Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Success Smells

So, it's getting down to the wire in Celebrity Apprentice. There's only a handful of contestants left, and it's kind of sad, actually. Just to remind all of you, this is NOT a recap blog. I will be giving you my opinions, plain and simple. I look at each episode and weigh in the entire season, but in NO way will I recap the episode, much less the season. I talk about what stands out to ME. I hate having to put a disclaimer like this on my posts, but some people don't seem to understand where I'm coming from, so I need to explain it.

I was not impressed with Aubrey's display for Trump's cologne. The buildings looked cheap, and the silhouette cutout was way too small. I thought she was going to have Eric stand with his back to her and then have the cutout be the outline of his head and shoulders, which could have worked better. Anyway, one of the only things that I liked about Aubrey's display was the pamphlets and the scent sticks. I also liked that there were little shelves for the cologne to be displayed all up and down the building cutouts. Aubrey did a pretty good job with the presentation, and I think she impressed the executives with her verbal prowess.

Teresa impressed me by running around and painting the display. She really worked hard, and it showed. Arsenio resisted the urge to fight with Aubrey, which was nice for a change.

Clay was too hesitant with his choices, I felt. Penn's ideas weren't bad, necessarily, but Clay should have come up with a better tagline. I loved the picture that Dayana took, which was also Penn's idea. I thought it was a great photo and I thought it was an awesome reflection of the brand and the cologne. It looked like Dayana was smelling her man and loving it. LOL! Lisa was a good sport this week (no meltdowns), even though she did spy on the other team. But she didn't see much other than the skyline in the making. But really, the displays couldn't have been more different.

I was surprised that Aubrey won, but when it came down to it, unfortunately, I could see Penn's firing coming from a mile away. Clay made sure to let Trump know that Penn came up with the tagline that the executives hated so much. And it was just that simple, as it sometimes can be on Celebrity Apprentice. Trump gets fixated on one thing, and that's all it takes.

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