Now, let's talk about Kenya. You were very upfront with her and honest about the video. There's always a little tension between you and her, I have to say. But I totally understand your frustration with her. I think it's for the best that you don't work with her anymore. I have to say that I think your friendship with Royce is worth saving, so please, please, please talk to her soon. Tami's grade for the week: A.

Royce: You were probably the least harsh with Kenya, so I give you major credit for that. You were also super honest with Jenn and ultimately accepted her apology, which I also appreciated. And, off the subject, your hair is looking amazing this season! I love the long straight look on you! Anyway, you're doing what you do best on the show - just being yourself. I think it's great, so keep it up. Royce's grade for the week: A.

Suzie: I think you're the happiest about the whole Kenya situation because she makes you look sane. I still think you talk too damn much, but right now, the target is on someone else. Enjoy it while it lasts, honey. I will say it was nice of you to get Jenn and Royce together, and it worked out nicely. Suzie's grade for the week: C.

Kenya: For the record, I don't think the video was terrible. Of course, we only saw snippets on the show, so we can't really say for sure. But, I can definitely see why some of the girls were not impressed. It did seem a little less than polished. So, good for you for getting it done, but I think you need to listen to constructive criticism more. When someone is speaking to you, you get this look on your face and it appears that nothing is getting through. Work on that. Also, work on remembering what you say from moment to moment because you seem to have a real problem with that. Kenya's grade for the week: D.

Next week, Nia, Evelyn's assistant/friend (what's with these reality stars hiring their friends?) pops Jenn in the face and Evelyn jumps over the table to get to her. Drama!!

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