Thursday, April 12, 2012

See You Later, Julie!

Sorry for the late blogs this week, I've been a little under the weather and stressed, which I might blog about as well, just to get it out of my head and into the universe. Hopefully it won't be as depressing as it sounds. Anyway, I loved this week's Bethenny Ever After. It gave us some classic Bethenny moments and one big Julie moment I'm sure we're all still recovering from.

First of all, how much do I love the Dry Bar even though I've never stepped foot in one? I really wanted to go when I was in New York in December, but majority ruled in my group, so we didn't get to go. I'm still so bummed about that. I think it's a great idea and an awesome place. I'm definitely going the next chance I get. The Skinnygirl is such a great fit with Dry Bar's fun and flirty atmosphere.

Julie decides to move back to Pittsburgh, which threw me for a loop because as of Monday morning, her Twitter account said she still worked for Bethenny. Sneaky Julie! Now, of course, it says she's in "the 'burgh". I'm assuming that's local jargon. I think it's the best decision for her. She's given three years to an amazing company, she's learned a lot, and she's trained not one, but two, replacements. I say she's good to go. I don't think it'll be the last Skinnygirl sees of her by a long shot, though. I have a feeling Julie will come back in some bigger capacity later on. Just my opinion.

I totally understand why Bethenny was so emotional talking about Julie leaving at therapy. For a while there, Bethenny was really struggling and Julie was always there to tell her how much she believed in her. The story of how they met and started working together is really touching. And I know they'll remain friends for life. In addition to Julie being Brynn's Godmother, I mean.

Now, let's discuss the Nutrition Guy. I can't remember his name but - hello, Hottie! He is so cute ...

One of the funniest moments was Bethenny in the high-end antiques place. That would have been my exact reaction. Holy sh*tballs. I can't see spending $70,000 on a piece of furniture ever. Unless, of course, it comes with some amazing accessories like an invitation to Cher's house or a guest pass into the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse or something to that effect. And not just a one time invite, either, like an ongoing, season ticket holder type pass good for the next twelve months or something. But I digress. It is funny to see how people automatically think Bethenny wants to shell out buku bucks for stuff that's supposed to be in her price range now. Just because she's made a ton of money doesn't mean it's ok in her mind to spend so much on furniture. Especially, like Jason said, when they have a small child and may have more children. I think it's better to wait and buy the fancy stuff in a few years when they have a better idea of what their new home is going to feel like. But I'm sure the designers disagree with me.

The Skinnygirl Shapewear shoot looked like a lot of fun and I love that Bethenny included her crew. They're all different sizes and shapes and it really shows off the versatility and wearability of the shapewear. I really want to try the tops. I need no help in the booty area, thank you very much.

Next week, Gina is back!! And I can't wait!

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